eBayunethical seller

M Dec 03, 2019

Two weeks ago I bid on a 14" CECILIO CVA-400 Viola (Item # [protected]) (Order # [protected]) and the bid was accepted. Yesterday I received an email saying that the seller (iqvo3768) had cancelled my order. I am currently waiting for reimbursment. As a bidder, I was required to agree to purchase the instrument if my bid was accepted; I agreed. Is the seller (iqvo3768) not required to honor their offer to actually sell the product? This is fundementally wrong and the seller (iqvo3768) has not acted as a honest broker. If Ebay is allowing this seller to advertise products with no requirement to fulfill orders, how is this different from fraud? Not only did the seller cancel the order after I paid for the product but after two weeks he or she had not even attempted to send it to me. I would like to know if Ebay requires sellers to actually provide the products they advertise or are buyers at the mercy of sellers on Ebay? Is this how Ebay does businiess?

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