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2:21 am EDT

Expedia expedia and duniya motel in bakersfield both denying refund by lies lies lies

omg i will send a longer history of a one night stay from hell at duniya motel in bakersfield and the awful customer service from expedia denyng me a refund after just one of many horrid events includedi roaches flowing out of tub faucet on my feet

they were marching in the door to room and behind cabinet

they said they were full

the shower didnt work the tub was so dirty when i watched it fill with wather as i killed roaches in pure disgust to bring to front desk

i say the once version of white tub turn brown as the caked on dirt from lack of cleaning tub showed as the water filled with a brown tint and bugs and roaches

the night front desk person screamed at me when i asked to change rooms said they were full asked what did i think she could do and hung up screaming i called back twice she picked up phone and slammed it down both next times too\\\

i told front desk soon as i got there about bugs and dirt in shower the moldy towels which they refused to replace and they said they wiould send maintenace i left to get some fresh air it was so gross they still refuses another room so i was up all night unable to use my computer because contrary to their advertisement they do not do not have wifi in the rooms so i wasted hours trying to connect and changing my computer in hopes of wifi

they claimed when i returned and asked that yeah shower must have been fixed so i spent a long time cleaning gross tub after squashing the roaches competing with me to see who could enter room first

i turned on shower again to again have just a leak come out of diverter it would not be fixed and they would not help me in any way

so I spent a sleepless night mostly in my car keeping my belongings and me safe from roaches and the screaming out of control maniac Ariana at the front desk overnight i felt completely unsafe especially as the homeless encircled my car and all the others looking for prey

it was in the worst area and homeless were all over the cars trying to get what they could

i had to go back to hotel room quick as say a homeless guy with a claw hammer trying to break into cars but who knows what he would do if he got someone he could rip off in person

So awful Andréa at expedia falsely claims the hotel offered to ameliorate each one of these complaint and i refused each offer hahahahahahahaha

Next morning Sadies at front desk i bring her a towel with 2 roaches that came out of tub faucet on my feet when i tried without avail to see if they were truthful and fixed shower nope of course not so no shower again

i wasn't gonna hope in that dirty tub and be worse off after a bath than before and those moldy towels were disgusting i had to wipe off with my pajamas after a sponge bath ahh so delightful and rush out keeping roaches at bay do not use or trust expedia they are the worst they will lie twist truth as they will not refund u no matter how bad your situation was

Desired outcome: i want everyone in the world to boycott expedia and I want everyone with a complaint against them to join the class action we will initiate

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Update by Gemma Truth teller
Apr 25, 2022 2:22 am EDT

wow i had similar experience do not trust expedia

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11:05 pm EDT

Expedia Hotel accommodations.

The Wyndham/Super 8 on 10829 M Street, Omaha, NE

Feb 25, 2022 Conf # 85859ED019464

Room booked for April 4 thru April 10, 2022

First of all, I have photos of almost 100% of the issues and they are available upon request!

• The booking agent, Expedia, says (in its confirmation pages), “This reservation is non-refundable and cannot be canceled or changed”

• I needed to add a day (April 3) to the reservation so attempted to call [protected].

o Line was ringing as a fast busy or I get either, “We’re sorry, we cannot complete your call as dialed.” or “We’re sorry; that number is not in service.”

o I tried almost daily for a month and kept getting the same messages.

o I called 3 other Wyndham properties and not one person could properly explain why my calls would not go through.

 All three also said they could be of no service to me.

 One agent, at the Spring Street location, said that, “It must be a problem with their phones.” (DUH) But, out of a full month’s time spent, you would logically figure that they would have routed the number to somewhere, where the calls could still be taken. Apparently not.

o On April 1, I went into the Wyndham site and booked an additional day, April 3rd to April 4th.

o I never did reach Wyndham’s office in Omaha.

• On May 30th, I found an obscure reference on the Wyndham website that mentioned that the property was closed for renovations and would be open by April 1st.

• April 3. Arrived and signed in. Found that the rooms were on a split level. My room was on the 2nd floor, which was up several steps. I asked about the elevator and was told there wasn’t one. (Isn’t this in violation of ADA standards?) When I complained that I have a bad leg (Viet Nam injury), the clerk said, “Sorry. Only stairs.”

