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Sep 06, 2018

I never had a problem renting a vehicle before until today. I went to the Fredonia, NY location for the first time and Sam had all my information filled out then asked about a person I knew. He then refused to rent to my kind due to their outstanding balance. I was not on the contract, not a driver, have nothing to do with any of the persons contract or outstanding balance whatsoever and offered to help.
He then said there was nothing he could do and I got it confirmed at the usual rental place I go to for enterprise that Sam placed my license number under an outstanding balance so that I cannot rent from enterprise.
How is this even legal? This was not my contract nor do I owe any balance! My identity and confidential information was submitted into an account I have nothing to do with and knowing I had a family emergency and my car not running right, he decided to go out of his way for a grudge for me knowing a person he does not like and claims owes him a couple thousand dollars which I learned after it was $767, which is also another breech of their confidentiality and not my business to know their outstanding balance or issues.
Thanks a lot and I hope this gets handled accordingly because I feel violated when I did nothing wrong.
I do plan on speaking to a lawyer about this also. My information does not belong places it shouldn't be. Where else and what else has he done with my information? I should not have to worry about this! That's some great business personnel to have!

  • Updated by Beekz · Sep 07, 2018

    As of today, 9/7/18, I spoke to "Jena", the manager of this area and she said I do not have an outstanding balance! BUT, I cannot rent due to my "reference". I tried explaining that I did not use whom they claim as a reference but she kept repeating herself stating that if my references don't check out, then I cannot rent. I also explained my rental history with them and that I have never had a problem but it doesn't matter. All over a person this Sam employee knew I knew.
    I cannot rent a vehicle at any enterprise location until the other persons account is resolved and I am blacklisted until they do resolve it. I also tried to ask what "my kind" was also but she avoided my question. I was told to go to one of their competitors. Great!

    *Never used Sam's problem as my reference
    *They never checked any credible references I did have
    *I love "my kind" we're beautiful people
    *Unfair and definitely untruthful words came from this Sam
    *So much for the customer always right, huh Jena?!?! THANK YOU for not listening to anything I tried explaining and just repeatedly telling me Sam was correct and that I am a liar.

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