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Esso Gas Stationcar wash

I had gone through the car wash and when I came out of it, noticed that the back of my car was still dirty. I contacted the attendant and she told me to come back in the afternoon when the manager was in as she could clearly see the car was still dirty. I went back just to let the manager know what happened and he gave me so much attitude saying that the dirt on the back of my car was oily dirt and that it doesn't come off, meanwhile I could run my finger through it and it came off. He was going to give me a car wash in the beginning but then he made me so mad with his attitude and lack of acknowledgement that his car wash wasn't working up to par that I drove off. My husband and I would normally gas up there weekly with hundreds of dollars being spent and when I told him that I was never going to use his gas station again, he said he didn't care.

I also contacted the Esso Head office [protected]). I didn't even want a car wash anymore, just to point out what had happened. Head office was excellent in taking down the information and turns out it's not a franchised station so he will be spoken to. They offered me a free car wash but I said that wasn't the point and I politely turned it down saying that it would go against what I believe. I will NEVER use that Esso station again. The professionalism (or lack thereof) has been ingrained and I hope he gets reprimanded!

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    Carwash at Esso Feb 04, 2010

    Esso Gas Station
    43 Mountainash Rd
    Brampton ON

    (905) 791-6447

    Car wash improper - attitude of the gas station assiciates uncalled for.

    While going through the wash the tri color foam did not cover the entire car and so is the clear coat. when I come out the wash, my car was not clean leaving oily stains on the wind shield, number plate. When I contacted an associate on site, he has shown attitude and gave the number and name of the supervisor. when I contacted the supervisor over phone, he wanted to see my receipt. when I asked for a time to see him and show the receipt, he said he is the owner of 3 more gas stations and can not give any time. Further told that I am lucky to have him on the phone on that moment. When I asked to give 1-800 number for reporting the matter to the corporate office, he can give that number only when I physically come and see him.
    Then I contacted the Imperial Oil company corporate office on the matte. The response was quite satisfactory, I was given full luxury wash ESSO EXTRA POINTS on my points card. Apoligised for the uncalled behavior and inconvenience. Assured of getting the car wash corrected for appropriate output of the components and ensure customer satisfaction.

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  • To
    towen001 Feb 12, 2010

    Esso Gas Station
    Hespeler Rd & Eagle St
    Cambridge, ON

    I frequent this location due to the proximity of it to my workplace as well as collecting Aeroplan miles. On average I probably spend near $90/week on fuel and all at the above location, needless to say I am no stranger.
    Today at lunch, my usual Friday routine I stop in to fill my tank. As my vehicle was filthty from all the road salt I also opted for a car wash. I had just proceeded with the basic wash as I figured this was suffice. Once I entered the car wash, as usual protocol it was indicated for me to stop. The car wash began and soaped up my vehicle and then just stopped. I waited a few minutes figuring there may have been a glitch with the wash itself and still no rinse HOWEVER the dryers came on. Fairly upset due to time constraints over my lunch hour I drove out of the car wash and went to address the situation with the gas station attendant. He had the nerve to accuse me of not knowing how to properly drive in a car wash and that this was my fault - keep in mind my vehicle is FULL of soap. He did not want to give me a rewash, let alone a refund. After raising a bit of a stink he went out to check the car wash and still blamed me saying that its my fault. I did get a rewash but he was not very receptive to my frustration, a definite zero in the customer satisfaction department.
    After the car wash was complete, my vehicle is still DIRTY! I will never go to this car wash again. Thankfully we have a SUDS just up the road, I think I will stay with them. In the interim, while my frustration is peaked I think I will need to phone Imperial Oil.

