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Hello sir
Hope you are doing well
I was traveling on etihad on 10 of oct from mumbai to Brussels via abudhabi
I have been traveling with etihad regular basis
This is first time I had very bad experience on checkin counter
I was having overweight id approx 3-4 kg and I asked him that if you can help me and the person was so weird talking with me he said no you remove the stuffs from the baggage and he was talking to loud with me later I asked him to call the manager so he said himself is the manager. He name me yosho I don't know wether the name he gave me it's correct or not.
Later I said him I will complain abt you again he was v loud and taking roudly .later when I removed extra stuff from my bag and went to counter again there was a lady she heped me to check in my luggage and when I ask her to give me details of the person she said let's leave it. Also I asked her to call the person who was roude with me but the person never came I called him 2 times from counter and he newer face me again just he was talking with someone I took the picture of the person facing opposite side as he know he was wrong with me so he newer face me again
I have attached the picture of the person I hope it will help you to recognize.
He claim his name as yosho to me.
I hope I will get positive reply from you.

Kunal soni

person on check in desk

  • Etihad Airways's response · Oct 17, 2019

    Hello Kunal, thanks for reaching out. Here at Etihad Airways we have a strict baggage policy that we ask all guest to comply with. If your baggage for any reason does not fall within the baggage allowance, we give you the opportunity to re-pack or pay the applicable excess baggage fee. I regret that you were left unhappy with the assistance that you were provided at check-in on this occasion and will be sure to share your comments with the team. Thanks. *Nic

  • Updated by Kunal Soni · Oct 23, 2019

    Bro can you read wht I have mention properly I have newer ask to pack my bag or I want to carry overweight. Please read the message properly I have complained for person who was roude with me.
    Thanks my friend.

  • Updated by Kunal Soni · Oct 23, 2019

    Hi nick
    Sorry the above message was not for your comments.
    Thanks and appreciate your reply.
    I was ready to remove my excess luggage I don’t want to overrule the airways policy as well. Only thing is the person communicating and his behiveior Was not exceptable.
    Thanks .

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