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Expedia Complaints & Reviews

Expediatravel insurance

We purchased travel insurance for the precise reason that there may be weather issues or even issues with us having to cancel our trip to Hawaii for work reasons.

Of course not reading the entire travel protection plan did not realize that unless we were actually sick or had a doctor's reason for not going, no other reason could justify interruption of our trip.

We had to change our trip plans because of Hurricane Lane, waiting until the last minute to make these changes so that we could see if we wanted to cancel or change our plans. We ended up changing our plans instead of cancelling.

By changing our plans, it cost us an extra $650 for changing of flight even though the airline was 'nice' enough to waive the change fee.

When we tried to file a claim it was denied because hurricanes do not fall under the contract.

I use Expedia a lot and this was my first time purchasing the insurance. They really should have something that makes it clear that weather and job issues are not able to be claimed under the policy.

Needless to say I will not be purchasing this anymore and I put a shame on myself for not researching closer but also on Expedia, AIG and American Airlines for not caring that something beyond our control hurts us financially.

Bryan Kibling

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    Expedia — flight delay

    I never see these kind of [censored]ers who working in Expedia customer agent. All the [censored]ers put the call on hold...


    Expediaflight plus hotel

    I booked a flight and hotel deal as well as insurance for my work travel. The international conference was cancelled -- and I called to recuperate my expenses. Obviously I anticipated a fee but certainly not zero refund if my international event was cancelled. I couldn't believe it when they would not refund any part of the hotel portion. I have booked before--and there was always a margin for cancellation. Often that was generous, and I've never had to use it before. With insurance, etc., I was confident I'd made a best-case purchase. What was not clear was that the terms change at every single sale. Both Expedia and the Keating Hotel, San Diego were inflexible. Despite calling as soon as I had firm word my meeting was off, and though Expedia always said they would call back after speaking with the manager, they never did so. After about 3 hours of phone calls I barely got a $200 return -- which is significantly less than the cost of fees. No return of other costs, taxes, etc. Partial (1/3) recuperation of the flight. Nothing of the hotel. What a disaster. The manager claims this was steeply discounted--but it's about the same or more as currently posted rates and amounts to about a thousand dollars. Don't use this service--and don't trust that last time's terms apply in another context if you'd previously had a good experience. (I had one and actually, unfortunately, had told others it was often a good deal). I have travelled for years and have never had such a terrible experience. This will be my last use of Expedia. I'm looking for professional, responsible, and (in an emergency) flexible travel partners as I travel about once a month. This is completely unsuitable for a business traveller--even in a pinch. As someone asked to make my own travel arrangements I'm pretty despairing as I simply don't have a lot of time to add travel arrangements to my to do list for all instances of work travel.

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      Expediaflight name change/correction and credit for cancelled delta flight

      I had book flight that departure from New York to Shanghai on Sun, Jun 17 with my passport with my identified name, Sinuo Yan, on it. But the system issued the ticket by my account name, Nancy Yan. Because of this, I was unable to check in when I went to airport. So I had to call the customer service to cancel my flight and the representative told me I can only get credit back to my Expedia account. I don't think Expedia should issue customer's order by their account names which can not be certified by identifications. I had booked flight on Expedia for several time and the same issue had not ever happened on me. This caused me wasting 1787.48 dollar by their mistakes. I require response from Expedia about the issue and refund to my credit car but no more credits under the account name.

      flight name change/correction and credit for cancelled delta flight

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        I will Never use exipidia site again.

        unprofessional customer support.
        We asked for a refund for a ticetks we bought to the combo wax mesume in la and geness mesume.

        The customer support say the tickets are not refundable sound they want to help us... first they send us a mail u will get answer in the upcoming hours
        in the seconds try they say wait for 24 hours. And we never got one...
        So we decided to go to the place to see if we can extand our tickets, the wo
        And still dont get any response. So we go to the place and cainds women extand with no issues at all !!!
        dont use exipidia I think the tickes that are not refundable expidia take ur money and dont give u nothing...
        Dont use them.
        After I tell them about that I help to manage on my own.
        They say thanks for using expida.
        Dont use themmmm

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          Expediamy hotel stay


          I am writing you in extreme disappointment regarding the hotel stay I booked (but never even bothered to stay).

