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Eharmony has got to be the biggest waste of time and money that is known to the internet. I joined 7 months ago, and although I have over 1000 "matches", I have only received 3 emails from men who write once and then you never hear from them again. I would classify myself as a very attractive lady, great smile, intelligent and on other dating sites I have had many responses to my profile, so I know it's not me or my picture. WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME THIS HAS BEEN!!!

unfair business practice/unauthorized taking of money

My 1 year membership subscription to their service was to end on July 13th, 2010 and was NOT authorized to be renewed. No emails or any contact of any kind was sent requesting a renewal or any authorization for a renewal to the service. Eharmony without permission, Renewed the membership on a monthly renewal rate of $19.95 with the credit card that was on file with them(which they should have not have kept on file)and refuses to refund any money that was taken without authorization. They cite their Cancellation NO REFUND policy as an excuse for justifying their "theivery. I sent them an email (which is the only way you can contact them)requesting a refund for the unauthorized renewal and their response was another citing of their Cancellation No Refund policy. Do not do business with them or if you do change your credit card number after you subscribe to their service. By the way - their service wasn't very good either. They provided matches that did not post pictures and/or were hundreds of miles away and in several instances in different states.

  • Jj
    jjhtopsy Jun 14, 2015

    i have not requested a change of e mail address and can not log into my account now

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Resolved refund policy and site matching ability

Hello All

I have decided to sign for a 12 months membership which costs me £119.00. I was billed like 39 pounds for 3 months. During the week, i have communicated over 28 matches and i was vey open minded and flexible, i did not have any high expectations or being a judgemental person based on picture looks or whatever. I have used the guided communications to attempt to speak to the 28 people and none have replied back, the only thing that these matches have done is checked my profil and just leave me cold. At least have some damn courtesy to reply back saying not interested or not my match…whatever, i can take comments, i dont care if they say, you are one ugly ********. So i contacted E Harmony and told them that this site has so many flaws like matches are being matched on the other side of the ***** world, and matches who are not a full paid members, which mean you could be talking to people and waiting for them, only to fine out that they are not a ***** member! And another flaw, is that some people may not like to date a specific background for Example: 1 Match is looking for european, and the E Harmony computer sends a freaking match who isnt a european, what a **** waste of time. I told them that i wanted a refund and i gave them a full 100% Negative feedback. So instead of a FULL refund, they Refunded me £4.90!!! Now i am taking the complaint to a high level. So I HIGHLY NOT RECOMMEND E HARMONY, ITS A SCAM, A WASTE OF MONEY, AND IF YOU WANTED A REFUND, YOU WILL GET THE SAME AMOUNT.

  • Don't bother signing up for this site. All I have received are match possibilities that the individual is located on a city so far away and it's ridiculous that they don't consider thus when matching. Good luck getting your money back as well.

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  • Pa
    paul_eharmony Dec 17, 2010

    Sorry to hear that you've been unhappy with the geographic distance of your matches. Have you tried changing your match distance settings in your profile? You can do this at any time from within your account. Instructions for how to do this are here: If it's extremely important that your matches reside within the distance you choose, be sure to mark your preference "7 - Very Important" on the sliding scale so you don't receive any flex matches who may live further away.

    You can find a detailed explanation of how match distances are determined here:

    If you still have questions about this or we can help further, eHarmony's Customer Care team is available 24/7. Use either of the two links above to get in touch with us.

    Hope that helps.

    Paul @ eHarmony

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auto renew

UGH! Was auto renewed to this pathetic site three months ago. Sent an email that I wanted OFF, and NEVER auto renew me again.
After three months, I get an email this am stating that they have AGAIN autorenewed me!!!
Do not accept their autorenew Fight for your money - all of it.
This is a scam. The man on the phone was rude and condescending to me...Sorry, pal, I am a lawyer with a Masters in Business (MBA) and he is scolding me that I am incorrect.
FIGHT for your money back - you WILL get it.
Scam, scam, scam.
By the way, simply google "eharmony phone number" and you can actually get a number to call someone (I defy you to find it on their website...). I would give it on here, but it seems to change monthly. Hmmmmmm...Fishy, no???

  • Sl
    SLBrow Apr 04, 2013

    I had the same experience with eharmony. It is a total scam and the auto-renew scam should be litigated. I will participate in any class action suit. I smell pyramid scheme when I dealt with "customer service". It was obvious in talking to Shelly and Hugo (as identified) that they were participating in the scheme. eharmony goes to great lengths to avoid having a means to talk to anyone who doesn't just repeat and email out their self serving policy and make lies about not turning off auto renew.

