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ramadan promotion scam?

I received a call- supposedly from etisalat-stating that I had won AED 500, 000 as part of the Etisalat Ramadan offer. For verification he provided me with a number asked me to match it with my SIM card number. Surprisingly the number matched and he asked me to provide my full name, fathers name, my nationality and location. He then asked to me any branch of dubai islamic branch with details of 3 SMS sent on my mobile and that I should immediately buy recharge cards worth AED 900 and take them to the dubai islamic bank for claiming the prize. I said it is not possible to do so now as I was far away in Jebel ali. He insisted that I do so or else the prize will be cancelled and hung up.
This is the story. I am unable to reach any Etisalat personnel directly hence I am writing to you for registering this complaint.

Sunder Ramachandran

  • Ah
    ahmed123 Sep 05, 2009

    I received a call from Pakistani fraud. He said I won 2 lakhs DHs.
    and He ask my all the details address, name, fathers name, pobox & bank details.
    And he told me to collect the amt. from the Bank. B4 processing a file he wants me
    to get the recharge amt. of 500/600.
    Again this idiot pakistani fraud told me to give the pin no. for system generation of my card.
    He told me hurry we are closing the system, we need to discuss with the board members for ur winner.
    And he recorded a etisalat voice message on his mobile, then he is silent at the moment while the recorded msg
    is on.
    OKEY I accepted for this. Then i had recharge my wasel charge online on my mobile itself.
    Then he is asking the pin no. He told me it will not accept the computers generating code, need the pin no. for recharge...again I SAID i dont hv money. then he cut the phone.




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  • Be
    BEWARE OF SCAM Sep 17, 2009

    This is true, Even I too received calls from these frauds.I received call from these numbers 050 5863285 & 050 1774898. When I said I would file a complaint there was no calls & there mobile's have been switched off. My humble request is trace these numbers & catch that there won't be other victims.


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  • An
    anisha natesh Feb 25, 2010

    On 26/2/2010 I received a call from +971561592540 around 9.30 in the morning stating that i have won 200, 000 dhirams cash prize from the etisalat for the DSF offer. He spoke in Hindi and i asked him to speak in English, which he denied. He then asked details about my Husband's pathaka number, his name etc.

    Then he asked me to call him, i did and he gave a number for the reference and wanted me to collect the sum from Dubai Islamic bank. After that he wanted me to send my husband to shop for 100 *100 wasl cards and send its pin to him while i were in line. he repeated this around 15 times.

    i denied and i cut the line.

    Well, now i just want to file a complaint against this idiot, who deceives people. How can i do it? and why is this continuously been done? Why no action is been taken???

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  • Aa
    Aaviz Jul 28, 2010

    Same thing happen to me, but I didnt give any details. I have heard about this scams all along, surprisingly these Pakistanis & Indians are way too smart for the Local Authorities to handle, thats the reason may be its still pending investigation to put a stop for suchb frauds.

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  • Aa
    Aaviz Jul 28, 2010

    I almost fell for the Scam...thanks to this complaint I was able to cut the conversation short. Thank you to Mr.Ramachandran, I have saved some talk time. 500, 000AED was my prize money...Wo!!!
    Sivaa - 0502842586

    So Called Mr.Sharma -Customer Care Manager (Etisalat) 056-1280146

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  • Kr
    krish13 Sep 04, 2010

    i received a call from mobile no. 0971567935227 at 1215 and saying that I won 200dhs. He is a pakistani and he said his name is mohammed mahindra. He is asking me which no. he can contact me. I told him I will call him I checked on the net if theres such a promotion, but its not existing.

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  • Ek
    EK Flyer Dec 23, 2010

    What has been done then?

    I received the same call from this number 050 1154973 around 930 am, today using the same bank Dubai islamic bank clock tower branch and telling me to by some card worth 850, i had the feeling that this is a scam so i cut the conversation with the guy named Mustafa Mohammed claiming that he is from etisalat. i have now reported to etisalat about the call, but what has been done if this has been happening before.

