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On monday 3rd of september 2007 I flew on ek 30 from london heathrow to dubai. I checked in online on the sunday to reduce the amount of time I would have to queue with a 2 year old and a 7 month old. I arrived at the airport with plenty of time as I was already checked in, had to queue for about 10 mins which was not a problem. I got to the online check in desk only to be told that I didn’t have an electronic ticket number for my 7 month old.

I couldn’t check in my baggage so had to then queue at the ticket desk to get the electronic ticket number. To get the electronic ticket number took about 45 mins of standing in the queue there were only 2 members of staff on this desk and a lot of people in the queue.

While I was waiting I was very aware of the time I had to get through security and get to the gate.

I then checked in. At which time (16.00) I asked what gate the flight was at and was informed. I had to check in a baby car seat. It was tagged up and the check in lady told me to put it next to the self check in machines (Which were out of order) and that it would get taken down by hand and put on the flight.

Got to the flight with about 20 mins to spare. Gate 32 a very long way to walk with 2 children. Got on board the aircraft. We were kept waiting for about an hour before we taxied.

While on the flight I was not impressed with the service I received from cabin crew. I needed some water for myself and a drink for my 2 year old son. I had to ring the flight attendants button 4 times before anyone came to ask me what the problem was. This is not the service I have come to know emirates for.

Once we landed at 3.15am in dubai we were sent to a hardstand which involved getting on coaches. I had a tired 7 month old and a 2 years old who was asleep. I was offered no help in getting my bags down from the overhead storage, and had to ask for help to get off the aircraft. A member of cabin crew helped me off and as we left the seat I did ask whether I had anything left behind as I couldn’t see the floor (7 month old in sling on my chest holding 2 year old in arms) to which he replied no. He then dumped me on the coach.

Once on the bus I had relised that I was missing my 7 month olds comfort toy a pink blanket with a bunny on the corner. Once we got to the terminal I was informed that there would be strollers available for me to use. To which there was none! I went to the emirates desk by passport control to find out about the blanket that got left on board. I was told that the police would have it in departures. I also had to ask for a stroller.

Once through passport control I there was a delay of baggage coming up. My stroller was there waiting for me. While I was waiting for baggage to start arriving I asked the emirates staff if they could see if the blanket had been found to which I was then again informed that is nothing to do with emirates the police would have it. This blanket is rather important as my 7 month old can not settle without it. This person advised me to go to the baggage service by carousel 8. I walked down there only again to be told they could not help me. I was very distressed at this point.

By this time the luggage was coming up on the carousel. I got a porter to help with my bags. I was waiting for the baby car seat. It was about 30 mins after all the rest of bags came up did I start to think that maybe it had not made the flight. I approached a member of emirates staff who took the baggage tag number ek 589919 and would let me know.

I asked the member of staff if a message could be given to my husband, just to let him know what the hold up was and that we had a problem. I was just brushed aside. Another member of the public (Same flight) stayed to help me as I was distresses at the fact no-one was helping me with the car seat and blanket situation.

The member of staff disappeared so I couldn’t ask her about the car seat. At 4.45 I noticed that he flight number was no longer showing on the screen for the carousel. About 5.00 I managed to get the member of staff to tell me that the car seat had not made the flight, and that I had to make a report about it. The member of public who was helping me took my husbands details and went to inform him what the problem was. She managed to find my husband and pass a message to him.

I went back up to the baggage service to make a report and asked her if she could wait while I went to the toilet to change my 2 children and so I could go the toilet. She was rather rude and told me she couldn’t start the report without me being there which is not problem. All I wanted to do was for her to wait while I made my children and myself more comfortable. I felt under pressure from this member of staff to get the complaint out the way. The attitude of this member of staff was appalling; she was rude and very short with me. I filed a report and then asked if there was a seat I could use to put my 7 month old in to go home only to be told that they don’t have seats which I found appalling.

So if I had to drive a car how am I going to do this with a 7 month old in no seat!!!

I eventually got out and found my husband about 2 hours and 15 mins after landing.

I went to departures to see the police only for them to tell me that emirates would have the blanket that got left on the flight.

The evening of the 4th of september we had received no phone call informing us about the car seat. I tried to ring the number I was given several times during the day with no success. That night I received a text message at 1.30 am and missed calls to my phone at 4.30 and 6.00 am. This was appalling. Once I got up in the morning I phone emirates to get some information about the car seat. I was told I would received it by 10am that day (5th september) in the end I did not received the car seat till 13.30 - 14.00.

