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### up provider!!! charging for nothing, sucking all balance without any did conversation at all??!!! ### etisalat!!!
u did it many time, i don't have any patient!!! this time really ### UP!!! Charging 100 drhm only for nothing??!!! etisalat are BIG THIE[censored] THIE[censored] i really hate etisalat!!!

  • Di
    Didi orchid May 30, 2010
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  • Di
    Didi orchid May 30, 2010
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    ya..ya..ya... whatever!!! I don't care!!! At least i'm better than u whos posted her dumb complaint story bla bla blank... hahahaaa
    and don't forget, to go and burry your self near my lovly husband's mother grave and ask her Did i ever been kiss her with my mouth after i posted my complaint above, Okey?!!! chao!!!

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  • Bo.OrinG Jun 11, 2010

    Etsislat company is money stealers for sure. they dont have any compititors. so we dont have any options ...
    They are providing nothing actully speacilly in the feild of INTERNET .. Belive me people when i ever call the stupid E-support through my phon on 101... i swear it takes like 15 mints unitl they respond(At Least) like they dont have only one guy online .. and they always just refreshing your account what ever the problem is ... its really not just wasting money only .. its wasting time.. and when they found that my transfer rate is just 3 or 4 kb when it must be 35 they said that Etisalat workers will solve for me but dont forget that you gona pay 100 Dh !! For God Love people im not Bill Gates zzz

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  • No
    Not an Indian! Feb 22, 2015

    Is this in English? ... hahaha

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I applied for summer internship & I should take an online test now, the test is so easy but I can't take it because the website is terribly slow, the exam is timed & it takes 10 minutes to switch from question to question due to the terribly slow connection so I can't take the test, i have 11 minutes left now out of the 45 minutes & I've only seen 2 questions & the 3rd question can't be loaded.
I really wanted this internship but due to the terrible site, I don't think anyone will be able to finish the test.


why etisalat services sucks?

i applied for shifting(moving to a new flat that has ETISALAT LINES) and now its already 3 moths nothing happens? i always call 101 but all representatives are almost have the same advice. "they will the best thing" because i always asked

what do you think of your services?

whats the plan of etisalat for my application?

why no one is calling me just to inform what happen?

if you were ion my place/situation what will you do?

are you satisfy?

thats all i can say when im calling 101 waiting for 30mins after they answer. im tired of getting mad. i dont have the choice just to relax and wait

and they waste my time waiting and going to their main office.but still nothing is happens.
currently we have optic fiber and working fine all they to do is to activate the second port of their optic fiber thats was installed in our flat. (second port for my own router to connect). actually their technician will not do some work for this router shiftng because i already do their work, im the one who install the lan cables (they advice me to buy because they dont provide it)and configure my router. so what fee for shifting 200 drhms??? but im tired to argue about that money so i paid already in advance but noting happens i have to wait 2 more months.

i heard a lot of cases like mine.but they they dont had a time to complaint like what im doing now. and also it is useless because this is not their country. but for me i still hope that ETISALAT WILL DO ACTIONS INT THEIR SERVICES BECAUSE WE ARE WORKING HARD JUST TO PAY THEM. WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS ALMOST STEALING. BECAUSE WE ARE PAYING BUT WHAT THEY ARE DOING? NOTHING? THEY JUST THINK NOTHING WILL HAPPEN WE ARE THE ONLY PROVIDER HERE IN DUBAI>>>>>...

  • Ji
    jijunv Jun 20, 2010

    Dear I am also facing the same problem and these people are real robbers

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sick service

I have the worst situation no one could have last night was my last annual renewal date for Etisalat
few days back i received lots of SMS from Etisalat to load 50 Dirhams cards and it will be automatically deducted from my account . so i did that
after 12 AM around 1 o clock I got a serious low blood sugar because at that time I came back from a long walk so I was alone in the room and was trying to call my friend and I could barely walk 2 steps I tried lots of calls to my friends all of them but I was not able to make any call because my account was blocked because the renewal charges was not automatically deducted, I called help line some arabic guy was reading some lines again and again I was telling my complaint and he was reading his lines again and again,
then i tried a lotttttttttttttttttt to renew on 122 so i was able to renew around 1:30 in the night and I called my friend to bring something to me to eat, I was almost going to die because of Etisalat