          My partner and I arrived around 6PM and upon checking in we were asked if we'd like breakfast (at an additional rate) - I was a little shocked by this because it is posted all over your website (Expedia) and also on their own website, plus on their brochures that breakfast was included! I had tried to let them know I spent $140 on this room, I feel breakfast should be included, especially if advertised!! I did not really receive a response from the front desk staff other than repeating himself 5 times that we could pay extra if we wanted to eat breakfast.
          Once already irritated, we ventured up to our "suite"…
          When we entered our room, it must have been 10-15 degrees in there… absolutely freezing. We immediately turned the heat on and waited a little bit - no heat. We tried turning on the TV to use the Netflix/Wi-Fi music option however the little machines wouldn't connect to their internet connection. We used our own cellphone data to play some music so avoid hearing everything else happening within the inn (walls were definitely not sound proof, that was also a little awkward.)
          My partner and I decided to try and get warm, we'd mix up some drinks - there were no cups, other than little bathroom cups - also there were no ice machine, no fridge, nothing! We had brought our own microwavable supper, and couldn't even eat. I had went downstairs to enquire in hopes maybe you had to request a microwave, glasses, etc. however you couldn't - they just didn't have microwaves. The front desk supplied us with 2 cups that I could take back up into the room.
          My partner and I decided we might as well go out for the night, grab food even though we had already bought what we thought was going to be supper… We thought maybe the bath tub would ease our anger and let go of some stress - well, maybe I would have been tempted to jump in if there weren't DEAD spiders just sitting in the tub….. ugh.
          We jumped in the shower and attempted to get ready in our STILL freezing cold room. The mirror they had against the wall beside the TV was so old and fogged you couldn't even see yourself in it. Nonetheless, we got ready and headed out. After we got back to our room, we realized it was STILL 15 degrees in the room, I cannot sleep in the cold - at this point it was late at night and really not worth the uncomfortable feeling to stay. WE PACKED OUR BAGS AND LEFT!!!
          $130. Even though I used all of my points and also paid some out of pocket, I am so upset that I wasted it on this place. I would be absolutely DEVISTATED if this was my honeymoon.
          I do not recommend this place to anyone, nor would I ever go back.
          I would like to request some sort of compensation for completely ruining our 1 night stay - thank goodness it wasn't any longer.


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            Expediacar rental

            NEVER get involved when expedia to do your car rental. Here we are in Chile and the class of vehicle was changed and then the charge of $445 that we paid Expedia turned out to actually cost $341 at the counter. I have the receipt.
            Expedia is uncaring and claims they deserve the $100 commission for the the convenience.
            Last time I get hooked by expedia. Deal directly with the merchant.
            I plan to dispute the charge with cc company as well.

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              Expedia — hotel reservations

              I booked a hotel through expedia and purchased insurance in case anything came up and I would have to cancel...

              Expedia — complain about poor services and fraud

              I booked hotel with breakfast in Turkey, ITIN:[protected], and I paid extra money because we booked from...

              Expedia — airfare

              I received notice that my flight cancelled 2 hours before departure. ( Not so much worried that it cancelled...

              Fort Huachuca

              Expediaairline reservations

              Booked flights from Vancouver to Kahului, Maui with Westjet, now that we are leaving tomorrow (Oct 21) wanted to check in on line and select seats (24 hrs before)but found out from Westjet that we can't do this, have to wait and do at airport.This means extra time and no chance of getting good seats.Makes me wonder why I am booking thru you, there is definitely no benefit to me.Why when I book thru Expedia I can't check in on line?
              Sylvia and Gary Miller

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                Expediaflight booking

                I am writing in to express my discontentment about my recent round-trip flight experience booked under Expedia (Itinerary # [protected]) to Kuala Lumpur and back from 5 to 7 October 2018.

                I had topped up for flight difference in package price for Singapore Airlines (flight's package was for budget carrier). However, only to my utter dismay during the day of flight check-in at the boarding counter did I find out that the flight was for SilkAir.

                If I had known the flight was SilkAir and not Singapore Airlines right from the beginning, I would have proceeded to opt for budget airline instead.

                May I know why is this the case? It is entirely misleading to display Singapore Airlines and SilkAir with the same departure and arrival timings (refer to enclosed screenshot), only to be operated by SilkAir instead. Also, what re-inforced it further was that it displayed the flight number as SQ 5316 for departure from Singapore and SQ 5303 for arrival. Isn't SQ meant for Singapore Airlines?