My points in his complaint are

1 - if you don’t have an electronic ticket number you shouldn’t be able to check in online

2 - staff this time were very unhelpful and rude

3 - emirates should have a few car seats available to lone out should a passengers not make the flight.

4 - emirates know how many strollers are checked in they should make sure that there are enough at the other end to cope with the flight especially a flight that lands in the middle of the night.

My experience with emirates this time has seriously made me think twice about using them again


Hayley hansford


  • Rh
    rhondda sparksman Jan 17, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Hi Hayley, Are you a resident of Dubai! If so, why not consider using Etihad for future flights. Even though you travel out of Abu Dhabi, you can easily take a taxi or limo service from Dubai or catch the free Etihad bus from their office on Shk Z.

    I lived in Dubai for a while and have recently travelled back with Emirates. After lost luggage, grumpy staff attitudes and chaos at check in, I will only now consider flying to the UAE with Etihad.

    They are doing what Emirates was doing 5 years ago. Very friendly, top service and they are their to make a positive impression. Remember those days flying EK?!

    I do have one positive comment to make regarding Dubai Airport - Ground staff at DXB were very supportive as I had an injured arm and couldnt manage my baggage. DNATA staff let me use their staff room to rest and paramedics re-strapped my arm prior to the flight. The porter service is still top notch and i didnt have to lift one bag. Thank you to ground staff, DNATA staff and paramedics. Emirates staff should learn from your friendly happy service.

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  • Ai
    A.i.dalvi Jun 12, 2008
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    Checked Baggage

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  • Jo
    Joel Strawn Oct 14, 2008
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    I used your Marahaba luggage transfer services with great trust on Sept. 7th 2008 only to find out that I paid 80 USD to lose my luggage. Here it is Oct. 12th 2008 and I still haven't gotten my luggage and don't think I ever will. I had in my bags a digital movie camera, all my clothes, medicines and gifts for all my friends.

    I'd like to make a formal complaint that you either find my bags and get them to me or I be reimbursed for all my items that total a little over $2000 USD. I would much rather have the bags because there's items in them that simply can't be replaced.

    I hear allot of the same stories about your airlines losing luggage and simply don't do anything to find them, but I'm going to see if you ignore my email or I'm going to take it a level higher? One way or another, I expect to hear something back from you.

    If you need more information, I'll gladly give it to you at your request. (Flight numbers, bag numbers ect.)


    Joel Strawn

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  • Rs
    RShaik Jan 25, 2010

    To the Manager
    Complaint Department
    Emirates Airline
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Dear Sir/Madame,

    In reference to the BOOKING REF : FXHYZ2
    Passenger Names - Zahida Begum and Abdul Hussain Shaik.
    Route - Hyd - Dubai - JFK.

    I am son writing on behalf of the passenger who has gone through the utmost pain and grief during there journey. The flight was scheduled to start at 410 AM on 11/22/2009. The flight got delayed for an hour and started only by 510 AM and upon that boarding pass was not Issued to my father who is senior citizen with 63 years of age and has already gone through heart bi-pass surgery. On landing in Dubai with an hour late. The passengers were given only 1 hour of time in transition and I have requested for wheel chair for both of my parents and wheel chair was not provided to them and upon that he cannot board the flight since he doesn't have the boarding pass. Now he has to rush for 10 km away on the dubai airport to get his boarding pass and catch the flight in one hour. He has to rush during this time and with lot of pains and grief he kept running on the dubai airport to get his boarding pass and finally he could able to get the flight.

    I dont understand why a senior citizen with 63 years of age was not Issued the boarding pass . When he asked at Hyderabad airport the guys told that due to security reasons they are not Issuing the boarding pass. What security reasons or threat do you think a senior citizen can posses at this age ? This totally absurd explanation and ### which I dont buy It.

    Secondly when I have requested for the wheel chair for my father since he already had a heart surgery and not recommended to walk on the dubai airport. You people made him run for his boarding pass with giving 1 hour of time between the flights. Great of you guys. I am totally pissed off with this service and hospitality. You could have landed him into the hospital again with the time and pressure you have build up on him. I need the explanation why was the wheel chair not given to him when I have requested specifically ?