subject??? all related


I know, there's no point in complaining against this company...i would..say this is most unprofessional and stupid company i came across in my whole life.
'Customer Service' sucks, 'Technical Service' sucks, 'internet speed' sucks, 'Billing System' sucks...the list goes on...
I finally got e-vision installed ..which i applied 3 months back...and continuous follow-up!And now it's 48 hrs, the channels are not activated yet...called 101, i was told...'Sir, we haven't charged you you need to wait...'..what I understood the technician never reported back to the office..about the installation been completed ??...48 hrs...mmmmmmm
Secondly, the internet speed(al-Shamil) is so so so slow(i feel slower then dial-up..he he )...called 101, solution given 'Sir, you can upgrade...'
As somebody else mentioned...101 is helpful...but totally helpless...

what else can be done...just live with it...

  • Vi
    vijayakanthkrishnan Aug 14, 2011

    my sim card etisalad. when i make recharge that next day if i cheak my balance this one showing -2.75. but me calling at one or two time to local only.recharge 25 aed also 50 aed also why what is the reason?

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refund of roaming deposit

Etisalat is not refunding my roaming deposit even after 9 months of GSM phone line cancellation. The cusotmer care of Etisalat says that they have forwarded the case to the accounts department and no one replies any things just a mail we have receieved your e-mail and will get back to you at the earliest. This has been happening for the past NINE months.

  • Ro
    ronjersan Apr 13, 2010

    Mobily is not Good why? they selling defective Product and not Refund in my case i buy wimax i found defective and not working but they willnot refund its hard i buy that 530 Sar. but unfortunately no Refund also the costumer Service and Technical tehy know only a very basic knowledge and not friendly. stupid mobily. and when problem occur your mobile phone was block in order you cannot call to costumer services.

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Etisalat have upgraded our building 3 months ago to fibre optic cables stating it would provide a better service. Instead for some unknown reason fried our modem (it was bought from etisalat). so we called them up to say it is not working. this month i have got a bill for a new modem and the visit. It was their fault in the first place to provide a service the crashes their own modem. why should i have to pay for something i didnt want. it was working fine before they came along, and now our internet keeps cutting out and running at about 1/2 capacity.

unhappy customer. do i have a choice to go to another provider? i would really like to switch to Du.

  • Ma
    Majesticn Apr 02, 2010


    They say they are here to provide a service for all, what a joke!!
    I have had poor service for the past 2 weeks and considering we are a business it has effected my work BIG TIME.

    They always say a tech is coming yet they have no direct communication with them.

    Guess what a tech came but the problem happened again ... What a surprise

    I have spent hours and hours on the phone and at one time 48min just to get an answer that did not even help ... very frustrating

    I think they really have no idea what Customer Service is.
    If i had a choice to go elsewhere i would but they don't even have other Companies that you can move to ... NO WIN SITUATION

    If you have a problem ... good luck i had the worst experience with them

    And the amount they charge compared to UK charges is the biggest JOKE of all !!!

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  • Li
    liping Apr 02, 2010

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  • Sa
    satheesh.v Jul 13, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    last nine days my internet not working.i contact daily customer care no body came the attempt the fault

    My Account No -463430842

    My name - Vasudevan Satheesh

    Please solve this problems immediately

    Thank you

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poor service and techinicians

