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be careful of efax: scam, credit card fraud artists

Be careful of j2 efax. They offer a free trial of their fax service. The trial does not work, your faxes are...

efax poor customer service, unreasonable and expensive charges, will not refund

eFax poor customer service, unreasonable and expensive charges

I have been an eFax customer since 2003. Have not used the service at least for the past 4 years. They would automatically charge my credit card annually without any pre notification. On 11/18/10 when I got my credit card statement, I noticed a charge for $139.95 for my yearly subscription made by eFax on 11/9/10. I called eFax customer service immediately. Customer service was basically rude and finally agreed to refund only $127. Stating that I had called more then 7 days after the charge was made and they are taking $12.95 for that. When I told them I received the credit card statement only on that day and came to know about the charges and they was no pre notification from them about this charge, they told they are not required by the contract to return any money nor give notification. I asked to speak to Customer Service supervisor and was denied stating the supervisor is very busy. Their website also does not list their leadership info to complain

Basically here is a company at this digital age that is very expensive, very rude, zero customer service and looks at only swindling customer’s money. Should stay away from company like this

  • nia mae Nov 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please guys help me know if Engr Robert Costales in Uk is really existing. He wants to hire me as his nanny in his kids and want me to work in his visa agent. Is this really existing? [email protected] not [email protected] and their postcode is WC2E 9DS. Please send me message in [email protected] ASAP. Thank u

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  • Ba
    Barbara79 Dec 15, 2011

    I had a similar situation with eFax. I was receiving unauthorized faxes of computer jibberish that were over 100 pages each. eFax, unbeknown to me, charged me $10 for each of the 37 computer jibberish faxes. I did not know this until AFTER I received my american express bill and saw these charges, they NEVER notified me that these faxes were a) over their limit and b) I would be charged $10 for each one. I contacted them immediately, and got the same run around as you did. I then contacted American Express to get these charges reversed, and they sent me a copy of efax terms & conditions and said they could not give me a refund of the requested amount of $370 in unauthorized charges. I contacted eFax again to get resolution, and after an hour on hold and finally getting through, was told that they have a no refund policy. I spoke with the supervisor finally (after another 30 min on hold) and was told very rudely and unprofessionally that they do not refund any charges per their company policy and I had no other choice but to pay it. Unbelievable. Warning to anyone considering this company - they will charge your credit card without any notification, for any reason. DO NOT USE EFAX!!!

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private information

I was an efax client for more than ten years. It is on my business cards, letterhead and all emails sent to clients since 1999. I had the IRS send me copies of all my information, W-2's and tax returns for the last 3 years. One week later I called the IRS back because I did not receive the documents. They told me all were sent. I tried to log on to Efax, to no avail. When I finally spoke to someone from Efax, I was told my account was closed and another person had my number. This person now has all of my tax information, SSN, address, phone number, AGI, etc. Anything they need to steal my identity. Do not trust this company.

won't refund money

Don't do business with efax!!!

Efax won't refund any money if you cancel your service. If you tell them in july that you will be cancelling your service at the end of october when your annual billing runs out, they will immediately cancel your service and not give you a refund for the unused months. They say it's all explained in the terms of agreement that you signed.

When I told them that the better business bureau had received 135 complaints against them in the last several months, they said they were aware of it.

  • Ka
    KarenRae Sep 04, 2011

    The SAME exact thing happened with me. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office in California which is where they are domiciled. I also filed a complaint with the FTC as I feel, like you, they are sleazy and underhanded. I even had a email from them in writing saying I would receive a certain amount and have yet to get it. I will get my money back one way or the other and I feel they should be regulated much more than they obviously are currently. They promote an annual account and as such advertise what a "savings" this is, yet when you try to cancel because you realize there is no savings at ALL, they keep your damn money!! Its just absurd!

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unauthorized charges

I had no prior knowledge of this company until suddenly I was being charged a monthly fee. This started in July. I immediately contacted this company and explained that I have never given out my bank information and never signed up for this service. I received an email back stating that they would need the date and amount that was charged and they would look into it. I gave them that information. There was no charge in August but at the beginning of September there was a charge again. I have since sent them the information again and shortly I will be talking to my bank and blocking them from my account. I am also considering switching accounts so they absolutely cannot steal my money.

