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SONJA. Very dissapointed at this customer service rep. She had me wait for a long time saying a lot of things unnecessary, only to find out she can't do anything about the issue. Very disrespectful and mean. I hunged up the phone and called again, thank goodness to Jazz and Bernadette, they helped me right away, took care of the issue RIGHT AWAY. I really appreciate these people who really helps and shows very good customer service. I love EBAY but I am not pleased and happy with how this SONJA represented you guys. I hope other customers didn't have to experience this.

May 28, 2019
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  • Cd
      Sep 20, 2019

    Ebay's Fraudulent claims of Free Return Moneyback Guarantee.

    Back in July of 2019, I made a good faith purchase in total of $153.07. The item listed was described as fully functional. Of course when I received the item, it was not as advertised. Even the photos they used didn't match. I immediately contacted the seller, for a refund. The seller told me to take it to Ebay... so I did. They told me that I have to pay for the return shipping, even though it is stated "Free Return Moneyback Guarantee". 51 days later, I still have the POS that was shipped to me, and I found the CEO on Twitter (Devin Wenig) talking trash about Amazon, so I publicly let him know the he and his company are frauds. An Ebay Rep by the name of "Ryan" noticed and contacted me on Twitter, and gave me the same busted form letter they gave me at the start. 51 days later, I'm still out over $150.

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