Essorude assistant manager at store

La Oct 21, 2019

Hello I visited the esso today at 278 Lake Street in St Catharines ON at 18:11 I went in to pay for my gasoline when I entered the store I dropped some change on the floor which I bent down to pickup. When I stood back up I was greeted with a very rude toned gas station attendant. He asked me how I was doing today? And when I didn't reply back right away he said "I am doing fine thanks for asking" he proceeded to ask me how I was paying I said cash and scanned my pc optimum points card. He threw my change down on the counter along with my receipt. I turned and walked out of the store and on my way outside I made eye contact with the attendant who was eyeing me up giving me dirty looks. In shock I looked at him questioning what I had done wrong? He then came onto the outside intercom and said "what you've got something to say to me?" His tone of voice was so unprofessional and appalling I won't ever come back to this gas station again. Trying to start a fight with a customer because he was having a bad day? This person should not be in the position of being a manager and I hope you consider this complaint seriously. I have attached a photo of my bill for verification of the location. If I have something to say to your company its that if I ever return here and see this employee serving me again I will be very displeased after I was so rudely insulted.


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