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fax service

J2 efax plus service

I signed up for the free 30 day trial to send one fax, I have now noted they have take 36.32 from my debit card for nothing! Can you help me get this money back? [protected]@o2.co.uk

  • Wa
    wascomat3 Jul 25, 2010

    I found this on another page where 'Tony'' in this case was in the same position as you. I pasted the response here from the Office of the President in case it helps you or someone.

    Sean Hitchings said...
    Dear Tony,

    I represent the Office of the President for j2 Global Communications & eFax. I have just finished reading of your experience with getting to the bottom of these unknown charges to your credit card. As a representative of eFax, I wanted to offer you my assistance, if you feel that the efforts of our Customer Support agent did not satisfactorily resolve this issue for you.
    eFax utilizes several very successful methods for curtailing and stopping fraud before it occurs and charges take place. However, like any business that utilizes a credit card billing system, there are rare instances where an unscrupulous individual with the right amount of information can get passed our fraud prevention measures and get an account set up. If this indeed is a case of a fraudulent sign up (which, based on your blog, it definitely appears to be) then our policies here at eFax are very clear; an immediate closure of the account and a full refund is our standard procedure.
    I am confident that the agent you spoke with has explained and diligently followed this procedure in order to correct the issue and see your funds returned. If you find that you have any questions or have a desire to follow up on this mater for your own peace of mind, you are welcome to contact me at your convenience.

    Kind Regards,

    Sean Hitchings______
    Office of the President
    j2 Global Communications, Inc.
    +1 323-843-9301 | Direct
    +1 323-843-9669 | eFax
    +1 888-434-6886 | eFax Toll-Free
    [email protected] | e-Mail

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  • Gi
    Giscard Jan 13, 2011

    This is still going on in 2011!

    I got charged 3 small amount each month and did not even have a free trial!
    I have emailed "Sean" and will wait and see what happens.

    Sounds like they have been doing the same scam for more than 4 years.

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  • Js
    J_S May 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same thing happened to me and I've been trying to resolve this for the past 4 months. They charged me $33 for my free-trial. They admitted it was a mistake and told me they would refund my credit card number and cancel my account. They even gave me a transaction number but my credit card company confirmed this refund never came through. The manager at J2 Efax said he would look into this and personally call me back – he never did. I tried to dispute the charge with my credit card company and J2 Efax has been lying to my credit card company saying I signed up for a full account and never cancelled it. I'll try emailing this person but I'm running out of luck here... this is the first time I've encountered an internet scam in all my years... never again will I give my credit card number for a free trial!

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  • Ne
    nelgy Feb 18, 2014

    Same for me, over £100 taken from my account in the past 18 months, but cannot get this cancelled. More than just tee'd off!

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  • 2n
    2ndtonature Mar 13, 2014

    HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! Been a longstanding eFax customer for 3+ years and sold my existing business and started another company. Thought that since I didn't have any problems before, it was a no brainer to get another fax line and do it again. So on 1/29/2014 I signed up for another fax line. Well since I was in the process of finishing the establishment of my company, I didn't start using the fax.

    Today (3/13/2014), I tried to get into eFax to get it set up and it wouldn't let me in. I immediately got onto the online chat and after they got into my account, I was told that my fax number was assigned to someone else because it was closed due to fraud. They said that the reason why they closed it was the phone number tagged to the account was not good. The phone number was a valid number- never got a phone call from eFax for any reason or an email notification about what is going on. My business is a medical supply company- where HIPAA pertains to all faxes. Now because of this-- it has created me and my company to go into panic mode, contacting patients, medical providers and setting up notices that there has been a breech. Not due to anyone in my company-- but due to eFax's incompetence!

    Thanks eFax- you have made me invest in a actual fax machine, ink, and paper. Enjoy my money that you probably won't refund me. Hope that McDonald's lunch was delicious!

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  • An
    Andrew Bonar (Mr.B) Dec 02, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is 2016 and this is still happening. They are engaging in nothing less than wholesale deceptive practices.
    They do not adhere to their offer in a number of ways:
    1) They do not honor the 30 day free trial that they offer
    2) They charge more than they state they will on a per minute basis
    3) They do not include the free minutes they promise to include, despite providing your number to them in advance of them making the offer
    4) They do not wait 30 days to bill your card

    I signed up for a 30 day free trial, it clearly stated I would not be charged during this time. After 14 days I was charged more than 23 pounds.
    All can be clearly seen in the attached screengrabs. This is a rip-off!


