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Emirates Airlinesinappropri​ately charged for cabin luggage for man-dxb-bl​r flight (booking reference fzqh62)

This mail is regarding my complaint for the entire process in which I was charged 125 gbp for extra cabin luggage.
Before jumping into conclusions I would expect you to go through all the details below and then try to understand my view point.
Flight booking reference: fzqh62
1) I travelled from blr-dxb-man on 15th march 2013 with a 6kg trolley bag plus a laptop bag as cabin baggage. Apart from this I had checked-in luggage of total 28 kg. There were no issues at airport and I reached manchester on 16/03/13 without any problems.

2) this is the case for all my travels; and amongst all colleagues and friends (Frequent travelers) this is a clear understanding that a laptop bag is additionally allowed apart from the specified quota of 5-7 kg cabin baggage.

3) similarly for female passengers, hand purse is not counted as cabin baggage. My wife (Zeenat ayesha) travelled through the same route on 19/01/2013 (Booking ref: m0xqwy) with a trolley bag, hand purse and a laptop bag.

4) while returning from manchester to bangalore on 13/04/2013, my wife came to the airport to see me off. We reached close to 3 hours before the flight departure time.

5) we went to the check-in counter of emirates and I checked-in two bags (Totally weight 29kgs).

6) then the executive asked if I am carrying cabin baggage. I replied that I am carrying two. A trolley bag plus a laptop bag.

7) she replied "sir, only one bag is allowed". I was shocked as this was happening for the first time with me.

8) instantly I replied that this is the way I travelled from blr to man few weeks back with the same airline i. E. Emirates.

9) the lady at the counter didn't say anything and handed over the boarding passes for man-dxb and dxb-blr flights to me.

10) it was obvious for me to assume that she had considered my reasoning and I had been allowed to travel with above bags

11) all these things, happened within 10-15 minutes and then I decided to go to security; after ensuring the check-in is successfully over, my wife also left airport for liverpool.

12) I got my security done and after doing some time pass, I went to area around gate #12 and sat on the chairs beside the gate.

13) after sometime the staff started checking boarding passes and allowing passengers to enter gate #12

14) I also went and but was shocked when I was told that I cannot travel with the two bags.

15) I again tried to explain my points but was rudely told that they did not have time to speak to me and I was holding the queue and many others were waiting to check in.

16) I was asked to choose whether to throw the extra luggage or pay for it. They were so discourteous in their tone that they were not ready to hear anything. May be they were busy with boarding, that means they were not the best person to handle cases of extra luggage. It should have been ideally done earlier at check-in counter.

17) due to the pressure I was put under by the staff, I dint have any other option but to pay 125 pounds for the laptop bag. How can a person choose to throw the gifts which he has purchased with love for friends and relatives?

18) I also got dismayed with the way the entire payment process was handled. I was not carrying cash so I chose to pay by hdfc international credit card. One staff asked me to stand near the boarding counter as she needed some detail for the card I gave to her. Withing seconds the other staff member asked me to not to stand there. I was disgusted with the way I was treated over there. As if I was a criminal and the staff was doing me a favor by allowing me to travel. I got very frustrated.

19) at the same time I noticed many economy class passengers sitting in boarding area with two bags (I am not counting duty-free bags). So this made me feel more bad. Was I singled out there? If yes, for what reason? Did I look like a fool to them?

20) finally the payment process got over and I started my journey to bangalore.

I hope the above details will help you in visualizing the series of events that took place with me.
Right after that moment this incident is haunting me like anything. I have not been able to sleep after reaching back to bangalore. When I close my eyes, the same scene and the way it was handled comes into my mind. The current time here in bangalore is 03:01 am.

If emirates staff at check-in counter was sure about not letting me with two bags without being charged extra, why she didn't reply to response and told about the extra charges. At that time my wife was with me. I could have transferred 2 kg into check-in bags (Which was 28 kg) and returned the empty laptop bag with my wife.
What else could I have understood if she chose to remain silent and issued the the boarding passes to me.
And later during boarding when there is not much time left for the flight and your boarding staff are busy, they suddenly brought the topic of paying extra or throw your belongings. How can you throw the gifts which you have purchased with love for friends and relatives? So pay for it?
What do I understand from the way the entire thing was handled. It's so difficult for me to believe but yes now I feel I have been cheated by emirates through some staff members at that airport. Issues related to extra luggage or buying extra luggage need to be handled during check-in and not when your flight is scheduled to depart in sometime.