• I checked out the room and noted a large number of issues:

o The floors in the hallway were smeared/splattered with paint like someone had dropped the paintbrush or roller … everywhere.

o The tile baseboard is missing tiles.

o The paint job on the wall above the sink does not extend all the way from the ceiling to the sink. There is a 1-to-2-inch gap.

o Paint smears are everywhere in the bathroom; The shower curtain had dark blue smears. The shower head and tub/shower enclosure had white smears.

o The drain for the tub/shower appears to have a clog, as the water could collect and slowly run out. During a shower, I would be standing in four inches of water,

o The shower enclosure is supposed to have a horizontal assistance-bar but one side has a bolt and washer (covered in paint) to close the hole. The other side has an unplugged, open hole.

o The furniture has heavy wear marks and peeling trim.

o The clock had no battery backup and the battery compartment lid is gone. It also had a bad display with missing segments, e.g. 9 pm looked more like “Y:25 PM”.

o There is no carafe or ice bucket.

o There is no Kleenex (facial tissues)

o There are no glasses from which to drink.

 The day I arrived and found that there were no glasses, I went back to the desk clerk and said there were no glasses in the room. He just stared at me. Here is the conversation, verbatim:

• ME: There are no cups in my room. May I please have a cup?

• HIM: What kind of cup?

• ME: Plastic. Glass, Paper. Styrofoam. Whatever. I just need a cup.

• HIM: What for do you need a cup?

• ME: So I can take my medicines each day

• HIM: Do you have any water?

• ME: (Thinking he meant a carafe in the room)... uh... no.

• HIM: Then why do you need a cup?

• ME: (Getting testy) I can use the water from the sink.

• HIM: (Sighs. Goes and gets 2 cups)

• ME: Thank you.

 The next day, the maids threw both cups away and never replaced them.

o The microwave door was clouded over because someone wiped it with a dirty rag.

o The TV had no placard explaining the channels available.

o There was no placard for “Do Not Disturb” or “Please Make Up This Room”

o There were only two hangers on the clothes rack.

 One of the hangers had squeeze-clips to hold a pair of pants or a dress…but the clips were severely rusted and would leave a residue if touched.

o April 6th I left my room in the morning and returned in the afternoon. As I approached my door, I realized that it was open. OPEN. I carefully walked in and nothing had been disturbed except that the bed and linens had been changed. I immediately went downstairs to speak to the desk clerk and to explain that, if anything was missing from my room, there would be a lawsuit forthcoming. His response: “Sorry.” That’s all. Nothing else.

My complaint is many-fold. 1) Why would a hotel/motel keep their telephone disconnected and out of service for over a month? This is suicide for any 24x7 business! 2) The hotel made no explanations for ADA non-compliance. 3) This hotel/motel was not ready and should never have been opened. I don’t know how many rooms were actually ready but I can assure you that all these rooms had to look as bad as mine and, worse, were probably only open because their contractors went well past the deadline for “renovations.” 4) I have heard nothing from Wyndham about how they intend to rectify these issues. The staff and contractors are incompetent, the property is littered with debris, and their practices are unhealthy. They took the coward's way out by inferring this is Expedia's fault.

Desired outcome: I want a refund for the motel stay and expect an apology from Wyndham Super 8.

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12:51 pm EDT

Expedia Marjorie Mitchell- Seek Ye First agent

I booked a series of flights through travel agent Marjorie Mitchell through Expedia. The option to purchase insurance to be able to safely cancel was not offered. If I had been I would have purchased because of the varying conditions for travel per covid travel guidelines.

At a point prior to my scheduled trip she informed me there had been a flight cancellation on Aeromexico for my itinerary from Atlanta to Brasilia, and that we would need to reschedule. I told her to wait because Brasil had changed their entry requirements and I had to figure out what I was going to do. She then replied “okay, I cancelled the trip”

She informed me I would get a refund and took a long time to respond. When she did she said I couldn’t be refunded and only a credit through aeromexico that only she herself could book. I am currently out $1500, and have upcoming travel I would like to use this credit for, however she has now informed me that Aeromexico has no options for travel on the days I require.

