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Etihad Airwaysbooking made cannot cancel and if cancel no refund


I Purchase the ticket through online. and received a ticket through email. As per there Ticket they have mentioned that . For cancellation of ticket they will charge 200, for change of ticket 1st time free and there on there is a charge of 200.
But when i called to cancel the ticket they said it is non refundable and if i want to change i have to pay 100 .
They are manuplating the customers and saying something and they hide some of the rules which is not clear at the time of booking and after we book the tickets many rules are being applied. I request people to be carefull if purchasing online tickets, they are cheating people by false rules which they will not show to us at the time of booking.


  • Sl
    SLENGINEER Feb 18, 2015
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    Verified customer

    A staff stood at Business Class Lounge at Terminal 3, AbuDhabi Int'l Air port asked a business class passenger who travelled from India to Saudi Arabia, to pay for entering to the lounge on 19th Jan 2017. and later Etihad Guest had confirmed the passenger's spouse that their first and business class bouth the lounges were closed (morning session) at same time for the renovation to cover up their mistake. They compensate with just simple "Sorry"

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  • Za
    zakdub Nov 04, 2011
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    I was travelling with my wife and 18 months old baby, and our connecting flight from Abu Dahbi to peshawar was cancelled without any prior notice.
    We were so frustrated and trouble as the baby was crying and we did nt had too much food and milk for him as we sure that we will be at home on time. (Acoording to ticket)
    I swear on ALLAH that I will never ever travell with etihad again.
    I strongly advised those who travel with family, never ever travel with Etihad.
    They will leave you in a situation where no will come to help you.
    They dont respect the customer and dont care how much in trouble you are.

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  • Et
    Etihad Disaster Jun 24, 2011

    Etihad does not have a customer services department. They do not care at all about the welfare of their customers.

    If something goes wrong you will never get any help from them.

    So if you value your time and life - Dont fly with etihad.

    The staff are ignorant and arrogant.

    CEO of etihad James Hogan should be sacked. ABC News likened him to " A Boy in a Lolly shop"

    Spending all the sheikhs money but not building a proper business with it.

    They have now resorted to cost cutting and offering cheaper fares - They are going down - Avoid them at all costs.

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  • Sj
    S_J_Manchester Feb 17, 2011
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    Verified customer


    I am my husband flew from Manchester to New delhi on 26th dec 2017, we had to change from Abu dhabi at 2205 hours and we were waiting there to board but after gone pass time, there were no announcement that flight were delayed, suddenly after some time it appeared on the board that flight is delayed by 8-10 hours and when we asked at etihad information desk, they didn't respond very well, it was very rude behaviour, no arrangement nothing, no information were given to us. because of delay we had to suffer a lot, We had to pay full taxi price which had suppose to pick us up from Delhi airport, and apart from that we missed our train.

    now after all this we re booked taxi for Delhi from Abu dhabi only according to delayed flight but when we reached Delhi airport, our luggage was missed and because to that couldn't catch 2nd taxi and had to pay 2nd taxi price also, and after 4 hours, filing our report at etihad counter, when we came out without any luggage, we had to book taxi again, have to book hotel because of missed train.

    when we got back our luggage back after 3 days, I noticed at home that one of my red color jewellery box was missing from the luggage. and also while giving back our luggage they misguide us, they never delivered our luggage to my delivery address and we had to go back to Delhi airport to pick our luggage which was very painful.

    I want to complaint against Etihad for rude behaviour, not providing information, my missed jewellery box and because of all this the extra money we had to pay at different stages. I want compensation and investigation to be done for my missing jewellery box which had expensive jewellery in it.

    I had very good reputation in my mind about Etihad but after this first time bad experience, It spoiled that image. I would never definitely recommend Etihad to any one.

    It has been more then 1 month for complaint but still didnt hear anything from Etihad.

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  • Li
    Lion Lombard Jan 13, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Expect indignation, and poor appaling service. Furthermore you may get arrested and unlawfully and arbitrarily detained and maliciously prosecuted - just for complaining about the customer service in abu dhabi. It is the national airline of a draconian paranoid police state after all!

    The role model is the benevalent dictator!

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  • Ex
    ExecFreq Flyer Jan 05, 2011

    I share the similar experience of humilaition, incompetence and intransigence of the service staff at the transfer desk at Abu Dhabi. Dispicable way they handle customer complaints.

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  • Lo
    Loyed Dias Aug 31, 2010

    Hi I was travelling form Heathrow to Mumbai dated on 24.08.2017 plane time 9.05 am and had bad experience with the customer service executive.
    We were 3 members, myself and my parents and our luggage was 49 kgs which was below the limit and had requested the service provider people if i could move some goods from hand bag to luggage bag as my parents were very old to carry huge hand bag and me too had a back problem, but their reply was soo rude like "This is none of our business", "You have to look after yourself" "We don't care about you and your parents". I also tried to complaint to the manager but everytime different people came and claimed to be the manager and no one cooperated us. The things which could have been managed properly were not manageble by these people. As per my knowledge Etihad airways is an reward winning airlines but thanks to your service which proved that you are not worth to be the award winner and would never travel by this airline again and would also suggest others not to travel by this airlines. I still have the names of the two people who were handling checking part but do not wish to display this on the net. Thanks

    Loyed Dias

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  • Mo
    Mohammed Haris Umer Usman Feb 13, 2010

    This is a distressful complaint signifying the disastrous journey my family and I experienced at the hands of etihad airways even without actually flying. Etihad airways is an airline that at this point, we are vowing never (And I repeat never ever) to travel in again.

