[Resolved] Etihad Airlinesdouble charging!

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I had paid charges of 209.05 a$ (For excess weight) to etihad air lines in cairo air port on 30/12/2007 with my master card. But when checking my bill, I found that they charged me with double the amount. The same payment came in two lines with the same amount of 209.05a$.

Term id : [protected] auth: x05702
Merchant no: 568297 batch: 000008 invoice: 000026

Date: 30/12/2007. The master card company said that the error should be corrected from the airline company and they cannot do anything about it.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Etihad Airways's response · May 24, 2016

    Dear Anurud,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us here on our forum. We are shocked to read this and would like to help. Kindly provide us with your case reference number, we will contact our team for you and request an update.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope to hear back from you soon


  • Updated by _di · Feb 02, 2017

    I called +971 2 511 0000 who re-direct me to call 02 599 0000 which never has a human being on the otherside of the line to help. All machine and options. No help at all.

  • Updated by Mahmoud.G · May 23, 2019

    My flight was in May 1, from Abu Dhabi to Singapore

  • Updated by Mahmoud.G · May 26, 2019

    I missed a license during my flight to Singapore.I believed that my paper taken by mistake by beside passenger during writing landing card. I contacted lost and found section but no help. I asked them to send my contact to other passenger but they refuse. So what is the best appropriate action?
    I need help

  • Updated by Djkeedwell · Jul 07, 2019

    Lost baggage and desrod


  • Di
    dine elliott Feb 08, 2008

    I was so disgusted with the ground staff at Abu Dhabi Our plane arrived at 08.03 for the connection on Etihad to London on the 26th January 2008. Tomy surprise they didnot wait for the connection and 37 passengers were left for5 hours in Abu Dhabi which is hemost non passenger friendly airport in the world.
    There was no apology jut the most awful meal ticket.There were so many people wholost further connections and I could not get home once we eventually arrived in London and this cost e 175 pounds to stay overnight. I shall never fly Etha again and want to warn people to watch 0ut because the passenger is certainly of no importance. Furthermore despite the fact that smoking is not allowed at the airport all the men smoke and chain smoke atthat. Not a pleasant experience and it certainly put a damper on my holiday. Never never again

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  • Ha
    harald muenig Mar 08, 2008

    my woman and I have tomorrow at 10.march flight nr. Ey 407
    at 8.30 our flight back to germany. we cannot take this flight
    because my woman is in hospital, has broken her feet.cannot
    walk.report from doctor is no problem.
    we must change the flight maybe 10-14 days later. if it is possible
    the seat by the emergency exit to put the leg up.
    please answer, when you get the mail.
    thank you harald

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  • Cc
    C .Cunningham Jun 12, 2008

    Further to your letter of the 22 may 2008. I would like to take up your offer of the flight to Abu Dhabi. I have not yet picked a date as I need information regarding a connecting flight to Bangkok, with Etihad. It is my intention to fly sometime in early january next year, 2009.
    Please let me know how to proceed with booking a flight to BKK.
    Thank you.

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  • Su
    sushil satija Jun 12, 2008

