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eDreams has wide online publicity as an airline consolidator/online travel agency and as such seems reliable due to its visibility. In reality they are unreliable, highly unhelpful and create a false impression of low-cost services when they make clients pay for their errors and claw back the "saved" money through exorbitant phone charges.
I made an online booking through the site for a flight and after entering my payment details and authorising payment (once), I received a message saying that the booking was "pending confirmation from the airline", which confirmation followed about 4 hours later. When I checked my credit card transactions two days later, I saw that the site had charged me the amount of the airfare *twice* in two consecutive transactions. Calling the number the site provides to resolve the site's error (that carries a charge up to €6/minute), I had to pay €2, 50 per minute in several calls where I was put on hold for 4-5 minutes each time when I chose the option of getting assistance with a previous booking. Trying the option of making a new booking I got an immediate response, but the person refused to transfer me to customer assistance saying that I would need to keep calling and waiting under the "previous booking" option. I spent a total of €20+ on these calls; when I finally spoke to a service rep, he gave me another number to call for credit card charge assistance that is not published anywhere on the site, so that customers have to call the paid line and spend their money being put on hold. I am still waiting to resolve the double charge situation, but will never again use the "services" of eDreams and would advise others to avoid them.


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    Rashmi01 Jul 24, 2012

    I have had same issues with them. They overcharged on my husband credit card and I have been trying to find out but they just won't tell. They keep routing me to different departments, so finally I asked them to refund the money to which they obviously said they woulnd't be able to refer their charges, which are 10% and some other charges that i didnt understand. All in all, this is one of the worst companies and I know I will never use them.
    Oh and funnier than that is, when I checked the fair directly with the airline, it was £100 lesser than what edreams charged.

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