Desired outcome: I would like a full refund.

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12:54 pm EDT

Expedia Refund pending for more than 9 months

On July 12th of 2021 I asked expedia to start refund process for the tickets I bought for me and my family to Germany for traveling on July 12th of 2021. They told me that I needed to wait 12 weeks for refund to be proccessed. After 12 weeks i've got no communication from expedia for an status update and because of that I contacted customer support and the told me that refund was pending on the airline (lufthansa). Now last contacted expedia customer support I've got no update.

Desired outcome: Please refund

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6:05 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Expedia Car Rental

I booked a car rental with Budget through Expedia. I have a conformation number and I called Budget to confirm my reservation. I want to change the pick up time but am unable to do so with either Budget; they tell me to call Expedia who of course you can't get a hold of. When I go on the website I am informed if I want to make changes to my reservation I should cancel the reservation and book again. However, there may be an increase in charges. Are you serious? Why would I want to do that? I just want to change the pick up time as my flight was changed to an earlier time. Why can't this be an easy process? I am going to keep the reservation but am not expecting much when I get to the car rental counter. I just this funny feeling something won't go right. Will I be right?

Desired outcome: I want to be able to change the pick up time of my reservation for my car rental.

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12:47 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Expedia I want the second transaction $300 refunded to me

Below is email where Expedia promised me $457.77 refund. Expedia refunded the first transaction of 157.77 USD

Now they are refusing to give me the refund the Second transaction : 300 USD refund.

From: [protected] on behalf of Expedia Travel Team

Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2022 12:10 AM


Subject: Refund confirmation

Hello Randy ,

Please note that you will be receiving ,

Refund : 457.77 USD

First transaction : 157.77 USD

Second transaction : 300 USD

Within 7-10 business days

Best Regards,

Expedia .com

Expedia refunded the first transaction of 157.77 USD I want the Second transaction : 300 USD refunded they promisedl

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1:51 pm EDT

Expedia Travel Insurance Purchased

Never buy travel insurance with EXPEDIA. They lost my trust and business forever! I bought travel insurance for a trip with my family to Jamaica in Nov 2021. Stupidly I bought travel insurance. Under the insurance policy that was a told of $375.45 per person stated it covered 100% TRIP COST CANCELLATION. We ended up canceling our trip b/c the COVID rates at the time we were traveling were off the charts and I didn't want to get stuck in Jamaica for an additional 2 weeks. When I called Expedia they told me wouldn't lose our money as long as we rebooked our trip by June the following year. What she neglected to tell me was we had to travel by June. Our original trip was in November of 2021 so it wouldn't even be a calendar year to travel and rebook our trip for the following November. Needless to say - we are scrambling to re-book tickets to other places and hurry to travel so we don't lose our money. Expedia is rebooking and the dollar value is not the same from what we booked. The entire experience has been a complete nightmare. The insurance will barely cover anything unless you have a doctors note or you are dead. Travelers insurance is not worth it. Don't be mislead. No one has been able to talk to me and the entire process is so frustrating. I was a loyal person with Expeida and never again will I book something with them.

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11:10 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Expedia ZezGo RENTAL CAR COMPANY 7652 Narcoossee Road, Suite B, Orlando, Florida, USA

DO NOT BOOK THROUGH EXPEDIA ZEZGO ECONOMY RENTAL CAR! Looks like a great deal to pay upfront, however when you arrive they charge you for other "fees". They say you need a major cc to secure car, which we had, however I made the reservation in my name for the car, the cc is in my husbands name. So, they made us add another driver my husband to secure car or no rental, which costs us another $120 for the rental BECAUSE THE CC WASNT IN MY NAME, BUT MY HUSBANDS! Then suggested we add the "toll road" pass for $90. Pushed us to get it with threats of a $250 fine if we even accidentally get on a toll road. Then said we can not get our own or pay cash, which was a complete lie. After talking to a representative from Enterprise to get more info on the toll system in Florida. We were informed that the pass itself is $3 and that we can pay our own tolls if we choose.