    I have bought the ticket to travel from New Delhi to JFK Airport, New York & Return (Flight no. Ey211 & EY 101, Onward travell Date 30th May & return Date is 4th July). This ticket was issued in name of Devi/Bhagwani Mrs. who is senior citizen of age above 70 Year.
    Devi/Bhagwani Mrs. Who is my mother traveled from New Delhi to Abu Dhabi via flight no. EY211 but she was not allowed to travel in Flight no. EY101 from Abu Dhabi to JFK Airport New York because your people found at Abu Dhabi Airport that her passport is expired .She was issued Boarding pass from New Delhi by your airlines only, why her passport was not checked at New Dehli Airport. Initialy your people told my mother that they will get renewed her passport from Indian High Commision, afterward they decided to send her back to New Delhi & due to this she suffered from mental tensions as well as physical disorders. She was taken to Heart Specialist in India because of complaint of high heart beating rate, High blood Presuure, Back Ache & several other problems.
    As per Doctor’s this all happened because of mental pressure, which was due to this entire scenario. Also my brother’s family (his wife, 5 yr. Kid & 3 yr. Kid) who was accompanying my mother during this journey suffered a lot because of this. They spend almost 24 hour at Abu Dhabi airport & my brother was worried about his family in United States of America. None has even thought of providing hotel to lady with small kids.
    This is complete negligence of airlines & there are some questions that you need to find out answer.
    a) How Boarding pass was issued by your Airline on expired passport at New Dehli & why Airline came to know about her passport validity only at Abu Dhabi not in New Delhi .who is resposible for this incident?
    b) Why my brother family suffered a lot because of your airline negligence?
    c) Why my brother family was not provided with accomodation at Abu Dhabi? They had spent almost 24 hours at airport only.
    d) A senior citizen above 70 yrs. is sick because of this shock & taken for hospitalization, who is responsible for it?
    e) A senior citizen was not treated well at Abu Dhabi Airport.
    f) Why such a small kid were not taken care well by your airline at Abu Dhabi Airport.
    g) Why decision taken by first shift employee to get renewed her passport from Indian high commission was not followed by second shift employees .who is responsible for this?
    h) Why second shift people behaved so rude with senior citizen at Abu Dhabi Airport. They don’t know how to behave with their customer even when they were responsible for the mistake?

    With this entire incident it seems that four passengers were not treated well by your airline, which is complete carelessness & negligence so I request you to kindly investigate it & compensate for it. Please let me know immediately before I take serious action against this.

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  • Sa
    Sajid Patel Jun 19, 2008

    From: m h travel and tours <[email protected]>
    Subject: Fw: m h trvl
    To: "Savitri Gupta" <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    Date: Monday, 16 June, 2008, 10:28 AM


    Etihad Airways


    In recent time we monitor that your Airline demand such documents at the time of check in as Sponsor letter or sponsor's passport copy and funds and in certain cases Airline offload pax. But as per our observations your Airport staff target only pax book by M H Travel by some strange unknown reason.This type of incident only created by Etihad Airways Airport staff only on saturday flight and we never receive phone call for weekdays flight.

    We insert Passport and Visa detail (APIS) in the PNR. Please check history of the PNR.

    Kindly explain reason for the demand such things and also provide list of documents your airline need at the time of check in at mumbai airport.

    on 14jun ey205 flight Etihad Mumbai Airport staff offload following pax.

    Bhikha Patel / Ishak mr PNR - 2DRFM2


    Destination : Manchester

    Fadiya Imran mr PNR- ZSSW7J


    Destination : Manchester

    Patel Imran mr PNR-ZSSW7J


    Destination : Manchester

    Now we have to refund all above three tickets so Please waive Refund/cancellation charges and inform us so we can process for refund.

    KINDLY NOTE all above three pax rebook for Emirates and they travel smoothly without any query from Emirates under the following Emirates PNR history.