Now I am writing this mail to you so that you look into the issue and refund the amount incorrectly charged from me and compensation for the distress it has caused in my life. This could have been easily avoided if extra luggage issue was sorted at check-in counter.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Let me know in case you need any more information on this.

Thanks and regards,
Latif ur rahman
Skywards membership no: ek362418862

Indian postal address:
Siemens technology and services pvt ltd,
#84, keonics electronics city,
Hosur road bangalore, karnataka,
India - 560100

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    • Ma
      Manoosri Nov 25, 2015

      It looks like, your fate was bad on that day.
      I travelled more than 10 times through emiartes always carried 2 bags ( trolly+Laptop). I never had a problem.
      Now i need to travel from germany to hyd with emirates. I called customer care yesterday and said same thing. She told that i was lucky that was not caught. website rules tell only one piece of bag.
      Did you get back any money finally for your complaint.

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    Emiratesattitude and fooling consumers

    I had planned a beautiful holiday with my 2 girls age 6 and 2 and my husband to Syria then Dubai and then trip was ruined and i had the worst time of my life. I am a united kingdom resident but my husband was travelling on a Pakistani passport and i was told that he shall get his visa on the airport. i again asked the airport staff and the answer was same. we went to Syria from Dubai connected flight., we stayed in Syria for 3 days. our stay in Dubai was for 2 days.on return to Damascus Airport the officer said my husband cant go to Dubai as no visa. after the begging he changed his ticket to transit passenger and got us on plane. what he never told us that he changed all 4 tickets to pakistan and there will be a fee. we discovered it on Dubai airport. we had two day stay in Dubai and paid the tourist company and the hotel. we got to Dubai at 22.00 pm and were forced to stay there till 08.00 am when I went to Ticketing counter I was told that they CANT DO ANYTHING and i would have to forget the money paid to Dubai hotel and company and just go to Pakistan. then I asked for a manager to help me and the lady introduced me to a man standing beside her as a manager. but when i read his badge it dint say manager. I got annoyed and told her to let me speak to a manager . she gave me an option that she will write and email to Damascus Airport staff and ask them to accept their mistake. if they do reply i can leave. but as we all can assume they dint!! waited till 2am kids crying us extremely tired and annoyed i went baq to her and she said d same. I cant do Anything. in this case I went to counter for boarding pass to Pakistan and they did stupid questions to me and this was the man who this ticketing lady introduced me as manager. he took revenge and wasted time and then suddenly said to me sorry the gates are closed??? what ?? you may go to the ticket counter as you are late? how?? its still 65 Min's left?? no I cant issue u a Boarding pass. the ticket woman.. its around 500£ to change tickets now.. noone except who has been in tis kind of frustrating situation can imagine my state!!! I want the manager this is not fair. the manager room is bla bla place. i ran like a headlesschickn on the airport to find manager i am sure he could have been called? but they made me run here there as a revenge for me asking them for a manager and not been able to speak to one. atlast manager comes. and the same old answer that I heard from like 100 people on the airport I CAN NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT . I dont know How I persuaded him to look into my matter and by the time he did he was shocked and told me that he could have done it for me before if he knew what had happened??? YEAH WHAT I ASKED FOR THE MANAGER LIKE 50 TIMES?we got out my daughter had no milk the other one was hungry we were frustrated and mindless. and the food court is on the other side of the airport? we were UNLAWFULLY FORCED to stay on the airport for nearly 22 hrs. .the two days went bad as v all were very tired due the airport staff sunhumann behaviour and ignorance. the staff of emirates is unlawfully rude and no help is provided. Even the Dogs are treated well in our country as they treat Human there? i am very disappointed and every plane was late. i shall never travel in emirates after how much my holiday was ruined and my kids and i and husband faceddesastrer.