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  • Eu
    EUGENIO FATA Apr 12, 2010

    About 2.5 months ago i went through the car wash at major mackenzie and jane st. Going into the car wash, the unit pulled my car in and my brand new snow tire got sliced on the side wall against the guide, i heard a puff of air didnt think anything of it(lots of air in there) by the time i reached the road i had a flat tire. I had bought the tires 2 weeks b4. I didnt see the slice until i went to repair the tire.I went back to that station and the manager pretty well told me where to go. I called customer service they told me they would get back to me. I am still waiting. I havent used Esso since( $200 a week). I had to buy a new tire. thanx for listening. EUGENIO FATA

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  • Ja
    Jas singh Jul 22, 2010

    I went for washing at the gas station and bought the car wash but after wash car was same as before wahsing, even the dust was not removed. when I contacted the clerk he affirmed the porblem and admitted wash is not working properly. He told me that he is unable to help me out and I lost my $12.42. This is like cheating.


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  • Av
    aviano Oct 29, 2010

    Funny Pranks

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    SteveColat Mar 27, 2011

    I just got back from ESSO Richmond Hill. 9770 Yonge St owner Shawn, manager Kumar. Got into the car wash at 3;20 sure enough machine broke while I was still in it. It took until 3:45 for manager to come and service machine. 25 minute wait is unacceptable. I could have been with children, could have had an emergency etc. No attendant at machine is not acceptable !
    I screemed at manager inside store when I finally got out and have asked for owner to call me back. I will be escalating this to Esso head office.
    To boot, car wash scratched my vehicle. Never again !!!

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  • Jm
    JMcL Nov 29, 2012

    Both Esso stations at the east end of Alliston have closed. Is there plans for a new one?

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    Esso= Extra frustration Aug 10, 2013

    Just purchased a brand new 2013 Dodge Journey. Have been filling up at Esso for years, as well as my family. Used the touch-less car wash for the first time at 1949 Innes Road on the Run in Ottawa, Ont.. Pre-checked our vehicle before entering to ensure there were no damages, scratches, etc. After exiting car wash, we did a walk around to see if the vehicle was cleaned well. Noticed a fair size, noticeable chip in paint on the right side passenger side, Which was not there previously. Contacted Esso, and the attendant on duty by the name of Priyank claimed that it was not the car wash fault, and accused me that the damage was my fault. Gave me the number for head office, which was closed until Monday. Refused to contact their manager or take my name or number to give to manager, stating that I would have to come in on Monday when their manager was on duty. I was polite when speaking with him and asked that this report at least be noted until the manager came in on Monday so that it was documented the exact time the car wash happened, thus preventing any claims that the chip could have occurred any time after the car wash until when the manager came in. I even asked if I dropped of a note stating my concern if he would place it on managers desk as to have proof of complaint filed, and the attendant refused. I will be escalating this to head management on Monday and will be creating a formal written complaint any way and handing it to the next attendant on duty hoping that they have customer service enough to place it on the managers desk.

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  • Sy
    syed ahma Aug 20, 2013

    i agree i just went to an esso gas station in scarborough on markham and sheppard to fuel up and needed to go to the washroom when i intered the washroom it was filthy with paper on the floor pee stains all over the toylet stains all over the floor sink filthy with soap and napkins and dirt. i knowticed a paper on the wall hanging saying if the washroom is not to your standards and is dirty tell up and accept a carfreshner as a token of apreciation so i did tell the cashier and he denyed the situation and said it was clean and refused to see the washroom after forcing him to see the washroom he kept saying its clean just a paper on the floor and while he was saying this he was cleaning it at the same time and when i asked for the car freshner he said no he would not give it to me.

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  • Bm
    BMWhelp Oct 09, 2013

    I took my BMW to Esso carwash this morning. The sign told me to drive
    Forward so I did and told me to back up and so I did then told me to stop and so I did.
    But every time I get carwash I always get the habit of checking out the car. To my shocking surprise my front panel (near the plate number) was deeply scratched. Seriously deep. So I told the attendant and so he said it was my fault. But how will it be my fault when all I did is follow what their signs says???!!
    My husband said to just leave it (he is too nice) but I can't let this just slip away its no right. Especially they are trying to get my insurance info which I didn't give but I did tell my broker insurance about it. I need help, please anyone?? What should I do? Should I contact head office???

