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fraud and scam

I enrolled in e-harmony at the suggestion of a friend, who was happy with the service at the time.

After looking at over 100 'matches', I did not find even one individual whom I would consider meeting at a Starbucks for a cup of coffee! I asked for a refund, and was told that I 'wasn't trying to find my mate'. I replied that I already had a full-time job, and that weeding out these losers took too much time. I was told to consider my 'search' as a second job!

Finally, both my friend and I began to get 'matches' that were absolutely creepy men, obviously looking for victims. Photos of a couple with the woman's eyes scratched out, comments about needing 'control' in relationships, anger towards women, and how these men had been 'betrayed' many, many times, and that they were only living to find their 'true love'. And on and on...

I again asked for a refund, stating the above, and was told that I really needed to 'try harder' to find my 'soul mate'. E-harmony stated that it 'respected the privacy' of the individuals mentioned above, but they 'would investigate', if I would tell them who they were. At that point, I told them they were scam artists, and that for my own safety, I was shutting down my site with them. However, they continue to bill me.

Stay away from e-harmony. You're better off at the local singles bar.

  • Ou
    outtahere Feb 06, 2009

    Agreed! They matched me up with so many liars, predators and creeps! When I was receiving 30 calls a day from someone I'd spoken to once, they did nothing but tell me to file a police report against someone whose surname they wouldn't provide. After I canceled the account I kept getting emails stating that so-and-so wanted to meet me. If that was true, it means that they were representing me, and who knows how many other people, as members when we weren't. Luckily Yahoo had just gotten sued for the same thing and they stopped the nonsense once I threatened legal action. Creeps!

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  • He
    Herman Guy Apr 05, 2009

    I have been a Member of e-harmony for over a year now with NO luck at all .First there were very few member even near my area and the one's that were, were looking for Daddy;s for their kid's or were to old and ugly for anyone. I have been very dissatisfied with the service and it was good Money down the tubes.

    Herman Guy

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  • Ca
    catlover Apr 15, 2009

    I was a member for 6 months. I am attractive, educated, financially solvent and well traveled. I n 6 months all they could match me with was a hospital transport worker with our only commonality being that we both worked in hospitals. Sick site with lots of really sad men. STAY AWAY.

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  • maria63 Jul 29, 2009

    like i said it may be your values and expectations, i'm not going to say that yahoo or are any better but it may be wht you're putting down. i do agree cause i had a few dates and yes i didn't find casanova but i was sucessful in dates. it was just that some guys pput down false information. like serious things health wise, if they have fellons. etc.these are bad charateristics but thats with any site. i wasn't careful in screening them but everyone has thier "weeds" in a flower keep being optomistic.. im rooting for you i know yo could find someone

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  • Jo
    Jonnierk May 29, 2012

    I enrolled and paid my money. Then after submitting answers to all the questions I never heard a word from e- harmony. I did receive a link to website to look for a match. E-Harmony says plainly that they will match you with compatible people ( What a joke) If you have nothing but time you can scan through all their 'matches'. Even then the ones they present are hundreds of miles from you. Can 't even be sure someone receives your message as not response is ever received. SAVE your money. There are other websites that actually do send you a list of possible matches unlike E-Harmony who never does. So I don't know what E-Harmony does other than collect money from unsuspecting people. You certainly won't get anything for your money.

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terrible experience

I signed up for what I thought was just a 3 month subscription. Aftr using their program for about three weeks I decided that it just wasn't working like they say it should. I then went to cancel my subscription and had a very hard time finding a number to call to do so. I had to go on Google to actually find the number.

I then called and talk to them and and they told me that I could cancel but that I signed up for a 1 year program and that they were going to charge me 2 more payments of $79.80 and that they could not cancel those payments.

I think that they are very deceptive in their way of doing business and I would not recommend them to anyone. They make things very hard to find because they don't want you to be able to cancel something that does not work very well.

Businesses like this are only out to take your money and provide as little information as possible for you to contact them and try to get your money back or cancel your account.

I hope that someone will do something about Eharmony ripping poeple off with their deceptive policies.

  • Ps
    p*ssed off Feb 15, 2009

    In March of 2007, I signed up with them. I emailed customer support if they had a free trial. They did, so I gave it a try. On the sixth day, I cancelled. They sent me a confirmation email 2 weeks later. All it said if I wanted to upgrade to a more expensive subscription.

    When I got my credit card bill, they charged me $60. I emailed them back saying I cancelled. They told me since I was still active, they won't cancel my subscrption. I emailed them again telling them they have 24 hours to give me a refund or a month free or I was going to file a complaint with the BBB.

    24 hours later, no response. Instead of contacting the BBB, I updated my profile bashing eharmony. Within an hour, I get a email saying I violated their agreement by putting contact information (email address or IM) or offensive language. I sent another email saying until they refund my money or give me a month free, what I wrote stays because the 2 dozen women they matched me with can read what I wrote.