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  • Du
    dude123456 Apr 25, 2011

    You're all idiots to even listen to them. HA HA HA stupid people deserve to be scammed

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  • Kt
    Ktine Jun 12, 2013

    you know what? it is confusing if you should believe or not. especially when money is involved. and the person you're talking to seems to know what he / she is saying. so please no calling anyone idiots here. be thankful you are not a victim.
    The same happened to me in say 30 minutes ago. I got a call from 050 850 4905 saying I won half a million dirhams and even gave me the number at the back of my SIM. I called Etisalat and tried to report a possible scam. They were not even alarmed and transferred me to a mobile something department. I dont know what. i guess this doesn't matter to them as they dont have any fraud or scam prevention department. So to protect ourselves, let's just be careful.

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  • Jt
    JTushar Joshi Jul 16, 2014

    Hi my name is Tushar Joshi, I received call today morning congratulating me that you have win 200, 50, 000/- aed, for that their is procedure I have to buy 2500/ worth dhm balance top up card please check this number crime scenes are now conducting in UAE strange, they hold line for an hour and asking me to recharge so they will generate cheque details 971420000101 this is land line which is disconnected 971562980953 this is mobile same they were telling me that you collect your price money from Dubai Islamic Bank. Just be alert and safe .

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etisalat is stealing credit for iphone 3g

Etisalat is the most incompetent service provider i have ever encoutered. Those that are thinking of brinign...

re: hello


I would like to file a complain against our internet service provider Etisalat's Al-Shamil Wireless. Etisalat have upgraded its service to fiber optics recently and sent technicians to restore the new service at our home in Sharjah. Since then, service was intermittened i lodged a complain on there help line and they booked a technician for me. Next day technician visited but in his presence router should no issues so he left saying that if u face problem again report on our helpline. After half an hour i started facing the same problem again and called the help line i got to know that the technician who visited us closed the complain by putting remarks "Physical damage to router by the customer" I was shocked to hear that as the router is in perfect condition and shape, i told customer representative but he said that we can't help u in this because our technician has put such a remark and if we book a techician again for you, you will be charged 100 AED. I was like huh!!! He then suggested me to take tha router to the nearest Etisalat Office and they will see if there is any physical damage they will replace it as it is under warranty. My Husband took it to the office where the guy available told him that i don't handle this inventory knows this better and gave another complain number and asked to call on there helpline by giving the reference of the new complain number and available representative told me that its not our responsibility you damaged you purchase new one. What the hell is this!! It's been a week and they are just mis guiding us. All the representative give new suggestion. Do they know how to tackle such kind of a problem?
Any concerned person read this complaint please help me. What should i do now?

  • Et Aug 23, 2009

    Just suck it up... Etisalat doesn't care. They are the only ISP so you're going to have to take it or leave it... I would love to leave it... however what are the options? Comcast? Rogers? Vonage? Nope... nothing... they are run by the government and if you want things to change it's going to have to start there... no use getting pissed off over spilt milk - buy another router and deal with the incompetence like 1000's do a day. I wish I had better advice but knowing Etisalat they'll keep making you the culprit and blaming you for something that isn't your fault. good luck.

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inaccurate billing

I subscribed to Etisalat Iphone 3G service using my existing number. They had 1 prepaid and 4 postpaid plans. I picked postpaid plan number 4, which includes 500 minutes talk time, 300 smses and 2GB of 3G internet usage for 500 AED/month. When my first bill arrived, I was shocked that I had to pay 1700 AED/month. I tried calling the 101 call centre at least 20 times (and if I am lucky enough, I'll get connected in 20 minutes!!! but that's a totally different subject!!!) only to be told that I have to go to the main branch to check on my bill!!! They can't fax or email it. I have to go there!!! Now that's world class service.

I went to Etisalat main branch and boy it was a nightmare!!! I picked up a queue number with 100 people ahead of me and after hours of waiting, I finally arrived at the billing rep. He was a friendly guy, and he dag into my bill to find out that I was still being charged for the normal data usage (not from the included 2GB data with the plan). Just because some dumb sales rep did not deactivate it! Well, now that the problem is known, let's solve it. But nooooo. I have to suffer. The guy told me to come the next day to check with customer service because he can't solve the billing problem. And so I did, again 50 people ahead of me. Total agony and waiting for 2 hours!!! I finally arrived to the customer service personnel. He confirmed what I was told the earlier day, but he can't help!!! I had to fill an account enquiry form and submit it. The form has to reference number or anything. I asked him, when should I call, he said, don't call because we won't pick up the phone!!! I admired his honesty though. He recommended that I visit them again in 7-10 days and go through all the agony again in order to check on the status because they will just ignore it otherwise!!! Again, I admired his honesty. I asked him, why can't the call centre help. He simply replied, because they are not competent and if they were to do what they are supposed to do, we won't see all the crowd in the main building! Quite intuitively, I recommended that he should inform his management. He said, they know and they don't do anything about it. Monopoly at its extreme!