Dear ALL,
Really I am desperated about this type of a service from a well famoused company, especially from a country where the service is the motto of national slogan - ETISALAT- UAE - . Its the leader in telecommunication industry in this country having wide net work and 'claiming' having good /satisfied customer service also. But just see my problem, My name is NAHAS and my contact no. [protected], I am an account holder of Al Shamil internet connection and in every month I have to pay if I used or not also. When I have shifted my flat to some other location, I have applied to the Ajman ETISALAT office for the trnsfer/shifting of my line on 10/03/2010.
On 14/03/2010 I got a call from a person who introduced me as technician from ETISALAT, asked whether am available in flat or not. I said to him that I am not in my room, nobody is in my room inbetween 7.30 am to 3.00 pm, later you may come. He said that he will call me back, but no response from there side. I have waited 3- 4 days . They forgot my requirement. Later, on 17/03/2010 I made a complaint by their local complaint no. 101, they have replied that some one should contact me. But tobe frank, nothing happend / nobody has contacted me. The benefit is I am waiting for their call and am forced to pay for this period also, for this 10 days that I have not used.
So my question is who is responsible for this poor service ?
Why should I pay for this un used time ?
How can they say its a good service oriented company ?

  • Et
    Etisalat Jul 12, 2011

    I am facing the same problem, no connection since 15 days, more then 100 calls to 101, more then 5 visit to Etisalat, Khaleej Centre office, but its of no use.. Very poor service..

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waiting for installation

This is complaint i tried to send it to etisalat e-vison but there server rejected because it was full. I applied for the E-vision
on 16/09/09 and today its 12th feb 2010 and i am still waiting. I been promised several times but installation didn't happened. I have my proofs if someone wants to see it.

To whom it may Concern (if someone concern)

I would like to know that is there is anyone who cares about customers…….. it is hard to believe that I have applied for E-Vision on 16/09/2009, 28/12/2009 and 08/02/2010 but still it did not happen. During this time I made several calls to your department which you have named ‘Customer Service’ but nobody helped, I must say they are helpful but helpless.

1. 16.09.2009 I went to Manar Mall Ras Al Khaimah to apply for E-Vision. They promised that I would be happen within 2 weeks……but nobody bother to call to let me know about the progress of my application. Then 25.12.09 I had a call from Etisalat saying that I have to go to Sharjah to collect my cheque which I had requested it APPERENTLY. So I went there but the person from whom I had to collect the cheque wasn’t there. Then I been told to go to another place to collect a cheque which I did.
2. 28.12.2009 I met Yousef Al Badaani (Excellent Guy) who ensured me that It would not happen again so I applied for E-Vision AGAIN. Then three times I received a call from Etisalat to confirm my address ( Why they called me several times I don’t know).
3. 07.02.2010 I went to Etisalat Ras Al Khaimah to pay the bill where I have been told that account has been cancelled and i have to apply it again. So I did. A sales women told me to pay 353 dirham’s but i insisted that I should pay 759 but she said no. Anyway i paid 360 dirham. Then in the afternoon I called Yousaf Al Badaani in Sharjah to make sure that everything is ok but he told me that i need to pay total 659 dirham’s ( you see how competent your sales team is). Any way I paid the remaining balance.
4. 08.02.2010 I went to Etisalat main office again to get update (As if I have got nothing better to do ).They promised me that it would be done today or tomorrow Insha Allah. (But NO JOY).
5. 10.02.2010 Once more i went to Etisalat with a good fate. A member of etisalat sales team called your installation supervisor and he promised that it would be done today but i am very sorry to say that it did not happened again and you company has once again let me down again. Just to let you know that i didn’t go to work today AGAIN.

Is there is any solution for me?

E-vision Account No’s followed by the new one: [protected], [protected], [protected]

  • Fa
    Faisal Habib Feb 12, 2010

    Don't have a concept of team work.

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  • Fe
    fersev Jun 15, 2010

    To whom it may Concern
    I applied Evision last june 03 2010 and after two days i rcieved a call from etisalat confirming my credit card number...unfortunately after that no one call me to install or connect evision after they swiped my card. i called them several times and they will reply the same, I WILL FORWARD THIS COMPLAIN AND THEY WILL CALL YOU...goodluck !!until now IM HOPELESS!!!
    waiting for installation...

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  • Mo
    Moemo Sep 04, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Applied to Etisalat E-vision a month ago... called 3 times to follow up ... emailed them ... nothing!!!