    I have bought emirates ticket by seeing the ranking as you are famous in providing comfort to the passengers during flight. I paid so much extra to get the tickets of emirates from any other airlines like ( air India, qatar, lufthansa ) keeping your reputation in my mind. Now Its totally demolished and I need the explanation why for the senior citizens boarding pass was not Issued and If so why was It not taken care properly at Dubai airport and why the wheel chair was not provided .

    Today in this world of Internet and communication . I promise you that I wont leave any chance to propogate this worst experience on forums and user groups and community about your great services and hospitality you have given to us during the flight.

    Please call me at [protected] for further clarifications If you have any ?

    Please provide me explanation in writing why do we need to suffer after paying so much ? Is it an International flight or domestic local bus flight ?


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  • Mi
    mianjaan Jan 28, 2010

    57A Phipps Road Frequent Flyer Number EK2300098735

    Oxford, Oxford shire
    OX4 3HJ
    Wednesday 27 Jan 2010

    Dear Customer Affairs,
    I regret to write my disappointment in the total lack of customer service and negligence regarding my travel with Emirates Airline. I am a Skywards member which l joined on your promise that l will receive a high standard of service as well as excellent customer care. Emirates failed in delivering both of these objectives in my last date of travel. This resulted in me having to face great difficulties whereby l was stranded in an unfamiliar country without any help or support and left to fend for myself for 16 hours at Dubai Airport. The service which l received at Dubai Airport from employees of Emirates was beyond appalling to say the least. There was no care, consideration or interest in my health or well being. I was totally ignored to the extent whereby l was both mentally and physically exhausted and l was experiencing severe migraines.
    From Lahore my flight {EK623} was scheduled 25/01/2010 at 03:30am arriving at Dubai Airport 25/01/2010 at 5:50am. Due to heavy fog at Lahore Airport my flight was delayed from original departure of 03.20am to 13:00pm which is understandable due to the weather. However nobody from Emirates Airline Office made any attempt in contacting me and informing me of these severe weather conditions thus the flight being delayed.
    I arrived with ample time at Lahore Airport giving me plenty of time to check in and be ready for my flight. At Lahore Airport l was given only the one boarding pass which was only for Dubai and l was told l will get the next connecting boarding pass for London Heathrow from Dubai Airport. I asked the staff what time is my next flight from Dubai to London Heathrow and l was told it’s on 26/01/2010 at 07:45am therefore l had to wait 15 hours for my connecting flight. Upon hearing this, l stated my dissatisfaction in this not being the journey which l had initially booked and the waiting time for my connecting flight is far too long. According to Emirates staff who were at the Lahore Airport, I was reassured not to worry, I would be taken good care off as suitable accommodation has already been arranged for me until l am due my London Heathrow Airport. I was satisfied to hear my needs were being catered for even though this had delayed my original journey which also meant l had to speak to my General Manager at my work of place and inform them l would not be able to resume work until 27/01/2010.
    On arrival at Dubai Airport l received a service which Emirates or any Airline would be ashamed to delivery especially to their loyal club members. Initially l was informed at Dubai Airport by a Emirates Airline staff that a hotel would be allocated to me for my stay until l was due to fly to London Heathrow at my connecting flight. I arrived at Dubai Airport approximately 3:30pm, and l was reassured and promised that a hotel was booked and all l had to do was go and collect the hotel voucher from transfer desk at 7:00pm. Meanwhile l can have free snacks at Court Yard Restaurant. At 7:00pm l went back to the Emirates Desk and came across an insulting and very degrading situation. There was nothing ready in terms of accommodation. There was a gentleman behind the Emirates Airline counter called Mr. Kamal who was dealing with all the reservations at the transfer desk. When l spoke to him about my accommodation he told me that unfortunately there is no accommodation available. I asked him why as l had been promised at Lahore Airport and at Dubai Airport the same promise when my flight had landed and now l was being told no accommodation is available. His response was l am sorry and that’s all. I was not seen as important as no reason was given to me to explain how this had happened leaving me stranded without any help. I asked him l would like to speak to the duty manager or the person who is responsible for all this chaos. Again l found his answer very disappointing which was the manager is not available. I tried my best to take the name of the duty manager but this information was kept away from me. I find this experience very demeaning, unprofessional, total lack of customer care and convenient for the company to bypass my needs by giving me a lame excuse of ‘my manager isn’t available.’
    I myself was trying to have a discussion with Mr. Kamal in resolving this matter, his mannerism and behavior towards me was extremely rude, aggressive, example of discrimination in customer care and his attitude was very clear that Emirates Airline doesn’t care about its customers whether l am a Skywards Customer, Loyalty Club or anything else makes no difference whatsoever.
    Bushra Mahjub was the working duty manager and was sitting in her office all this time and didn’t make any effort to come out and speak to myself or show any remorse in what l was going through. Mr. Kamal told me this that the duty manager is in the back sitting in the office and she is fully aware of the situation and is not interested in trying to do anything in resolving the problem with failure in providing accommodation. If l had any idea l could easily have changed my flight, my ticket and my journey travel to avoid this terrible, insulting situation l would have done so, however unbeknown to me only l know what torture l had to go through.
    Emirate Airline has failed in keeping to its promise of providing excellent customer services and care of its valued Skywards customers. I am bitterly disappointed, hurt and disgusted with the whole service l received and l shall never forget this. I demand my complaint to be taken seriously and to be compensated for what l have had to endure. Either ways l am expecting a full refund for the journey which l paid for {January 2010} which l was promised an excellent service and Emirates Airline failed miserably. I do not wish to receive any correspondence mentioning excuses, sorry’s etc as this has gone beyond that point. I shall wait to hear from you, and l can only hope my complaint is listened to.