The 10 days didn't past, but I thought I'd call the 101 call centre and try my luck. I was kept on hold for 20 minutes ONLY (lucky me!!!), then a guy answered me from the iphone service staff. I told him about the problem, and he told me to call 101 again and call billing department. I replied that I didn't want to wait for another 20 minutes. He said that he'll put me through, but hung up the line. I contacted 101 and chose billing, but I was put through this automated answering machine. Billing can't be done on the phone!!! I just hate Etisalat. Avoid it at any cost. The only alternative is Du, however, it is bad as well. But at least make Etisalat lose market share!!! Can't wait for a third operator to free us of both companies!!!

  • Et Aug 23, 2009

    I feel for you - Etisalat (a government run entity in dubai) is a rip off - guess that's what you get for signing up to a company that doesn't really give a rats ###. You should get another phone - unsubscribe to the 3g as they think because you own it you can afford to get ripped up the ying yang for it... I am so frustrated with them. Been here a week and they've stolen over $200 on a prepaid card when they didn't even mention that even if all my data/internet/3g services are disabled they'll still pretend to have you connected to their imaginary network. Etisalat is a bunch of scammers and god forbid you say anything because you just might get thrown into jail for standing up for yourself. Down with Etisalat I say!

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delay in transfer of wireless connection


I am subscriber of wireless connection service of etisalat applied for a transfer of service to the next building on 29th of june 09, when i have applied in khaleej etisalat centre the representative of etisalat informed me that the transfer process will take onl 2 days, after doing followups on almost every day we have managed to escalate the case to the technical department, today on 15th of july we have a etisalat technician visited our apartment and informed me that the earlier connection was fiber optic and the existing building has copper port so it needs to change from the back end to copper, i am really disappointed and helpless when he informed me that i need to again wait for unending days to get it connected, with all due respect to etisalat as the only internet service provider in our location, we are really very disappointed with the services of etitsalt, my entire business in dependent on internet and i do not have a access since past almost 25 days, it was entirely a mistake of etisalat back end guys as we have already informed them while applying for the transfer that the connection is on fiber and the next building doesn't have a fiber, it has a copper port. I still hope that my connection would start asap as etisalat would not disappoint me and help me to solve my problems. Kindly do the needful on priority. Regards / sanjeev birari

Your reference number: f5833

My userid:rutujago
Mobile no:[protected]
- -

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Etisalat has done it again...
I was / am unfortunate enough to subscribe to their much heralded Iphone 3G launch and promptly picked up one unit from their HO. From the start itself I had a bad feeling as it took the skilled customercare staff 2 weeks to get my Internet up and running. Well then I thought that this was an initial hiccup. But Woe on me ... Moe was about to happen . One fine day my phone just stopped ringing, no sound at all, but i wasnt fazed, I did the following steps,
Checked whether my mute was on - It wasnt
Tried changing the ringtone - No luck
Reset all settings from the device itself - No luck
Connected to Itunes (8 version) on my laptop and restored all settings - No Luck
Also checked whether my firm ware was upto date and it was.

All this took only a day and the next day morning full of optimism and faith I called 101 (Etisalat Online number) and got connected to a smooth talking gentleman.
He asked me to repeat all what I have done previously and after a lot of convincing (he did not like the fact that I have done all trouble shooting without consulting customercare) he said he would send a mail to Apple wizards who sit in a faraway country (NY I think it was) and they would make my phone ring again. He took my E-Mail id also.
Nothing happened for the next 2 days and i was having to use eye relaxants often since i had to keep a keen eye on the phone to know whether somebody was calling me.
Then I call 101 again and this time it was a smart lady - she asked me all the same questions that the smooth talking gentle man asked and asked me for a complaint reference number . When I told her that i did not have it she tsk tsked but assured me that she is going to log a new complaint in the system and my mobile number would be the reference for me and I thanked her contritely and asked her when can it be resolved. I was given a leadtime of 1 day and i got off the phone .
Nothing happened for the next 3 days and by this time I was slowly going to pieces and with my wives urging, switched to my old (and trusted) Nokia .
The next day I call again (its been almost 6 days now) and now get another voice again which again took me through all the usual song and dance stuff and promised me to resolve the issue in 24 hrs time .
Waited for the next 4 days and called them again yesterday and got a caring chap online and after the usual questions (Can recite it in my sleep) he actually asked me to get in touch with the supervisor and tentatively put forward the fact known to me for the last 11 days that the device speaker must be the culprit and etisalat would have to replace the unit. However the Superviser would be notified of this and he would call me asap.
Its been 24 hrs since that I am waiting and my phone is silent...
I have a request nay advice to Etisalat, Worldclass service is not claimed, it is earned...

