Ethan Allensofa bed/storage ottoman


We recently purchased a sofa bed and storage ottoman for our guestroom/TV room. After sitting on it only a few times, it looks like it is ten years old!! We were told by the salesperson, that because it’s down, it would need to be fluffed up. Well, there is nothing to fluff! The cushions are so flat, you can feel the bed frame underneath. We sat on a sample cushion in the showroom and these cushions feel nothing like what we sat on. The back cushions are even deformed and sloppy. Then there is the storage ottoman; it was received with the inside wood broken, after weeks, someone finally came out to fix the wood. After the repairman left, it wouldn’t close anymore. A few weeks later, another repairman showed up and said it couldn’t be fixed and took pictures. Weeks later, customer service sent someone else out to pick it up, take it back to their shop and fix it. Well, it was returned in the same condition. After talking again with Customer Service, I was told that the picture on their website shows that there is a gap and it’s not supposed to close. Really, this is what a manager told her to say? This is the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard! Who would think to ask if the ottoman closed? If that’s true, shouldn’t the salesperson mention it? I have another storage ottoman in our Casita, that I purchased from Ballard Designs. It’s beautiful and it closes!!!
We went to Ethan Allen because we really wanted the room look classy. It looks frumpy and sloppy! We will never step foot in the store again, and our friends and neighbors moving into their new homes will hear our horror story too.
Ethan Allen, step out and practice what you advertise!!

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