    Way to go :)

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land line is not working

Dear Sir

I am living in AL Ain . My land line is not working.

My land line no [protected]

Once the fibre optic cable is installed in my building,

From Last week I am not able to use the land line . The voIP light goes on and off and I am not able to make or receive calls .

I request you to check and send your service person to look this matter.

thanks with regards

  • Ra
    Ravi L.K. May 11, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir,
    Our land line not working. Land line number: 072444087, Flat no. GD401
    contact person: Mr.Shekar Rajan - 050 6554761
    Mr.Ravi L.K. 050 4529407

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  • Ja
    Janna76 Feb 01, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am living in Mussaffah . My land line is not working.

    My land line no 02 5557321 and 02 5557327
    I request you to check and send your service person to look this matter.

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  • Ut
    Utsab Baroi Mar 25, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir i ame living ajman new industrial area my shop land line not working 06 7434408 my shop name spark Readymade garments trd, please check tha number, why not Working this is my concert number 0566730930
    All ready 10 days finish not working my land line

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  • Se
    Senthil Shanmugam Apr 07, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My Landline is not working, kindly send the service person .

    LL.No: 02 6443402.

    Best Regards
    Senthil shanmugam

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al - shamil

my internet is working too slow since it is 1 mbps it should be fast. this is since 2 days.
my username is WAFIGRC

  • Aj
    ajordan Feb 22, 2010

    Dear All,
    I used to work before in etisalat contact center (internet section), I am not here to defend etisalat, but I will try to give you some general tips and also to answer questions in order to make things better and more clear .I will do my best to reply to each one .

    Dear Sir
    1. Call etisalat to get the proxy and dns settings.
    2. Clear cookies and files saved in your browser
    Tools-->internet options-->general tab.

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  • 18
    18112005diana May 11, 2010

    Dear Admin,

    Pls advise whether it is legal to block website
    If yes, can Etislata block it here in UAE. This is a browser game that is based on gamers invest a lot of money in it and when they want to exit, they are not allowed to do it easily by admin. This is privately owned game. Can Etisalat take any action on it?

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internet not owrking properly

Dear Sir,


I have a shamil connection, Past almost one month i am having problem with the suddenly the connection cutss of and show the site is not openning error.I have to always restart the modem then it works and have the same problem after it.I heard of the obtics connections the problem is happening can you please inform me what is the exact source of the problem.

Rectify the issue please...can work properly with this issue.



Example: ( Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

What you can try:
Diagnose Connection Problems

More information


  • Aj
    ajordan Feb 22, 2010

    Dear Sir,
    1.check your router/modem LED's(lights)
    A.DSL light should be stable, if blinking or off try to restart if it still the same call etisalat(in case you have FTTH or Gpon the dsl will be off so only check the internet light)
    B. Internet light should be green or blue(according to the device you are using ).
    if yes move to next step if red or off call etisalat.
    2.Try to use static ip and dns to make yr connection more stable.
    3.check your browser settings( PROXY) internet explorer -->tools-->internet options-->connections-->lan settings-->proxy third check box, if its there remove it, if it is empty try to use this proxy
    4.clear the files and cookies saved in your browser
    tools-->internet options-->general tab.

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  • Aj
    ajordan Feb 22, 2010

    Dear All,
    I used to work before in etisalat contact center (internet section), I am not here to defend etisalat, but I will try to give you some general tips and also to answer questions in order to make things better and more clear .I will do my best to reply to each one .

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  • Ha
    HAL-9000 Apr 15, 2010

    Hi Ali
    Can you please mention how to use static ip with FTTH. I mean if I do ipconfig/all in command promt then two sets of configs(ip address, default gateway, subnet mask, DNS e.t.c) show up. Maybe one is for GPON and the other on is for router. But the problem is that none of these configs work when I try to put in TCP/IP setting box.
    Note that I have set uo static IP in my old adsl setup, but the same method doesnt seem to work with GPON.

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delayed work for about two months

Etisalat management,
Dubai, U.A.E.


