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extremely poor customer service, inept business practices and unethical behavior

We started planing a trip to Punta Cana with Liberty Travel on May 1 2019, for my Son's wedding in February 2020. Myself, my Wife and my Daughter, would be travelling to Punta...

trip cancellation and matt summerford's behavior

July 24, 2019
Katawba J. DeLaRosa
2181 Madison Avenue, MH
New York, NY 10037
Ref Booking: 1395037

Emma Jupp
Liberty Travel
5 Paragon Drive, Suite 200
Montvale, New Jersey 07645

Good morning Ms. Jupp,

Attached you will find my travel arrangements for a surprise family vacation to Cabo. I booked through your Wilmington, DE location - branch number 305. Matt was the travel agent who scheduled our travel plans. On Friday, July 19, 2019 I called and asked Matt for information regarding final payments as my intention was to satisfy my bill; however, our daughter was ill during the weekend and that event took precedence over any Liberty Travel obligation.

On Monday, July 22, 2019 Matt and I had another conversation regarding payment and he advised that I pay an additional $800.00 as the air travel increased; I offered to pay what would have been due to date and was told to pay $1220.00 as Matt would work on the airfare at a later date. My husband discovered the surprised that evening and when I discussed the price increase he was not happy.

On Tuesday, July 23, 2019 while on conference with Matt, my husband and I we decided to cancel the trip as there were too many inconsistencies with the contracted agreement and pricing. Matt indicated that we were now responsible for $150.00 trip cancelation fee per person and the cost of the travel insurance. We indicated to Matt that our written agreement state Liberty Travel assesses $150.00 per person trip cancellation fee.

In short, our experience with Matt has been less than stellar since we can no longer travel. I ask that my refund be credited accordingly with ONLY an assessment/fee penalty of $150.00. Should you have any questions please email me at: credentials.[protected]

Thanking you in advance for your attention,

Katawba DeLaRosa

poor communication for my destination wedding

Jennifer and Dawn from the west Clifton office were responsible for creating a smooth process for my Wedding may 15th 2019. My fiancé and I biggest concern was making sure we knew...

agent failed to notify us of required documents prior to booking/departure

Our names are Ronald an Aura Johnson Booking# LT/105110J LT/10190W and we booked a dream vacation to Bora Bora on April 4, 2018. First I must apologize for waiting so late to file...

beach front all inclusive - non beach, activities no blue water as advertised

288143 I booked a trip with liberty travel to an all inclusive beach resort. I specifically asked for white sand and blue waters. I was not told that Riviera Maya had been experiencing a...

liberty travel left us in poland with a worthless voucher, and no tour.

My wife and I decided to take a big (and costly) trip to celebrate our 20th anniversary. I usually book my own travel, but because the trip involved travel in Europe, we decided...

customer service

To whom this may concern, My name is Angelia JapNgie and I would like to formally voice a complaint about the experience I've had booking with your company. This is my first...

rude agent

We have used Liberty Travel in the past several years for our travel needs. We have always had wonderful agents until today. We talked with an agent at Liberty Travel in...

refund of money or a selection of different hotel

After reading disgusting reviews of the Extended Stay, Airport, Nashville on Mcgavock Pike, I called Liberty Travel of Wayne, NJ, Rt. 23 N to see what could be done as we didn't...

liberty travel agents

I planned a family cruise June 2017. Started Jan 2017 -after many e-mails & phone calls-- wrong room assignments-- all over ship - near elevator. Quoted insurance $99 per room --...

travel agent incompetence

I have had many problems. The latest one was in April. I booked a trip for my family to Niagara Falls, Canada. I was told to fly to Toronto and then rent a car. When in fact it...