    The next day, I got 2 emails from them. One was letting me know they will give me a refund and deleting my profile. The second one was a receipt showing the refund. They honored it. And that was the last I heard from them.

    So, there is a way to cancel and get a refund. You have to be aggressive with them.

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unauthorized renewals

I signed up for a 6 month membership. Soon after signing up I stopped using the service and never signed onto...

expired matching

I tried Eharmony for 6 month then let it expire. They kept sending me offers that kept getting cheaper so after few months of this I signed up for additional 3 months. I decided I would contact anyone with a picture. And I also was in contact with people out of state. And my criteria was very liberal (this time) to see if I would receive any communications. I made it to communication with 2 both were over a 4 hour drive to meet. (we never met) I "started communication" with all just for the heck of it. Shortly after signing up a friend told me of plenty of fish. com . It a free dating site. I had more responses in 2 weeks than my entire membership with Eh. So being a little bitter with how much money I gave to them I attempted to put my profile my experation date (written out in words, not red flag) it red flagged and I am offically ban from Eharmony for violating my agreement with them. I did find it funny how all the same guys were still on Eh my second time around. See ya on (ps i am cute and funny and no i am not fat!lol)

  • Gr
    Grace Apr 11, 2009

    I joined E harmony with hope, expectation, and with the anticipation of meeting the love of my life! to sum it up quickly within three weeks I realized something was wrong.Men seldom wrote back, never looked at my profile, or got up to question 4 and you never heard from them again!! Weird I thought so I started communication with everyone, including fat, homely men in their sixties. Still nothing, not a response or a look! I am 52, attractive and thin! I believe they are a fraud, make up profiles, put up old profiles, or God knows what!!! I feel the worst thing they are doing is causing people to loose hope! The customer puts their faith in God and the company...nothing! I would never join again and bad mouth them every chance I get! Found ok cupid, have met many great guys in 1 week! Grace, Missoula

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  • Sm
    SM Johnson Jan 06, 2010

    I agree e/h is a total rip off. I am very attractive, slender, professional career etc. I continually get matched with 18-wheeler truck drivers with beer guts or construction workers who look like that "Get er done" comedian. Are they kidding...I have nothing compatible with these types. And try asking e/h what the 29 compatitble qualities are and no answer will be given. I've also found out you get matched with people whose subscriptions have expired. Also, I can go a month or longer with no matches ("Sorry our system has no compatible matches for you now")...then when a match does come along, that match tells me he's been on e/h for a long time...well then WHY wasn't I matched with him for the month I got no matches?? Beware...what a coincidence the matches come toward the end of your subscription period so they hope you will renew. Oh, one last match answered the question "What do you do in your spare time" with the resp0nse, "I like to have deep discussions with my WIFE". (Note he did not say ex-wife!)

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A total scam do not give them your money!!! Use free sites. Eharmony is a predatory services that takes advantage of people. For the money, they provide you nothing. They waste your time sending you matches that are non members/expired members (To draw them back into signing up) or people that are hundreds of miles away and 20 years older than you. This is just to sucker people out of their money. They will not allow you to cancel either and claim to not have my initial email to cancel within 24 hours. How convenient. Well they suckered me out of 200+ bucks, but I will give them their money worth by making sure everyone else knows what scammers they really are. Use plenty of fish!

  • Re
    reba Apr 08, 2009

    I too was scammed out of 185 bucks. They charged my card without my permission. When I attempted to get my money back, it has been quite difficult. I still have not been able to speak to anyone in person even though they claim to have 24hr/7days customer service. The matches they proveded were 10-20 years older than me . I did not see a single person I would be interested in.

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  • De
    Denise Apr 18, 2009

    I re-joined last week after cancelling my last subscription early. The promising match who lured me to re-join went through all the communication stages over a few days, always replying during business hours. When we reached Open Communication, he disappeared, which I found is typical.

    I called eHarmony last night to ask for a refund of my $179.70, or to shorten the subscription and at least get a partial refund. They refused, and read a script that counseled me to re-take the personality profile, as it had been some time since I'd last taken it.

    Fortunately, I paid with AMEX. I called them today and explained the situation. AMEX said they would give me a permanent credit, and charge it against eHarmony.

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  • Si
    single in missouri May 02, 2010

    They are a huge scam! if you take a break from meeting people on there and go inactive. The next thing you know, you get a bunch of matches.. But once you change you status to accept new matches once again, then number of matches drops off dramatically! -go figure- Not to mention, the matches you do get NEVER respond to your requests to communicate. eHarmony only wants your money. They don't give a sh*t about YOU, only your payments. I filed a several complaints with the BBB about them, And I saw that I was one of many who got scammed by them. From now on, I will only do the free dating sites or ask friends if they have single friends.