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      • An
        Annonymus123 May 30, 2013

        My friend its simple write your complaint to customer service with names and details and then bug them to hell until they compensate you for your loss

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      Emirates Airlinesmissed flight even after getting boarding card

      We had reached the dubai airport at 7 am to catch the flight to vienna departing at 09;45am. The airport was packed with lot of people travelling. I made my wife stand in the long q for check in I went to try the self checkin but my skywards miles card got stuck in the machine. So I ended up joing back the line for check in in manned counters. Which had less staff considering the crowd to be managed. Finally we reached the counter and the person gave us the boarding card with ticket no etkt [protected]/669-1/672-1. But he refused to accept our baggage and directed us to the supervisor.
      When we reached the supervisor he was already tearing his hair and talking rudely to other customer as well. When I asked him to help us he asking me why that person didnt accept the baggage when he give you the boarding card. ? How can I answer that why he didnt accept. So I was sent back from there to ticket counter to revise the booking where I booked for next available flight. Which is sunday 31st march 2013.
      Than I went to try my luck in waiting list there I met an pleasant lady calm an composed named bandana she was helpfull and took our details for waitlist passenger for evening 17:15 flight.
      But unfortunately there was no space so we had to return home and confirm our booking via call centre for our sunday booking.
      Here is the best part I get charged as no show dhms 600 per person. No show I have boarding card in my hand and due to mistake of your staff I have to pay.
      Strange on other hand I am loosing my money on my hotel reservation and all my holiday plans are upside down because of your staff fault and I get charged on top of it.

      Realy taken aback by the casual approach towards customers. I met the manageress also but she also could not be helpfull saying she cant do anything.
      So what we should do is it our fault.

      I helf emirates airlines always in high regards the best airlines I used to travel.
      Unfortunately due to todays experience my 7 yr old daughter saying she does not want to travel in emirates any longer that is shocking to hear from a 7 yr old. So suggest please take care of your customers which was your biggest asset before.
      You can reach me at email [protected]@eim. Ae
      Thanking you

      Shriraman. Jagannatha rajaraman

      missed flight even after getting boarding card

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        Emirates Air Linesbad service cabin crew

        I was flying with emirates airlines on suterday 23 of februwary, from beirut to dubai, when they star puting the food and after around 15 minutes they asked me what I want to eat, the menu includind 3 kind of food, I asked for the chiken, it was finish, for the pasta, also the same, only they still have something with yogurt and I have problem if I eat yogurt. I asked them to bring someting, and some one next to me have the same problem they bring to him from the first class, but for me he come back after 15 minutes telling no food everything empty. So around 4 hours no eating, and they did not ask again or speak with me about this. The problem is not the food but no one was serious to explain what hapen...

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          Emirates Airlinesunplanned stop in dubai

          I booked a trip withe emirates to take me to maldives towards thee end of last year.

          This was our intended itinerary:

          14 dec 2012
          Depart ort on ek766 at 22h20 to dubai

          15 dec2012
          Connect in dubai on ek652 to male

          We departed ex jnb (Or tambo airport) on thee 14the dec 2012 on flight ek 766. The flights was delayed by half an hour and took off at 22h50 and only landed at 08h50. We were already checked in all thee way to male so I was not concerned about missing thee connection as we had 40 mins from getting off thee ek766 flight and getting onto thee ek 652 flight. However, when we landed at dubai we were intercepted by an emirates representative who was calling for all passengers connecting to male. We anticipated theat we would be taken by theis lady to our next gate as our boarding passes received did not have a gate number. We asked thee lady what was happening and she advised us theat everytheing was in order and she just needed to get all thee passengers bound for male togetheer. She waited until every last passenger was off thee plane (Delaying us by an additional 15mins) and theen she proceeded to tell us theat we had missed our connecting flight. I advised her theat we still had half an hour to get on thee plane and theat we had not missed our flight as we all had boarding passes and we were not late. It was only theen theat she told us we had already been offloaded.

          I know for a fact theat flight ek652 and flight ek766 were overbooked by emirates, because thee emirates check-in representative at or tambo told us theat you were running a special theat had resulting in our flights being overbooked, and he advised us to check in all thee way to male in order to avoid disappointment.

          The result of theis was theat:

          1. We missed an entire day and night of our dream holiday to maldives which cost us r70 092.00 for 8 days.
          2. We were stuck in an awful hotel in dubai withe terrible food theat we could not eat and had to go out to a restaurant for dinner which cost us an additional r1000
          3. All our duty free alcohol theat we had purchased at ort was confiscated at dubai because we had to go therough customs and your emirates staff, twice declined to let us check it in to avoid thee confiscation. This had cost us r1000

          I find it very strange theat thee passengers on thee same flight as us who were connecting to australia were offered a free return flight to any emirates destination as compensation, yet we were not offered anytheing.