    I don't recommend that anyone ever give banking or credit card information to eharmony. I hope that a class action suit is filed and will participate any way I can.

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Resolved constant spam

I constantly receive spam from them, even though I've never even used their website. I don't know...

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Resolved service

After the first five minutes I found out they will not let you pick your own matches, only the ones they pick for you so you can not browse members who you would like to talk to and only about 1 out of 12 have a picture so you have no idea what they look like. I tried to cancell my subscription after an hour and they said they would not give me any kind of refund and hung up on me. Anyone thinking of joining this site should not be taken in by anything they say, they are nothing but lies

Resolved everything about them sucks!

I just want to tell as many single people as possible "don't waste your time or money on eHarmony"! The website is difficult to maneuver around and in some cases confusing. You have to jump through hoops in order to just get an email address, so that you can contact Customer Support, and there's no way they're offering up a phone number for Customer Support (I defy anyone to find that on their site)! I had to go Google for that!

I had nothing but problems from the moment I tried to sign up with them...First they wouldn't take me because I was separated and not divorced yet. Once I got divorced you have to give them several pieces of court info, via email, before they'll take you again. I sent them the info twice...only to finally have to get a whole new email address because their CS never did their job. So, I finally get on and for some reason my pics won't load. I haven't had any problem with loading the same pics on other dating sites...even on this one...but they wouldn't load on their site. I even double checked their specs and my pics fell well within range. So, I did the next thing I was offered...emailed the pics to eHarmony (via an address they provided) and waited...and waited...and waited. Five days later, I did it again, receiving two emails, from them, notifying me that the pics were approved and loaded, ready for viewing...not so much. They still weren't appearing on my page! So, I went to the link, that they provided at the bottom of their email, and looked for "Customer Support" (what they said to do!). There is NO link to customer support from that link or any other page. Also, I was given mostly 50+ men to choose from...I'm 42...and reasonable cute! Soooooo not for me!

Now I will say that once I Googled and used the 800 number, after a long wait, I spoke with someone who was happy to give me my money back (after a 7 to 10 day waiting period) just to get me off the phone. That was the quickest, most painless thing the CS dept. did for me. I hope they get it right!

I highly recommend (free) or (free) or even (not free)...but whatever you do...stay away from eHarmony and the grief they'll cause you...not to mention they are exhorbitantly priced, especially for the lack of service you get and the product they provide. Don't believe what they tell you on their commercials!!!

Thanks for reading my tirade and I hope it helps someone, anyone out there with their decision.

Resolved fraud

I am not a subscriber, but somehow got all kinds of emails "matching" me to different people. Even a "photo nudge" They matched my friend with a woman, my friend was in a committed realtionship. I hope that woman got her money back.

  • No
    North County May 08, 2010

    There was an erroneous charge on my bank statement. I contacted eharmony immediately. A representative told me she would pass this to their fraud department and I would receive a call that day. It is now day two and have not received a call or an email. Further developments to follow.

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  • No
    North County May 10, 2010

    Thanks. I will continue to call them. I will also write a letter.

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  • Pa
    pam608 Nov 30, 2010

    I have been on eHarmony off and on for 4 years. During that time, they matched me up with two women. They refused to refund the monthly fees for that, "Oh well, it was a mistake". In FOUR years, only one match resulted in a face to face meeting.

    Recently I was married in May, and I emailed eHarmony to close my account. Did they? NO They continued to charge me until September when I had to throw a fit with them. Today, November 30th, I am still getting emails!!!
    Sorry, but now my complaints to go the Attorney General of Montana and the BBB.

    Please, please look elsewhere. I met far more nice guys on Yahoo personals than anything place else, but ultimately someone at work introduced me to the man I marriedl.

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  • Pa
    paul_eharmony Nov 30, 2010

    Hi Pam, sorry to hear about your experience on eHarmony. We'd like to look into this for you once again to see what happened here. Please send an email to [email protected] with your name and the email address you used to sign up for eHarmony.

    Congrats on your recent wedding! We wish you all the best.

    - paul_eharmony

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  • Wh
    why close my account just paid my member Dec 31, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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Resolved terrible experience

I tried Eharmony for 6 month then let it expire. They kept sending me offers that kept getting cheaper so after few months of this I signed up for additional 3 months. I decided I would contact anyone with a picture. And I also was in contact with people out of state. And my criteria was very liberal (this time) to see if I would receive any communications. I made it to communication with 2 both were over a 4 hour drive to meet. (we never met) I "started communication" with all just for the heck of it. Shortly after signing up a friend told me of plenty of fish. com . It a free dating site. I had more responses in 2 weeks than my entire membership with Eh. So being a little bitter with how much money I gave to them I attempted to put my profile my expiration date (written out in words, not red flag) it red flagged and I am offically ban from Eharmony for violating my agreement with them. I did find it funny how all the same guys were still on Eh my second time around.