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unreliable service, dishonest support, deceptive billing

I used eFax services with a toll free 866 # for a few months for my medical practice, then switched to a...

making unauthorized debits

I cancelled my service a month ago because when I took a close look at my bank account, they were debiting my...

j2 efax plus services

Dear Sirs, i was billed €13.37 under reference [protected] GB from 02/03/09 up to now. i contacted...

withdrawing money from account

I have never signed up for the J2 EFAX PLUS Service.
They are taking money from my account each month and the bank cannot stop i. When i try to contact J2 they tell me they have no record of me having an account with them so they cant stop.

What can I do.

  • Mm
    mml2900 Oct 27, 2009

    Hi, my name is Michelle and I am an apprentice at Balestriere Lanza, a trials and investigations law firm in New York. Our firm has been investigating eFax's potential misconduct for several months and would be interested in hearing more from you about your experience. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience at [email protected], or call Analyst Sarah Goodman at (212) 374-5400 x 132.

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customer service

These people have the absolute worst customer service. Was switched over to them from Call Wave. In less than one month - can't get an invoice in order to document the monthly charge to my credit card. Can't get decent customer service. First level customer service rep can't help and escalates to next level customer service - who pretty much says - oh well.
Cancelling with efax and going with ANYONE else.

  • Me
    mechanic Oct 04, 2009

    Just had to mention that I found it pretty humorous to be reading all these complaints on efax and seeing an ad from efax on same page.

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fax spam

All eFax users receive large amounts of unsolicited fax advertisements and are often forced to pay for them. j2 Global, the parent company of eFax, not only sends its own advertisements to eFax customers, but also gives customers' information to third party advertisers. These junk faxes quickly add up and often cause customers to breach their free quota of received faxes.

According to federal law, j2 has the right to send junk faxes to its own customers but it is wrong for the company to force customers to pay for these advertisements upon receiving them. Customers have no control over the faxes they receive and the company offers no compensation for these damages. The company profits off of these advertisements every time a customer breaches their free received fax quota. When engaged in a business relationship with a company, receiving advertisements from that company is perfectly fine, but being required to pay for receiving those advertisements is not.

Has anyone else breached their quota because of these unsolicited advertisements?

  • Sa
    sargoodie Sep 22, 2009

    Hi, my name is Sarah and I am an analyst at Balestriere Lanza, a trials and investigations law firm in New York. Our firm has been investigating eFax's potential misconduct for several months and would be interested in hearing more from you about your experience. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience at [email protected] or at (212) 374-5400 x 132.

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  • Wi
    WilliamBehun Dec 14, 2009

    This is how eFax forces you into a pay account: there is a 20 page limit on incoming faxes, which seems reasonable, until you go over your quota because of the crap they're sending you. I surmise that the "third party" faxes are really just coming from eFax in order to force you over quota. If you've made the mistake of giving anyone your eFax Free number, you're screwed.

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money taken illegally

26th April 2009 2214pm i got my sign-up email of 30 days free trial to efax plus. This means I have 30 x 24...

online scam

It's nearly impossible to cancel eFax. After 5 years as a customer and 2 years of no use I called an requested to cancel the eFax service. I got the run around -had to call long distance to a non 800 number was transfered 3 times ended up with some global service outfit in France i think Finially convinced him to cancel my service and refund the billing for another year of service that was billed the week before. got a cancelation number guess what no refund - contacted amex gave them the date and the cancelation number i was given efax says that was a chat number with the cancelation department - what the heck do they think i was chatting about???? Stay away from these guys they use totally unscrupulas business practices. Make sure if your friends ask about eFax that you get them to look upreviews like this from ex users. we all can't be wrong! Way to many stories the same to be chance these guys will not let you cancel. STAY AWAY!!!

