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I have had an outstanding complaint since January. An agreement for the payment of the bag was made back in June and I submitted my bank details on 10th June. I was advised that a payment will be made to my bank account within 14-21 business days.

I chased this on 4th August by email advising you that no payment has been received in my bank account. I did not receive a response to that email so I sent a further chasing email on 17th August. I was asked to provide proof of my bank statements for 2 months to prove that I have not received a payment. Although this could be easily checked with your accounts department. I provided proof of my bank statement on 19th August and have not yet received a response even after sending 2 chasing emails which have been ignored.

It is appaling to see how customers are being treated by Eithad. Please respond to my complaint as a matter of urgency or alternatively please advise on how to take the matter further.

Thank you

  • Etihad Airways Customer Care's Response, Oct 05, 2019

    Hello Hemal, please contact us via Facebook or Twitter to follow up quickly on this your payment. *Isi

Oct 05, 2019

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