          I did fill in a customer feedback form on our return to ort on flight ek761. I handed theis form to cabin staff who advised me it would be dealt withe. As yet I have had absolutely no response.

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            • Ka
              kadim Mar 18, 2013

              in new year eve i traveled to paris with emirates airlines by the way im reguler customer
              one of your cabin crew was so rude to me.not only that she use f words
              those kind of people tarnish the airlines reputation
              i asked her colleague to give me some informations about her. she told me her name is
              houda benamar

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            Emirates Airlinescheating by intensionally not allowing to board the aircraft

            Dear officials

            I start my complaint with ' I am completely unsatisfied/unhappy and I was badly screwed by you and would never choose your airlines in future for me or for my family travel' statement.

            In my return journey I was asked to pay INR 2729 for a 2KG extra weight in Bengaluru that too for cabin baggage, and then they issued me boarding pass, later in Dubai I was waiting for my connecting flight to Hamburg at gate A5(which was mentioned in boarding pass) and boarding was not announced at 2.15 pm, so I went and asked the emirates help desk then I got to know that my gate is B32, I ran and I reached 30 minutes before the flight take of time at gate B32, but Emirates person told me my luggage has been offloade, boarding gates are closed and I cannot catch that flight, They made me to wait till next day morning 8.55am. They asked me to pay DHS 810 for the flight, Then I stayed in hotel for that night as neither accommodation nor food was served by your airlines So I spent € 111/- for hotel, €20 for my food and €80 for my phone bill. and then I had to apply a days leave at my work place as I couldn't reach on time. I lost €150 as my salary for that day, Now please tell me who will bear this loss ? I am OK with paying Rs 2729 for extra weight, that was my mistake, But who is responsible for changing the boarding gate in Dubai ? and it was not at all announced in A5 gate, The same happened not alone with me, there was another person Mr. Anuragh who was waiting for the same flight at gate number A9. we both missed it, and then incurred losses. I doubt that we may have trapped by emirates to pay more and leave the booked flight as you had other passengers to travel in our(me and mr.anuragh) place as some of Emirates officers were trying to convinve mr.anuragh in Mumbai airport to take the next day flight. In one sentence 'Emirates screwed me badly'.

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              Emirates Airlinesdelays and missing connecting flight

              I mustafa vanat and my brother abbas vanat both business class travellers few on the 2nd of january 2013 to dar e salaam on emirates: our airline confirmation : grx5qb (mustafabhai h vanat) (skywards member no: ek [protected])
              E ticket no:[protected].
              (Abbas vanat) airline confirmation : m3lqkn (skywards member no: ek274405143
              E ticket no: [protected] vanat/a.
              I had made a complaint in regards to the problems that I had faced while traveling to dar e salaam and the knock on effect that it has had on my business but yet as of now I have still not yet received any kind of a call or communication from emirates and I am extremely unhappy and will not be travelling with this airline any more!

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                Emirateshorrible service

                My husband and I travelled to dubai from washington d. C. Recently. Even though flight crew handed us a menu earlier when we were served lunch, they ran out of everything and only had fish left to serve. My husband and I do not eat fish, so we requested the flight attendant to try to bring us at least vegetarian meal from the menu. She served us 30 min after this request.In the mean time, we were just waiting for our main course having the rest of the food tray in front of us. Then she served me an inedible glass noodle dish which was not even in the menu. When I requested her to change the meal, she took another 20 min to get back to me and literally threw the food in front of me. Both of the crews helping our aisle in the flight were extremely rude!

                On our way back to usa, same thing happened, they ran out of food again. The cabin crew served me a half eaten food and served my husband old stale food that gave him food poisoning.

                I have been travelling with emirates since 2003. I won't travel with this airlines ever again and tell my friends and family about this horrible experience so that they stop travelling with this airlines as well.

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                  • So
                    souqscam Apr 22, 2013
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    I will Agree with you in something and is that Please do not travel Emirates never ever agaan.
                    Everything else I will have to disagree. An Airline responsibilities with the passenger is ONLY to transport them from point A to point B. Everything else including the food is complimentary. The Crew real reason to be there is for safety and security reason like safe your life in case things go wrong or you suffer from a heart attack.
                    When the crew was trying to give you that meal that was not even in the menu they were trying to be nice with you giving you out the CREW MEAL wich is 10 time better quality than the passenger meals.
                    Passenger meals are made like half a Year before the flight.
                    The Pilot and crew meals are made 1 week before. So trust me that meal ws way better than the menu one.
                    I would recommend you fly a cheaper airline because honestly the only right you have is to stay sitted, watch tv drink water and have ONE MEAL.