THEY ALSO REQUIRE PROOF OF INSURANCE IF YOU DONT BUY THEIRS. Every person that came in with us to rent a car was not told this. Had to spend precious vacation time calling our insurance companies to get a copy of the certificate of insurance. This ploy is used to get you to buy their insurance to save vacation time if you don't want the hassle of contacting your agent and waiting.

ZEZGO IS A SCAM! THEY ARE A LOCAL COMPANY THAT SCREWS TOURISTS. YES WE GOT A RENTAL CAR, which by the way was crap, run down, brakes squealed and wobbled, a little bitty car for APROX $750 final payment, still waiting to see if they release the deposit held on my account.

We will never use a local rental car company again in Florida. Expedia should NOT HAVE THIS COMPANY AS A CLIENT. I trusted Expedia, first mistake. I will not be using EXPEDIA EVER AGAIN EITHER unless they can resolve this issue.

ZezGo RENTAL CAR COMPANY 7652 Narcoossee Road, Suite B, Orlando, Florida, USA


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12:54 pm EDT

Expedia Parking fee paid via Expedia was not honored by the hotel

When making my reservation on Expedia, it had an option to pay my parking fee along with my hotel booking. Only after checkout that I found out the parking fee that I paid via Expedia was not honored by the hotel. Based on Expedia customer service, the parking fee that I paid via Expedia is for parking/self-parking only, while the hotel is charging me for valet parking. The issue is that the hotel only has a valet parking option as shown on the Expedia webpage for the hotel. The rep cannot seems to explain the parking fee that Expedia is charging at this point, and can only refer me to wait for another team to get back to me within 72 hours. The situation seems to be that there is a misaligning between Expedia with the hotel regards to what that parking fee is for. Instead of having Expedia sort them out with the hotel, Expedia customer service rep is attempting to blame me for not using the service correctly. I hope the follow up team will resolve this issue.

Desired outcome: Refund my parking fee paid to Expedia.

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8:24 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Expedia Hotel booked on wrong date

My sister booked a hotel room for me by the Atlanta airport on 4/7/22 at 11:30 pm EST.10:30 pm CST at the Holiday Inn Express - the hotel was sold out and she should have been given an alert that it was sold out but instead the reservation was changed to the 8th. Additionally, the night manager said that she would approve a refund on the room but could not issue the refund because it was issued through a third party. I plan on lodging a complaint with Holiday Inn Express as well. Additionally, my sister added cancellation insurance and yet we still could not get a refund. I already had my flight canceled, walked through the Atlanta airport because the trains were off, and took an Uber to the hotel at 2 am in the morning just to find out that I did not have the reservation. Unacceptable. I am extremely disappointed in Delta, Expedia, and Holiday Inn Express.

Email: [protected]

Phone: [protected]

Wyndy Jones-Allspaw

Itinerary #[protected]

Desired outcome: I would like a refund for the room that I tried to cancel and did not stay in.

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Update by Wyndy Tucker (Jones-Allspaw)
Apr 12, 2022 8:55 pm EDT

I spoke with the corporate customer service for that Holiday Inn Express - they are going to approve a refund but it is up to Expedia to contact the hotel GM to confirm. Please contact the hotel GM to get the approval between 9:00 am and 4 pm to reach the GM. IHG case # is [protected]. Please credit the card on the itinerary/reservation.

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12:59 pm EDT

Expedia Quality towing

I am disgusted with this tow company. They cancelled my request not once but three times. and got the wrong tow truck dispatched then the woman that answered the phone cancelled my order and has refused to come back on the phone to see to my needs. While I need to get my wife to work and have been waiting since 6am (It's now 9:30am) for this tow company to pick up my wife's car. The lady that answered the phone was extremely rude and as I write this review she refuses to answer this call back. I am insured by State Farm and I hope they review this type of customer service that is a reflection on them, (State Farm). I pray that Quality Towing will never pick up another car of mine if I have to deal with this type of unprofessionalism. If someone wants to use them Please call me at [protected] and I will strongly discourage you from using this company. I pray that State Farm cancels its contract with them because if State Farm has to use them I will definitely find another insurance company. This is totally unacceptable. When we called to speak to a manager a dispatcher named "BECKY" (which I doubt is her name) wouldn't give us information to speak to a manager. This is the company you DO NOT want to call when you have car problems. This is the best customer service they can give? I doubt that and am reporting this conduct to "The Department of Consumer Affairs". Everybody has somebody to answer to and I've left my number for someone to reach out to me.