  • Mo
    Mohammedt Jun 08, 2010

    it is 1 AM in dubai and i couldnt sleep because this issue.
    i have an Iphone 8 GB 3G, plan 4 for 2000 MB free, i was shoked that my data connection was disconnected on the 5th of june when i called 101 they said i have a bill of 1200 AED because of over use, i didnt want to make an issue out of it so i paid it... then i was told it will be getting reconnected in 1 hour... this is the third day i have just called 101 and they are telling me i have to pay 12000 AED, twelve thousand yes.

    they say i used 6 GB in 5 days can any one tell me if that is possiable??

    i am going tomorrow to etisalat if my issue is not sloved i am really going to court

    look at other peoples complains you will feel your complain is simple:)

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internet barrier

I am User of Etisalat Al Shamil. Since 20 days my router is restarting itself automatically. I have informed to etisalat technical department as well as my aztech router customer care center. But still I am suffering from this problem. I dont know what to do to get the remedy.

extra charges

i have extra charges an my visa card on january for 3600.48 fill on visa card nombert [protected] for etisalat-e- shop an betmax voipon eur i dont know me never by nhothing for thes shops please i want to know why an how charge an cell phono [protected]

  • He
    helping4u Mar 19, 2009

    I this is the online nettelephone company.
    askthem who has recharged from your card. May be they can provide the details of the user id & calls from where u can traceout the culprit


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  • Ya
    Yanbu _ KSA Aug 02, 2009 is a cheat.

    Do not use this voip, Customer care is not available. I know at least 10 people suffering from this site.
    All what we did is, we charged our voip account with 15 Euro, All of a sudden our account stops functioning.
    When dial a number it give an error message : unknown error, and account is deactivated.
    All of us lost the credit. when call or sent the email to customer care, there is no response.

    It one of big cheat I have seen on the internet.

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  • Mo
    mohamed jesmin Aug 08, 2009

    mohamed jesmin. m j at the moment i am in srilanka. unfochantly i forgot to renew my wasal card 050 1170804. thear is credit mach more. pleas can you renew from my same card credit balance. thanks

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anonumous calls from isd code +92

Dear Sir, My name is Gopa Dutta. I use the mobile number [protected] which is in the name of my husband, Mr...

extra billing

Dear Sir/Madam, I'd like to bring to your attention that I'm having the worst experience with your...

no dial tone

Dear etisalat
Last couple of days I am complaining through 101 but no rectification done so far. Please attend immediately to rectify the same

  • Mu
    Muhammad Asif Sheikh Jan 05, 2010

    Dear Sir,

    The case has been long prolonging Land line NDT, due to Main Cable one year. Line man says also main cable damage, I regret to inform you that I have not get any positive response DE SDO and Line man yet??? The case still pending and no result from your side.

    more time complain 1218 and talk to your representative but delay resolve my complain and again new complain registrar to 1218 but but no resolve my complain
    I am sure and hopeful that your prompt action make it urgent basis.

    Thanks and kind regards.

    Muhammad asif Sheikh.
    Cel: 0333-2232722

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very rude and irresponsible behavior of customer service!

Dear Respected H.E. Mohammad Khalfan Al Qamzi,
(UAE Minister of Economy H.E. Mohammad Khalfan Al Qamzi,
Chief Executive Officer of Etisalat)

I am very sorry to inform YOU that I have decided to formally file a complaint against a certain “Khalid”, one of your employee/staff at the Mall of Emirates, working in Virgin shop – section Cellucom an Etisalat service handling section with regards to the severe and worst experience I have ever had in my 25 years in UAE.