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                  • An
                    Annonymus123 May 30, 2013

                    Pls draft and send a complaint to the customer affairs...i am surprised they treated you soooo badly, as for you mr Souqscam Emirates is not a budget airline but a commercial airline and part of its service is food which is included in the price of the ticket so pls dont say kts complimentary

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                  • So
                    souqscam May 31, 2013
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    You are right Mr Anonymous I apologize for my lack of knowledge in the matter.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Emiratescancelled flight

                  My flight from kht to dubai on 17 january 2013 has been cancelled for security reasons and I was re-booked on 19/01/2013 (see relevant attachments). As a result I have missed my connecting flight via aa. Airlines on 19/01/2013 from ny to port au prince, haiti.
                  As a result of the cancellation I had stay two nights in khartoum and two nights in new york as aa. Airlines re-booked my ticket on22 january instead of 19 january 2013.
                  I have spent an amount of us$ 200.00 for hotel and transportation (2 nights in khartoum as emirates did not provide accommodation) and an amount of us$280.00 in new york as I had to spend two nights because I missed my connecting flight to port au prince on 19/01/13 and I made it on 22/01/2013. I was also absent for 2 working days from my work.
                  I would hope to get reimbursed the sum of us$480.00.


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                    Emirates Airlinesdelay leading to missing flights causing hotel bills

                    I arrived in new york on board emirates e k 201 today 22 january 2013. The flight was delayed for more than two hours in dubai before take off. This caused me looking my connecting flight aa 227 to las vegas for my business meeting. I am currently checked in a hotel at an extra cost as the next flight is in the morning 23jan 2013. I need emirates to compensate me for this loss of time, business and refund my hotel bill of which a co. Py shall sent upon check out. I am currently considering a legal action.

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                      • Em
                        Emirates Airlines Jan 23, 2013

                        Your flight was cancelled due to bad weather.

                        We apologize for cancelling your flight. We apologize for not putting our crew and our other customers in danger just so that you could get to your meeting on time. We apologize for thinking of the safety of our customers and crew and not putting you first. Please accept our apology.

                        1 Votes
                      • I dispise apathy Jan 23, 2013

                        Check Clause 9.2 and Clause 10 in Emirates Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage. You agreed to these when you bought your ticket.

                        3 issues that make your potential claim null and void:

                        1) The UAE has been covered in a blanket of Fog for the last 2 days. Emirates T&C's specificaly state that weather delays are beyond their control. Options Emirates provide are alternative flights. No flights took off that morning as the fog was so bad.

                        2) You actually completed the journey. Your claim holds far less weight based on the fact that you took the journey, albeit 2 hours late.

                        3) You only left 2 hours tranfer time on a 14 hour, 11, 000kms flight from the Middle East to New York... For that my friend, you are an idiot.

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                      • Bi
                        binal shah Feb 04, 2013
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        On 23 january me and my husband waited at the mumbai airport for 14 hours due to delay in flight .the morning flight for dubai at9.55 am took of at 9.30 pm in the night.i want my money back thats 37000rs as soon as possble.The emirates staff was rude .they said that there will be a special team t the dubai airport on arrival for handling the problem bue there was no one at that end.they knew this since morning so they also gave us a boarding pass with 11.40am boarding time without even telling us.we asked them where to sit they said whereever u find place.then at 11am they said now the flight will take of at 2.30pm.Then it became 6.30 because of technical problem in the flight.They gave us food which was horrible as we are jains we were not given much to eat.they also gave us an offer when we checked in at 7.30am in the morning that if u take the the 3.30 pm flight u get a return dubai ticket it was all known by them but they were telling us after every two hours that there is a further delay in the flight.if they would have told us in the morning we all would have recieved a shock. So this was there game plan but i want my money back or else i will take more strict and further actions.ihope u understand my problem and compensete me and my husband for the loss of time and money that we suffered

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Emirateshighly dissapointed with the poor service