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5:15 pm EDT

Expedia Waiting for 5 hours for name correction and still not able to do it

I have a booking from hyd to ewr and I have mistaken spelled the name incorrectly. Called cust service befor 72 hours as suggested and after staying with them for almost 5 hours they still not able to help .. they keep giving me excuse that they are not able to connect to correction department. I need to just remove one alphabet which I added mistakenly .. worst service ever ..

Desired outcome: They couldn’t do the correction and flight is within 48 hours

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9:25 am EDT

Expedia Sands Resort Pompano Beach Hotel March 28-April 2

Schedule a week vacation at Pompano Beach hotel The facility is horrible Dirty not updated lack of enmities Was given brown box breakfast which included small cup of fruit snapper cup of yogurt which most of times was frozen and muffin wrapped in plastic. seriously! This is a vacation spot they serve this low low budget breakfast unacceptable! The room was old head board was peeling mattress was old old not good experience to say the least I The room key worked for day or so I would have to go downstairs after I went to attempt I went upstairs I was locked out of my room this happened Several Times talk about inconvenience! The 1st nite of check in after long flight went up to my room with my luggage only to find out KEY was not activated With all my luggage has to return to front desk to get another Key This is not acceptable! I am very very Disappointed in Pompano beach hotel! You also had to schedule room cleaning for the next day! I am on vacation That should be automatic.! never ever did I have to schedule room cleaning at other facilities! The box Breakfast I can see during covid! but that has passed what a Disappointment to say the least Not a pleasant experience for vacation! I would greatly appreciate some type of Compensation for such an unpleasant experience!

Desired outcome: Would appreciate some type of Compensation for horrible vacation experience to say the least !!!! Unpleasant week at a dirty run down Hotel !!!!

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6:03 am EDT

Expedia Customer service and website

On 19th March 2022 I submitted the email below to [protected], I have not received a response or even an acknowledgement. The email is self explanatory.

I logged in to my Expedia account yesterday using my laptop fully intending to make an hotel booking however, I was unable to find how much I had in reward points.

I contacted customer support and was very disappointed in the level of support offered. Whilst waiting for the agent to be of help to me, I logged on to my Expedia account via my mobile app where I was able to see the amount in my reward account.

When I mentioned this to the agent he suggested I deleted the cookies on my Laptop and reset the page and this would resolve the issue. I did and it didn’t. I was then told that I probably needed to update my laptop, to be honest I found this insulting, there was obviously a problem with the Expedia web page.

Not making progress I terminated my connection with customer support and attempted to make a booking via my mobile app, I could have made the booking but there was no way of applying my rewards to my booking.

The only difference between Expedia and other online travel sites is the reward points, If I can’t access and use my rewards, what is the point of Expedia?

If someone could explain how I can view and use my reward points/amount when making a booking I would be very grateful.

Many thanks,

I have made many bookings through Expedia which, until now, has been my preferred site for booking hotels etc and I have never had any problems, until now, in viewing and applying my Expedia rewards

Desired outcome: It would 1) be good to have my complaint acknowledged (2) some explanation as to how I can view and apply my rewards when making future bookings

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2:02 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Expedia Flight refund- Nairobi to Entebbe - [protected]

I made an incorrect booking of a flight to Entebbe as I realised it were the wrong dates and I called to cancel the booking within the 24 hour window and the agent reassured me that I would get a refund immediately .

The booking was done on

28th March 2022 at 11:41am and I received a confirmation booking.

I called in the afternoon and I asked to cancel the booking and claim for a refund.

This has not happened and nothing has been reflected on my account.

I consider this thievery.

Please sort this out.



Desired outcome: Please refund

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12:16 am EDT

Expedia Expedia is a scam site tricking people and lying!!!

After I booked my "package" to Dominican Republic to take vacations with my family in the scam site called EXPEDIA...I then received the confirmation email with a totally different returning flight.