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  • Le
    Lex Rey Jan 07, 2014

    I was trying to get gas here at Esso Jane and Sheppard location, I told the associate that i'll be paying debit and for odd reason it didn't work. So i told him if he could process it again as i am sure i have money on my account. The employee didn't want to do it again and reasoning that it will shut off their system if he tries to do it again. Now mind you that the weather outside was atleast -30 freezing cold. So i have asked him how can i pay for my gas and he responded saying to go to a bank and withdraw. Now there is a reason why im trying to get gas and that is because i am low on fuel. considering that i always get my gas from this location and also because esso points speding atleast $120 a week. So he gave me a option to pay from the machine outside and try it there, because i was trying to hold my composure i did what he said but was so upset that this employee didn't care how cold it is outside just because he didn't want to do process it on his side. So i did, and it worked so i went and filled my gas and came back in showed him the receipt and i told him that it worked! I told him how much this has upset me that a customer who always come to specific location just to get the gas gets treated like this. I demanded for the manager phone number and spoke to him on the phone, the manager seems like he was going to deal with it but i demanded to see a result and that i'm coming back tomorrow morning to speak to him and find out whats going to happen. I mean we are people, a customer who is paying and not getting this for free and the least they can do is do their job right and not disrespect people like that. They have business that is running because of us customer, they get to have a job because of us customers. I will also call the Esso head office to make sure that this never ever happen again no customer should freeze outside because of an employee who doesn't want to their job right.

    Thanks for listening.

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  • Bl
    blame the parents here Jan 07, 2014

    No offense but why would he care if he lost two customers. He has thousands more.

    Lex I thought they spoke English in Canada. He said if you tried to use the debit card again it would shut down. It was not that he was lazy and did not want to do his job. Also clearly someone who behaves the way you behave is not old enough to drive, so whose car did you steal?

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  • Ro
    rosco327 Mar 12, 2014

    I went to get gas at my local Esso and at the same time I wanted to get a car wash, 1 months before I had a deluxe car wash and when I got home I checked the car and it was still dirty I was not happy with the wash but I was not going to return my fault, so this time I asked the person in charge if the car wash was working correctly because the last time it didn't clean it properly, the attendant said yes it is working, I paid for the deluxe wash after I came out of the wash my car was still dirty the attendant came out to check and agreed that the car was still dirty and said that is normal and it won't get any cleaner, he mentioned that the Shell down the road has a better car wash system than they do and maybe I should go there, so no offer of a refund or to run the car through again, you have been paid and to Hell with the customer, I spend alot of money at that station for gas and to send the car through again is nothing for you, the Shell is just down the road and will have a new customer.
    the Station is at 501 St Jean, Pointe Claire, Quebec

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  • Ri
    Ripudaman SIngh Mann May 30, 2014

    I went last night to Mavis & Steeles Brampton Esso Gas station to fill up the gas and a luxury car wash, after car wash I noticed that car was still dirty on lower sides on both sides, also the bird ### on window pane was not gone. I informed attendant about it and in return he started showing me attitude that car wash does not guarantee removal of bird ### and car wash does not go that lower to wash car on lower sides. Well I am paying $13 bucks for car wash and you’re showing me attitude. If you’re car wash is so bad why would one even go wash their cars at Esso gas station.
    He was loud in talking and after hearing this all, my cousin (sister) stepped out of the car and she ask the guy (attendant) to cool down. Then he started yelling and swearing at my sister. I have informed the local authorities and Esso customer service and they both have taken note of it.