                      My name is susan chishimba and a loyal emirates fly-er and have never had bad service before, I flew on flight ek0766 on 21st dec 2012 with my 9 month old baby at the time. The flight was delayed from johannesburg with no apology hence this caused me to miss my connecting flight to london ek0029. The lady at the service desk in dubai did not contact my sister in london who was driving from kent to come and fetch us causing panic attacks and also unnecessary fees for parking for this delay advising them of this delay neither did she call my husband in s. Africa. To top it all I had not been offered any food for my baby and I was made to sit in dubai at the airport for 7 hour with an infant : - (. My baby was so restless. When we eventually connected I was made to sit on a seat not suitable for a mother with a baby (On my initial booking I had pre-seated on good seats. My returning flight on 15 jan 2013 ek0006 and ek0763 was a bit better. It would be great if mothers would be catered for really. Many thanx

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                        Emirates Airline — termination of training contract as air cabin crew

                        My daughter eommenced training with Air Emirates as cabin crew personnel in Dubai at the end of September...

                        Emirates — overcharge on excess baggage

                        I have submitted the below complaint to emirates and have yet to receive thoughtful response. I received one...

                        Emirates Airlineflights confiscated

                        Several weeks ago in early december 2012 I was stopped at dubai airport due to a mistake in their system that had me banned from travel to the uae, I had onwards tickets to china so I went to the emirates desk in the airport and altered my travel so I could return to cape town and have the dubai immigration glitch fixed.

                        Emirates staff changed my ticekts, I did offer to purchase a new one way ticket to cape town from duabi to avoid cancellation but the staff on hand said due to teh circumstances they would hold the onwards ticket to china and the return section - unfortunately emirates corporate have reneged on this arrangement saying I was a no - show for the shanghai section and therfore teh wole ticket was voided - despite me speaking to them 1 week before the scheduled flight and of course the day before when I recevied the flight reminder - so emirates knew 100% before the flight that I wuold not make it - they themsleves changed my tickets so tere can be no excuses.

                        They are now saying they canot honour the ticket, I have been a gold card member of the emirates frequent flyer sehme for over 12 years and fly over 100 flights a year and they are willing to lose me forever as a client to immorally keep 1 ticket! In esence thrwoing away 75, 000usd a year of business to steal usd5k!

                        Not only immoral but incredibly shortsighted!

                        Dear emirates,

                        I had a travel boking for cape town last week on 6th of december, booking reference hap8aw.

                        There were some difficulties at dubai immigration and I was stopped and sent back to south africa, I spoke to the emirates desk there and they arranged for the flight home.

                        I told them about the onwards flght to shanghai and they told me it would ok and that they would take care of it and I would not lose the flights - I offered to buy the new tkt to cape town but they said would be ok.

                        Then yesterday I received a flight reminder for ek305 to shanghai, I spoke with emirates in cape town and they said I was listed as no-show? And that flying out of sequence nullified the ticket?

                        This is completely unacceptable, I was stopped through no fault of my own (Nor emirates fault I know) and sent back - I obviously notified emriates of the change and it was confirmed the flights would be held for me.

                        The immigration issue has been fixed, error in their system, and I will be flying in january to dubai and shanghai.

                        Please confirm the flights are held and I will make the appropriate cpt - - dxb bookings.

                        Matthew silvester

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                          Emirates Airlinedamage over carton box of my led tv

                          I was traveling on emirate airline on december 31st from london to india (Bangalore). While doing check in formalities they promised me that they will paste fragile stcker on my led tv. I was surprised when I am collecting my luggage. There entire carton box got damaged and there is no single fragile sticker pasted on tv box. I was about to register a complaint to emirates airlines. No responded to that. I havent checked teh tv functionality yet. If tv is not working I need to file a case against emirates/...

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                            Emirates — cabin crew rudeness and unprofessional behavior

                            I didn't realize how difficult it is write a complaint / review without sounding arrogant or spoiled...