    Muhammad Umer

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  • Mi
    Mir K Ali Feb 01, 2010

    My family has been flying Emirates for the last 10 years. The experiences on our flights in the last year have been very dissapointing.
    An example is my most recent flight on 01/01/2010 to India...Flight#202 from JFK to Dubai. My wife was in excruciating tooth pain and needed to take some pain medication immediatly. We requested the flight attended for water and was told that drinks will be served shortly. I expalined that we need the water for medication and cannot wait ...the attendant left to bring water and never returned. After waiting almost 15 minutes i got up and got water for my wife.
    On our return flight from Dubai to NY...flight # 201 on 01/16/2010. WE encountered another bad service incident. My son fell asleep when the flight took after and missed his meal when the food was served. When my son woke up and i requested to be served a sandwich or some meal substitute the attendant insisted that their was no foodthat could be served. The as you like it sandwiches are only served at a specific time and the only food item that she could provide was a muffin/cup cake that my son woudn't eat. The worst part of this situation was that the flight attendant was extremely rude and displayed no empathy. The supervisor who got involved over my getting upset was very cordial and had great customer service skills.
    Now apart from being cranky because he could not get anything to eat. My son also could not play any video games on his monitor since the remote was stuck and would not come off.
    It may sound like avery trivial thing to complain about but when you are on a 14 hour flight the little courtesies from the flight crew make a huge difference.
    The best Emirates service that we have recieved has been on the Dubai / Hyderabad circuit. What a breath of fresh air in comparison to the NY/ Dubai circuit. The staff onboard the Ny/Dubai circuit is never accessible and you could go blue pressing the call button but they seem to be involved in something extremely important and it is defibitely not attending to customer needs. Definitely not my families.
    I have 5 members in my family who have flyed on Emirates on multiple occasions in the last few years...on my most recent trip the passengers onboard were...EK211760231, EK211756941, EK139468442. If i do not hear from a reprsentative of Emirates i most certainly will not be using Emirates in the future for my trips.

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  • Sh
    shivani singh Mar 08, 2010