    RP/BDQVS3131/BDQVS3131 SP/SU 14JUN08/1837Z 2TS2UY



    2 EK 505 L 15JUN 7 BOMDXB RR1 0945 1115 15JUN E EK/GQTY5F

    3 EK 019 L 15JUN 7 DXBMAN RR1 1435 1905 15JUN E EK/GQTY5F

    4 EK 020 L 08NOV 6 MANDXB HK1 2000 0650 09NOV E EK/GQTY5F

    5 EK 506 L 09NOV 7 DXBBOM HK1 0930 1345 09NOV E EK/GQTY5F

    6 AP BDQ 02642-261132 - M H TRAVEL AND TOURS - A

    7 TK OK14JUN/BDQWI2109//ETEK

    8 SSR DOCS EK HK1 P/IND/F8938931/IND/01JUN67/M/09JUL16/ISHAK/B


    9 FA PAX 176-5740948861/ETEK/INR36746/14JUN08/BDQWI2109/143529


    10 FB PAX 1400053107 TTP/ET OK ETICKET/S2-5


    12 FM *M*5

    13 FP CASH

    14 FV EK

    * ES/G 14JUN/SPSU/BDQVS3131



    - TST RLR ---

    RP/BDQVS3131/BDQVS3131 SP/SU 14JUN08/1835Z 2TS3Y5




    3 EK 505 L 15JUN 7 BOMDXB RR2 0945 1115 15JUN E EK/GMTYFB

    4 EK 019 L 15JUN 7 DXBMAN RR2 1435 1905 15JUN E EK/GMTYFB

    5 AP BDQ 02642-261132 - M H TRAVEL AND TOURS - A

    6 TK OK14JUN/BDQWI2109//ETEK

    7 SSR DOCS EK HK1 P/IND/E9395310/IND/15DEC81/M/29JUN14/IMRAN/F


    8 SSR DOCS EK HK1 P/IND/B3522838/IND/07NOV81/M/11JUN11/IMRAN/P


    9 FA PAX 176-5740948862/ETEK/INR26780/15JUN08/BDQWI2109/143529


    10 FA PAX 176-5740948863/ETEK/INR26780/15JUN08/BDQWI2109/143529


    11 FB PAX 1500053109 TTP/ET/RT OK ETICKET/S3-4/P1-2



    13 FM *M*5

    14 FP CASH

    15 FV EK


    No reply from Etihad Airways Mumbai Sales and customer service department and they just ignore our email.

    We sent email to Ms.Savitri Gupta, Mr.Hiren Sahani,
    Mr.Sameer Vasvani but all even donot bother to reply.

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  • Ar
    ar Jul 20, 2008

    Etihad is a rip offf . Lets all not fly with them, take them out of business. They should be sue in class action suit

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  • Yv
    yvonne oshea Oct 09, 2008


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  • Ts
    Tsewang Norbu Nov 11, 2008

    Dear Etihad,
    please let me know how to pospond the date of journey? my date of travelling from New delhi is on 14th nov08 by Ey 7603 to Abu dhabi and on 15nov from Abu Dhabi to Toronto by Ey 141, i want to pospond it on 27th nov from New delhi, i purchages the ticket from Canada. can i pospond it from New delhi Etihad airlines office?. what will be the pospond charges? and where is the office in new delhi? and cont. numbers of Eithad airlines? please let me know as soon as possible..

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  • Pi
    Pius Mulyo Nov 18, 2008

    I have flown Etihad airways several times without ANY problem. I am a tour leader, usually leading groups to Egypt and Israel via Jordan. I have never met any difficulties using Etihad Airways.

    @Sushil Satija
    It is usually customer's problem about travelling documents matter as stated in Etihad's Terms and Conditions, which forces customer to arrange and check their traveling documents before even departing your house for your flight. Perhaps the airport staff in Delhi miss check your passport, but the airport staff in AUH due to the flight destination to the USA they should check everything thoroughly. It is best for all of us to check and prepare our travel documents ourselves, and not blaming others for the mistakes we made.

    It is also best to check and re-check your travel itinerary, how many times do you have for transit, in case of travel delays from the previous flight or immigration problem. It is every airline's hard choice of leaving pax who are missing or delayed or late since they need to push their on time performance to the limit, thus making a professional airline.

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  • Ba
    Barry Davis Nov 20, 2008

    Two transactions showed up on my credit that I did not do ! One for $1975.85 on 11/19/08. The other for $973.44 on 11/20/08. These transactions are not mine, could you please help me rectify this problem ?

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  • Va
    valentine duignan Mar 16, 2009



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  • Zb
    Z Bayat Apr 23, 2009

    We have just arrived from Karachi, Pakistant via EY222 and are at the moment in the transit lounge. As our next flight is only at 22:00, we asked at the Customer Care Office whether we could get a hotel room or at the least be accommodated in the Business Class Lounge. We were told that we could not get one and that we must write to you. We hold frequent flier card and would appreciate your help regarding this as a 15 hour wait in the transit lounge is too tiring and we both are senior citizens.

    Our names are Mr Ismail D Bayat and Mrs Z Bayat. Our Guest Card Nos are 1000 1060 8320 and 1000 1060 4470.

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  • Pi
    pissed off Jan 30, 2010

    Rather good airlines but terrible pilots...
    i had some personal experiences with this airlines a couple of times, and the worst of them was regarding the attitude of a pilot...with chinese name if i'm not mistaken.

    captain ling liong tien...with his bloody rude attitude and snobbishly ticked off a few passengers aboard. I was so pissed off by this captain.