                I hope to receive reasonable clarification on this matter.

                flight booking
                flight booking
                flight booking

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                  Expediarefund turned into unauthorized withdrawal

                  I was told I would be getting a refund ( confirmation # 018029 )
                  for $198.00, I have documents to provide for proof. I checked my M & T account one hour later and it was withdrawn from checking account kicking me negative. No one could provide me with any answers, the resolution dept female named Shanna, was very rude and did not do anything to try and help.
                  Complaint filed with bank and I am still negative and waiting.
                  # 3vlj44
                  Jennifer Blimline
                  I will see attorney if need be.
                  I have all docs and photos of bank account

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                    Expediadouble charged for hotel stay

                    I booked a room at Hotel G San Francisco on the 5th of August 2018 for the dates 9-14 October 2018. My credit card was charged by Expedia $2290 on the 8th August. I confirmed with staff member Dallas that the room was already paid for via Expedia when I checked in on the 8th Of October, and paid Hotel G directly for an extra night at that stage. I now return to Australia to find that Hotel G has charged my credit card directly $2198.56 for the same 9-14 October stay. I need this money refunded as this is obviously completely inappropriate! Receipt from Expedia and credit card statements attached.

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                      Expediaairline ticket

                      I purchased an airline ticket through the company website a month ago. The flight was about to depart on 6:15 am on October 11, 2018. Due to unannounced Motorway closures in departure city, I could not make to the airport until just before the flight. I was lucky enough to get past security at the airport and head off to the gate in under 10 minutes in a large airport like Heathrow. However when I arrived at the gate, it was closed although it was still 5 minutes prior to departure time and I learned later that the flight departed at 6:11 instead of 6:15. I was told by the gate staff that I needed to see someone from airline assistance team team who were going to rebook me on the next flight with no charges. I reached out to the airline assistance team who said that I was late for the flight and they wanted me to pay GBP1155 in order to reissue the ticket. Because this was out of my budget I decline and head back out of the airport trying to find an alternative flight. An hour later I received an email from expedia.com stating that the airline changed my flight into another flight departing at 10:40 the same day. The email asked me whether I accept those change and if I did not to call expedia to discuss the airline options which as limited as the email stated. Out of joy I hit accept changes button and head back to the airport. I tried to check in at the airport when I was told that I needed to speak with the ticketing office as my ticket had not been reissued yet. I went to speak with ticketing office who advised that I would need to pay GBP950 for the ticket to be issued to the 10:40 flight despite expedia failing to mention anything about additional payment. I called expedia. who as expected blamed it all on me rather than trying to offer help. Being disappointed by expedia's response I had to purchase another ticket and I paid the full fare for another airline instead of the original airline I was flying with.

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                        Expedia — car rental

                        I have been booking car hire from your agent with Toyota Altis price 6, 620 Baht whereas they confirmed me...


                        Expedia — car rental

                        Dear Hotwire/Expedia I am very disappointed with our recent car rental through your agency, Hotwire. The...

                        Expediavan rental from avr

                        The advertising of AVR on your website says that the miles are UNLIMITED, but they say they give only 250 miles per day when a local person rents it. When I protested they told me it is my fault not reading all the policies carefully.

                        I think, the first of all, the advertising is misleading. They should mention it clearly, even in a small letters right next to "unlimited miles."

                        Second, even in the policies, it is not mentioned under the title "mileage". It is mentioned in "Other" section. Who will read all those fine letters when it is hidden like that?

                        Third, when I protested why it is different from advertising, their agent didn't explain why and didn't tell me that I could save money if my friend from other country rent it and she was right there with me when I rent the van. When I returned the van, I had to pay $204.25 more.

                        I really think advertising has to be written clearly and honestly.

                        AVR is not doing an honest business. You should get rid of that company from your list of car companies.

                        Sung Suh
                        Consumer who rented a van on Sep. 29 to Oct 6, 2018.

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                          Expedia — flight time changed without notice

                          I booked a flight for my daughter to fly from Fresno to San Diego on Sept. 29, Alaska flight #3477 at 8am...

                          Expedia — expedia.com. sg ignores their own refund policy and cheats its customers

                          In may 2018, my wife and I went to singapore. From there I booked a free and easy trip with expedia.com. Sg...

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