    Dr. Warren, you are about as low as Bernie Madoff. I hope you wake up one morning with Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC knocking on your door.

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rip off

I don't know if I am the first... I doubt it... but I have been on four a month and all I get is total fat dogs... I specifically stated I wanted thin, average, a few extra pounds etc and I have gotten almost nothing! For $60 you better re-think it...and no I am not ugly... I've never had a problem getting attractive women so be warned... no cuties to be found here...Oh and they sent me matches from far away when I stated it was important that they be close not a single one in my city and K>C> is next door and not squat going on there.

  • El
    Ellen Nov 04, 2008

    I tried to cancel this after 1 month and they would not cancel it. I have paid for a year and they will not respond to my e-mails; even after telling them I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

    All of the matches are too far away, I have been on there since July and have not had one response/reply.. I posted my photo. and I am pretty good looking for my age and look even younger... and no replies...

    This eHarmony is a bunch of crap and they are misleading people about their service... I want my money back... NOW... Don't fall for this dating site it is a skam!

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Illegal charge of 24.95 for july has charged me $24.95 for July 2008, when I have not used their services for weeks. I paid for...

cutomer service

I signed up for eharmony. receipt dated 6/17/08. I emailed and mailed letters to customer service that I wanted a refund within 3 days of signing up...they would not refund..just a bunch of form emails telling me to bad to sad. I continue to email them of the many complaints I have to no avail. Obviously they will not refund my money. Now I am getting emails of matches with their subject line "david wants to get to know you better"...this is not an initiation by "david" but eharmony. How embarrasing that I replied to "david" and no response...this person had never even looked at my profile and certainly was not interested in "getting to know me better". Very misleading and I am very unhappy with their customer service as well as their matching system. nolajazz

eharmony unauthorized charges

Now this is a laugh that is not funny! What would a 71 year old woman with a husband who is 89, want with a service such as this. I never ordered this service EHarmony. It is frightening that they are able to get information and without authorization charge $179.70 to my account. Believe me, this is a BIG amount for two people who live on social security.

I wish to advise the company, if this is not addressed immediately, I will be force to open legal investigation with the involvement of Office of Attorney General.

  • Be
    Betty Lou Aug 24, 2008

    eharmony appears to be completely disfunctional and sociopathic regarding it's treatment of the consumers.
    For 2 years, I attempted to get off their email spams and they finally sent a letter, about 2 months ago, that my email would not be used again.
    Today, I got another Spam about Enchanced Features on my account. I called. They said I had not closed my account.
    I told the customer service rep that I had found at least 200 complaints about eharmony in one day. She assured me that about 200 couples are getting married everyday.
    Does anyone really believe that?
    That Dr...whatever his name is...the one who acts like a Christian is a predator and is filled with evil greed.

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  • Be
    Betty Lou Aug 24, 2008

    As a second thought, will everyone who has had a problem with eharmony get on the telephone to their 800 number:


    If several hundred people call them everyday, their telephone bill will be very expensive and that may be a small battle won but at least it sends a clear message that if they are going to make our lives miserable, we are glad to return the favor and do it legally.

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  • Je
    Jen Oct 06, 2008

    I've been on eHarmony since February, and they send me all 'Closed' matches. I did a test this week, I log on to the site every 30 minutes to try and catch a Match before it's closed. Guess what? 30 minutes ago, no match. 30 minutes later, a closed match! Does eHarmony really expect me to believe that, men I'm not even initiating communication with, who's profiles I've never even seen, are getting my profile and feeling it necessary to 'permanenetly close communication' with me the very instant they receive me as a match? I mean, it's possible, but not very likely. I was never in 'communication' with these strangers in the first place. I never even knew they existed until eHarmony sent me a break-up letter from a guy I never knew. But apparently he knew me already? I'm certain that eHarmony is sending me fake 'matches'. There's a link in a member's Home Page called 'Who's Viewed Me?'. None of the men I alledgedly was 'matched' to are even in there! You have to view a profile before you can decide to Open Communication or Close Match. They must have a set of fake profiles they send to the dope members, and they're closed when you get them, so eHarmony covers their butt- 'we matched you to these 113 men, but they all decided at the very instant they received the match that they had to close communication with you PERMANENTLY, and INSTANTLY! So that there wasn't even a second of time between you receiving the match and it being closed." I'm an attractive 33 year old with a very nice figure and a loving heart. I'm not everyone's type, I understand, but 113 men all sending a 'closed' message? That's just odd. Isn't simply NOT iniatiating communication enough? Doesn't that send a woman the message that he's not interested? That's what happens in the real world. Men simply don't make a move when they aren't that interested. Are break-up letters that say 'this person chose to permanently close communication with you' a little harsh? And totally unrealistic? Well, 3 men Requested Communication, which means 'Answer His Questions'. Twice I stupidly answered a stranger, whom I owed nothing, his inappropriate questions, and THEN the match was closed. Something's totally up with this site. I'm betting it's shut down soon. There are thousands of complants all over the Internet...

