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Etisalat Complaints & Reviews

Etisalat / Etisalat lied big time and failed customer services

VDang on Feb 22, 2017
I hope this message will reach to etisalat CEO from your help. My full name is Vo Dang Tung and my etisalat account number is 025547897. Mobile is 0501590190 The reason i am writing this email to you is to help me to raised my voice to top Etisalat CEO The issue is my connection apply for...

Etisalat / Etisalat data sim - my page not working

Nilusha Madhushani on Feb 18, 2017
Etisalat my page which is used by the etisalat users to check the due amount and the data quotas is not working since about a month and as i have called the customer service an asked, they confirmed me this will work from tomorrow and that was last week and still it is not working.. I...

Etisalat / Elife premium (three months promotion)

Wally Tallman on Feb 11, 2017
Hello I was in family elife subscription package when I saw this promotion for elife premium with discounted price for three months. I upgraded my subcription from family to premium package . My family do not watch that match and mostly on multimedia. I downgraded again to family package on...

Etisalat / Unauthorized charges

Amachellefaith Bas on Feb 9, 2017
I am really disappointed - As I have to explained myself 5 times to a different agent . The last person I spoke to is maysera - regarding the complaint and she said it will be refund on the next bill. Why should i pay when the problems is from your side?! they set up the Internet, the next...

Etisalat / They took my number

Ali Salem on Feb 7, 2017
I was not using my number for 1 month maybe and it had some balance in it. after some time i bought a new mobile and wanted to use this number on it but it turns out to be locked so i tried to ask etisalat customer service what happened but they told me that according to some policies they...

Etisalat Mobile / Wrongly charged aed 328 / - (Mobile no. - 0569901355) after closing the account with reference no.460606444

Karun Joshi on Jan 30, 2017
Dear Team, This issue is to bring to your kind attention that my post paid no 0569901355 was in usage till 7th Feb 2016, however I disconnected that number on 7th Feb and paid 364 dhr to clear all the outstanding till tat time after discussed with Al wahada etisalate outlet service provider ...

Etisalat / My phone # 971 50 3878126

Sachin30 on Jan 9, 2017
I have been using the postponed no 050 3878126 since some time now, I was surprised beyond words when I saw that in the Dec 2016 bill I have been charged an amount of 643 Aed as roaming charges ! To my utter surprise let me confirm that in my India travel between 30th Nov and 8 th dec i...

Etisalat / !50 package plan and free number add on

Sreela Nair on Dec 28, 2016
The worst provider i have ever come across. Etisalat tops in being unprofessional, harassing customers, they have no idea about their work and only torture the custoemrs to make money. I had finished my 250 plan in september 2016 and wanted to subscribe for 150 postpaid package which also...

Etisalat / Etisalat customer service

Lama khamis on Dec 25, 2016
Etisalat.. Not only horrible service but also horrible customer service. I have received a message that I subscribed to connect package, and now my credit was withdrawn in daily packages though I should have been subscribed earlier to other package!!! How come I don't know! I'll change to...

Etisalat / Elife

Rizm on Nov 26, 2016
Hi, I am Mohammed Enayat Bhopalwala, 0507280573.I subscribed to elife to Asian package as the lady adviced me. On 22 Nov they came with the device and did the connection and told us that u will now get all channels till your package starts within 24 hrs. Today is 26 th that too over but...

Etisalat / Elife

Eve9891 on Nov 22, 2016
i have been facing multiple issues with etisalat, starting with false information in regards to TV packages. After my bill went from AED 300 to AED 450, with me not being aware of why there were additional costs i couldn't be able to pay anymore and for this reason they disconnected my...

Etisalat/Du UAE / Third party subscribed services without your knowledge

Ershad on Nov 20, 2016
Guys it is the 3rd party service from Etisalat/Du, maybe they are tie up with them.. that is why service provider giving a permission to access our account without user approval. That means it will be subscribed automatically without our knowledge. We only come to know about this when the...

Etisalat / ELifeOn

Ajith M Joseph on Nov 10, 2016
Hello, I have shifted my eLife dubai connection to Sharjah al nadha on 08/10/2016 and allotted a new number in my new flat in alnadha Sharjah. The number was working for a single day and became inactive later on including eLife tv, wifi and land line connection. I complained many time...

Etisalat / E Life

Rashadvpk on Nov 10, 2016
I had requested to shift my Etisalat Elife (042599413) to my new flat, but the concerned authority is so irresponsible regarding the same. Even I had called tocustomer care, sent e-mail many times, even though least botherd, It is almost 2 weeks now!!! Although it is a new apartment...

Etisalat / Shifting of elife account to my new apartment

Mubasshir on Nov 7, 2016
Please post this in your paper section. I applied for shifting my Etlisalat elife connection from my earlier Apartment to a new Apartment within Al Nahda Sharjah(within 2 km distance). It has already been over 7 days now and I have not received any message, call or action regarding the...

Etisalat Egypt / Refusing my number transformation into vodafone

dears good day to you i applied through vodafone egypt to transform my mobile number 00201110354040 from etisalat to vodafone next day i got message from vodafone on that number reporting that etisalat egypt refused the request because the name of sbscriber is wrong or missing i...

Etisalat / Billing dispute issue

HafizRashid on Sep 20, 2016
Respected Concern, I used to be an Etisalat Service user then in June I decided to change my service provider and applied for potability with DU which was accepted (after paying Etisalat dues and Etisalat cleared my number to change network) then later Etisalat sent message to me and to...

Etisalat / Bill

Darwich365 on Aug 6, 2016
I have made a payment to my DEWA account through ETISALAT paying machine in SHEIKH ZAYED ROAD, and the money were stuck and the machine went ruined, ETISALAT ENGINEER took the money and told me the procedure is to collect them from Etisalat main branch or they will automatically post them...

Etisalat / Internet and email account in etisalat business quick start

clear ice on Jul 6, 2016
we have given an application for the reset of the our username on 29th of june 2016. the customer service person promised us it will happen in 2 to 4 hours. but it didnt happen even after 24 hours. later on we have made several complaints with the below numbers 17063016 17067939 17083136 ...

Etisalat / Caller tune imposed

Nadia Abdul Malek Younis on Jun 29, 2016
I don't know how I got a certain caller tune on my phone no from Etisalat, which I couldn't change, strangely after one year I got a message mentioning that the caller tune will be renewed for another year which means that I will pay another year for a caller tune that I...

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