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eHarmony Complaints & Reviews

eHarmony / Be careful

david harris on Sep 12, 2017
You should avoid this website and most of the people who are signed in. It's definitely not the place where you can find your love. And you definitely don't have to pay money for this. It's for free in real life. It's a shame that many men are pervs, look for women just for fun, to spend one...

eHarmony / What a waste of money

Tim Carpenter on Sep 5, 2017
My experience with them was terrible and I can't give them a positive feedback. I was very disappointed with their service and the way they treat customers judging by how many times I called and emailed them for my issue resolution and got absolutely nithing in return. No help, no...

eHarmony / awful/few matches and terrible refund policy

L.e.G. on Aug 20, 2017
I signed up for eHarmony abut a month ago and after receiving very few matches and none of which were my physical type I complained to customer service. They told me to loosen or change my parameters so I had to go from 50 mile radius to 120 (there is no in between) and now I get still a...

eHarmony / eharmony not checking out the men for fake profiles

Drawdy66 on Jul 25, 2017
I met some name James from North Atlanta. We exchanged phone number but his accent was not from the United kingdom but African. All of the sudden he's in Africa on business. I knew he got there too quick for airplane flight. Then the next guy you removed him the same night he sent me an...

eHarmony / my email was changed

rejeania on Jul 16, 2017
my email was changed and i didnt do it also ive been writting yall telling yall i met someone on yalls site in which yall told me to so i could conceal my subscripsion with yall his name is david he already got off the site when we want decided to get together and now ive been hacked wow...

eHarmony / auto renewal and billing

mryan116 on Jun 17, 2017
Today was my last day of my membership. When I logged in to cancel, they had already auto-renewed for 6 months. That shouldn't happen until tomorrow. I am disgusted and the customer service is appalling. I cancelled my account but am still expected to pay for the next 6 months of...

eHarmony / incorrectly charged on no repeat billing selected

Question Reference # 170514-000484 I had set up no repeat billing and got charged another $180 subscription. I complained and sent an email with all info and the company advised they could not confirm the no repeat billing option was selected and they wont refund me. EHARMONY IS A RIP OFF AND...

eHarmony / I just opened an account

JasonG83 on May 26, 2017
I had an account once before and closed it because I thought I had met someone but now I just just opened a new account and your site charged me for the first month then immediately closed the account to where I cannot access anything and it will not let me reopen the account. I want a...

eHarmony / scammers on eharmony

Sam on May 18, 2017
I joined eHarmony not a long time ago and I have enough of it already. As soon as I finished updating my profile info and uploaded some photos I received several messages. At the beginning I was very impressed with how fast everything worked. I really thought these girls were real, but...

eHarmony / got scammed

Mike J on May 9, 2017
I used eHarmony for less than a month and that time was enough to understand that the whole thing was just a scam and waste of time. To use eHarmony I had to pay for many extra features, their site is pretty expensive, also I realized that there were too many fake accounts. I decided that...

eHarmony / subscription rip off

Stan Ingalsbe on Feb 27, 2017
As soon as I changed my subscription to the Non Renewal, E harmony locked me oe out, though I had time remaining on my subscription. Neil Warren may have a great smile, yet this supposedly Christian betrays following the Christian virtues of fairness, integrity, customer service and creditability...

eHarmony / refund and customer service

I never do this on Jan 20, 2017
I tried to cancel my subscription to e- harmony on the day before it expired but they told me it had to be 48 hours which was made unclear. Then when I tried to talk to them all I got was someone who didn't know anything then they gave me an email to write to. Which basically was the same...

eHarmony / refund request

DickieE on Jan 3, 2017
I began eHarmony and found it difficult to use. I tried many times to contact and found there was NO human being to explain my frustration. I am not very good with a computer. Result $ 47 plus or $ 150 . I finally contacted a person and was told NO I would not get a refund. This is poor...

eHarmony / subscription

Steph Webb on Dec 18, 2016
I installed the app on my phone and completed the questions prompted. It was then explained that I needed to upgrade to be able to do certain things but the payment kept failing and then when it said it worked the app still wasn't showing me the upgraded view so I cancelled it. I then...

eHarmony / scammers and hackers

Slipslide on Nov 22, 2016
I have tried to get into my account and finally did but there is no place on the page to shut down my account or even change my profile. If I could have changed my profile I would have told people that this is a scam and be weary. I would have wrote bad things to get their attention. Where...

eHarmony / scammers and hackers

Slipslide on Nov 15, 2016
This started with match.com and because of match I can not get into any dating site. I'm asking eharmony to shut down my account and give me a refund. But eharmony chooses to let hackers in my account to take advantage of innocent men. I appolize for eharmoney. Just close out my account so...

eHarmony / scams and hackers

Slipslide on Nov 11, 2016
I have put several complaints in and got no response so here I am again. Eharmonys tv commercial is a joke. I got more response from match. My account has been taken over by a hacker and eharmony does nothing to stop it. I have asked eharmony to delete my account and give me a refund. Why...

eHarmony / profile scammed

Slipslide on Nov 8, 2016
Yesterday which was 11/7/2016 I had trouble getting into my account. It said my email or password is wrong. So I changed my password and email several times and still could not get into my profile. The same thing happened with match but on match I got to see a picture of a woman I did not...

eHarmony / customer services

Angie-Louise on Oct 31, 2016
I was thrilled to receive a message from a match, but after trying several times to contact him, I couldn't. I phoned eharmony customer services, less then 24hrs after his message, and was surprised to be told he'd moved on. Next I was told he was no longer s member of eharmony. I have a...

eHarmony / misleading advertising - preferences count for nothing

KC0 on Oct 13, 2016
Did you know that if you want to request a refund of your annual eHarmony subscription, you need to do so in the first 3 days? However, during the first 3 days of membership, eHarmony send you profiles to make it seem like they have a veritable database of suitable people and a match i...

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