                            Emirates Airlinesdeplaned in dubai

                            It is with great disappointment and distress that I recount my (Ek [protected]) recent travel experience on emirates flying round trip from dallas to hyderabad. I was forced to travel to india on short notice while pregnant and accompanied by my 22-month-old daughter, due to my father-in-law’s poor health. He has terminal cancer and his condition has been up and down. There was a strong possibility he would pass away prior to our next trip to india. At the time of travel, I was about to be 30 weeks pregnant, and was cleared by my obstetrician to travel up to 34 weeks. He provided me with a letter indicating the necessity to travel with self-administered medications. I felt healthy and was comfortable to go to india. My husband was already in india at the time. I flew in business class to be as comfortable as possible and reduce the stress of travel; instead I was put through emotional and physical torment!
                            I flew on emirates flight ek 222 departing dallas at 1235 on sept 6th. Everything went fine. I landed in dubai and had a 3-hour layover. My daughter and I boarded ek 528 at 1515 on sept 7th when my nightmare started. The flight attendant noted I was pregnant and asked how far along I was and wanted to see my certificate of fitness to fly. I showed her the paperwork given by my doctor. The stewardess, then the supervisor and a personal relations officer proceeded to decide that the paperwork was inadequate and were going to deplane me. I made it clear to all of them that I was fine and had no complaints, and that I had just flown on a 14.5 hour emirates flight without any problem. I was not asked for any paperwork or documentation at the time that I got on that flight. I also made it clear that I was a physician and felt perfectly fit to travel. Despite everything I told them, they still deplaned me to be seen by their airport physician to get a certificate indicating that I was fit to fly. I specifically chose this itinerary so I would have minimal discomfort and shorter layover time, particularly in light of having to manage my 22 month-old. Instead, in the infinite wisdom and logic of the flight crew and pro, I was deplaned and detained in dubai airport for 6 hours, instead of continuing to hyderabad which was less than a 3.5 hour flight! At this point I was completely distraught and in tears. Worse, I had no means to call my husband or inform him of this change. Furthermore, this pro stated that I was lucky that the airport physician was willing to see me. Otherwise he threatened me with having to obtain a visa and go into dubai to the women and children’s hospital via cab at my expense to obtain this certificate. I was petrified of being stranded in a foreign country, pregnant, alone and with my young daughter!
                            In the airport hospital, they were shocked that I had been deplaned for no reason and without any complaints beyond a certificate requirement. I was seen by dr. Danish ahmed who told me that he had not wanted me to be deplaned and that he was more than willing to provide a fit for travel certificate. He stated that this had happened several times where their recommendations (The physician on-site) had been overridden by the pro and perhaps some remote medical director for emirates who dictated what happened to the passenger and who was not physically there to see the person.
                            When I received the certificate, a wheelchair attendant came to take me back to the pro. Instead of taking me by wheelchair, my bags were put on the chair instead, because children were not allowed in the wheelchair in any form and my 22-month-old could not walk while I rode in the chair. So I walked and carried my daughter all over the airport - from the airport hospital to the gate where I was deplaned to the transfer desk and then the business lounge. At this point I was mentally and physically exhausted and still had to take care of my daughter who was woken from a sound sleep when I was deplaned. I finally boarded flight ek 524 at 2145 and surprisingly, no one asked to see my fit to travel certificate.
                            After this experience, prior to the return journey I obtained a & ldquo;fitness to fly” certificate from an ob/gyn in india. Despite this, when I attempted to check in at the emirates counter at rajiv gandhi international airport in hyderabad, I was forced to see the general practice physician (Dr sajad) at the apollo hospital at the airport. This is completely ludicrous that I was forced to go through this every time when I felt fine and had no complaints! Additionally both my husband (Who was travelling back with me) and I are board certified physicians in the us. We do not need other physicians to clear us!
                            I wish to see some acknowledgement and recompense from emirates for the physical and mental agony that I was put through by their employees. If emirates has policies dictating that a pregnant woman has to have this certificate for fitness to fly, then it should be uniformly applied. It was not instituted at the start and it is unfair and ridiculous to implement it in the middle of the journey, particularly when the bulk of the journey had been completed uneventfully. I was on a 3-3.5 hour flight when I was deplaned and instead made to wait in the airport for 6 hours, in addition to the 3-hour flight to hyderabad. Additionally, the certificate that I was deplaned for, was not even asked for when I boarded on the later flight. It is inappropriate for flight crews to haphazardly enforce these policies, forcing the passenger to suffer the consequences. I have written to the customer affairs email address over a month ago and still have not had the courtesy of a reply.
                            Aruna akundi

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                              • Ra
                                Radav Dec 13, 2012

                                Very sad. Emirates can come up with anything to deplane their passengers. Know a few more with real bad experience with this airlines.

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                              • Av
                                avinashthumma Jan 17, 2014

                                It's so sad. Emirates should definitely compensate for all the agony you have been put.