    Well...complaints to etihad are just useless. They won't take any actions against captains as they're regarded as gods in this company.
    All I can say, it's a rather good company with cheap fares, but terrible pilots

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  • Pi
    pissed off Feb 01, 2010

    i apologize for the wrong comment here. A completely foolish mistake done. Please disregard my comment. Thank you

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  • Es
    esselte Feb 21, 2010

    i have complained to etihad about lost luggage via the web site four times now and not received a reply.
    can anyone give me email addresses of directors, department heads, managers etc?

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  • Dc
    dcanney Feb 26, 2010

    We are writing to let you know of the horrific travel experience that we had on Etiahad airways. We spend a lot of time before deciding on Etihad for our travel to Kochi, India from JFK Airport in New York. We booked our flights well in advance after considering layovers, flight lengths and other factors. We were traveling with 2 young children (3 yr old and a 1 yr old) and a senior citizen (my mother) so we wanted to ensure that our journey was a pleasant one.

    We began our journey on Dec 1st from JFK. Our son was so excited to travel and loved meeting people at the airport. Everything went smooth until we were on the runway ready to take off. They had a child (8-10yr old) in the plane who was vomiting and the parents wanted to continue with the flight but the crew wanted the child unloaded. It took them 2 hours before they decided that they were going to unload the child and the family so we had to return to the gate. By the time we took off the flight was delayed several hours and many customers on the flight were in danger of missing their connections in Abu Dhabi. They reassured that all the connecting flights have been notified and that they will wait for us. However, when announcing gates for connecting flights on our approach to the airport, they didn't mention our connecting flight # . When asked about that, they reassured us again that when we get off the plane they will let us know, as it is too late to get information from Abu Dhabi.

    When we got off the plane the five of us rushed to the gate that was posted on the television screen to find out that the gate was closed and we missed the flight. We arrived at the gate at 9:45p and the flight was scheduled to leave at 10 PM. The airline knew that there were several groups of passengers depending on that connection and that they had landed and would be only a few minutes late for the connection. Instead, they close the gate and inconvenienced those passengers for many hours (in our case a day and 1/2) rather than having the plane delayed a few minutes.

    We were told to go back to to the "transfer counter /desk ". When we reached there, we were quite amazed at how disorganized and chaotic things were. People were just going up to the counter with no queues. We finally got to the desk and a lady named was helping us (by now it was after midnight). She claimed to have made arrangements for the following morning (8:30am) to fly from Abu Dhabi to Kochi. She failed to mention that we would have a connection in Muscat (Oman) before arriving in Kochi. IN addition, it meant that we would have to travel to a hotel at this late hour and get up again a few hours later to return to the airport and then get off the plane and re-board with 2 kids and my mother . She didn't explain any of this or give us options. When we realized what her arrangements meant, we went back to the desk to request a more reasonable solution.

    This time a different gentleman (gentleman A) was going to help us, as Renuka did not have a computer at her station. Our children were very tired and we really needed to get them some rest before proceeding. We asked if we could stay in Abu Dhabi and fly out the next evening on the same flight # that we had missed. Another gentleman (gentleman B) joined in and assured us that we could take the flight we requested. He suggested that we go and have some food, make phone calls if needed and come back to pick up the necessary paperwork including the boarding pass. So, we called India to let the individuals who were picking us that we would be arriving 24 hours later than scheduled. We had our dinner and came back to the desk.

    The paperwork was not ready when we returned so we waited while they arranged for the hotel, the limo, and printed what we thought were our boarding passes . When we asked if we need to arrive earlier at the airport, they told us that it was not needed, as they have made arrangements for the limo and all we need to do was be ready for the limo. Gentleman B came over to us as we were leaving to reassure us and show us where to go next and explained the procedure to us. He told us that we should go through immigration, go to the Etihad desk and present them with the paperwork and they will take us to the hotel and they will also pick us up at a certain time the next day. He also told us that we need not worry about our checked-in bags as they will go to our destination with us the next day. All we need to do is show up at the gate tomorrow. He really made us feel at ease about everything. What a mistake!

