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I went to the esso gas station near me today, to run my car through their car wash. My receipt tells me I was there at 12:54pm, this afternoon. I went through the wash, and drove straight home. I only live about 3 blocks away. When I arrived home, I took a look at my car, and the back of my car was still dirty! My husband and myself drove back to the gas station. I went in with my receipt and told the clerk that my car was still dirty. I asked him to come outside to have a look for himself, with which he rudely declined. I then asked him to return my money ($13.64), again he rudely declined. I again explained to him that my car was still dirty! He told me that he didn't know where I had been and that I probably ran over some dirt! I hadn't even been gone 45 minutes since I had my car washed! That's when I asked for the manager. He said he was the manager. Then I asked him for a phone number I could call, he told me he owned this place and was not going to return my money. He didn't even offer to have my car rewashed! I went out and got my husband to come in. I thought maybe he would have better luck. As my husband got out of the car, he swiped his hand along the trunk, to show the clerk the dirt on his hand. He had no luck with him either.
There were many people standing around watching this conversation. All of them shaking their head at this guy. One man told me he had the same experience and would never have his car washed there again.
I have never dealt with anyone as rude as this man was! As he talked, he grinned! He was the most rudest attendant I have ever come across. I will never return to that esso station again! I just wish there was something I could do about this.

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Mar 12, 2022 9:20 pm EST
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I Already Went car wash on Markham and Sheppard Avenue Touchless car wash but My car Not Proper clean and the staff is there very Rudely Talk . So, Don’t Go There Please. Thanks

Jun 02, 2016 2:23 pm EDT

Please contact :

Aug 09, 2013 9:36 pm EDT

I went to the Esso located at 9800 Chinguacousy Dr. Brampton, ON. L6X5E
VRN : R121461107 . On August 9, 2013 at 08:42:pm used pump #6.
I paid for the fuel at the pump, but needed to have my lotto tickets replayed. So after filling the car with gas, my wife drove the car out of the way of others who needed fuel, and I went inside to do the lotto.
There was a long line of people waiting so I stood in line and then noticed what was going on. The guy at the counter was calling for people who would pay for their purchase with debit or credit and no one else could be served even if no one there needed the debit or credit. Then when he finally got around to going to the other cash register he would call out pump numbers and pass these people even though they had just come in. and then would wait for others to come in. Myself and a few others asked him to pass the people as they were in line, and not the way he was doing it.

He said he was there to sell gas not lotto. So after more than ten mintues waiting I decided that I would pay for the lotto with debit so as to pass before the lotto time passed (9:00 pm) at which point I wouldn't be aloud to buy my tickets.
He took my tickets and I told him to replay them. He then handed them to a younger gentleman behind the counter who seemed lost and overwhelmed and he took over 5 minutes to pass the tickets in the machine.
By this time it was after 9;00pm and he said he could not pass the ticket for the MAX..
We the people in line were not happy and told him he could have cost us a possible win. He said too bad. we should have come much earlier.
We told him that we would check the numbers and if they would win we would sue him. He told us to get out and never come back.
We asked the man for his name and he said it was ESSO and we as a group then told him that he should say his name is (As... ...H..e ) not ESSO.
I, as with many of the others standing with me, found this extremely unacceptable and poor customer service; I would appreciate an explanation and an apology from someone at ESSO concerning this occurence and why paying customers were being treated in this manner. If the gentleman is unhappy with his job at Esso, he should not be taking it out on the customers and he should definitely not be there because this portrays a very bad image for your company.
Thank you for your time.
My email is :

Apr 07, 2013 11:03 am EDT

A touch-less car wash will NEVER remove dried on Bird Droppings, Fine Dirt / Dust from construction or fine left overs from road salt.
If you expect these things to come off your car go to an old fashion car wash.

Do you scrub when you shower or just hose off ? If you expect these things to come off we can turn up all touch less car washes to the point were it peels your paint off your car.

People expect to much from a TOUCHLESS CAR WASH. !

Oct 20, 2010 3:28 pm EDT

I had a similar bad story today (Oct 20, 2010). My car came out filthy. Before I even left the station, I went inside and politely explained my situation. The man there (sounds like the same guy) was arrogant and refused to compensate me at all. I told him that there were bird droppings still on my car. He responded that his car wash will not remove bird droppings or dirt on the doors. I stood there incredulous - aren't the doors an important part of the car?! He refused to comp me a car wash or let me run it through again. He was a bonifide jerk. I went home with my receipt and called Esso Customer Service. They filed a formal complaint against him and mailed me a $10 gift card to cover the $8 car wash. Seems like a good Company with a Jerk as the Owner/Manager on Glendale. I'll use Esso again, just never that particular station. I'll stop buying my gasoline there too.

May 30, 2010 10:08 am EDT
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the pic of the car above was never in a car wash

if we assumed that it was THE car washed, then its ur responsibility to check the car after wash, and ask for rewash on spot. but some people go home bring another car and come back and ask for a rewash. before blaming the clerk, learn to be more responsible and stop giving people hard time. in case the clerk refused to give u a rewash u call esso customer support and they will help u from there, but making scenes in the store its not going to help u, the owner can escort u with police as it is private property, and customer is always right ideology doesnt work in gas stations. if u dont like it consider using the bus


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