Liberty Travel - Sunscape Dominican Beach Resortunethical behavior

I am sending this E-mail to inform you of our recent vacation that we booked through Liberty Travel. It was a disaster right from the start.
We booked our trip from 3/20/17 thru 3/27/17 at the Sunscape Dominican in Punta Cana. We booked a King Deluxe room with a tropical garden view.
The room we were given our first night there was 2 Queen beds with a view of the alley way behind the resort. We were told that we could update this room for $210 more for the rest of our vacation but that that room wouldn’t be ready for us until the next day 3/21/17 @2:00 PM. Tuesday 3/21/17 we were told that we needed to attend a 90 min presentation telling us all about their resort. This 90 min presentation included a VIP breakfast. This turned into a strong arm presentation to buy into their vacation club and the breakfast took place at the same buffet that we were allowed to eat at anyway. Nothing VIP about that. 90 mins turned into 3 hours and when we finally had enough of telling them we weren’t interested in buying anything. Another day wasted. Never got moved into our new room until 2:30 in the afternoon which turned out to be the room I had originally booked only costing me $210.00 more. Olympus Tours was the company that provided us transfers to and from the airport. That worked out well however we booked an excursion with them and that turned out to be another disaster. We were told to meet them in the lobby at 12:30 PM on 3/23/17 for our excursion at the Dolphin Discovery. We were in the lobby at 11:45 and no one showed. We spoke with the concierge at 1:00 PM and they called Olympus and were told they were there early and we weren’t there. They also stated that they called our room and spoke with me. This was a complete lie as I never spoke with anyone because we were in the lobby awaiting our pickup. My husband was furious at this time and asked for a refund. He was told there would not be a refund and they could come back and pick us up at 2:10PM. Not wanting to lose the $198.00 dollars we paid for this excursion we opted to wait around for another hour. The excursion did happen and it was probably the highlight of this week long vacation. To say we were unhappy with this whole ordeal is really an understatement. It seemed every time we turned around they were trying to get more money from us. There were a few staff that were really very nice.
We felt the need to let you know this happened as the resort made it sound like it was the Travel Agents fault in the whole room disaster. I will never go to this resort again. I have heard of other resorts in Punta Cana that were wonderful.
Thank You for all your efforts in getting this vacation booked. You were very helpful with all our questions and I will use your agency again in the future.

Terrible customer service

Recently I was asked if I had ever used a travel agency and unfortunately this question resurfaced some horrible memories. About a year and a half ago a team of runners and myself decided to use our local Liberty Travel Agency to help us plan our run in Florida. Our team consisted of 12 runners so when we all put down our $200 deposit it totaled $2400. When this annual run was canceled because the residents decided their area couldn't handle the volume of runners anymore we reached out to Liberty Travel. We were then reminded that that our deposit was non-refundable. I wrote two letters explaining that the race cancelation was not our fault and sent them to the corporate office then I used twitter to voice our dismay. After seeing my tweet a Liberty Travel Agent contacted me however told me that they never received my letters and the best that they could do was provide us with a voucher and to top it off she was really rude about it. I think her name was Helen. I tried to explain that most of the team would not have the need for those vouchers but to no avail. I then researched Liberty Travels customer service reputation only to find it is horrible. I wish we had researched this company before we used it. An unfortunate lesson learned. I lost $600. So basically Liberty Travel pocketed $2400 and didn't even blink an eye. I will never recommend this travel agency to anyone and will continue to tell my story. Liberty Travel-you are not a very nice company and should rethink your behavior. Maybe your company should read all the negative customer service comments people have posted. Shame on you!

Not to be trusted

All Liberty Travel offices (owned by Flight Centre) use a version of the Sabre reservation system that does not properly communicate with Delta airlines. In May, 2015, we booked...

Liberty Travel/Disney World — Tickets

My family have been in America for six years and had first family trip since my family have imigrated to America. I would like to share my experiences that happened during the...

Misleading information

I try not to complain about business practices unless the issue is extreme and in this case, I believe it is. I’ve used Liberty Travel in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and absolutely loved the service I received from them. The agent was extremely helpful, direct and courteous. When my family decided to take a trip to Jamaica my first thought was to use Liberty Travel even though my parents have an agent at a different company. My thinking was that I knew this company gave top notch service and vacations aren’t cheap so I wanted to use the company- who in my mind- was the best. Approximately three weeks ago I called Liberty Travel at 1.888.271.1584 which transferred me to the branch in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. I thought I would get the King of Prussia branch but I figured it’s the same company so it should have been fine. I asked a bunch of questions ( but in hindsight, not enough) including “ if I find a cheaper price will Liberty Travel price match?” The answer given to me by the agent was clear and to the point- “yes.” I called back a few days later because I forgot to ask how much the deposit was and after getting that cleared up I asked again about the price matching because I knew that different sites offer different prices and I wanted to make sure I was getting the best deal. The agent again confirmed that Liberty Travel price matches. About 2 weeks later- on a Thursday- I called to book my trip. Because I booked over the phone, the contract was emailed to me for my signature and I had to send it back. I viewed the contract which states in part:

“Cancellation fees will apply once booked- these fees may be up to 100% of total booking cost”

“Price and availability: prices and availability quoted above are subject to change ( at the sole discretion of our suppliers and are due to space sellout/demand) at any time until full payment has been revived and tickets have been issued”