To wit, that today (18th of October 2008), in the morning when I go to buy a BlackBerry Bold mobile from Emirates Mall – Virgin – Cellucom, then I ask the new BlackBerry Bold mobile he said to me we cannot give the mobile with out SUBSCRIPTION, immediately I said to him (Khalid-Etisalat technician) I already subscribed (for your refernce-[protected]) Unlimited Global connection, but again he said to me they need to presubscribed the connection, immediately I call Etisalat and our IT department the same they said to me no need any subscription because I have already subscripted blackberry service.

What concerns me is Khalid’s unwilling to give assistance to me as I requested. On the contrary, he rudely and arrogantly insisting my requested item that is New Blackberry Bold Mobile.
It means he don’t know how to deal with the customers and I said to him I need to talk with your Supervisor and am waiting there 20minutes after that the supervisor come and he talk with me rude words and unrelieved character with me at all.

Thanks & Regards
Bassam Al Nasouri
Labour Relations, Accommodations & HSE Manager
HR Department
Middle East, Qatar

Dubai, UAE
Office : [protected] / [protected]
Fax : [protected] / [protected]
Mob :[protected] / [protected]
Email: bassam.[protected]

  • Dr
    Dr. Essam Aly Oct 27, 2008

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am so frustrated with the way you dealing with my complaint.

    On 17/10/08, at 10:15 AM, I contacted your customer services to ask for tariff for calling abroad (UK and Egypt). After a lengthy discussion, I was advised that favourite country plan is not the best option for me, and I better use the off peak options where calls to Egypt is 1.42 AED/min and less for UK. Hence I asked the lady to cancel the “favourite country plan” option. She said it will take 24 hours to cancel. Same day, I topped up my account for 25 AED.

    On 18/10/08 at 14:15 hrs (24 hrs after cancelling the favourite country plan), I made a call to Egypt. Call duration was 05:56 min. Then I checked my balance and it was around 11 AED!!!

    I was surprised on the cost I paid for < 6 min. call on “off peak time”, so I contacted the customer immediately (14:30 hrs on 18/10/08) services to enquire why I paid too much for the call. No answer was given, but the chap who answered my call said that my “favourite country plan” still there!! I asked him to cancel it AGAIN, and he said yet again it will take 24 hrs to cancel!!! Also, I logged a complaint for the extra charges that I paid as a result of not cancelling the plan.

    He advised me to contact the customer services after 48 hours to get an answer for my complaint.

    So, I called yesterday 21/10/08 around 4 PM to see the outcome of my complaint. To my surprise, the “Favourite country plan” still not cancelled.

    Do you think this is the kind of customer service you would like to have in your company? There is no information provided either with the sim card or on your website on the phone charges for international calls. Also, the only way to cancel a service is to do it via your inefficient customer service department.

    Why should I pay extra for the incompetency of your staff? Why there is no information of the charges provided with the sim card or on your website?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Dr. E E Aly


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  • Es
    estong May 20, 2009

    In Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, near Old LuLu Supermarket near Al Bakal grocery and the vicinity are enjoying free internetwireless connection. They can catch up without subscribing or paying monthly dues. So it is really unfair to those people who are honestly subscribing. kindly check about it.
    Thanks you.

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non availability of connection

I am a new subscriber of AL Shamil Network. I applied on 3rd Sept 20o8 and on 4th or 5th I got a call saying that the technician would be visiting me. The technician came on 6th and installed te modem and the network was available till Sunday the next day till 11 am after which it dissapeared.

They have a customer care no 101 which is of no use to the customers because they are unable to solve anything. Their system shows that the tecnician has been handed the modem and is not updated. They say my account is not activated.

Etisalat as someone had complained has a monoply and one has no choice but to wait.

  • An
    Anon Nov 07, 2008

    Yea your absolutely rite.. mine was the same procedure, the net was there for a day and now there is either no connectivity or limited connection. i called 101 and they said me to wait for 2 days and the problem would be solved. but no action has been taken.. and today none of them is picking up the phone..

    keep waiting..

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  • Sa
    Satya Narayan Kurmapu Nov 13, 2008

    I live in a flat sharing with another family. I applied for Internet connection and after around 10 days the technician visited my house. He checked the premises and told that some kind of socket is not avialable. He told me to arrange the socket and left. On contacting the Watchman I learnt that it is not possible. I contacted at 101 and came to know that nothing can be done without the socket getting installed. I do not know where to go now.