    i took an emirates flight from newcastle to india via dubai on the 6th march 2010.i reached the airport abt 3 hrs before check in as adviced.since i was leaving the Uk for good and coming to india, i had quite a lot of luggage.anyways i was told tht my baggage was overweight n i either needed to trash some of it pay for it.also as per normal flight rules which allow 7-8 kgs hand baggage and the laptop bag is extra.Now these people at the airport told me that...NO ..emirates had changed the rules and its just ONE hand baggae and wht u put in it laptop or clothes or whatever it can be only 7kgs in total.now that created a HUGE problem for me coz most of the flights...infact all that i have travlled on so far(and i have travlled on many) allow 7-8 kgs + a laptop bag, but the lady at check in kept insisting that no emirates and cahnged the rules and it was what she was telling me.I had a open return ticket for emirates and since i had travlled from india to Uk only 6 months back and i had carried a laptop bag and 7 kgs per person of handbaggage i had to ask her when they cahnged the rules to which the answer was 2-1/2 yrs back. At that point it seemed very clear that all emirates was trying to do was make money from me by charging a whopping 25£ /kg and trying to make up for its looses in this day of recession.
    anyways till this point things were still bearable and i managed to literally trash tonnes of my stuff at the airport.but these people were so so uncoperative that werent even letting 0.5-0.75kg go by.all this trashing, packing reweighing time n again took us loads of time and it was almost 12:20 by the time we got our boarding passes with all check in and hand bag weight isssues being cleared off.and we were just proceeding straightaway for the boarding gates when they started announcing our names asking us to baord asap.this wasnt the first time i had taken a flight and me n my husband were walking as fast as we could.but then an emirates person met with with us ..almost like an escort but a very rude one.there was still time for the flight to take off and i do agree that all this dealy was our fault but even then taht doesnt give any place to rudeness..coz the person literally told us 'I DONT WANT U GUYS TO WALK ...RUN!...no PLEASE NUTHIN'...i did to try to run but with the heels n the handbad n everything its not the easiest of runs from gate no. 11 to gate no 25.but the guy irrespective of the situation kept insisiting run..there isnt time to walk...
    and then when we finally reached the gate the emirates person there literally shouted at my husband...that we r gonna offboard you from the flight...and i quote " I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION FOR THE DELAY"...please note "demand and not want or request"...what kind of customer service is that...and the guy went on to say that we want to weigh your hand baggages again...and this time on a normal scale and it showed a diff of 1.5-1.75 kgs again...when the lady at the check in had weighed them they were exactly accordind to specs nd weight limits so what gaurentee did i have that their analogue weighing scale didnt have an error but the 4-5 of them were so loud n rude n kept insisting that u either reduce your baggage in 3mins or they would take off ur luggage and take the flight without us...but i had important reasons to come back to india and cdnt have missed the flight i gave them the money ...and and just boarded ...just to see that more than half the flight was going empty so it was like that that extra 1.5 kgs wd've put an extra burden on the flight...so emirtaes needs to learn not to stick to the rules in the book likea parrot and that to co-opertae with the customer if and when possible and give certain leavage according to the situation ...anyways but in all this episode the way i was treated in the last bit...the tone and the language that they used were so loud n rude and literally felt like an act of racism...these emirates officials wdnt have talked like that to a brit or american...but they take it as their right to talk to us as if they still rule our country.well news is ...that those days are long gone by and I'm not gonna accept this or let this go by...if i have to take it to the media or to the court i will...but if these people think that they can treat the customer whatever way they want they are wrong.at no point am i denying that being late due to excess baggage wasn't my fault...but a big part of it was due to the handbaggage rule confusion...but that doesnt give anybody the right to talk to me or my husband or anybody like this.I had paid quite a good amount for that ticket and i will not take any kind of ### from anybody.I think emirates needs to look at the past where the airline industry was a model of customer services to ever other industry...where the flight officials always started and ended sentences with please n thanks.
    I'm not letting this issue go by so i want this to be looked into asap nag given an explanation.

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  • Na
    Nagraj narayana gurrala Mar 20, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Respected management,
    I had been to sheikh zayed road branch three days ago. I met manager Mrs amal regarding reschdule my personal loan. the manager is very good lady she explained me very nicely and she told me to go and see Mr noman but he was not understanding about this matter and he is not talking proper way and he is screaming and he is talking very cheaply, at least he should know how to talk to customer, since i am not a bad one, i am very dissapointed as i expected minimum point of respect from your customer service officers. Hope you wil look in to the matter and give me a justification. I suggest Mr noman needs very good training in dealing with customers.
    Many times i met Mr sunil he is very respectable person he always helps people in proper way. He brought me into this bank.
    Thanking you
    Nagraj Gurrala

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  • Hu
    hussain khan shahed Sep 24, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Attn: The Management Manager
    Re: Misbehaviors of your Staff toward the Passengers:
    Dear Sir, Madam,
    I want to render a complaint against your personnel who is in duty during my flight.
    I am Mr. Hussain Khan Shahed EK Membership # EK [protected].