    My wife and I are both physicians in philadelphia and were travelling from jfk to karachi pakistan. On the way, we had scheduled a 3 day stop over in abu dhabi for the sake of sightseeing in the uae. As instructed to by etihad airways, I had sent my visa application to their ticketing department 3 weeks in advance of my travel and had bought the tickets so that all of the airline's requirements were met.

    We had packed and planned for this 2 week vacation (Which, if you ask any physician in the us, is a luxury we cannot afford to cut short) and were on course to a safe travel to all the above mentioned destinations. Since I had not heard from the airline about the status of our visas two days prior to our departure, I initiated contact with their local ny office which was closed presumably due to the weather and was connected instead to their 24 hour call center where I was informed that the visas were 'processed' and that I would be getting the email confirmation shortly. Since this never happened, I contacted them again (24 hours prior to my departure) and was told that the visas would come through in the next 24 hours. When this did not happen, I called them again only to be told that we will not know about the visas till 3 days after our departure (A time period tenured to be spent in the uae) and so when I very politely (Yet intuitively) asked about how we could still keep enroute to our final destination of karachi, they said 'we are very sorry but the earliest we can get you there is 4 days from your initially scheduled departure time and that you would have to pay $150 extra per ticket for the changes'. Even if I was to forego the money I lost when I cancelled my hotel reservations in dubai, the money I spent to get from philadelphia to jfk, the money that I ultimately spent staying in a hotel for a night in new york, I still cannot understand why???, when they refer to us as 'guests' they don't really mean it!!! I understand the beaurucratic delays that visa processing can incur. I also understand that the airline has no ultimate responsibility in that regard, but if they have undertaken the task of sponsoring their guest!!!, than the least they owe that guest is a the courtesy of early intervention and prompt rescheduling to accomodate his or her needs. I say this in no less words and for lack of a better alternative: their customer service stinks!!! And I will never (Read never ever) fly through this airline even if it is the last flying module on the surface of this planet!!! And I gaurantee you that this news will reach the ears of every other vacationing physician, travel authority and if possible, governmental agency so that people know exactly how ridiculously sheepish they're personnel are. We spent most of the night of feb 12th at the airport in ny and the whole day travelling from philadelphia to nyc to meet the new security dictated timelines for international travel out of the us. As a professional of busy stature, you also will acknowledge that it is not so much the dissapointment of not getting my visa in time, but the fact that they were not bothered to inform me of it despite their undertaking of doing so, so that I could make alternative plans to salvage my remaining vacation time. Also their inability to cooperate in the most unforeseen circumstances is also testimony of their lack of desire to satisfy the needs of a customer who they so hypocritically refer to as 'guests'!!! Because the last thing we are to them is just that!!!

    I hope this email will draw some attention to the plight of unsuspecting (Yet busy) professionals who were so miserably dissapointed by an uncaring staff at a supposedly prestigious airline.

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  • Nm
    NMZI Jan 22, 2010

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This complaint is for Etihad airlines for flight number 100 which was suppose to take off at 10pm on 1/21/10 but they decided to take off early leaving our passenger behind & leaving her lauggage at the airport. The passenger checked in around 0820pm and got the boarding pass. Just to let you know that she (the passenger) got this ticket on the same day of flight for family emergency reasons. She waited for the flight and around 0920 she was there for security checking . She was there at the specific gate aroung 0940-45 and the boarding attendant told her that she can't get in because the flight took off already and left her lauggage on the airport. (No announcement was heard for her name by any of our family memebers, #4, while waiting for flight).

    It was very frustrating experince for all of our family memebers especially in this time of family emergency. I, myself, daughter of the passenger has been travelling for around 10 years and never had an experince like this ever before. The flights always get late but never early.

    I would really appreciate that, if the airline is questioned about uninformed decision of early take off and should be compensated for the frustration she & all of our family memebers had to go through.

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  • An
    anil parasher Jan 16, 2010

    I travelled on 15th Jan 2017 and as per schedule I was to have a 2 hr stopover at AbuDhabi . My flight at the place of origin was delayed by 10 hrs on top of that another 9hrs delay at AbuDhabi was conveyed to me at the time of checking in my luggage . The supervisor at the check-in counter promised that because this undue delay is beyond my choice of travel programme it would be compensated by ensuring a proper lounging arrangement at AbuDhabi during my wait of 9 hrs for my connecting flight .Shockingly the transfer desk staff at AbuDhabi was very rude and refused to even acknowledge my request saying that maximum we can offer you is a "SORRY" in apology. I had to spend 9hrs in total discomfort in waiting area in addition to the earlier more than 12 hrs to reach AbuDhabi .My request that I am a heart patient had no effect on their behaviour . It is surprising that Etihad website has no scope for writing a complain I tried their feedback corner but could not send my comments through as there was connection error forever. Having suffered every kind of indignity at the hands of transfer desk staff ( Because I happened to travel by economy class and one of the girl infact happened to ask what country passport I was holding) I had no other option but to tell myself that I should never travel by Etihad again and probably send them a legal notice through my attorney for claiming for pain and suffering . Imagine a journey of 25 hrs as against actual 5 hrs which made you feel you awaful of the attitude for which they charge you so heavily.
    I felt tricked by the check in staff at Delhi and and humiliated by the transfer desk staff at AbuDhabi.