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  • Ge
    George Nov 30, 2008

    I booked for a Al shamil Connection on 25th October . They told me you will get the connection in two days . Inspite of numerous calls to 101 there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Customer service agent at the call centre keeps telling that my complaint is forwarded to the service department who is looking into the matter where there is no socket available in the area -Sharjah -Buaahira Corniche, but till now no further developments. Is there lot of people like me? Or is it just my bad luck . I have asked for wireless modem 256 kbs connection . Can i change my plan to any other so that i get connection faster. Pls help

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no internet connection

from the 18 of may 2008 until now my internt is down this happend for me almost every month and yet i still pay them,
now this issue continued i dont know what to do plus they are the only internet provieder in the country, i called so many times and every time they say they will send some one to fix the problem, i pay 1oo$ us every month for 2mb ya i know its too much but its the only way i can get internet if there was another company this would not happend to me and to other customers .

  • Mo
    mohamed alqusairy Jun 16, 2008

    dear sir
    the router which i get name thomson its working only in one room and the other rooms the signale not coming at all so what the solution to conncet the me in the all of the flat
    my regards
    mohammed alqusairy
    user name : qusairy1
    note iam using the wirless conecction

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  • Su
    suhel rajpurkar Jul 08, 2008

    respected sir,

    i am suhel rajpurkar, last sat. i am purches one al shamil connection but this connection not working plz come and repair my connection i request you,

    thak you

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  • Sa
    sajfeer Oct 15, 2008

    i have given a form for upgrading the present connection(limited) to the unlimited 2 weeks back.i have called at etisalat 8-10 times but no response .they keep on saying that its in progress or sometimes they say that i hav not applied yet.pls help me...

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  • Ab
    Abu Oct 21, 2008

    Hi! our internet connection was cut for almost one week for the reason that my boss didn't pay it because he was in vacation, but after he came back from vacation he paid it, but after that there is no connection at all, if you connect, it show that 100.mbps, but if you open the connection the value of sent is only 75 or morethan, the recive value is less than 100. please can you tell me what to do this?

    we are looking for your best advises,

    thanks and have anice day,


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  • Ba
    basirig Jun 11, 2010

    respected sir,
    i have 1mb wireless internet connection.but from 2 monhs i've faced soms difficulties in my broadband was suddenly disconnected from service, a lot of times in a day.i was informed to 101 by the complaint no;5308757.but nobody can come to repair it.kindly help me .

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  • Bd
    bd shyfur Jun 25, 2010

    dear sir,
    i have a alshamil internet connection in my room.but from two months i've faced some difficulties my net.i neeed chang my net password .plz help me .

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  • Mu
    Muhammad Shoaib Jul 09, 2010

    dear sir,
    i have etislat braodband connection, and i faced problem since january. there is teraffic problem. after 7pm internet speed is so much slow, , ma account no is 441419844

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sms is not received in india and the amount is deducted

This is Sahil A new User of Etisalat Pre paid Number [protected] I have been complaining from last 15 days that the SMS From My number is sent and the delivery says not sent and not received by the Person and the amount is deducted when I called Etisalat Voice Customer Care they gave me Complaint number and that’s set but the issue is not resolved till now. I have complaint 4 Times and the issue is not resolved till Date it’s been 16 Day Including Today. Its Been a worst Service I have ever got.

One Unhappy Customer,
Sahil Kaura.

  • Vi
    vinob Jun 09, 2008

    Vinob here, i Had applied for al shamil service of M/s Etisalat on 23-Apr-08, and had received the password/Ac #, but still have not got the connection.

    Used to keep following up with M/s Etisalat on alternate days, but we do not receive any favourable response.They kep us on hold for a long time and when connected, simply transfer the call to next dept.This keep on and finally when we are fed up we disconnect the call.

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  • Sa
    sandy May 25, 2009

    The same as my etisalat number also, I tried to sent text message to canada many times but they cannot received my message and it charge my credit balance. So how come etisalat do like that, I thought i can text and call anywhere in the globe using this etisalat number..

    Any suggestion for it?

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mobile service

Good Morning, I am very disappointed to write this email after trying my best to deal with you customer...