  • Ay
    ayma8689 Oct 07, 2011

    They're a bunch of scammers, fraudently charging my credit card after I signed up for the so-called "free trial". I called "customer service" and the rep gave me the runaround for about half an hour, claiming that the "system was down" and that I should call back later. I contacted my credit card company to reverse the charge and I've put an alert for any future charges from these scam artists. I've also reported them to the authorities to shut the website down. For a better indication of how slimy these scammers are, please refer to the Better Business Bureau, which has 411 complaints filed to them: http://www.la.bbb.org/business-reviews/Telephone-Communications-Service/j2-Global-Communications-Inc-in-Hollywood-CA-13111332

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  • Rt
    RTScott Nov 03, 2011

    I also was ripped off by e-fax with the "free trial" scam.
    I used their service briefly and realized that they didn't fulfill my needs. So, I e-mailed a request to cancel my account. I received a confirmation that they had received my request, and said that
    "Please note that cancellation requests may be processed 24/7 by calling (323) 817-3205. "
    MAY be processed, does not mean MUST be processed. The implication is that it MAY be processed via e-mail as well.
    When I discovered a year later that they had been charging me the whole time (we had a family tragedy so I didn't have time to check my accounts) I called the long distance number and was informed that they do not process requests for cancellation via e-mail. This ambiguity in the wording is a deliberate scam.

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theyre a bunch of scam artists

I ordered the "free" trial and they billed my credit card anywayfor their nomal monthly fee. I tried to...

beware unforeseen costs

I recently signed up for a 30 day "FREE Trial" of this service. I did understand that the FREE Trial meant no subscription (normally �7.50 pm). I was amazed to find after a couple of weeks I had been billed �6 +VAT x 3 - just over �20.

I couldn't justify the account on the subscription alone and have requested they cancel my account (3 times) plus refund or explain. Nothing happened - so I called then today. The explanation is I am charged 6 pence per page (I understood) per minute.

When I look at the transaction logs I see for example
The 7 page fax you sent through eFax.com to 4419xxxxxxxx was successfully transmitted at [protected]:10:44 (GMT).

The length of transmission was 2711 seconds.

This 2711 seconds for 7 pages is where something is strange. This equates to approximately 45 minutes for the fax and a charge inn excess of �2.00.

My Total appears to be around 56 pages approx 264 minutes (this is over 4 hours and I am sure the receiver would let their feelings be known had this really taken 4+ hours).

Obviously this is an algorithm or process that the customer has no control over. Seems like a proverbial scam to me!

cancellation of service with 24 hours notice

I purchased an "eCall" 0845 telephone number from eFax (a j2 Communications company) 5-6 years ago, and it has been our company's main telephone number since that time. In late 2008 we renewed the telephone number for another 12 months and paid for the 12 months in advance. Yesterday we received notice that they would no longer support the number and were withdrawing the service with 24 hours notice.

When I called them to ask why they were cancelling they claimed it was a decision by their telco provider to withdraw the service and it was outwith their control. They then directed me to another company called eReceptionist (another j2 Communications company) where they said I would be able to keep the telephone number and transfer it to them. When I pointed out that if I could transfer the number then that number must still under the control of the parent company (j2 Communicaitons) so the decision to withdraw the service was an internal decision. They admitted that it was, but there was nothing they could do about it.

After being a customer for several years with no problems and renewing the contract for another year - with several months still to run - its extremely poor service to provivde 24 hours notice of cancellation. That's bad enough, but we've also spent several years marketing our telephone number to our customers and prospects, and had all our literature and header paper printed with this number, and now all that work will have been wasted as our telephone number is about to stop working because of an internal business decision.

My advice, don't deal with this company. There's too much a stake when they can cancel a contract (and a pre-paid one at that) at any time, and if your business is relying upon the service and your telephone number is widely marketed, you could be wasting a lot of money.

  • Jb
    jbclarke Feb 16, 2009

    I had the same problem with this service and gave them an immediate call to sort it out. In fairness to them, they admitted that they had made a mistake with this email and they have not cut off the service. They are setting me up on a different service next week, which is more advanced and I'll be able to keep the number. So yes, they did mess up with the email but these things happen from time to time inj large companies.
    If they keep their promise and set me up on the new service, all will be forgiven. Time will tell..

