Mingle2 Complaints & Reviews

Mingle2 / banned for no reason

Jun 14, 2019

I was apparently banned from your website. I was on it earlier this year then proceeded to sign out. A few days later I tried getting back on and was unable to it says banned. I did not have any bad pictures on there and I did not argue with anyone on there the time I was able to sign in...

Mingle2 / failure to provide temporary password

May 28, 2019

I was told by a friend my profile is still on mingle2 but I can't remember my password. I have put my email in to receive a link or reminder but NOT receiving any emails in response. I have explained this to Keith a few times now. I need a temporary password because I can't change password as I...

Mingle2 / fake profile

May 27, 2019

Respected Sir/Madam, I found a fake profile of mine on Mingle2. The same account was deleted in two days. I would like to get the IP Address from where the profile was created in order to report this crime. I have attached the screenshot of the fake profile as well as my identity proof...

Mingle2 / complain about a lady cheater

Mar 30, 2019

Hi this is her paytm number 6207133246 she asked me to pay 35 for demo call, paid & taken demo call that's good, for video chat she asked me to pay 300/- again after paying this 131/- for internet thought she call & paid again 210 for some police clearance otseems, She has taken all the...

Mingle2 / customer services

Mar 02, 2019

All I ever do on this site is report scammers. Now admin are sending me an email saying they have come to the same conclusion, or their security is outdated and they are working on it. Been around this site for 6 years and nothing regarding security has changed. Now they send back one of...

Mingle2 / profile person cheating after receiving money in paytm

Sep 07, 2018

I have contacted woman name called Poojakrmeer004 which is completely fake she just took money from paytm 1500k for real meet and once she shared the location after reaching their she didn't receive the and blocked my whatspnumber. I have all the details with me which is attached below...

Mingle2 / fake ids

Aug 11, 2018

Hello team There are some fake IDs in mingle2 website people send us msg first later on they will send there whatsapp no nd after sending few msg suddenly they will send Nude images.And later on they ll start blackmail that they will send that chatting snapshot to our Facebook wall or will...

Mingle2 / ladies dating in mingles

Feb 22, 2018

I want t complaint on the website first.complete profiles are fake here and also they cheater in the complete website that t in Hyderabad site ladies doing online fraud with using what app no taking lot of money through online in paytm.using paytm they are cheating the customer Riya ...

Mingle2 / this site is a scam and I want my money back

Aug 16, 2017

This website is a scam. They took £24 from my account after joining yesterday the 15th August. I have gone on many dating websites and nothing compares to the lack of everything. It says that 90% hadn't logged on in over a month and no-one responds and people from abroad show interest, when... / Don't waste your time

Jan 12, 2016

Have been a member for a couple years. And I must say, all the people I've met were ridiculously stupid. Never met a normal person. Seriously, that is not a joke. One girl was an alcoholic, the second one talked only about her ex boyfriend. Well, I actually went on a date with her, but... / Dating website

Dec 16, 2015

The moderators favour some users over others. People have been allowed to be racist, sexist, ageist on their forums. They forgetting everyone is different. The site attracts a lot of scampers. Since I joined their website, I've had non-stop phone calls from companies not even in my own... / Trying to get my phone number

Jul 12, 2015

I made my registation on the site, including sending my photo and wait for the mail for activate my account and when i get in i was expecting a normal page saying welcome and to fill my profile, instead of that I get this " Mobile Verification You were marked as sca*mer by our system... / All profiles were fakes

Oct 19, 2014

Don’t waste time on the website I joined it recently, but it was total scam. I filled the form there and wanted to find good guy, but all profiles turned to be fakes. I started to chat with one guy, who replied only once, but after that he simply vanished somewhere... / Possible scam

Oct 15, 2014

Joined free website, which has a filter to automatically block men or women you are not compatible with, which does not seem to be working! My filter says that I seeking men, 35-65, within 150 miles, no married men or smokers, and a friend. I have had two men, one from Africa... / Failure to delete subscriber information


I was a subscriber / member of online dating / matching service for a brief period. I decided that I would like to cancel my subscription / membership, and I requested that the company DELETE my account data and all photos associated with my account. I received repeated replie...

Mingle2 / Discrimination

I was recently (February 14th 2009) permanently banned from the Mingle2 dating website. This was done without notice or explicit reasoning. The only circumstance that had arisen was that I had been criticized by the administrative team for my stance on Christianity. I had been accused of...