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The Company Store reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 18, 2008. The latest review Consistent problem with order- no customer service response was posted on Mar 2, 2021. The latest complaint credit card security was resolved on Dec 10, 2010. The Company Store has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 14 reviews. The Company Store has resolved 6 complaints.

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The Company Store Complaints & Reviews

The Company StoreConsistent problem with order- no customer service response

I was a long time customer but now they have lost me. I placed an order in December for multiple items. I received part of the order within two weeks and then got a back order email...and then nothing for weeks. I called again in January. I was told my credit authorization expired and they could take my credit card info and send me my items. I gave my credit card and then...weeks went by and NOTHING. Then I called again at the end of February and I was told once again I had to give my credit card. I gave my credit card info AND Ordered a blanket. a week and a half later the blanket arrived but my original order items were still missing. I called again last week and was AGAIN told I had to give me credit card number and they would send me the items. I refused because how many times do I need to call to actually get a company to take my money and send me what I ordered. I called the presidents office and emailed customer service and a week and a half later...NOTHING. NO RESPONSE. Based on the aforementioned I am convinced they do not care and no one is overseeing customer satisfaction. I will go to Garnet, Lands End, Eddie Bauer etc so I can be treated with decency and respect.

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    Aug 13, 2019

    The Company Store — about the company are make a fake commitment

    Mene 30 may 2019 ko prepaid payment order Kiya ta 15 days m bad bi product Ni mila order by mail cancel Kiya...

    Aug 02, 2019

    The Company Store — quilt, pillows, and shams

    My order came to $732.55 and was placed on 29 July 2019. At that time an "authorization hold" in that amount...

    The Company Storethey disappeared

    I got from them a broken table. Their customer service promised to send a worker to get the table away and send a new one instead. Not to mention I made one hundred calls to hear this promise. However, it's been one month since I talked to them and they never called me back, no one has visited me, no email, nothing at all.
    And I can't reach them as well. What the hell is this?
    What kind of service is that? What happened? What was it?


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      The Company Store — linen sheets

      When I first learned about the company store I was so excited because it all Said made in the USA. I refuse...

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      Thecompanystore.comdisappointed customer

      I stopped getting The Company Store catalog about 5 months ago! I contacted them and asked what was going on and asked them to send me my catalog as soon as possible. Their rep said that I was removed from their customer list. I asked what was the reason and they said that company decided to blacklist me after the incident we had. What?
      I was a long time customer of The Company Store and never caused any trouble. I think they made a mistake of some kind. I find that rude and unprofessional! I'm sorry The Company Store, but I'm officially done with you!

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        The Company Storewaste of money

        I am very disappointed with The Company Store. Quality of their products is very poor and I regret I wasted my money. I bought a set of towels from this store and after only six washes they lost their good looks. Towels looked as if they were super old. I tried to get some kind of refund and told them that I was not satisfied with the quality of my order but they said that there was nothing they could do because towels were already used and they were not able to accept them back.
        I will not buy from them again because The Company Store is a total waste of money and products are poorly made. I do not recommend this site to anyone!

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          HDI The Company Store — credit card security

          I recently made a purchase at the company store's website. When I was typing in my credit card information, I...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Thecompanystore.commajor rip off

          When signing up for their credit card which I got, the rep pressured me into trying identity alert. He was extremely persistent. I should have hung up on him, but I was trying to be polite. Well, polite is not what they try to be to you.

          I gave in because in my day we were not taught to hang up on people.

          I accepted because of his pressure knowing I would cancel on time within 30 days.

          I did call before the 30 days was up and I called the correct phone # and canceled, but I was still charged 12.99 for a month. I called back and they told me there were 2 services: identity alert and something else I was totally unaware of & when I canceled the one alert it apparently doesn't cancel the other - if that is true at all. Hard to tell talking to a rep with a bad accent reading a script very fast and slurring words together.

          This guy was nearly inmpossible to understand. What a scam.

          I thought it was resolved until today when I got a new bill for $12.99. I called company store and after a very, very long phone tree to go through before I could get a rep. She couldn't cancel the service because it was the company store credit card & not the alert service. So I closed my credit card with them. I called the other # and that rep gave me a round and round load of bs. I did get refunded for may but the new charge was for the month before he said! I had called within the 30 days. I was not late. This is a scam! And I believe it may be primarily targeted at hispanics fearful of identity theft, because the prompts are a recorded voice that is hispanic.

          Company store used to be a respected store n my mind, but there is too much sneaky, shady and dishonest about them now. Also while I was on hold to dispute the charge, a recording came on to try to sell me a piece of silver jewelry — sight unseen.

          This is so unprincipled and like a shady street vendor in the streets of rome.

          Beware of the company store and company

          Don't accept their identity protection to be polite to the rep who reads his sales pitch to you. They aren't concerned about your well-being.

          This is a sneaky, nasty scam. The fraud and theft comes from them, not some boogey man they try to scare you with. They are the thieves.

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            The Company Storeunauthorized charges

            The Company Store automatically signs its customers up for 'The Buyer's Edge' which is supposedly a discount program allowing one to purchase gift cards at a discount.