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  • Sh
    Shelly Nov 05, 2008

    I signed up for one month of eharmony in 2006. There was no "recurring billing" check mark on the credit card page. Apparently, they HIDE it in the "terms and conditions". They have charged me 29.99 for the past 22 months without my even knowing it! That's almost $700.00! And when I brought it to their attention, they kindly refunded me for ONE month and told me that was the best they could do based on their "terms and conditions!" I have not even logged on to this service in 22 months and they still charge for it every month! HIGHLY UNETHICAL!!!

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  • Ma
    Mast Be Nov 30, 2009

    Are they serious. What about this site means someone can meet great date.

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  • Da
    davidcgrantham Jun 16, 2011

    This company is a wast of time DO NOT USE the scam money out of people !

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deceptive advertising

I was an on and off eHarmony user for several years. During that time I have not been on one single date with any person. Match after match led nowhere, the worst were the few that passed all the communication phases and before exchanging phone numbers, all of a sudden they decide to take a break from dating? Huh? Online dating was supposed to revolutionize the singles scene and making dating 'easier, ' but in fact all it's done is make consumers wallets lighter. The problem with online dating services is that people don't seem to take it seriously enough to go past the initial communication/flirting stage and onto actual physical meeting. In that respect eHarmony is not unique. However, I do find fault with the way eHarmony seems to flood the airwaves and commercial spaces with this rosy picture of couple after couple that met, fell in love, and married through eHarmony. Not to mention the high rates they charge for their services. I also have several friends that have used eHarmony and none of them found success. I'd say successful couples that met through eHarmony are the exception and not the rule. Just my 2 cents.

  • To
    Tony Soprano Jul 18, 2008


    Look, just because you some ugly guy or gal who looks like a guy doesn't meanthat eHarmony didn't try as hard as they could given the situation. You probably look at yourself in the mirror and say Damn, I'm a good looking guy/gal, but in reality, you're a wildebeest. First all, if you weren't so ugly you could meet someone where you live, but I guess picking up trash at 3 am makes it hard to meet someone other than bums and street people. Second, your feeble attempts to score some action on the few dates you acutally did go on probably scared you. I'll bet you have a HUGE porn collection, don't you? Dude/dudette, resign yourself to the fact that you will have to marry one of your hands to live happily every after.


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  • Sa
    Sara Jul 18, 2008

    I completely agree I tried eHarmoney and found it worthless. I disliked the guided communication very much but did go all the way through it with someone and was thinking I wanted to meet him - then he just disappeared! Now his rude behavior is not really the services's fault but I have talked to several people who have had the same experience. I suppose it works if you want to be ultra careful - but in my opinion it's better to just get out there, meet in person and see what happens. If you really want to meet someone try It worked for me!

    PS - don't listen to that jerk Tony!

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  • To
    Tony Soprano Jul 18, 2008


    I'll ask you a couple of questions. Why in the hell do you need a dating service to find somebody? Are you as homely as the disappointed user? You can't find anybody on your own? Here's what I think. You are butt-ugly, a stick, with man hands and a deep voice. You're as flat as a 2x4, with stringy hair and a meek demeaner. People describe you as "nice". You've bumped uglies twice, once with Timmie next door 'cause you showed him your cans, and once with some poor guy you wrangled into going out on a date with you. "Steely Dan" is your best bud now. How did work for ya? You get paired up with another lesbian?

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  • Jo
    joe Jul 18, 2008

    Hey Tony. Why are you on this site on a Friday? Your boyfriend is off for the night? Go back on your AIDS meds for all our sakes.

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  • Ah
    Ahoy Jul 18, 2008

    You're right, DU. It's eHarmony's fault that nobody wants to go out with you. It's your parent's fault that you aren't a millionaire. It's the city's fault when rush-hour traffic made you late for work. It's the ticket vendor's fault when nothing came out of the lottery ticket you bought. Those lottery ads are deceptive advertising, too!

    Wow, you paid $60 to join an online dating site, the least you should get out of it is a date, huh? Next time, save the effort and just pay someone $60 to go out with you.

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  • Jo
    joe Jul 18, 2008

    I agree with the above. But Tony sounds gay.

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  • Ja
    James Norsworthy Jul 19, 2008

    I agree with you DU. eharmony is a joke.