    The next day, the limo was 15 minutes late and the limo driver did not know which terminal to take us. I asked him to stop so I could get the paperwork out of my bag but he said he knew where to go. He took us to the wrong terminal before asking someone and finally dropping us off. We had to rush through immigration and security and reached our gate just in time. It was clear that we were scheduled to be picked up from our hotel much too late. We got through the immigration and made it for boarding.

    When we were to board, we presented our boarding passes to the agent and the computer was not accepting it. After multiple tries, she discovered that the date on the boarding pass was wrong. It was from the previous days boarding pass. She couldn't see a booking under our names. The agents at the transfer desk had simply given us the previous days boarding pass!!! It was the same boarding pass that we presented to them when we first came to the transfer desk. At this point we were in total disbelief! How could anyone be so incompetent? My wife and I had to leave one of our children with his grandmother and take the other child with us to the transfer desk to try to get things straightened out AGAIN . They asked us why we didn't come earlier to the airport!! Interesting indeed!! as it was their agent who told us not to worry and be ready for the limo!!

    They were apologetic at the desk, but they REFUSED TO MAKE ROOM FOR US ON THE FLIGHT. I asked if all the Business class seats and/or first class seats were taken. They did not answer (On our return flight last week I noticed that the Business class section was almost completely empty). Meanwhile, our son was so upset as to why they wouldn't let us on the plane. He could see that we were upset as well. He was crying and wanted to go back home. He was so traumatized by the whole experience that he cried every time we had to go back to the airport. He had his grandmother and mother crying as well, as we were all on our wit's end.

    After all this we were given two options...Either wait another entire day and fly out on the same flight the next day or drive to Dubai and take a flight on Emirates to Kochi. We were already delayed a full day and needed to get to Kochi as soon as possible. We needed to restart our children back on antibiotics. The people who were picking us up had to travel over 3 hours to get to Kochi airport and were expecting us that day. So, we opted to fly out of Dubai. We had to get all our luggages and go through immigration again and go to Dubai airport in 2 cars as our luggages wouldn't fit in one car as there was 5 of us!!

    When we presented our confirmation # and paperwork at the Emirates counter, they couldn't pull up the reservation. However, as they had plenty of seats on the plane, the agent was able to make a reservation right at the check-in desk. We finally arrived in Kochi safely on Friday morning, over 30 hours later than scheduled . Our son had to be taken to a doctor in India and his antibiotics had to be changed as he didn't finish his entire course of antibiotics with the delays, etc.

    On our trip back from Kochi to USA, we tried to check-in 24 hours of the trip via the internet. After being on the computer for 3 hours trying to check-in, we decided to call the Mumbai office of Etihad as the Kochi office was closed. They told us that Kochi airport doesn't let us check us on line. So, we asked to check in through her. She told us that she couldn't find a reservation under our names. She told us that the reservation that we had was canceled by the system since there was an interruption in our flight to India. She said that it was a glitch in the system that was responsible for the cancellation.
    Once again we were in total disbelief. How can so many incompetent individuals be at the same airline. We were so upset and in tears again. She told us that she was going to email headquarters and for us to call her in the evening. Fortunately, they had seats on the plane and they were able to get us on the flight.
    The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful as far as the schedule was concerned. However, the flight attendants on the plane from Kochi to Abu Dhabi were rude and abrupt with the passengers. They were careless with their carts and barked out orders rather than politely asking passengers to follow directions.

    We were truly traumatized on both ends of our journey.and felt that the employees of Etihad airways were unprofessional and ill-prepared to make things right. Are there no policies in place to handle sick passengers? The transfer desk was very chaotic and disorganized. There should have been well defined lines for passengers to wait in. AS an agent with a computer monitor became available, they should summon the next person in line. The counter was a free-for-all with the loudest, pushiest people getting assistance rather then the first people to approach the counter. Every agent should have a computer to work on and to look for information! so that things are more organized. They should explain and give us options.

    Based on our experience and the lack of any effort to compensate us or make up for these inconveniences, we are unlikely to be using Etihad airways or to recommend it to our family and friends. We feel like we paid good money to be inconvenienced and abused mentally, emotionally and physically!!

