Etihad Airwaysnot letting board in the plane

My wife and my 3 year old son were at the IAD airport to fly to Nepal. The flight was going from iAD to abu dhabi, then delhi India.
But the etihad employess at the counter denoed to board my wife and son claiming that they needed a visa to go to india. Just so you know, she was not travelling to India, it was just a layover time in india. And also being a Nepali citizen we do not visa to go to India.
They spent all night at the airport. The tickets were not refunded stating no show. I did some research and found out this wasnt right. They were denied to board in the plane for a reason that is not even true.
I am going to wait for etihad's response to me on this matter. If i dont hear anything from etihad on this matter in next couple days about refunding our full money and compensating for pain and suffering, i am going to proceed legally on this issue.

  • Etihad Airways Customer Care's Response, Oct 05, 2019

    Hello Sudhir, we have responded to your wife's comment before.
    Let's keep the conversation in one thread. *Isi

  • Updated by Sudhir timsina, Oct 08, 2019

    Yes but she hsnt heard anything from you guys. My wife was travelling to her home country. So, she did Not require a visa. My son is an US citizen. He would get a upon arrival visa. The fact that the etihad employee agreed to board them if they did not take luggage with them, makes this whole thing very illegal. And on top of that, our money hasnt been refunded either, saying no show.

Oct 03, 2019

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