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  • Hope it worked out in the end... Usually the flight attendants will assist by asking passengers in the vicinity to swap seats so that a family can sit together. In the end, very few of us want a screaming kid sitting next to us...

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  • Si
    sikzul Dec 17, 2009

    I love travelling; but never with Etihad again
    On new york terminal on Nov 27 2017: i was told that i could not be provided the seat that i booked 3 months ago: not only that they also mentioned that me and my wife will have to sit 4 rows apart with the 18 month baby in my wife lap for the 13 hours flight; the booking clerk referred me to the manager(juan) who was not only patheticin terms of communication skills and customer care but was also so rude that he mentioned that i cant listen to you as i dont have time and if i dont want to take the seat he wil cancel the flight and will not refund the money as it will be deducted due to last min cancellation

    I am planning to do legal prceeding against the career

    Would not travle with this airline with illitrate crew that cant even talk to their cutomers with courtesy

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  • Pa
    patrick mcwilliams Nov 05, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was very disappointed after booking my summer holidays more six weeks in advance, I recieved a phone on the day that I was due to fly telling me the flight had been cancelled! The lady on the phone said that I must fly 3 days later...this is my only annual holiday and I was very very disappointed. I called my friend who was booked on the same flight and he told me that his was not cancelled and he was due to take off on time.
    Under further investigation I discovered that I had in fact been lied to and the flight had been over booked not cancelled! This is totally unaccepticable and I was not offered any apoligies what so ever.
    I feel that I was treated very anfairly by a usually very good company

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  • Dd
    DDonnelly Sep 08, 2009

    To whom it concerns,

    I would be grateful with some advice about this matter.

    I have a flight with Eithad Airways from Singapore – Abu Dhabi – Dublin on the 19th December 2017 EY 473 originally flying at 08.25pm.
    I booked a connecting flight from Darwin Australia to Singapore arriving at 19.00pm lots of time to get Eithad flight at 08.25pm.

    I rang Eithad for another reason, when they told me my the flight was changed to 19.40pm, this now means that my Jetstar flight will get in too late and I will not meet the connection. So I now have to fly a day earlier from Darwin to Singapore – taking another day off work and paying for a hotel in Singapore just because Eithad have changed flight times.
    Eithad never informed of the flight change... Luckily I had rang them or else I would have just missed my flight. They said they had informed the Travel Agents who I originally booked through which have told me they got no notification.
    They said they cannot put me up in a hotel or anything; basically tough luck as my Jetstar flight is not on their systems.

    I don’t think this is fare on Eithads part, is this what they do to everyone when they change times???

    I look forward to having your comments.

    Thank you!

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  • Li
    lilli1976 Aug 01, 2009

    i understand that u needed the wheelchair and it was damaged during the flight.did you approach any of the staff with a complaint and how they would solve the issue?i am a frequent flyer and i must say i do enjoy their hospitality.but to term this as terrible everything is a bit over the sure the crew were very good to you throughout the flight, and that you enjoyed it, till you discovered that they had damaged your wheelchair.

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  • Tr
    Trevor May 09, 2009

    I flew on flight EY450 - Etihad Airways from ABU DHABI to SYDNEY on the 11th March 09. I use my own wheelchair to get around and when I got on the plane the crew put it in the hull of the plane. When I arrived at Sydney airport I saw that my wheelchair had been damaged. I am very upset as I need to use it to get around whilst I am in Sydney on my honeymoon.

    We fly back to England on the 1st April 09, where I will get it repaired. I would like to know if you would be willing to compensate me, as it was on your flight when it was damaged. I will have to send the wheelchair to Germany for repair so I will need to hire another one whilst mine is getting repaired. Which is somewhat of an inconvenience as mine is tailored for my disabilities.

    I am sending you photos of the damaged to my wheelchair. In the photo you will see that the push arm is bent, I presume it must have been thrown or jammed against a heavy object.

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  • Gr
    Green Jan 02, 2009

    I travelled on Etihad airways in December via Abu Dhabi and also back on 26th December. On going on the EY601 to Abu Dhabi (a long haul flight) my television screen froze, I told the air hostess who said she would redo them all, still it did not fact I had no entertainment on the whole of the journey of around 10 hours.
    After reading all about Etihad and it was the airline of the middle east I was very disappointed in my flight.

    We also thought the food on the shorter flights was not up to scratch. I would not travel on this airline again.

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