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  • To
    Tony Soprano Jul 19, 2008

    I am only trying to tell these people the truth about themselves. I'll bet you are on ehamrnony and match and all the other online dating websites, too. Probably looking to hook up with some dude. You weigh about a buck and a quarter, with a itty-bitty moustache and a thin line of hair down your cheeks you call a beard that you spend an hour shaving. You got a tribal tattoo on one arm, thinking it makes you look cool, both ears pierced and you drive a honda civic. A four door. HA HA HA!! Jose go back to the barrio and troll outside for those little 15 year old latino boys you like so well.

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  • He
    Helper99 Sep 14, 2009

    Eharmony is misleading.

    Lost of fake profiles created by the company and the staff.

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subscription cancellation

I'm very dissatisfied with EHarmony. I received over 500 matches, 4 of them inappropriate scams that I...


Well I signed up for an online dating service in March of this year. To tell you the truth I was lonely. I...

fraud and cheating!

I joined eharmony several months ago. They matched me those who only were involved because they received a FREE membership. I even had one guy who stated that I needed to get back to him because his free membership was going to expire. I complained to Eharmony- they did not care that I was paying good money to meet potentials. They did not care that the only people responding were those who were offered a free trial period. In fact, they did not care that I was ready to cancel. Told me "go ahead but I would need to call another number to do so."

Do not waste your time or money. This is a scam that will only take your money and not even answer your concerns.

fraud, deception, lack of service, service interruptions

As an on and off member of Eharmony since 2004, I can tell you from personal experience - save your money. My...

dating scam!

When I was a member of E-harmony more than 95% of the men they matched me up with lived at least 1000 miles away from me and the few who lived less than 200 miles away (whom I could count on one hand) closed me out. I live in Boston. E-harmony's matching program couldn't find ANY men in my heavily-populated area with whom to match me? Somethings fishy since as soon as I let my membership expire, E-harmony then magically was suddenly able to find me matches in the Boston area, often sending me one or more a week as "bait" to get me to sign up again. It makes me question their ethics.

Also, I signed up specifying no automatic renewal. They put me in for automatic renewal. I spent hours figuring out how to change it on the computer and e-mailing them to confirm that they had done it. Yet when my membership expired they **still** automatically renewed me! Luckily I had used a specially-generated credit card number that has a dollar-cap and the renewal bounced. Then they e-mailed me asking me to give them a new credit card number since they couldn't automatically renew me and wanted to. Slimey and unethical. Avoid this company. They rip people off and I feel bad for people who are signing up in good faith. I think of what they will have to deal with. It is sad to be scammed.

  • Ba
    Barbara K Mar 25, 2008

    Totally Agree with you. Unethical, Slimey and wish I had read your comments before I "on a whim" let this corporation have access to my checking account. They automatically renewed my membership on Easter Sunday. Then sent me an email the same day, easter sunday, of what they did. Like they are my partner - or best friend - or had my knowledge and concent. When I called on MOnday, the next day, to tell them that I had no intention of re-newing as the 3 month plan had expired, they told me to late, the increase in fee that they took out of my checking account was the "discount" fee of the normal price. What a bunch of con artists. Please don't let this hocus pocus disney fantasy hype gypsy good for NOTHING CORPORATION get thier hands on your bank account. THEY ARE BAD. THEY HAVE NO MEN. IT IS ALL SMOKE AND ILLUSION AND YOU DO PAY. I will tell every woman I know - and don't know to BEWARE. BAD BAD BAD PEOPLE WHO WANT THIER HANDS ON YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.

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  • J
    J Jun 11, 2008

    First, let me say that I was a member of eharmony for two years. I knew of the monthly fees, and I gave them a specific credit card to charge, which worked fine. Two months later, I changed from the monthly membership to the annual membership. I was billed on my next statement, and I was fine with that. When you compare $49.95 per month for 12 months to the reduced rate, it was worth it. I never had a problem with the annual charge. I was always notified when my subscription needed to be renewed.

    Think about buying a house. Would you settle for just what's out there, knowing you'll never be happy where you are and knowing that there other possibilities out there? Or do you want to options, and be able to be in control of your options?

    It's what you WANT it to be. Specify it. Fine-tune it. That goes for your relationships, what you want in dating, and what you want in life. I set-up my matches to find someone with similar interests, hobbies, lifestyle, religion... Make it what you want. Go for what you want on a long-term, not just short-term. That's okay too.

    If I felt that I was being scammed, I would have cancelled eharmony a long time ago. But I researched it, I read a lot about it, read a lot of testimonials, and asked a lot of questions about it. I am not the type of person to accept things "as is", so I look into things which spark my attention. I was never scammed with Eharmony, ever. Did they offer different packages and options? YES. But I declined each one of them because I was happy with the eharmony program, and I was out for looking for SOMEONE not SOMETHING.

