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I purchased an embroidery pattern. The download was supposed to include a pdf file containing a color and stitch chart. It did not. I emailed the seller; no response.
I then reached chat and had 2 conversations (1st chatter dropped off). The first chatter used too much slang. When I explained the problem, his only resolution was to contact the seller. I explained the download contains a group of programs which download into an embroidery machine (each programs= in the download are different computer language programs based upon the manufacturer of the machine). He then said to download the files, which I had already told him I did). To his credit, he then dropped off the conversation instead of embarrasssing himself further. The second chatter asked the same questions, after reading the previous exchange. When I explained what the download contained and that their description of the product (on Etsy's site) stated a pdf would be included, she advised that the product did not include a pdf product for working with the embroidery pattern. She totally ignored the fact that the was a separate item on every product. In addition, we usually use a particular embroidery format, called PES. The Etsy site does not list that as an available format. Yet, the second chatter said it was available.
Admittedly, embroidery products are a unique item. But Etsy employees have no competence for the company to be offering them.
Both chatters used a lot of slang. The second chatter failed to properly proof her message before sending it out so it made no sense. These people were a poor representation for this company. For convenience, the order number is: [protected].
I finally did more research and found the same product on another embroidery product site at a lower price and in the proper format. I successfully downloaded it and the color chart and stitch guide.
Given the fact that I had to download a workable product from another site, I request a refund. If needed, my email address is:

Jun 20, 2019

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