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  • Mi
    Missnq Mar 16, 2009

    We have had the same problem and been given an estimated date of 19th March for when our service will be restored. My main worry is that as this issue has been going on for some time - since end of January - they will not be able to port the number to eRerceptionist as they claim and are just saying this to save face. Only time will tell, yes, but how much longer can we go without our main telephone number after already losing considerable amount of business due to this problem? And will we actually be able to get it back at all?!? I have doubts...

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  • Gc
    gcfarmersmarket Mar 18, 2009

    Check out www.smartvoice.net. They can get your number for you and give you great service. Without the hassle.

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faxes with sent confirmation not being sent

Sent an important fax three times as a pdf file. Each time confirmation given by eFax that fax was sent along with the size of the pdf file.

Fax was not received. Phoned India tech support. Was told that pdf not supported. I said that eFax's website said that pdf WERE supported. "Yes, sometimes" came the reply.

I tried unsuccessfully to talk about the wider issue of the damage I had suffered but supervisor would not come on the line - instead he offered me $2 credit.

I looked at their corporate identity: J2 Telecommnication LLC in Los Angelese no longer exists according to the California Secretary of State's website. No one answers the telephone listed on the efax domain record.

Anyone know who in Government would be interested in pursuing this?

  • Ca
    calfax Feb 12, 2009


    I am the original poster and I would like to report a satisfactory outcome.

    Shortly after posting my complaint, I received a message from the Efax/J2 CEO's office seeking to find out what had gone wrong for me.

    I had a very helpful telephone conversation with them which resolved to my satisfaction the technical issues involved.

    It was so frustrating that technical support could not do this. It's a great pity too that there is no clear feedback from the system when this known problem (see below) occurs.

    But, I have to say that I will carry on as an efax customer given the response I have now received. Thanks to Complaints Board for hooking us up.

    The technical details for those interested:-

    - The pdfs I am uploading from my macbook are not being accepted by the efax service because the mac os strips off the file extension. I know to fix that now.

    - When I got a "SENT" icon on the webpage, that related to the upload to the efax website, and was not telling me that the fax had ben sent out to the recipient. I need to see an email confirmation to be sure that the fax was sent out.

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  • Wa
    wackodacko1 Jul 15, 2009

    I normally have to send my faxes TWICE (same pdf files both times) before they can reach my destination. and this is after receiving a SUCCESSFULLY SENT email! I will call them soon, but in my past experience, i've been put on hold way too long. so it may not be worth the $2 they will refund me

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  • Gr
    grumpyoldgit Jul 27, 2009

    AVOID eFax at all costs!! All attempts by other people (and myself to test) to send faxes to the number provided failed. When I got confirmation eMail that fax had been successfully sent they were never received. (No nothing wrong with my PDF's etc). Trying to cancel account by phone is guaranteed to make you wish you still had a teletype machine. It will cost you a fortune in phone calls and broken blood vessels. Try UTBox instead, it was lousy in 2005 but tried it again this year 2009 and had no problems.

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cancellation without notice

I had a free eFax account for several years. Printed my eFax supplied fax number on thousands of cards. When people told me they had sent me faxes I tried sending one to myself. I didn't get it either. I contacted eFax customer service and was told my account was cancelled. They quoted me terms of service that stated they have the right to cancel service without notice. There was mention of spam reports from their advertisers that I have no idea of what they were talking about. I was also told my number had already been assigned to another account. Think twice before using this service. You have no control of the fax number they give you and they can take it away from you without notice. eFax response: Section 12 explains the termination policy and that eFax can terminate any free account without notice.

  • Cs
    csweaver Jul 28, 2010

    Multi-year customer who rarely used eFax service but paid $169/year on the chance I might receive faxes. Annual service renewed in mid-March automatically. Recently, in attemptng to use their software on my Snow Leopard OS Macintosh, the software would not run. There is no update offered.

    I called to complain and request a refund. The two levels of "Customer Service" people said their company policy was not to issue refunds--but they would cancel my service. I asked to speak to higher ups and the CSR said she did not have any higher ups. She said thir agreement does not guarantee their software will work on Macintosh computers and she had no date for when an update would be available. I consider this company close to a scam. The employ terrible business practices and an abuse of interstate commerce over the net. Some state attorney general (CA?) should investigate and either shut them down or get them to respect the rights of consumers. I will never do business with eFax or their parent company again.

