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Request for extra picture

I have received two emails today asking me to verify my picture I have just taken the second one as the first one was rejected.
I have been on mingle for 4 yrs and I am real I feel i should not be punished for other peoples behaviour.
I will wait to hear but if the second picture is rejected I will take my complaint further as both my profile and images are me and up to date.
theresa sullivan (Tess the Poet)

Request for extra picture
Request for extra picture

Somebody misusing my family photos in mingle2 app

From last 2months somebody misusing my wife photo in mingle 2۔com and indian dating apps they are adding our family mobile numbers
Please solve this problem
We want his details please help me

I got scammed/robbed for 5000 rupees.

I met a girl on mingle2. Her username is alia9619 her business name is Alia Sharma and her real name is Kausar Daani Nawab. She stays in Santacruz, Mumbai. She asked me to first make the payment online. I trusted this girl and I transferred 5000 rupees to her. After that she cheated me and I got blocked. He has robbed me of 5000 rupees. This is a serious complaint this is absolute extortion. These are her photos below.

I got scammed/robbed for 5000 rupees.
I got scammed/robbed for 5000 rupees.
I got scammed/robbed for 5000 rupees.



Dear admin of Mingle2. My nick is Danielle. Im long time user this site and really enjoy time with. I met nice people here and finnyly my other half but recently I change my status being a man to search a woman for us as I crave for. I got blocked and trying to verificate my account two weeks ago but still it's not progress. I really would like to back here. I never was messing around.

Hope I can back in here



Ps. Now it's showing that not find my email address

my account has been banned

Why have I been banned for no reason I have been on today and just went back on and now it's telling me my account is banned I've gave no reason to be banned I haven't even spoken to anyone I think it's unfair especially since I've not even had any contact from yourselves to say what the problem is I've been on your site for over 2 year with no problems

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my account its not working

I register with Mingle just about two weeks ago for the first time, all was good until of course there are black seeps and had no choice but to block them after I block a few my account it was not working, someone even said to me right before my account was not working he claimed that I am fake but that only after I refused to speak to him as I was not interested in this person, I have sent numerous emails thru Mingle2 from my account I am totally ignored no one has got back to me, dont you have any customer service who is dealing with this? I am not happy about this as I know ive done nothing wrong and I actually never been banned or blocked from any of the sites as I provided my id and I never offended anyone in any way I am a good hearten soul just try to find someone, I have been single for all my life and now that my kids grow older why not find a nice man.

someone posting my personal details

Someone has, posted n created a fake id with name jasmime age 18 wth my friend Suman gupta's picture, country India and city kolkata..
Thet have given my name imran with my pH no. The girl suman gupta my friend with her phone no. We both r getting calls, from different unknown people asking us for sexual relations services etc. Kindly let me know who posted it.. Im scared of loosing my reputation..please help as, soon as possible and let me know.. I, have lodged a police complain also regarding the same.

someone posting my personal details
someone posting my personal details
someone posting my personal details

  • Updated by Fawad khan · Aug 17, 2019

    Matter still not resolved.. I can see the chat still existing in the local chat room.. I'm still getting harassing calls.. Please help.. Please give mingle 2 contact details where I can contact the customer care and get help.. My email is [email protected]
    My phone number is +919831176377

signing in

I cannot sign in ? I've tried via Facebook and uninstalled and installed again. There's No reason given and its annoying to keep on trying.
It uses data to keep trying also .
Sometimes I can see you are searching Location and this causes issues .
I'm VPN and you don't like this .
Please tell me why I can't sign in .


What a joke of a dating site banned for complaining about a guy sending me naked pictures of his child in the...

banned for no reason

I was apparently banned from your website. I was on it earlier this year then proceeded to sign out. A few days later I tried getting back on and was unable to it says banned. I did not have any bad pictures on there and I did not argue with anyone on there the time I was able to sign in earlier this year. My username is msdestinbooty. I have been unable to contact the administrators.

  • Pa
    Panchii Jul 19, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No reason for banned why iam banned its me panchii here...

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failure to provide temporary password

I was told by a friend my profile is still on mingle2 but I can't remember my password. I have put my email in to receive a link or reminder but NOT receiving any emails in response.
I have explained this to Keith a few times now. I need a temporary password because I can't change password as I don't know the current one.

Please help so I can access my profile to deactivate it.


fake profile

Respected Sir/Madam, I found a fake profile of mine on Mingle2. The same account was deleted in two days. I...

complain about a lady cheater

Hi this is her paytm number [protected] she asked me to pay 35 for demo call, paid & taken demo call that's good, for video chat she asked me to pay 300/- again after paying this 131/- for internet thought she call & paid again 210 for some police clearance otseems, She has taken all the money & nothing provided service ..[protected] this is her what's up number, Please take action on her if required I come anywhere to fight.this not just for 400/- purpose this way they are cheating the guys so we need to take some type of action on then so that they should afraid of cheating further, Attached paytm payments for evidence

complain about a lady cheater
complain about a lady cheater
complain about a lady cheater

customer services

All I ever do on this site is report scammers. Now admin are sending me an email saying they have come to the same conclusion, or their security is outdated and they are working on it. Been around this site for 6 years and nothing regarding security has changed. Now they send back one of the standard emails saying they have deactivated the account but they haven't as I check every one I report. They don't give a toss especially the one called Jazz Gallardo, what a waste of space they are.

profile person cheating after receiving money in paytm

I have contacted woman name called Poojakrmeer004 which is completely fake she just took money from paytm...

fake ids

Hello team There are some fake IDs in mingle2 website people send us msg first later on they will send there...

ladies dating in mingles

I want t complaint on the website first.complete profiles are fake here and also they cheater in the complete...

Hyderabad Sexual Abuse

this site is a scam and I want my money back

This website is a scam. They took £24 from my account after joining yesterday the 15th August.
I have gone on many dating websites and nothing compares to the lack of everything. It says that 90% hadn't logged on in over a month and no-one responds and people from abroad show interest, when you respond they don't get back to you. ALL profiles say barely a thing about themselves, it's very, very strange and not genuine at all.

Don't waste your time

Have been a member for a couple years. And I must say, all the people I've met were ridiculously stupid. Never met a normal person. Seriously, that is not a joke. One girl was an alcoholic, the second one talked only about her ex boyfriend. Well, I actually went on a date with her, but that was a disaster. Later I met a girl which was actually 15 years old! She wanted to marry me and was ready to dump her boyfriend. Another became excessively possessive after a weekend getaway, and demanded 6 text messages a day on her schedule. This website is full of stupid people. But I really want to thank Mingle2, because they banned my profile. No, seriously, thanks! I don't know why they banned, but it's a relief.

Dating website

The moderators favour some users over others. People have been allowed to be racist, sexist, ageist on their forums. They forgetting everyone is different. The site attracts a lot of scampers. Since I joined their website, I've had non-stop phone calls from companies not even in my own country. Yeah the discussion forum is good, but this is more to do with what goes on behind the scenes.