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  • Sj
    sjch Mar 24, 2010

    Please read the travel fare before flying via Etihad.as they keep on changing the policies. So make it a practice and never take it for granted . It happened to me and I wish it never happens to anyone.

    I booked my flight on Nov 09 and today when I called up for cancellation( which i didn't do after hearing the policy for my ticket), it seems the policy which now shows for Economy has changed over 3 months . During my booking even for Death or Illness there would be no refund for cancellation which is such an inhuman policy I have ever heard. Atleast for Death everybody in this world gives some consideration but these guys will make money out of that also, this is what I learnt after talking to a customer care guy who was so rude to address me as "whatever"

    The other thing is if you are getting a deal make sure u pay more attention to the Fare Rules as with the deal and fare even for the same class the policy might change.

    Lessons Learnt
    Guys make sure you do check the Fare Rules specially when you are getting a deal

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  • Ju
    juco,jodie m. May 13, 2010

    it was a terrible experience we had on going back from holiday.problem started upon checking our luggage.a big question in my mind when they ask me to weigh my laptop and had considered it as my hand carry luggage, which never happened the first time we went out of another country.desperately we even heard from other passenger on that the same day that they where never weighed of their laptop and two other hand carry.my question is where is the consistency, i dont mind the law as long as it is followed equally.in the end we paid 100 dollars in excess of 6kilos in all, but could have paid nothing if they exclude my 7kilos laptop w/the charger and bag inclusive.

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  • Sa
    Salman Basir Dec 25, 2010

    I think that Abu Dhabi should stick with drilling oil-- Etihad is a misfit for them . They do not understand business of hospitality and Travel . I was to travel from Mumbai on Dec 11th from Mumbai to Abudhabi-- flight leaves at 4AM--got to the airport at 2am and was informed that the plane has not left Abudhabi yet-- new time will be 8am. The Lounge at Mumbai that Etihad uses sucks--it is a few sofas and cold food. You have to ask for a Coke or pepsi and then the Manager gives an impression of an serious inconvenience to himself and will pull out a can from a referigerator under a table.
    On my departure from Abu Dhabi on Dec 14th to the US--I was booked in Paid Business class to Chicago. I was charged 600 AD for a 3rd piece of luggage ( which was a carton weighing 3Kg) I was told that they do not go by weight they go by number of packages. All I heard from the staff was the party line cookie cutter answer that this is the company policy. What a company an dcompany policy-- non sense policy.
    There seems to be serious problem with Etihad across the board-- I have previously experienced such incidents with them from Lahore Pakistan last year. But I would advise the Etihad mangement to find a different business to be in, this is not for you---it requires making sensible judgements and taking care of passengers, just buying a new plane does not give you customer service skills--like not charging 600AD for 3kg Package. Stay in Oil business where you can charge what ever.

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  • Ol
    olpha Mar 05, 2012

    Flying Jakarta > Abu Dhabi > Toronto last December, I had a great impression of Ethihad. It wasn't until my return trip that the problems began. Serious problems.

    Due to a serious technical error, I missed my flight, & went ready & packed for one year abroad to board the next flight. One Customer Service Agent at Toronto International Airport was willing to let me board, but another Agent kept telling me there were no Economy Seats remaining - that I'd need to pay $600 to upgrade to Business Class. The other Agent continued to suggest that I simply be allowed to board the plane. Finally, after 3 hours of this confusion, I was forced to drive 3 hours back to my home, and wait 4 days for the next flight. During my 4-day wait, I continually called Customer Service asking if there were Economy Seats available. Their answer was repeatedly no, and that I'd need to upgrade to Business Class for $600. Then I would tell Customer Service flight numbers along with seat numbers which I had found myself - which were available - Economy Seats - online. I did this about 4 times, filed numerous complaints against the airline for having cost me a full week of work, making me drive twice to the airport - totalling 9 hours on the road - and repeatedly lying to me, even in person; I never heard back from them, and had to pay $310 to rebook. No compensation or apology was ever received.