On Monday, only a few days later my parents called me stating that their agent contacted them stating that the hotel was running a sale and their trip will cost $300.00 than originally quoted. They received a quote from Destinationwedding.Com for the same trip, the same dates, amount of people, the same room- EVERYTHING- exactly the same but for $300.00 cheaper so I called the agent at Liberty Travel that helped me and asked her about the price matching. Again she stated that they can price match but she’ll need the quote which I immediately sent to her. She said she’ll need to contact her manager and she’ll get back to me the next day. She mentioned that the original quote given to my parents was from a previous date so I let her know the original quote was from a previous date BUT their agent changed the quote because the hotel was running a sale and I wanted the sale price. I was highly upset because the tone of her voice made me feel as if she had no intention of price matching so I told her that if the trip couldn’t be price matched I would cancel. She informed me that they booked through Apple Vacations who would keep my deposit if I canceled the trip. I asked for the phone number to Apple Vacations so I could confirm that information for myself. The agent gave me: [protected]. I called this number and the customer service representative who I spoke to stated that there was a $45.00 cancel fee but that was it. They wouldn’t keep my entire deposit since I would be canceling so early. At this point I felt as if I was being misled by Liberty Travel but I wanted to see what the manager was going to say. The next day I received a call from the manger and she informed me that they only price match at the time of booking- not after and it says that on the contract. Additionally, she let me know that Liberty Travel books the best price and the lowest price which clearly isn’t the case if someone else booked the same vacation for $300.00 cheaper. A few things I wanted to point out: first, when I spoke to the travel agent (on multiple occasions) she said no such thing in regards to price matching only prior to booking. Secondly, nowhere in the contract does it state that price matching only occurs at the time of booking. We went back and forth on that issue until I asked about the cancelation policy. Clearly she was not going to honor what her agent told me and I don’t like doing business with dishonest companies so I wanted to cancel the trip and book elsewhere. She told me that in order for me to cancel I would need to forfeit my deposit because that was the policy for Apple Vacations. I let her know that I called Apple and they told me something different and she then said that it was Liberty Travel’s policy. At this point, I’m certain that Liberty Travel has misled me. First I was told that a price match could be done if a cheaper price was found. The ONLY time I was told that policy is valid before booking only was after I booked. In my opinion, failure to disclose information is the same as lying. Then I was told I couldn’t get my deposit back because of APPLE’s policy but according to Apple, that was also a lie. Then I was told it was Liberty Travel’s policy, not Apple.

I am extremely disappointed in the Liberty Travel Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania branch. They seem to be dishonest people who only want to make money off of half truths and misguided information. The bottom line for me is that I was told I could price match- plain and simple. The agent never mentioned policy, procedure, conditions or terms. Omission is the same at lying in this instance. Had she been upfront with me and let me know that the price match couldn’t happen after the fact I would have no issue. Had she told me she couldn’t price match when I called her about the cheaper price I definitely wouldn’t be writing this letter however, the agent on multiple occasions provided me with false information. I have only once in my life complained about a company because I felt that I was doing the community an injustice by not stepping up and saying what happened so it truly bothers me that I now have to write this about a company I thought was trustworthy. It’s possible this agent is new and didn’t know the policy of the company. It’s possible that maybe she misspoke but the lack of her and her managers ability to rectify this situation is appalling and frankly should be deemed unacceptable. Using this branch is ill advised in my opinion and that’s not to say all Liberty Travel locations are like this but I completely feel taken advantage of and wish that I never called them to book my trip. This was the first time using them and will most definitely be the last. I am more than happy to provide the name of the agent who assisted me and the manager who called. I didn’t include the names in this blog only because I don’t know what legal issues would stem from that but I want to make as many people aware of their shady business practices. If you want quality, straightforward service do yourself a favor and avoid this branch at all costs. Otherwise the price you pay may end up being inflated.

I will be sending this letter to the corporate offices of Liberty Travel, the Consumer Reports Division of Fox 29 news as well as 6ABC News, my local representatives, Liberty Travel head quarters, ASTA- American Society of Travel Agents in addition to sending this letter to 8 travel websites, Facebook, Myspace and to all 3 social groups I am a part of. I want people to know the dishonest practices that take place at this branch and I want Liberty Travel to recognize that there are businesses that actually value its integrity and appreciate its customers. The Plymouth Meeting branch of Liberty Travel needs to familiarize their self with those types of businesses and strive to follow in their footsteps.

Liberty Travel, East Brunswick, NJ — False advertisement

They placed a full page ad in the Sunday Star Ledger on Nov.14, 2010 on vacations to Las Vegas.. I called to book a trip from3-21-2010 thru 3-25-10 according to the prices listed...