I booked carefully and read everything because I know how this sites and the Technocratic Beast is taking humanity to.

It was a NON-STOP roundtrip what I picked and what I paid for. Then on the confirmation email they change my returning flight and then after trying for hours to get a customer service which its crap too, they said I bought a "RESTRICTIVE FARE" so they cannot help me with that. They assured I bought a "RESTRICTIVE FARE".

So after picking a package, picking a non stop roundtrip, paying they invent crap and you cannot proof you did not buy what you are sure you bought!

Then they send me to contact the insurance company and directly American Airlines, which it is another scam!






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4:32 pm EDT

Expedia My points and coupons

Expedia has given me 13 coupons, the key word given me, then they locked my account I can't use it because I'm a coupon abuser seven of the coupons were for cancellations they were not used, I have 47,000 points I can't use I have 97,000 points pending probably more than that my account's been froze for 18 days I can't see anything. They're refusing to give me anything

Desired outcome: I told them give me all my points

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10:36 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Expedia pick up service with camel limouine

paid for airport service pick up through Expedia which contracted to camel limousine service and was never pick up file a complaint with Expedia denied the claim base on camel limousine which my contract was with Expedia pick up date 9:00 am March 17 2022 at lax airport going to Best Western 1111gaffey San Pedro California. Itinerary # [protected] reservation date 10/26/2021

Desired outcome: i want full refund

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8:09 pm EDT

Expedia Expedia Refund

I purchased a rental car package on Feb 7, 2022 due to my mother passing away on the same day of 2/7/22 I had to cancel my reservation. Expedia stated that Sixt car rental would have to agree to the refund but only after providing proof of my mother’s death. I sent SIXT on 2/18 the documentation requested and have attached the email from SIXT car rental stating they have granted a full refund. I have called Expedia numerous times requesting them to refund my 1500.00. I have continued to call numerous times but continue to get pushed around, promised a refund, told I need to contact sixt, ect. I am exhausted in trying to recover my $1500.00. I also think Expedia at this point should be paying me for my time as it has been an incredible amount of time being placed on hold, or trying to get agent contact with Expedia, and numerous emails. It has almost 2 months of this and still no refund. I have also filed a complaint with them and was given this reference number of [protected].

Desired outcome: Refund

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7:33 am EDT

Expedia Motel reservation

I made a motel reservation through Expedia. I never received a confirmation e-mail. I called the motel and they confirmed that the reservation was made through Expedia. The pertinent information is as follows:

The reservation was made through Expedia in the time frame February 9 - February 11, 2022.

Motel: America's Best Value Inn

Location: West Point, Mississippi

Date: May 12, 2022 (Check In)

May 13, 2022 (Check Out)

The motel phone number is [protected].

I will be unable to honor this reservation. My phone number is [protected]. My e-mail address is [protected] I used a Discover card to make the reservation. The last four digits of my Discover card are 6800.

I don't have an itenerary number since I never received a confirmation e-mail for the reservation from Expedia.

Desired outcome: All I want for this issue to be resolved is for this reservation to be cancelled since I won't be able to honor it.

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Update by F. Wilson "Buddy" Hess
Apr 01, 2022 1:07 pm EDT

This has been resolved. Expedia was never a party to the reservation. My daughter made it through Priceline and she cancelled the reservation.

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Expedia In-depth Review

Website Design and User Experience: The website design of Expedia is clean and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and find the information you need. The search bar is prominently displayed, allowing users to quickly search for flights, hotels, and car rentals. The layout is intuitive, with clear categories and filters to refine your search results.

Booking Process and Ease of Use: The booking process on Expedia is straightforward and hassle-free. Once you have selected your travel options, the website guides you through the booking process step by step. The checkout process is seamless, and you can easily review and modify your booking details before finalizing your purchase.

Range of Travel Options: Expedia offers a wide range of travel options, including flights, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages, and activities. Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly option or a luxury getaway, Expedia has something for everyone. The website also provides detailed information about each option, helping you make an informed decision.

Pricing and Discounts: Expedia offers competitive pricing and frequently provides discounts and deals on various travel options. The website allows you to compare prices from different airlines and hotels, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Additionally, Expedia's loyalty program offers exclusive discounts and benefits to its members.