    When I set-up my profile, I made sure that the women that I set-up a basic simple profile, and I didn't specify a lot of information. I received about 50+ matches a few days in a row. I signed back on, and changed my matches to at least the same state that I lived in (New Jersey). Then, I went through the current matches and specified reasons why not to be matched with the people out of state.

    I went on sporadic dates here and there, but they weren't the type of woman that I was looking for. So, I modified my profile, going from the "basic simple" search for someone, and narrowing it down a little as to what I was looking for. Age, height, background, kids. Although I made modifications, I was still open-minded. I received a lot of matches, most of which closed me out as "they live too far" or "no compatibility". I did go on some dates with people whom I thought were nice, but they didn't feel a "connection". If the compatibility wasn't there, then there wasn't a need to continue. However, I never walked out in the middle of a date. I'm not like that.

    So, I specified exactly what I was looking for. I took the 200 question test again. I did a lot of thinking about my Q&A, and I rewrote a lot of my information with more personalized information about myself. In other words, I put myself on a limb, dropped my guard, and just let myself out there. I wanted people to see who I was as a person, and I wanted to go from there.

    I met and dated a lot of different people. Most were single dates, and I was alright with that. I had short-term relationships (3-5 months) with some women.

    I was matched with someone in February 2007. We talked every day in eharmony, sharing a lot about each other. After a month, we setup our first date, which went very well. The conversations that we had in eharmony were the basis for our conversations, and they sparked other conversations. It was great, we had a fantastic time. We dated each other on a Saturday, then again on Sunday. When I got home, I signed onto eharmony, and started closing out my matches who were not in open communication saying "I am pursuing another relationship" because I feel that I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt why I closed their match. Over the next few days, I sent messages to the other people I was in open communication with, letting them know that I have met someone and that I wish them good luck in their search, and also closed the match.

    We're now dating over a year. We have taken vacations together, travelled together, went to concerts together, dinners, countless movies, Broadway shows, white water rafting, camping, and we just have a great time at whatever we want to do.

    It's what YOU want it to be. Specify exactly what you want - age, location, etc. Don't settle. Go for what you want in someone.

    Good luck. :)

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  • Gr
    Grits1964 Mar 04, 2010

    I think E-harmony is a great big rip off !
    I would like to know how to get in touch with this company ? If anyone knows please inform me.
    I thought that a pay dating site would be the way to go but I now I know it's not. I much prefer Plentyoffish which is a free site. There needs to be a class action suit brought against them !

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  • Su
    Sunshinesouth Mar 20, 2010

    I agree that it is a way to separate decent romantically inclined people from their money. Most guys that I have been sent live over 300 miles away. I am college educated but many cannot string simple sentences together! No photos. When you ask questions about their lifestyle they suddenly stop the process. Some of the guys are decent and I feel for them also that they were paired with someone not compatible. Physical attraction IS inportant. Eharmony just doesn't get that - or likely just wants your money and doesn't care.

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  • Ho
    holyfield Jul 29, 2010

    e-Harmony is total nonsense. I was a member for 6 months and while it was easy enough to cancel I never comunicated with ladies at all. I am not a weirdo or anything, I have had a few good relationships in the past, but wanted to try something different. Being matched on values, and personality appealled to me. Nothing. Not one single match that was even remotely what I was looking for. I specified certain things which were completely ignored and I was constantly matched with ladies more than 500 miles from me - I'm in London. It's just another money maker who prey on people feeling lonely or looking for their soulmate. My advice to anyone - AVOID ALL DATING SITES - just get out there and meet people. G/L.

    0 Votes

continuing to charge subscription to credit card after advising I do not wish to continue membership!

I became a member of the e harmony dating service for a month and they have monthly auto renewal option. Six days before the renewal date, I informed them that I do not wish to renew my subscription. As I didn't receive a reply, I wrote to them again a day before renewal date. On renewal day, I received an email saying my membership fees were charged to my credit card. I replied to that email stating that I wrote to them before and requesting a refund. Still no reply. I wrote again today but am not expecting a reply and have no way of recovering my money.

  • Su
    Susy Nov 30, 2007

    eHamrony makes more money out of cheating people out of money by continuing their memberships after we have canceled more than once. Someone needs to look into this and take legal action.


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  • Ch
    chris Mar 02, 2008

    I called and they refunded me. You cant wait months to pass bye. Take immediate action and they give it back.

    I had to get the number from my credit card. The phone numbers are always accessable to the banks.

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    Mark Mar 06, 2008

    You can look into a Charge Back which means that you get your Credit Card company to look into a wrongful charge and they can charge the company the money back. I'd imagine it's quite bad for a credit rating.

    0 Votes
  • Ad
    adiuo Mar 08, 2015

    I have the same problem. I am trying to cancel, but the 'cancel' and 'do not renew' instructions give directions to non-existent links under Account Settings. I am pre-alerting my bank to consider any renewal charge as fraud and alerting authorities.