  • Se
    seekinglove2oo May 02, 2010

    Same people on all the same dating sites. I tried their site as well...we are all just looking for someone special. Same matches I found on other less expensive or free sites. NO WAY could I have been a perfect match to those same men. Nothing in common! Spent to much money for very few close matches. If you are willing to go anywhere for love...maybe a chance. Otherwise save you money!

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Resolved auto-renewal of subscription set to on

Apparently the auto-renewal option for your subscription has a default setting of ON, unless you change it to...

Resolved lies, lies, lies

New to i-net/computer I decided to click on ad for EHarmony dating to see what was up. Offered 7 free days. called to cxl and was given the run around and charged over $100.00. They did not do or live up to their advertisement. Had others tell me the same happened to them. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY CC INFO AND FREE IS A LIE. Other companies also have these practices. READ EVERYTHING AND DON'T BUY THE LIES. Many hours of calling and letter writing yeilded in "WE GOT YOU". THERE IS NO FREE THINGS.

Resolved scam

I Joined e-harmony twice, both times I was matched up with people out of the distance I requested. Also a large age difference. The main complaint is not being able to contact anyone at e-harmony to warn them of a man who was trying to scam money from me saying he was stranded in the UK and needed me to send him 2, 500 because he lost his wallet with important papers in them. This man and I only e-mailed each never met or talked on the telephone. Felt I needed to report this but could not find a way to reach anyone at e-harmony.

Resolved unauthorized renewal

I opened my August statement to find I too was charged a $140 renewal. When I called to complain, they offered a $91 refund and a 'reduced' monthly fee. When I explained that I NEVER authorized auto renewal, and I closed my account in April, they had the nerve to question what I did - because according to them, I only stopped receiving matches. BS! They do not send emails (this is why), nor do they notify of renewals - trust me, I would have been all over this one.

Suggestion to those to run into this:

1. Dispute the charge with your bank, every bank has a form you can complete. If you are lucky to have emails or screen shots, send those along.
2. File a complaint on the BBB and through Consumer Affairs
3. Look into getting legal consultation

I'm trying to see if there is enough their to warrant a class action suit against this company. We all work hard for our money, and no one has a right to steel what they are not authorized to steel.

  • La
    lauren F Dec 20, 2009

    This same thing happened to me! There was a button saying "Renew my membership" and I didn't want to, so I didn't press it. Little did I know it would renew it anyway! Charging me over3 times as much!

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false advertising

Compatibilty? Right! I am Asian looking for Caucasian women and they tell me I am only compatible with Asian women (bunch of racists!).

I decide to get them a second chance when they send me an email ad to come back. I did within 2 hours of when the ad expired on Pacific Daylight Time. When I click the link and the website said the offered expired. I said to myself, "What!!!". They must have Eastern Daylight Time servers as I had a full two hours. Bunch of liars!

I complained to the BBB about it but eHarmony denies it. All of sudden my email account was bombarded with over 800 junk email about eHarmony three years after my complaint.

Never again will I trust any dating web company for all of them can't make any compatibility unless they hired actors for their comercials.

Resolved beware

Beware of E-harmony! My debit card number was stolen and the thief used it to open an account with E-harmony. My bank immediately closed the card and told me to just contact E-harmony and tell them that the card number was used illegally and to close the account and refund the money back into the account. The thief had bought services from a couple of other companies and they were very helpful in doing this. In the first place, it took me forever to even find a phone number for E-harmony. The only way I could find it was from a blog of another unhappy customer. When I was finally able to reach their customer service, they told me that there was no way they would cancel the account even though it was used with a stolen card number. When I asked for the name and email address of the person that opened the account with my card, they told me they could not give me that information because they had to protect the identity of the thie[censored] What about my rights? I am out $134.99 while someone is enjoying their E-harmony services and is also being protected by them. I am a grandmother trying to put kids through college. E-harmony was absolutely NO help at all - in fact they sided with the thief - they got their money - that's all they cared about. Didn't care where the money came from. BEWARE!!!