Kindly note that i have requested Etisalat Al Shamil connection to be transferrd to new location in Dubai on 19 Nov, 2009 and till date 06.01.10 it has not been worked upon.I had been reminding the customer service for etisalat to work upon my request but all in vain.
Also i wished to submit a complaint against the same but etisalat website does not have anything for it.

Kindly if possible please revert back and solve it immediately.




incoming calls not working

I lost my sim card and got a replacement sim card,
From that date i am unable to receive incoming calls.
This is almost a month and still did not rectified after making numerous complaints with the etisalat.
When ever i call to the customer care, they says we are trying to call your no. . . Hilarious, even though i gave another contact no of du.

How can i resolve this problem is there any telecoms regulatory authorities to take care of customer grievances.

extra charges theft

I am very shocked and dissapointed in how low can the etisalat service level go!
I was checking my credit and i wz shocked to find it
Dhs 551. 5, turns out that i have been charged 3 times for my blackberry fees. . And when i called customer service they said it's a mistake from the computer and then they told me they have no idea when can it get fixed!!! That it's a common case and lots of people are facing it!!! And that if i want to use my phone i have to buy credit for more than that!!! So that i would pay for the computer mistake then one day when they solve the problem they will pay me back. . . Yeah right! So in order to use my phone i have to give them that huge amount of money that is already a computer mistake or else i have to wait indefinitly till they finally find a solution! What kind of customer service is that?? And above all what kind of mobile services company does that!!! I'm grateful i'm prepaid otherwise i cant imagine what kind of fake bills they would have been giving me. This is unacceptable. . . This is a theft!

transfer internet

Dear Sir,

My ETISALAT Internet Account number is [protected].

I had given a transfer application on 4th OCT 2009 for my internet connection.

I had complined directly to Al Salam street Etisalat office 4 times for the above.

Since 4th Oct 2009, my internet connection is not yet transfer.

My home located at Al.MUROOR, behind the ABUDHABI CO-Operative Stores, ABUDHABI.

The Fiber Optical connection box is available inside my home. Please see the picture as I attached.

Around 49 days I lost my internet connection. After so many follow ups directly and over 101 phone, there is no response from ETISALAT.

As an expatriate living in UAE’s capital city, I am struggling for internet connection every day.

Please kindly response as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,


  • Sh
    shahul Aug 10, 2010

    Yes completely agree with You as I have lost almost sixty days like this and in many things they misguide the ordinary peoples.

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negative balance

I have been using the number [protected] for the last 10 years and I tour extensively across middle east and India.
This is a post paid connection having validity till 1st April 2011 and it had a balance of over AED 300/-
Recently I noticed that the balance has gone into the negative. Its currently indicating AED -561.15
I had spoken to the customer care (on 101) regarding this on 2 occasion (15th Nov 09)
I was told that it was a system error and the amount will be reversed within 24 hrs.
I have not subscribed to any add on service and request you to reverse the negative balance and credit my previous balance of AED 300/-
Vinod Nair

internet not working since 7 days... and still nobody is there to listen

I am sorry to say but these people are nothing more than thief...
I logged request on 2- Oct-09 of my internet connection problem and they told me it will take 2 working days...and today (29-oct-09) still their 2 days are not over.
Inbetween i called several times their customer care and they used to say we have escalated ...i really dont understand their meaning of escalation...
My contact number is [protected]

  • Mr
    Mrs.GeethamalaPrashanth Dec 17, 2009

    i share the same problem since these optic fibres were put i have problems with my phone. My ph is not working from past three days calling 101 has not helped. Today is 17/12/09 and i still do not have the land line problem sorted.