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system failures!

Although I was able to cancel my membership online without additional month fees I agree with many of the other comments on this board namely they seem to wait until the last renewal minute to find "new" matches and they match non-paying/inactive accounts.

After speaking with one of my "new" matches I realized we had both been members for months (much of the time when I wasn't receiving matcheds). We were all of sudden matched when it was time for me to cancel. Also I don't like the idea that my picture and profile is sent to non-members with whom I can't communicate in the hopes they sign up. (In their about section they actually state this is a reason they match you with non members). If your going to use me or anyone else at marketing bait we should be paid.

But my biggest frustrations and the reason I am writing is eharmony's policy of giving "free" communication periods. Its free for everyone accept the paying members. Such give a ways causes their system to such down on a regular basis because of the overflow of people. So not only have I already paid for this "free" time but I am then also not able to use the system. These system unavailabilities happen every time there is such an offer (and other times for not apparent reason). If you know your going to have this offer at least give the paying customers notice so that they can prepare and log on before or GIVE US A PRORATED REFUND!

  • Rh
    R. Harmon Dec 11, 2007

    I also have a complain about eharmony. The matches I asked for were not accurate at all and I told them I wasn't pleased with their services and asked for a refund. They also told me that I could not get my money back from them and I have only been with them for two weeks. The TV commercials are very deceiving.

    0 Votes
  • Ch
    chris Jan 21, 2008

    No, the matches on eharmony are not accurate. I specified matches to be no more than 30 miles away and not even 24 hours after signing up I was receiving matches that were 2000 miles away. Apparently they do not give refunds, because they have not even responded to the 4 e-mails I have sent them in the past 3 days. There should be some kind of law to protect consumers against internet fraud.

    0 Votes
  • Mi
    mimi m Feb 27, 2008

    Buyer Beware! If you account ends on, for example, the 28th of the month, EH will go ahead and "auto-renew" for you up to two days early. When you call to cancel, the reps are very unhelpful and EH WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY. What a scam!

    0 Votes

unfair controlling of number of matches

My primary complaint is not with their personality/features matching system because many different sites just have certain flaws in the matches. I accept that.

My main complaint has to do with the number of matches. When I first signed up, I got approximately 15-20 matches. The next day, about 10. Following day another 12, etc. So I would say on average, I receive 10-15 matches every day.

Now, to me this seems skeptical. They boast over 15 million members. I understand that after I filter down to location, etc, it segments that 15 million a bit. But then again, I live in LA - one of the most densely populated cities in the country, so I would say there are probably over 1,000-5,000 people that meet my criteria (I put "No Preference" to almost everything). How do I know this? Well I tried almost every other site, and on average there were over 1,000 matches at least when I searched at any given time. So on the low end, there should be at least 1,000 matches to my criteria when I first signed up.

So the part where this is very deceptive business practice is because I pay on subscription model - meaning I pretty much pay for every day I am on the service. At $59, it's almost $2 per day. So if you do the math, let's say in their database there are 1,000 people that match me, and if they only send me 10-15 every day, it'll take me at least 3 months to view those 1,000 people! And that's just assuming that there are only 1,000...there could be 10,000!

It seems to me they are doing some sort of scam. I can understand that if the first day I sign up, I get like 500 matches, and then as time goes by, I slowly get less and less. But nope, I started off with 20, and it's been consistently 10-15 every day. These matches are not manually done (if so, I can understand the limit of only a certain amount of matches can be done every day cause it's by manual human labor). But nope - it is done by computer. And if you run one query, it should return ALL matches...not just 10-15.

This is deceptive and a scheme to draw you in more for longer subscriptions. It's like me joining Netflix and saying "I like only Horror Movies" and then only being shown my selection of horror movies 1o movies at a time. I should have complete access to all my matches. And for them to say that I have only 20 matches the very first day, and 10 new ones happen to pop up every day is completely false.

I'm saying class-action lawsuit here cause this practice affects EVERYONE on

  • Ke
    Kevin P Jan 09, 2008

    I kept getting matched with people who were in relationships or no longer dating. This was after I had been a member for some time. Why would someone not interested in dating sign up for eHarmony? My guess is it took eHarmony several months to get around to matching me with that person, by which time they were no longer looking. Gee thanks. They are not getting another dime out of me and if I knew a lawyer, I'd seriously consider suing.

    1 Votes
  • Fr
    frustratedsmartwoman Mar 11, 2008

    I recieved almost no matches until my subscription was two weeks from being over. Then they sent me several matches, all of which almost immediately broke off communicationwith me without giving me a chance.

    Eharmony is a joke, a fraud, a complete waste of time and I support anyone bringing a class-aciton lawsuit against them.