Resolved deceptive practices and laughable customer service

I have had an ongoing problem with eHarmony for the last two years. I signed up for a six month period. I tried for the first three months to use the system, and never once talked to anyone. I then only went on the sight once a week and still no progress. I tried to get in a couple of times to the sight and it wouldn't let me, so I assumed they cancelled my subscription. Well I was quite surprised to find out they were still billing me through a billing company. I couldn't find their number so after searching for a day, I found a number, and called. I talked to a customer service person in Kentucky or Tennessee, only to find out the only way I could stop this billing( for service I wasn't getting) was to write a letter to someone in Pasedena, Callifronia. The customer service person even acknowleged that I did not use this service, and she couldn't even access my account at first. I was sent no e-mail stating that they were going to continue my subscription. I sent a letter and no response. I didn't hear anything and assumed everything was resolved, not a chance. I continued to be billed by a company called Bill Me Later, and told them I would not pay for something I did not receive. I signed up and paid for the six months. I tried talking to eHarmony after spending a whole day on the phone and a promise of an e-mail with no response, and being told they would have the situation taken care of. Now this Bill Me Later company has turned me in to a collection agency. I have never not paid a bill in my life, but I will not be co-erced into paying for something I did not received, had trouble cancelling, and lied to at ever point! I 've written letters, tried talking to customer service, and am now being harrsassed because of eHarmony. Please do not use their sight, it takes advantage of lonely people, and steals their hard earned money!

  • Ja
    Jack May 27, 2009

    We regret to hear that Cherie had a negative experience with our Customer Care team. We take this concern very seriously and will follow up with her to ensure that her billing issues are addressed promptly.


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Resolved scammy people

Be careful giving eharmony as a gift! Eharmony will screw you later by continuing to charge you the...

Resolved fraudsters and cheaters

After a lot of thought, I decided to join EHarmony for 3 months. What a RIP OFF! Don't do it!!! The few "matches" I received were obviously the free "potential customers" who can sign up FREE and get matched. But none of them can post pictures - unless they pay to join. So, when you ask for a photo in the very beginning, they never respond. When I complained to EHarmony, they told me to "be patient." When I complained again that I had not even received any matches in the last several weeks, I was told - this is unbelievable - that I had to "set aside an hour" to fill out yet another stupid questionnaire!!! Talk about passing the buck. They said via email, that unless I filled out another questionnaire, they would NOT send me any more matches!!! Just an arbitrary decision some idiot answering emails decided to do. I think that is what's called breach of contract - duh.

Obviously, they send "matches" to all the freebies who did not pay to join, just to hook them in and get them to join. Meanwhile, the paying customers don't get any matches.

Anyway, they are a huge rip-off company and I wish I had just googled them for complaints before I paid them. BEWARE. Do not join this ripoff company.

  • Sa
    Sam Jun 20, 2009

    After a lot of thought, I decided to join EHarmony for 3 months. What a RIP OFF! Don't do it!! The few 'matches' I received were obviously the free 'potential customers' who can sign up FREE and get matched. But none of them can post pictures - unless they pay to join. So, when you ask for a photo in the very beginning, they never respond. When I complained to EHarmony, they told me to 'be patient.'

    When I complained again that I had not even received any matches in the last several weeks, I was told - this is unnelievable - that I had to 'set aside an hour' to fill out yet another stupid questionnaire!!! Talk about passing the buck. They said via email, that unless I filled out another questionnaire, they would NOT send me any more matches!!! Just an arbitrary decision some idiot answering emails decided to do. I think that is what's called breach of contract - duh.

    Obviously, they send 'matches' to all the freebies who did not pay to join, just to hook them in and get them to join. Meanwhile, the paying customers don't get any matches.

    Anyway, they are a huge rip-off company and I wish I had just googled them for complaints before I paid them. BEWARE. Do not join this ripoff company.

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  • Ch
    China Jul 11, 2009

    I agree, I wanted to just use it for one month, but they renew it without my permission. So, I am stuck with another month. They send you many profile matches when you are not a paid member. Once you pay, the numbers get smaller with each day. Now I get maybe two a week. Plus, 90% do not match what I am looking for, not to mention that eHarmony seems to have the least attractive people on the web. I have read that most of the matches are fake or no longer members. That explains why some never respond or look at your profile. I have found on other sites that there are scammers on eHarmony, so for eHarmony to say they are safer than other dating sites is not true. I met one person from eHarmony, and needless to say, he lied on his profile about himself. He had qualities that were basically disgusting, let alone he looked ten years older than his stated age on that site. I notify eHarmony of the situation, and the bad experience I had dating this person. They did nothing. Then I cancelled my membership. Once I did that, they notify me that they will deal with the match they sent me. The last email from them said that they had dealt with the problem. I felt that they should remove the match. So, I email them and asked them what they actually did to deal with the problem. I explain to them that I felt safer dealing with the other dating sites that were a third of the cost of theirs and no one should have to experience what I have experience with this match. I have gotten no response. They did not cancel the member that was falsifying his profile and not looking for a long term relationship (which eHarmony boost that all members are serious about that); all they did was change his age on his profile.