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  • Pa
    Passanger_1 May 19, 2013

    A unevitable experience which can happen to anyone when you are traveling with Etihad Airways. Bad part is it is at no mistake of passanger. This airlies promisses about good service but when situation comes, ground staff is horrible. Seems they are having disconnect between projecting their image and people executing them at the airpot/fligth.

    Below is the situation:
    1) I was traveling from Mumbai to New York via Abu Dhabi. My Mumbai to Abu Dhabi flight could not land at Abu dhabi on Mar 16th due to Fog. Totally understable that for safety reasons they landed flight in Muskat but the problem starts here. Flight attendants did not inform us before landing in Muskat what we will be doing in Muskat and how long we will be waiting there. Most of the passangers (including me) had connecting flight which we feared missing. We waited for 1.5 hour in plane then we were deboarded in Muskat. When we got down we were not kept informed what will heppen with our connecting flights. Lunch provided with 50 minutes wait in line. We were flown back to Abu dhabi after 3 hours. When i landed at Abu Dhabi with all the anxity i realized that I missed my New York flight.
    2) I was told that I would be helped at airport with all the question/arrangements for next fligth. But what i saw is ground staff is working at very slow pace and handeling each customer care in 15 to 20 minutes. All the passangers were shouting and frusterated as staff was very unorganized and very casual with the sutuation.I had to waited in line for 5 long hours to get boarding pass for my flgith after 18 hours (not to forget it was after noon and I was awake all night).
    3) I did not complain much but requested for hotel accomodation to crash and just sleep. No hotel accommodation provided as Abu Dhabi has only 30 to 50 rooms and all were booked. No phone card was provided .
    4) I slept on sofa in Launge and some how spent 18 hours. I reached on time but next day again again same story flight got delayed by 3 hours. I feared that my luggage wolld have not been transferred to the flight to New York. I talked to Etihad employees and I was told that my luggage is moved to the plane i was boarding.
    5) I reached JFK on Mar 16th just to realize that my luggage was never moved to my New York flight. I was so angry that Etihad Airways gave me false information.
    6) I got my luggage after 44 hours from when i landed. On customer service recommendation I sent email to [email protected] to get my luggage. I claimed for compensation for not getting my luggage on time but I got a reply from customer service that I will not get compensated because New York was my country of residence and they don’t pay copensation. Seems they make their own set of rules and apply them for their own benefit.
    E-ticket number is ETKT 607 2108953178

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  • As
    Asm90 Mar 23, 2016


    as per my ticket i wanted to change date .Howeever the rate was less.So Etihad said I cannot change to lower ticket rate.I will have to cancel my ticket

    I had to pay charge of 400$

    I reques if this charge can be waived and returned back to me as i am really in need of money

    please help etihad

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  • An
    Anurud May 24, 2016

    A refund request was made for my ticket on 18.09.2015 and still has not received the refund. I had contacted the customer service, complaint department using phone and web-forms for about 10 times now and still no success. Very unacceptable customer service for such a reputable company!

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  • Is
    Ismail ahmed faisal Aug 15, 2018

    Dear Etehaad Airways team,
    Please note I have received my bag with broken from after misshandeled. I need compensation.

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  • Su
    Susan Bolam Aug 15, 2018

    Guest 100048630883
    I have been trying to obtain a Visa Reward Card since last October
    Kristina Nikolic has tried many times to help me. Both of us have been emailing [email protected] on many occasions but neither of us have been successful.
    Can someone at Etihad please resolve my issue?

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  • Sa
    sahilraheja Aug 15, 2018

    as same as above

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  • St
    stroller Aug 15, 2018

    Dear sir
    I Mrs Soumia jose would like to rise a complaint against missing item baby stroller which was taken by door staff while boarding to the flight on 09/06/2018 and etkt bo:6075169423817_0 . and on the arrival nobody is responsible about it and i had been to the cok 3 times so i would like to get information about it .

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  • Fr
    Franck Barthelemy Aug 20, 2018

    Airport advise of the day: do not transit through #abudhabiairport. There are lines everywhere from security check points to toilets, ridiculous gate changes (and not only once), no sitting areas, #delayedetihad flights, no explanation! Impossible to find a complaint form, neither at the airport nor online. I now know why #etihad is so cheap !