    The situations began during my flight in Jeddah to Dubai with my Business Partner Mr. Mushtaq Ur Rehman our Flight # EK804 Airbus # A380-800 Date: 09 September 2010 Depart Time: 22:00 Arrive Time: 1:40 which was delayed for 2 hours, the announcement is due to waiting some Passengers.

    I and Mr. Mushtaq Ur Rehman was so upset about the delay of our flight as we need to catch up our Business Meeting in Hong Kong on time at ( 8:00 P.M.)

    Upon reached in Dubai we notice that our flight was departed Flight #EK384, Airbus # 777-300, Date: 10 September 2010, Depart Time: 03:15, Arrive Time: 17:40, we approached one of your ground Personnel and we ask. What should we do now? We need to catch our meeting in Hong Kong. Why not waited to Passengers as same as our flight from Jeddah to Dubai, waited for 2 hour for the late Passengers.

    The person that we mistakenly approached was MR. MOHAMMED TAWFIK. He replied us in very rude talked and very sarcastic words. I was so surprise how could you hired a personnel like him, he don’t even have any formal manner to assist the passenger who is in desperately needs.

    If I did not control myself on that time I can hits him and cause chaos in the airport that can damaged your very good reputations.

    By then I asked, where is the Supervisors thinking that at least someone can help us and answer properly our query, and he explained to us in acceptable reason, then he issued our Boarding Pass for Flight # EK380.

    Afterward we missed our Business meeting due to this unreasonable delay of our flight.

    But it doesn’t mean that I will just ignore the behavior of Mr. Mohammed Tawfik in handling our situations.

    I want your respective office to inquire about this matter and give him appropriate warning for the good of other Passenger that he might a crossed with.

    If he denied about this matter I am coming to Dubai on October 2010.

    Hoping that you will make appropriate action accordingly;

    Waiting your prompt reply,
    Mr. Hussain Khan Shahed

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  • Ai
    airin Nov 15, 2010

    forget it Pal, those people from Emirates dont know what "service" means.. and save your energy looking for someone who responsible for your case.. you wont find it.
    *or its just Emirates strategy to not to get any complains from customer hahaha..
    and if you try to find single email adress from their website.. its like barking to the blue moon..
    I suggest you to change your favorite airliner. If you book early enough, there are others airliners with good price with at least an email adress to contact to in case of complains..
    *they ripped me off recently, for their own failure.. but no one to talk to..

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  • He
    Hello1 Jan 01, 2011

    It has very horrible customer service. No one responds to any calls or emails. They harass at the Indian airports in the security and visa.

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  • Gu
    GuestV Jan 09, 2011

    I am just wondering, for any of the trips, have you ever considered updating meal preferences online / informing your meal preferences at the time of booking

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  • Da
    dahnne Jan 11, 2011

    May i know if there is a certain 'moral' code qualifications for your flight attendants?

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  • Sr
    Sri Jan 21, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Emirates airlines India sector is a total disappointment. I travelled tO Bengaluru on the 3rd Jan 2011 from Dubai and returned on the 7th of Jan 2011 on EK 566/567. The inflight service was a disaster with the Airlines underestimating the number of Non Vegetarian meals on the flight. I sat in the middle row of the aircraft and by the time my turn came, they had run out of non vegetarian meals and offered me vegetarian meals. This happened on both trips to and from Bengaluru. This is not a coincidence and is shear evidence of Emirates airlines indifferences to passengers travelling to the Indian sector. Passengers travelling to the INdian subcontinent are generally treated indifferently and are given a callous atitutude both by the airlines management and the staff. This is my third bad experience with Emirates airlines and am seriously considering to change my flight and opt for flights that offer value for money and have good customer service. I encourage all passengers not to compromise on your requirements while flying Emirates airlines by ensuring that you stand up for your case and put up complaints across all Airlines rating boards. Get your money's worth by travelling in alternative flights that offer better customer service. Dont go by the brand name as clearly you will see the exploitation inflight!

