Expediaa hostel that I booked and that you said I would not be charged - but was charged and have not been paid back after 1 month



I made a reservation at Casa Torices Real, Cartagena, Colombia on the 25th September via Expedia. I was told that I would not be charged until the 9th November. However, I was notified by my bank that I was charged an amount of ZAR (South African Rand) 3065.30 " which is an approximate amount of COP 665 442.61 or US$ 226.35 from this hostel. I immediately cancelled the booking. As you can see from your records of the cancellation I was supposed to get a full refund of the deposit from the hostel. I have sent numerous emails to you and the hostel and I have phoned the hostel - and they PUT THE PHONE DOWN ON ME and I have still not received the money back into my account.

Please can you ensure that I have my funds back into my account as a matter of urgency as it is now nearly 4 weeks since this incorrect payment was made. YOU EXPEDIA, GUARANTEED THAT I WOULD NOT BE CHARGED.


Expedia Itinerary number: [protected]
Garth Klein

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