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                              • No
                                not important1 Nov 27, 2014

                                Someone need to open up a one stop sue-emirates shop

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                              The complaint has been investigated and
                              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                              Emirates Airlineshidden conditions transport services

                              November 26, 2012
                              Customer service
                              Emirates airlines

                              Dear sir / madam

                              On november 8, 2012 I booked in emirate airline from dubai to germany in business class. But I missed the flight no. Ek51 when I reached the airport I re booked another flight in the same date and paid extra charge 800 aed. According to emirate airline rules with this flight transport was provided for business class customer and also airport authority mr. Kamal told me that it will provide me transport facility in germany and also added that mr. Kamal sent an email to emirates office in germany for transport but when I reached there was no transport available waiting for me. I asked airport authority in the germany they told me that there is no facility updated in the system. After that I went to hotel by taxi and paid 110 german euro. Alternate transportation was made at our own cost with the understanding it would be reimbursed.

                              I should have not been misleading in believing it would be reimbursed when there were hidden conditions. This was not explained at the start. Thus far my impression of the company is not impressive. To my mind the airline is just another company that does not keep its word. My trust has been tainted. I can only ask to rectify situation and save good image of the airline.

                              Kind regards,
                              Mansoor suroor
                              Qasr al omara businessmen services
                              Dubai, uae
                              Contact no. +[protected]
                              Tel no. +[protected]
                              Fax no. +[protected]
                              Email: [protected]

                              hidden conditions transport services

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                                • Na
                                  Na22 Feb 05, 2013
                                  This comment was posted by
                                  a verified customer
                                  Verified customer

                                  Missing the flight it leads to no-show fees which is mentioned in the terms and conditions and it's not hidden once any airline send ticket to customer, it attaches terms and conditions
                                  With regards to the limo complimentary service out stations, Emirates is not the service provider, it's an agreement with third party service provider . Emirates only add the request and to be confirmed it needs 48 hours, but within 48 hours it's subject to availability of the car, you had confirmed limo request that's fine but after no-show means that u need another request for new flight however emirates paid for the old request and the chauffeur was waiting there but no-show

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                                Emiratescharging additional fee due to cancelation from emirate due to sandi storm

                                My flight out tehran to dubai and from dubai to new york was canceled by emirates air line due to sandi storm back in 10/31/2012. I was given a new date and I was told there were no additional charges due to cancelation by airline. But when I went to airport on 11/09/2012 in tehran to get my boarding pass I was told that they put me down as a no show and I had to pay additional $400 fee for no show!!! After I explained to your agent that I was not responsible for this cancelation and after they checked and confirmed that I was correct, I was told again that I still had to pay the fee for $400 since they could not and were not authorized to remove this fee but I can get it back once I get to ny by contacting your customer service. So far I have contacted your customer care in dubai and ny three times and I was told that there is not much they can do since they were not authorized to take care of this matter and they have no one live to talk to and I have to write my inquiry and send it to your customer affair.

                                Bottom line I would like to get reimbursed for my additional fee of $400 and I would like to know when and how I would receive this amount.

                                Here is my original ticket number out of ny for round ticket to tehran and back to new york

                                Ticket # [protected].

                                Thank you

                                Saeid solimani

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                                  Emirates Airlinesrefund

                                  Dear all,

                                  Kindly note that I have faced an unjustified problem via my flight to dubai with emirates airlines. I have booked a ticket for me and my husband on & ldquo;ek 928” flight on the 24th of november 2012. We have finished all the procedures without any problems and have waited an hour because there was a delay in the flight itself. While being in the departure gate before getting in the plane the emirates air hostesses stopped me, told me that I need medical certificate because I am pregnant and they didn’t allow me to get in the plane however, this kind of info wasn't told before also I have read the online rules for pregnant women it was mentioned "after week 30 the pregnant women should travel with medical certificate" although I am in my 26th week. That let me to miss my flight me and my husband. Me and my husband have to stay for more than 8 hours for the second flight to get medical certificate from my doctor that I am in the 26th week and when we tried to reserve on the other flight they told my husband he has to pay the no show although he have showed with me on time in the first flight!!!
                                  We paid ticket prices egp 4081 which is a tremendous amount and for your information my husband is always flies through emirates airlines.
                                  We were tremendously annoyed because as the whole subject wasn't our fault, we paid egp 4081, stayed 8 hours in the airport and because of this delay we have lost a full day from our vacation in dubai.
                                  I would highly appreciated if emirates airlines to refund or compensate for additional costs that we have paid and it wasn't our fault.
                                  Sandra william.


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