Customer Service and Support: Expedia provides excellent customer service and support. Their customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or issues you may have. The website also has a comprehensive FAQ section and a live chat feature, making it easy to get the help you need.

Loyalty Program and Rewards: Expedia's loyalty program, Expedia Rewards, allows members to earn points on their bookings, which can be redeemed for future travel. The program offers additional benefits, such as exclusive discounts, free upgrades, and access to VIP amenities. Joining the loyalty program is free and easy.

Mobile App Functionality: Expedia's mobile app is user-friendly and offers the same functionality as the website. You can easily search and book flights, hotels, and car rentals on the go. The app also provides real-time updates on your travel itinerary and allows you to manage your bookings conveniently.

Trustworthiness and Security: Expedia is a trusted and reputable travel website. They have been in the industry for many years and have established partnerships with major airlines and hotel chains. The website uses secure encryption technology to protect your personal and payment information, ensuring a safe and secure booking experience.

Travel Insurance Options: Expedia offers travel insurance options to provide peace of mind during your trip. You can easily add travel insurance to your booking during the checkout process. The website provides detailed information about the coverage and benefits of each insurance option, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Cancellation and Refund Policies: Expedia's cancellation and refund policies vary depending on the travel option you have booked. The website provides clear information about the cancellation and refund policies for each booking, allowing you to make an informed decision. It is recommended to review the policies before making a booking.

Additional Services and Features: In addition to flights, hotels, and car rentals, Expedia offers various additional services and features. These include airport transfers, travel guides, and activities. The website also provides helpful travel tips and recommendations to enhance your travel experience.

Overall Rating and Recommendation: Expedia is a reliable and user-friendly travel website that offers a wide range of travel options at competitive prices. The website design and user experience are excellent, making it easy to find and book your desired travel options. The customer service and support are top-notch, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable booking experience. With its loyalty program and mobile app functionality, Expedia provides added benefits and convenience to its users. Overall, Expedia is highly recommended for all your travel needs.

How to file a complaint about Expedia?

1. Log in or create an account: Ensure you are logged in to your account. If you do not have an account, please register by providing the necessary details to create one.

2. Navigating to the complaint form: Once logged in, locate the 'File a Complaint' button located at the top right corner of the website and click on it to access the complaint form.

3. Writing the title: In the 'Complaint Title' field, concisely summarize the main issue you have encountered with Expedia. Make it specific and clear, such as "Incorrect Billing on Hotel Booking" or "Cancellation Policy Not Honored".

4. Detailing the experience: In the complaint description, provide a detailed account of your experience with Expedia. Include key areas such as:

  • The nature of the service or product you used.
  • Specific details about any transactions, including dates, amounts, and confirmation numbers.
  • A clear description of the problem and how it has affected you.
  • Any communication you've had with Expedia's customer service, including their response or lack thereof.
  • Steps you have taken to resolve the issue and the outcomes.
  • The personal impact, such as inconvenience, financial loss, or stress.

Be as factual and chronological as possible to paint a clear picture of the events.

5. Attaching supporting documents: Attach any relevant documents or evidence that supports your complaint. This could include receipts, emails, screenshots, or confirmation numbers. Do not include sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers or passwords.

6. Filling optional fields: Use the 'Claimed Loss' field to indicate any financial losses you have incurred due to the issue. In the 'Desired Outcome' field, describe what resolution you are seeking from Expedia, whether it's a refund, an apology, or another form of compensation.

7. Review before submission: Carefully review your complaint for clarity, accuracy, and completeness. Ensure that all the information provided is correct and that your desired outcome is reasonable and clearly stated.

8. Submission process: Once you are satisfied with your complaint, click the 'Submit' button to send your complaint to

9. Post-Submission Actions: After submitting your complaint, keep an eye on your account for any responses or updates. You may receive feedback from other users or from Expedia through the platform, so it's important to monitor the progress of your complaint.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Expedia
How can I contact Expedia, a leading online travel agency, for booking assistance or customer support?

Need help with bookings or customer support? Contact Expedia at 1-866-310-5768 or 1-800-469-1793. Their dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your travel needs.

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