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  • Sa
    sarah_ganda Mar 24, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like to raise a complain very briefly regarding the cabin crew of Emirates airlines which I have experienced during my flight (economy seat ) last March 12, 2011 where in I have asked a crew for an eye cover which she said she would be back to give me but never came back to give me anything, , so I asked another crew to give me the same item yet no one from those two crew gave me the eye cover, , , so I just used the blanket provided by the airline to cover my eyes because I was really tired and really need to sleep during the flight, because I have waited for 10 hours for our connecting flight for Dubai to Manila and me and my colleagues were never given any hotel accommodation. Another thing is when a crew was serving a snack, I asked him (Ahmad) to give me noodles instead of the snack and said he will be back to give it me, after 5 mins he went back and told me that there are no more noodles available and told me that the noodles have been served while I'm sleeping. But I saw another crew serving noodles for another guest, , so I asked this girl to give me one, and she was able to give me one, which really pissed me off and decided to raised this complaints against your crew to improve their service, because I believe that they should possess good customer service. As a guest of your airline each and every person should be treated well whatever seat they are in.
    Hope this issue will be raised to your management and do proper action regarding those staff involve.

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  • Av
    aviationman Jun 28, 2012

    Your story is unfortunate but in this day and age people should NOT book a flight without reading the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Airlines are constantly changing their baggage policies and unfortunately they do have the right to aslong as the information is available for the passenger (in the event you cannot find the terms and conditions anywhere after being charged, keep your tickets and boarding stubbs and contact the airline directly). It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check the baggage rules before you turn up at the airport, you cannot simply expect the check-in staff to let you off or not even notice because I am telling you now (in the UK at least) they WILL NOTICE and they WILL CHARGE YOU. It is not their fault, they are simply doing their job correctly, if they are caught wavering excess without permission they can end up being in serious trouble for it and no they are not on commission. In terms of Emirates at Newcastle, lets say I am familiar with it. Emirates offer a very generous luggage allowance (30kgs!!!) and because of this, they are strict on hand luggage and come down hard anyone with excess baggage. If you think you are going to exceed that huge allowance you need to contact the airline beforehand and pre-pay the excess, it will be much cheaper and I can tell you now that if you want to spin any sob stories about you going back home or visiting sick relatives etc you will have alot more luck with them than you will at the airport. In terms of your treatment down at the boarding gate, it is not your place to say whether the aircraft 'has time to take off' the chances are the aircraft had an air traffic control slot and was lucking to pushback before a certain time . Maybe the staff member should not have made you run if you were struggling but Im afraid that if you did walk and the dispatcher managed to locate your luggage before you arrived at the gate, chances are that you would have been refused boarding, especially since the delay was initially caused by your excess baggage. One final comment I have is actually a question to yourself. If you checked in at 12:20, you would have been expected to arrive at the gate by 12:50 which I admit might be a bit tight if security was busy. However 12:50 is the time the staff start allowing passengers into the gate, boarding does not usually start until at least 13:10 and they only start doing final calls at about 13:20. My question is why did it take you so long to arrive at the gate? Security would not have taken more than 30 mins even if they did search you, from security to the gate it is only 10 minutes, that leaves 20 minutes spare. I can only guess you were either shopping or that you were simply incapable of finding the gate or knowing if your aircraft was boarding at which point you should have explained at checkin that you needed help finding the gate, at which point they would have offered you assistance! The moral of this story is however READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE YOU BOOK YOUR FLIGHT AND DONT JUST BLINDLY TURN UP AT THE AIRPORT EXPECTING EVERYTHING TO BE FINE!!!

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    Babu chinna Nov 24, 2012
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    This is Babu, frequent flyer of Emirates, Had a flight from Mumbai to Dubai on 24/11/2012, EMIRATES - EK 503, BOOKING REF X2KLVJ. My skywards no.: [protected]. Due to heavy traffic in mumbai, reached to airport before 50 min of the departure timings and faced a very disgusting situation, Really i felt shocked to see none of a person sitting in the counters to answer for the passengers who come late. one of the counter boy was saying "sorry sir i am helpless none of the staff are here, have to wait for one more hour to meet the staff and really sorry that i cant give my supervisor/superior contact number too as per the rules. and i too must leave to the boarding area as per my superior instruction " and left off the place. Booking office is Nariman point and airport is some where in andheri which is almost 15 km far, I stongly request the officials to take charge on the supervisor of this flight who had failed to keep any staff at the booking counter to help for the customers who arrived to counter lately. Really flet very bad for such big airlines to serve the customers in this situtation. Really depressed of the situation faced in Mumbai airport. Babu.

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    sajaad Jul 06, 2013



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