            I recently discovered that I've been getting yearly charges for $149.99 since they signed me up in 2007! I had no idea what The Buyer's Edge was and have never made use of their discounts. They acknowledge that The Buyer's Edge mail appears to be 'junk mail' which would account for why I wouldn't have read the mail if I received it.

            While The Buyer's Edge did cancel my program and refund the latest charge, The Company Store refused any assistance.

            What a major disappointment from a company w/ quality products that I've ordered from many times.

            The Company Store has lost my business forever.

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              • Hg
                hgls Mar 19, 2014

                Agreed, they are very unethical. They always have had a lifetime warantee, they stoped it in 2006 for 6 months, then stated they lost all there customer base records and all lifetime warantees purchased before 06 they will not honor. Now there policy states returns after 90 days get lifetime exchange for same or equal value or store credit, But will not honor what they state in print. My comforter i paid $490 for it 9 moths ago and now its sells for$800 and they wont replace it with same item that was defective. They offered me a store credit and there is nothing else there store offers that i would consider so i have to spend another $300 plus to get them to warantee replace mine. I tried the nice approach, the demading approach and the non stop persistent There ###. And they are inconsistent with there info. They also reuse the down from there returns for making new comforters, and after about 10-18 months all their down comforters will leak a large amount of feather dust. Your bedroom will look like a glass snow ball when you shake it. I know i was a customer for too long.

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              • Ri
                Richiewhit Nov 05, 2013

                This happened to me as well, I just found out that I have spent 700.00 since 2007, I never signed up for such a program.

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              • Ju
                judycougar75 Aug 05, 2013
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                I wish I had read these comments before I did any kind of business with The Co Store. They are horrible and incompetent to deal with, and they put unauthorized charges on my credit card. It should NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER take three weeks to credit back a credit card purchase!!!
                They are unethical and should be put out of business!

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              • Valerie Apr 08, 2008

                They will give your credit card number to another company named Buyer's Edge and charge you for a membership without you knowing.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              The Company Storewrong item sent

              I ordered several bedding items. When I rec'd the confirmation email a couple hours later, I noticed right away that one item was listed incorrectly. I called them promptly to let them know of the error. They said it was too late to change the order, that it was already packed and ready to be sent. I asked for a return label to be sent to me, so I could return the incorrect item right away, and they said it was my error so they wouldn't do that. I told them I double checked my order before I placed it, and there was no error on my part. They did not believe me. The customer service person couldn't have cared less. I asked to simply cancel the order. They would not. It was "too late" . However, I only rec'd the shipping confirmation today, a full week later! How could it have been too late if it shipped out 7 days after my phone call? They simply were lying and hoping to derail my decision to return the order. I will never order from them again. The poor customer service is simply inexcusable.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                The Company Store — credit card scam

                When completing an online order at The Company Store, they offer you a ten dollar discount on your next...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                The Company Storecustomer service

                Ordered an item from the website on Sunday, did not receive a confirmation so got concerned. Called on Monday and they said it fell through the system, da what is that????? Placed the order on Monday and CS said would ship Tuesday, did not ship until Thursday. Did not get a confirmation and called again, customer service at this company is horrible. They don't care what you are asking or saying and try to get off the phone ASAP. Finally got a confirmation email and all you get is that it has shipped. There is no update at all, so hopefully will get this order in 10 days if I am lucky. I will never order from this company again, I can see why they only have 1 star on the ratings chart.

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                  The Company Storecharged my credit card $99 for an unordered membership program

                  I ordered sheets from this merchant. On the phone, I was asked if I was interested in membership in Buyer's Edge, some kind of membership program. I said no. Two months later, a charge for $99 shows up on my credit card listed as HDI Company Store. At first I didn't think anythng about it becasue I had ordered fromthe store but then I realized that I had already paid that bill. I called the number on my statement and asked for the charges to be reversed. This company said their name was United Marketing and they are based in Illinois. My credit card number was passed to them without my permission by The Company Store. Therefore, DO NOT SHOP AT COMPANY STORE.

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                    • Da
                      Danielito Sep 08, 2012

                      Bought two primaloft pillows with lifetime guarantees in 2010 and within two years they turned to mush. Returned them in late July 2012, after several weeks finally was notified of refund status, but as of September no money has been seen...they claim that they sent the money to some bank, unspecified, where I used to have a credit card in 2010, account closed that same year. The bank may have kept the money?? The Company Store said they are done, it is up to me to figure out what bank they sent it to and contact them on my own, and good luck. I said, no, it was your mistake, you fix it, you find it, you send me a check. No response after multiple contacts. Next stop, the BBB and the Wisconsin Atty Generals Office.

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                    • Ji
                      jimy_dakota Oct 14, 2010

                      They do this to me all tehe time, and the credit card companys must know about the scam, but don't do anything untill you call then they remove the charges. GET RID OF your credit cards. Keep only one in case you need it but dont use it. Get som prepaid credit cards and register them on the web and use only them! STOP with the charges and pay cash. Earn interest on money you pay yourself instead of a credit card Co, and save more interest when u buy with cash, no credit card finance charde, help the economy because stores make more and sell for less if they dont have to pay the big banks. So they blow the money and get goverment money YOUR TAX MONEY, Stop the madness of credit!!!

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