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  • Uz
    Uzma Ansari Aug 20, 2018

    Good evening,
    I am really upset since I opened my luggage, even though it was with fragile sticker.
    The table inside is broken. Cost 100 AED.
    I would like to request you to please compensate me for it. I paid Etihad for all services and Etihad have to compensate me.
    Flight 221
    Abu Dhabi- Karachi


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  • Sa
    Salama1996 Aug 21, 2018

    The service of Lost baggage reclaim with Amal was very bad at Abu Dhabi Airport on 2:00 am in which she don't behave good with us and she don't replay to our questions.

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  • Wa
    Wayne Pascual Aug 21, 2018

    I just want to get a Letter of Reason of flight delay taken place on 29th April 2018. You can send to me by my mail [email protected]

    Thank you.

    0 Votes
  • Ju
    Juanjuan1234567 Aug 28, 2018

    It is a continual problem with Etihad Airways. Customers apply for missing miles from Retro Claims and nothing is done. Endless emails are sent to try resolve the matter.

    0 Votes
  • Et
    EtihadHelp Sep 02, 2018

    @Juanjuan1234567 Hey Juan, please send us a pm with your guest number or email address, and I will follow your claims for you. Thanks. *Ari

    0 Votes
  • Ju
    Juneth ilustrisimo Aug 28, 2018

    Im already delayed for 2 days now due to the incidents that happened in manila airport!up to now i didnt yet receive any update or official Schedule of flight !pls give us an update!i know I s not your fault but i still believe that we are your responsibilities!honestly im disappointed how slow etihad in fixing this problems!

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  • Et
    EtihadHelp Sep 02, 2018

    @Juneth ilustrisimo Hey Juneth, sorry we did not get back to you earlier. If you are not rebooked yet or if you need any assistance, please send us a private message on any of our social medial channels e.g. Facebook or Twitter, and we will look into it for you. Thank you. *Ari

    0 Votes
  • Ch
    Chiragkumar Sep 01, 2018

    I got the message from etihad airway.but when i try to log in its indicate ur email id is not recognized join etihad guest members first. Then i try to join as a new member n its indicate ur email id was already existed.WTF..Tell me how can I login? Worst experience ever

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  • Pa
    Pakistan0007 Sep 03, 2018

    Hellow i am very disappointed 😥 my luggage missing in pakistan, Islamabad airport kindly release my tention. My all clouths and gift 📦 and much more in it. So plz take action to airport to release my 🛄 bag. I also complain but no action 4 days i am also wating my vication also ending.. I attach 📎 all document 📄.

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  • Hi
    HimanshuPatel09 Sep 05, 2018

    Etihad Airways did not provided Bereavement refunds for my change in flight dates which i have to do since my father passed away... after so many email for follow ups which this airlines they just refunded 10% of the prices for saving there image... Hence i will never ever going to book ticket with Etihad in future ...

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  • Ko
    kondaiah naramala Sep 10, 2018

    During the Abu Dhabi airport check-in lost the wallet and mobile headphones.. traveled from Hyderabad... Pls address my issue.. currently I am in Paris... To day only traveled from Hyderabad to Abu Dhabi and then to Paris... In our airlines

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  • Cv
    Cvb Xvb Sep 11, 2018

    The air hostess adde an extra product to my receipt when duty free shopping and add her etihad card number as well to get the points.

    The flight was from Munich to Abu Dhabi and on 7-Oct-2017. The air hostess was Indian.

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  • Ta
    Tareq Skaik Sep 11, 2018

    I travile from abudhabi to paris this morning and my bag get losted

    I had made many call and complain to get it but no one answerd me or replaied me about my location bag

    Contact me urgently as i have nothing here to wear


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  • Fr
    Frank Isaac Sep 18, 2018

    Good day All,

    We are a travel agent and we were issuing tickets before we were put on default. We were reinstated on the 31st July 2017, we are therefore requesting you office to authorize us to issue air ticket on your airline.

    I wait to hear from your office.

    Thank you.

    Frank Isaac Phiri.

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