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  • Na
    Naeff Waqar Jun 01, 2014

    (3445 Hurontario St, Mississauga, L5A 2H4)Yesterday evening (May 31st 2014) I wanted to take my dad's car through Esso's car wash since I already had the car wash coupon code. I got to the car wash entrance at 8:47 and the gentleman at the wash told me that the car wash was already closed. I requested him to see the time since there was another 13 minutes to 9 PM but he was adamant that the wash service is closed for the day and he has to "start cleaning the facility".I went into the Esso store to speak with the cashier/supervisor (Her name is Pam)and explained the situation but even she insisted that at 8:50 pm the car wash service closes every evening. I did not wish to argue with the cashier or the gentleman at the car wash but this incident is greatly disappointing. I myself work in the service industry and client relationship is of essence especially if the customer requests are valid.I wish to tell you that unless a satisfactory action is taken on your end, I will not be buying gas from Esso ever again.

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  • Mk
    MkStItCh Jun 04, 2014

    The car wash closes at 9:00pm... WHY would they stay open for you???

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  • Mr
    Mrs A Parker Jun 23, 2014

    On the 23rd of June I stopped to fill my car at the Esso. The pump reset to 0.00 before I started to put my petrol in my car. I tried to stop at £10 but it when over to £10.04. I was charged £18.47. The shop cashier man told me that the £10.04 was the customer before? How can this be? Does the reset before you can even use the pump?

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  • Do
    Don Tarr Jun 23, 2014

    Why did you happen to take a picture of the pump before paying? That is a very strange thing to do, unless you needed to prove a point, but how would you know that in advance unless you knew there would be a question about how much you really pumped? Inquiring minds want to know...

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  • Pa
    Paul701 Jun 25, 2014

    Don he could have taken the pic after going inside and before the next customer used the pump.

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  • Do
    Don Tarr Jun 25, 2014

    Then how could the display at the register show 18.47?

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  • Di
    DinKumar Jul 24, 2014

    I had gone to the Esso at 1641 Markham Rd for a car wash since the front of my car had been riddled with dead mosquitoes from a previous night of driving, and when it had come out there was still some mosquitoes left on the front of the car and even spots on the windshield and when i had gone to complain about it, the manager said there was nothing he could do. He didn't even offer me a free car wash or any kind of compensation. I've even attached the bill as proof that i payed for this car wash and still nothing was done.

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  • Ma
    Mary Jane Fogel Jan 08, 2016

    Esso Gas Station on York Road in Duncan BC
    Have been informed by several parents that this particular gas station has been selling vapor equipment to minors. This gas station is in direct line with High School and most students pass it by on their way to and from school. This should not be allowed. Police have been informed and laws are underway to ban the sale of these products to teens. This is a terrible message that you are sending to our yourng people, and it certainly encourages them to smoke at a very young age. I will tell everyone I know to not use this particular station. Making profits on the backs of our young people is a criminal act.

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  • Me
    mehrgan Feb 16, 2016

    It was a cold day, i took my car to the ESSO gas station, I wanted to buy luxury wash but the guy said since its a cold day it wont work so i should get a full wash only; i said okay because they know better. i washed my car and when i came out, it still had soap and water that froze right away. i went inside and started explaining to the guy what has happened and wanted him to come see the car but the only thing he told me is that "I told you so", i told him you said the luxury wash doesnt work and that i should get full wash but he repeated its a cold day and i told you!!! left the gas station and will never go there again..! horrible experience! such an attitude and also there was an old man standing behind the guy talking to me and just watching without saying anything..!

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  • Br
    bright1965 Mar 16, 2016

    I purchased a luxury car wash March 10, 2016 at 5:09:32am. I noticed when I arrived at work downtown there was white streaks on my car (rinse did not work). I returned back to the Esso station at the end of my work day and the attendant told me to receive a wash I would have to report the issue after the car wash. At that time 5:09am in the morning it is still dark. I was disappointed with the reply and left the station. I did however rewash my car at Shell.

    Location number: 302669

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  • Am
    Amandeep Dhonoa Apr 18, 2016

    I went for car wash at sandalwood & heart lake esso in brampton.
    This touchless car wash is of no use, it only rinses the car, the dirt is still over there, once car comes out. When u ask gas pump guy, he says he can't do anything as this is standard & often happens.
    I will never go back for car wash at esso.

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