Esso Gas Stationthreats and obtaining my visa


I was in the Port Perry gas station trying to pay at the pump when the screen froze so I was nice enough to go inside and ask if it was paid for and he said no. It was a pakistani man and he was unbelievaby rude. After i asked if i was able to go back out and pay with the visa i had from my step mom, he took my visa and threatened to cal the cops on me. Half of what the man was saying i could not even understand because it didn't sound like english and then told me to give him id. I ofcourse thought this meant i would be able to use the visa but he took my licence and refused to give it back. This was the only form of paying i had on me. i had zero cash and was uncertain if what was on my debit would be able to handle it. he raised his voice at me when i continiously said pardon because i couldn't understand what he was saying to me and I am assuming he thought I was making fun of him. but after he raised his voice i got frusturated because i had no way of paying and he was with holding my licence and only form of paying and did not have a cell phone to get anyone. This was absolutely ridiculous and he raised his voice to me infront of four other costumers in the store which made it even more inappropriate. he continued to not give me an option to pay and saying he was going to call the cops so eventually i had to get money from a friend to pay for my gas and then slapped my visa and licence on the counter and didn't say anything.


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    Verisimilitude Jun 17, 2012

    Esso, in North America, seem to employ/share franchise with only East Indians/Pakistani, from what I've been reading. No big deal of course but many have been here only a short time and therefore their English is nightmarish. How can you work with the English-speaking public if you cannot speak English? My daughter tells me today that the men at another station near her home (who chat her up everytime she walks in), told her they'd been here less than 2 years and own a franchise already. Thanks to Canadian $$$ start-up programs for new immigrants (no assistance at those monetary levels for generations of Canadians born-and-raised though. We aren't provided those opportunities in our own country.). I personally am unconcerned who runs the show at each station. Esso must demand their representatives in all countries adhere to decency, proper communication skills and customer service relations.

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