    EHarmony is a waste of money and a scam. The matches are worst than what you find on any other dating site. EHarmony is not worth even $10.00/month. Do not use this site.

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  • Sc
    Scammed!! Oct 20, 2009

    I agree, the same thing happened to me except I caught on after the fist few days of joining up for the 3-month subscription. Their loop-hole was that i informed them of my discontent on the 4th day and not the 3rd day after my subscription. I have gone back and forth with eharmony requesting that they discontinue my services (i viewed it for only 2 days!). I agreed to forfeit my first paid month (though only used for 2 days) They refused to cancel my account, told me that I had to pay for the full subscription and now I'm going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This people are crooks! Have a lot of money to pay for advertising and have no business ethics! Buyers Beware! These pleople are scammers!!!

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  • Sc
    Scammed!! Oct 20, 2009

    Eharmony must be stopped!

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Resolved scam, false profiles

I also believe this is a scam..I feel they make up their "compatibility ' matches.. How could it be..50 'matches' at least are pictures..from all different areas..when you request communication, there is no response pix, not even a single word..nor do they even open their email??NOT ONE! To confirm my belief, Ialso have 3 other friends on this site..and they are having the same ( or even worse) results...It's been 3 months..and have had only 2contacts.Total scam I feel..maybe the BBB bureau or the state's Attorney Generals office need to be contacted..It is a scam and we should all look into this!

  • Ag
    Agnes Mar 26, 2009

    I agree. I have met three people. I managed to get to stage 3 of communication and then no response for days. I'm wondering if I'll actually get to "open communication." There is a load of loops one has to jump through and the questions you end up sending your matches are ridiculous. For example, must-haves and can't haves. What kind of idiot would want dishonesty or no chemistry. Duh.
    I got myself out before those pranksters renew my subscription. I'm hot and I'm going out with my friends...

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  • De
    Denise Apr 18, 2009

    I've been on eHarmony at three different times over the last several years. I cancelled early a few months ago, because I also found 99 percent of matches never respond, and the few that do almost always disappear when it's time for Open Communciation. I did meet a few guys in person, but wasn't attracted to them. Not something I'm proud of; they did seem like decent guys.

    eHarmony kept matching me even though I cancelled. One of the matches seemed promising, so I re-joined because of him. Got a special rate, with choice of 3, 6, or 12 months. I foolishly chose 12 months for $179.70.

    The promising match responded only during business hours on weekdays, and - big surprise - disappeard at the Open Communication stage. These people are probably lying about themselves, that's why they have to disappear. And this guy was either not serious enough about finding someone to invest own personal time on it, or wasn't single and unattached. Either way, not a good match and shouldn't be on eHarmony. There are plenty of other sites people who aren't looking for anything serious can use - including impulsive people looking for immediate hookups on Craigslist!!!

    I called eHarmony and requested cancellation and a full refund, or at least to shorten my membership to the 3-month option, and a partial refund. They refused.

    I called AMEX today and explained the situation. They are putting a permanent credit on my account and charging it against eHarmony.

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Resolved be careful giving eharmony as a gift!

Be careful giving eharmony as a gift! Eharmony will screw you later by continuing to charge you…the gift-giver! It happened to us…. We called them to resolve it – explaining to them that it is illegal to charge our card on a continuing basis without our approval. They have every right to contact the account holder – and attempt to make arrangements for a continuing subscription – but it is purely illegal to allow the gift recipient to authorize our card to continue to be charged. And you know what they said? “we have to have the gift recipient’s approval to not charge your card” what??? It is not the gift recipients card! This is criminal, scammy, and illegal. Thankfully our gift recipient called “for us” to “authorize” the discontinuation of charges on our card! Be careful – these people are scammy!

  • Ro
    Rockin' Reed Jul 06, 2009

    I'm in the same boat as I supposedly paid for a friend's subscription. I was appalled when they kept billing me even after he terminated his account! As a result, I lost all faith in eharmony and think of it as nothing more than a scam! Believe it or not, when I covered my friend for that month, he really didn't meet anybody worthwhile anyway--talk about not getting your money's worth!!
    I used this system, but I can't say I had any luck with it. I was in a scam rather than a relationship!
    I sent an email to their customer service department stating what was up, and they told me they needed to hear from my friend before they could proceed any further. Even he was appalled at their customer service or lack thereof. After such mistreatment, I no longer recommend their service, since it's not if they take advantage of you...It's WHEN they take advantage of you!!

    P.S. Did you get a refund from them or did they simply end the unnecessary billing cycle?

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