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  • Ma
    mad.canuck Jun 04, 2011

    I have spent 6 months and been charged $125+ while trying to cancel my account with these bandits. Beginning in11/10, I have tried cancelling via live chat, phone, and email with no results. I talked with a surly CSR who spoke very bad English today and did get a cancellation confirmation mailed to me. We shall see. However, I was told no refund was possible because they had no record of my previous communications. Very convenient -- for them! If this does not work, I will have to change financial account numbers to keep them out of my pockets, a time-consuming and extremely annoying prospect.

    They also allow, or perhaps encourage, tons of junk email to be sent. They say they can do nothing about It. Really?

    My suggestion is to spend a few $$$ to buy the equipment so VoIP line and computer can service faxes. Took about 15 minutess to install. Also pretty much eliminates junk faxes.

    I found out after the fact that they have large numbers of consumer complaints filed with the BBB. Their attitude is that they just don not care. Whatever you do, stay away from eFax!!!

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  • Th
    The loaner Jul 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    despite me asking for 3 months for them to cancel my account, they have failed to do. I have now had to resort to my bank and report this as a fraudulant and unauthorized transaction. This will mean an inconvenience of having to change cards.

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  • Al
    Alex Safyan May 11, 2012

    Law Firm Investigating Potential Class Action Regarding eFax Overcharges (Advertisement)

    My name is Alex Safyan and I am an attorney at the law firm Pearson, Simon, Warshaw & Penny, LLP in Sherman Oaks, CA. My firm focuses on consumer class actions, and we are currently investigating a potential class action against J2 Global (the company that owns eFax) for overcharging customers after they cancel their eFax free trials. We saw your complaint on this website indicating that you were charged after you cancelled your eFax free trial. If you would like to discuss this potential matter further, please contact me at (818) 788-8300.

    Thank you,

    Alex Safyan

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  • Eb
    ebocious Jul 08, 2013

    I have been locked out of my account for a month now, unable to read my faxes because my account data has apparently become corrupted on eFax's servers. Because I have a free account, their phone and chat agents absolutely refuse to help me, claiming that they cannot access free accounts. Yet a phone support agent at least took a moment to try, and confirmed that he got the same error when trying to logon to my account from his own computer. Of course, I already knew he would; as I had tried on two Macs, a PC, an Android, and four different browsers before calling.

    I have contacted e-mail support over five times now - advising them that I use LastPass and have not forgotten my password - and find their e-mail support agents as useful as an udder on a bull. With each new ticket I open, the response is exactly the same: they send me another welcome e-mail with my fax number and password. Unless I want to pay $14 a month to receive 4-5 faxes (about $3 for every incoming fax I receive), I may have no choice but to create a new account with a new number, because eFax cannot maintain the integrity of their customers' data, or provide support that is worth a lick. Ridiculous!


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  • Ct
    CT-Sue Dec 16, 2013

    I had the same thing happen. I had it automatically going out of my bank and had to file a complaint with my bank in order to get them to quit taking money out of my bank. I called and although I could give them all the information on my account including the card being changed, I didn't have the efax number and so they "couldn't" cancel my account. So, they just kept charging. I won't recommend them and in fact I have filed with my State's Attorney's office due to the inability to cancel and account.

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continued monthly billing on my credit card


I am Luisito de Jesus, President of the now defunct “CJ Pacific Tarlac Inc”, a company who used to engage in business process outsourcing. We use to hold office in rm 304, Jaral Bldg, McArthur Hiway corner Juan Luna St., Sto Cristo, Tarlac City, Philippines.

My staff used my credit card to get the services of J2 EFAX PLUS SERVICE in the conduct of our operation. The company has ceased operation since middle of last year. The company has closed down and I have lost communication with all of my former staff whom i gave instructions to officially cut serives. Unfortunately, after more than a year of stopping operation, J2 EFAX PLUS SERVICE bill continue to appear in my monthly AIG credit card billing ($ 16.95).

In this regard, may beseech your merciful heart to stop the monthly billing. If this is not the proper office to address my concern, could you please direct me correct authorities. You may email me at [protected]@yahoo.com for any directive or verifications.

Thank you very much.

Luisito G. de Jesus