    1 Votes
  • Jo
    jo Mar 17, 2008

    I could no have said it better myself, the only thing I would add was if you do select some limitations they should be honored and the flexible match garbage is a falesy too - if you have so many members WHY would you go outside the perameters set by the CLIENT!

    1 Votes
  • Ga
    gary reister Jul 05, 2008

    E harmony matched me with nothing but out of date people, those who were not even looking any longer and those who did not match critical match material. If and when a class action sue is filed I will certainly enlist, EHARMONY IS A SHAME

    1 Votes
  • Ju
    Justin Dec 05, 2008

    Im not concerned with the number of matches just the communication. I only recieved communications from people 1 week before my subscription ended. After renewing I never heard from that match again. Coincidence I think not.

    1 Votes

possible discrimination

It's a well publicized fact that this company discriminates against gays and lesbians. But I've been wondering for some time now if this company is against interratcial couples because I have seen many of their commercials and there is not a single mixed color couple featured in any of them I've seen. It's always : white woman & white man, black woman & black man, Asian woman & Asian man, etc. No exception to this "same color" couple-making so far in their advertisement. Their commercials are so "consistent" regarding this issue that I finally had to say something somewhere. Are they just trying to be PC on national TV ads? Or do they firmly believe in "keeping the races pure"?

  • Da
    Daniel Lynem Jan 04, 2008

    When e harmony first started I read in some of the material on the site at the time, and this came from Neil Clark himself, that mixing of races in marriage should not be done and I heard him say the same thing when I heard him speak at a church in Newport Beach, CA. It was in a section that talked about what to be careful of when finding a mate. He gave a number of reasons why he didn't think that interracial marriages where a good thing and people should consider the issues he brings up before going forward. And he was right in that people should take the things he mentioned in to consideration for the purpose of deciding how to deal with those things if and when they come up, but not as a reason to not get married. For example, he talked about having children and what they would go through because of being bi racial and what that would do to them. I have 5 wonderful bi racial (asian/black) grand children and they all are very well adjusted with great attitudes and a lot of friends, white, black etc. So I think he is wrong in some of the reason he stated. It was that he didn't think it was a good idea. I disagreed with him completely. I am a Black male and its interesting but when I was a member I received match's that were all races, White, Hispanic etc. Anyway, because of Neil's own believes about interracial marriages, that could be the reason we don't see those couples in their TV spots. I don't know that for sure, just an educated guess. I sure if you googled Neil you should be able to find some information on that subject.

    0 Votes
  • Od
    Oddie Mar 28, 2008

    I am a black male, Eharmony would match me with women of different races, f I remeber correctly when fill out your profile you are asked about those kind of preferences.

    0 Votes
  • An
    anomisa May 10, 2008

    I do not have a membership, I am considering NOT signing up. I have been reading a lot of the dissapointment stories. So many people feel cheated b/c they get charged when given ample notice of disinterest in renewal. I DO NOT like the idea that eHarmony will keep NON members on file. YUCKY that is so FRADULANT!!! How could people be so unethical. I am so dissapointed yet grateful, that I looked up some information, and did a little research.

    0 Votes
  • Co
    Complainer Nov 30, 2008

    I filled out the personality profile twice and each time zero matches came up for me and thus they would not allow me to be a member. A year later, the second time I actually lied in my questionaire to see if I could get into the database and again I was denied. I even checked all races when I answered it. What the hell did I answer wrong?

    1 Votes

religious discrimination!

I originally filled in eharmony's profile questions, and was turned down as falling in the 20% of people that do not qualify for eharmony. In that attempt, I answered the *religion* related questions honestly (I'm not particularly religious). So, the next day, I tried again, answering all questions exactly the same EXCEPT the religion-based questions, which I answered as if I was rather religious. And viola, I'm accepted!!! Eharmony obviously has a religious bias as to who is considered *acceptable*. I find their brand of theology-thumping extremely offensive. Stay away from eharmony and their discriminatory *holier-than-thou* scam!!!

  • Le
    Lee Dec 08, 2007

    I had the exact same experience happen to me. Filled out that long ### e harmony survey, being truthful about my atheist stance, REJECTED. Filled it out a second time as a somewhat religious person on the religious questions, ACCEPTED. What a joke. If they are going to discriminate on the basis of religion, at least have the common human decency to make it public.

    1 Votes
  • Fr
    frustratedsmartwoman Mar 11, 2008

    Consider yourselves lucky. Eharmony is a f**king joke. The give you very few "mactches" until about a month before your paid subscription is about to run out. Then they send you some, most of which cut off communication with you without ever giving you a fair chance.

    Nothing, but a bunch of holier-than-thou-Bible-thumpers who'll never be satisfied with anyone who's not rich and acts like a likewise Bible thumper there.

    1 Votes

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