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  • Le
    leebs Apr 06, 2010

    Same problem I have here! we don't have internet connection for 7 DAYS!!! I call 101 and report the problem last March 31, 2010 and the operator told me within 1-2 days. I made a follow-up call on April 2, 2010 and the operator told me to brought up the issue to the higher management. When this Indian internet-guy check the problem on internet connection (April 3, 2010) and promised me to come back tomorrow... but of course he did'nt. April 5, 2010 another Indian guy called me and check again the Internet connection and he told me its the Optic cable... and he told me "they" will fix it in 1-2 days! Today, Apri 6, 2010, I'm still waiting for their WEAK action!
    Its a Sad HOLY WEEK for me and my wife here in Abu Dhabi... We missed chatting our 3 kids in the Philippines! - leebs

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invoice - billing service


I have been a valued customer of Etisalat services, since I relocated to Dubai in July 2008. Since there was no connection to the villa to install a fixed line, I had no other option than to choose for the 3G Mobile connection.
For 13 months, I have never experienced any problems and I have paid monthly bills of 460 AED for your service in a timely manner. However in September 2009, I was suddenly disconnected with no notice. When I called up they said I had gone over our download limit which was 1000 AED. Since I am a working professional with no other internet connection available, I requested to be re-connected as soon as possible.
However two weeks later, I was disconnected yet again with no notice. At that point I was advised that my bill was 18100 AED, which was a complete shock to me. Immediately I disconnected the mobile sim card and took several actions via different channels to discover what the problem was. I was also further confirmed after 3 days of not using our 3G service at all, our bill was now 20829 AED. How come this amount could even go up if we had not used any internet services what so ever???
Visiting several of your customer service offices across Dubai, numerous telephone complaints and complaints by email, I received no further follow up on my complaint. After two weeks I was finally advised to complain by fax.
I can only expect a mistake must have occurred, because I can’t imagine or believe that my invoice can amount to 20829 AED. May I also point out that I have requested to secure my device at several occasions which was not possible apparently, so I can only assume a case of fraud here or illegal use from another 3rd party downloading on my behalf. Neither was I advised at any point during our conversation what your tariffs were. I can only refer back to my monthly history bills of over 1 year of 460 AED monthly and the confirmation of your customer services you could not possible go above the max download limit.
May I please urge you to take immediate action to investigate my complaint? In no circumstances am I prepared to pay this outrageous amount with no explanation on the downloads and having received no information from your part. I was disconnected with no notice at two occasions. I am terribly disappointed in the customer service and the handling of this complaint via all the different channels I have tried over the past weeks.
I hope you understand the severity of this case, and you are willing to take actions to come to a reasonable understanding and invoice amount to be paid, otherwise I will have no other options than to seek legal advice to formalize my complaint. Until further notice, my invoice will remain pending.
I am sure this must be a misunderstanding and we can sort this problem with a positive outcome in the next few days.

non installation of telephone & internet

I had applied for telelphone & internet connection on the 8th of September, 2009. I was told that they will install it within 3days to 1 week. But it has been almost 20 days and no sign nor call from any technician of Etisalat inspite of giving several reminders.<br />
<br />
Please do the needful at the earliest or I will withdraw my application<br />
<br />
Lourdes Francisco D'Costa<br />
Mobile: [protected]

  • Ba
    Balasundaram Nov 23, 2009

    ETISALAT is doing nothing nowdays.

    I also experiencing the same like you. My Etisalat account no423365534

    I had given Transfer application on 4th Oct 2009..still now no body cares.

    I also made so many phone calls and direct vists to Etisalat customer service office in Al Salam Street..No Response...

    I suggest ETISALT must learn good management skills.

    I need ETISALT GENERAL manager's email ID., to compline the above.

    Best Regards,

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  • An
    Anwar sadhath Jul 16, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Management
    My acct #026735231
    Complain #11273999

    Please check on this issue ..

    • I give you the request for Internet shifting on 5th July ..
    • From your side I received the Message they will come on 12th and they will fix the Internet
    • He fix the Internet and he told me with in 5 hrs Internet It will be work but Not working
    • I keeping follow up with you customer service, they are advise me, from IT department they will received the call.. I am waiting for the call very long time but not yet came .
    • And I received the Message 15th they will fix the internet i did not received any call from Etisalat

    Till today, I keeping follow up with your customer care center, what is the use ??????????? there is no action even then did take any action supervisor (very bad estisalat service )

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