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Here's a copy of the letter I sent to e-bay on 10/4/06 almost a month ago with no response from ebay as of today. I contacted their customer service telephone number and was told that they are not able to service this type of compliant. When I asked to speak with someone who could, I was told that customers could not speak with this department and that they could only communicate with them via email - which obviously hasn't worked for the past month. Also, I am not going to purchase this item from this seller for obvious reasons and do not want to be forced to do so. Also, I wish to permantly close my account with e-bay. I also have friends who wish to do the same who now refuse to buy or sell on ebay due to my experience with their "lack of customer service".

Plus, after emailing e-bay immediately after things started to turn downward in working this out with the seller and not receiving a response from e-bay, they allowed the seller to post negative messages against my profile. This "bans" me from making any future purchases on e-bay until I pay these outrategeous shipping charge of $30 to a rude and nasty seller for a $6 item. I bidded on an item and was the highest bidder, but following my email to E-bay, was banned from purchasing it due to this issue.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter in reference to my most recent purchase. I am writing due to the shipping costs that a seller is trying to charge me. These costs were not disclosed prior to purchasing the item. I wrote to the seller, and asked what method of shiiping was being used to justify such an expensive shipping cost.

The sellers response was that "Hi dear buyer!This boots cost $80.00, you got just for $6.00 .That why shipping cost extra money ,24.99 just for canada" and "i live in canada ,i need to pay for border ,and somebody working for me ,i have to pay for him too.thats why its cost me" and finally stated "it is not your business ,you do not have to know who helps me ship and how much i pay for handling.it is my problem wich way i will ship it."

As a consumer, I do have the right to ask the method that an item is being shipped since I am paying $25 to ship a pair of light weight boots that everyone else on your site is charging $10 for shipping. At this point in time, I still do not know if these boots are being shipped by UPS or FedEx, overnight or standard shipping.

I feel that this seller's attitude is unprofessional and beligerent. I no longer wish to purchase this item from the seller due to the comments I quoted above that were written to me from the seller. As a consumer, I do not deserve to be treated like this by anyone, let alone someone who I am purchasing something from. I would not accept this type of customer service from a merchant on a face to face transaction and I refuse to accept it on an on-line transaction as well.

I have purchased many items from E-bay without difficulty from a seller or E-bay and I am pleased with the quality of service I have received in the past. I hope that you can resolve this issue so that I can comfortable continue to be an E-bay customer. Thank you in advance for your time and anticipated cooperation in this matter.

Tonya Domenico

  • Updated by Michellerandall · Dec 23, 2016

    I didn't receive my blue headphone they was go to resend they

  • Updated by Lisa Frank · Sep 20, 2018

    hit or miss tbh got a moldy product i ended up in hospital i was so sick from it and nothing was done

  • Updated by Rono16 · Nov 07, 2018

    Help please

  • Updated by Rono16 · Nov 07, 2018

    No other comment

  • Updated by Rono16 · Nov 07, 2018

    I bought an iPhone Max from Ashley Owen I and paid with eBay cards. I never received the phone. I try to contact her many times with no response. Please help. Photos in emails are attached. Thanks

  • Updated by Rono16 · Nov 07, 2018

    No further updates as of now

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    Service is not friendly

  • Updated by Whit? · Jan 23, 2020

    You have just wasted an hour of my life trying to work out your defective system.


  • Valerie Feb 05, 2007

    Please take time to read everything before judging. I have been both a seller and a buyer on eBay for many years. No I am not one of those Power Sellers, but I am an occasional seller.

    I buy more than I sell as a matter of fact, so I have been on both ends of the rainbow. I have been reading some of the comments about eBay, so I do have to agree with. There are a lot also that I disagree with. Everyone says that eBay doesnt protect the buyers, well that works for sellers as well. Most buyers I have dealt with I have had no problems with, but as with everything else you can and do get a bad one. Either a buyers remorse (spend more money than they want, get the item then decide they dont want it), or buy it then decide they don't want it or find a better deal. This causes many problems for us HONEST sellers. For example: I had a seller win two auctions from me, after several invoices, emails through eBay, and etc (I keep copies of all for months)and no reply I filed a non paying bidder which was my right. As soon as I did that he threw two negatives on me, and I couldnt remove them even though I had proof he agreed to purchase and didnt pay.

    On another occasion I had a buyer that bought a high priced jewelry piece from me, 1.75 Carat solid white gold diamond ring guard, checked out by a jeweler, won it for a purchase price of $500.00 !!! I sent item very next day, she emailed me constantly complaining saying I didnt send it off, even after giving her confirmation number, I called local post office here they admitted the sticker they put on fell off it got returned back to my post office they put a new sticker on it and reshipped it. They told me they would be happy to explain this to my buyer. It only caused a one day delay in shipping. So I provided the number and all for her to call into.

    She received item, left positive feedback to turn around not even a half an hour later to say she wanted a refund because it was fake!!! She said she took it to a jeweler and they did an appraisal and it was only worth a 100.00.

    Cmon now I wasn't born yesterday! You cannot get a proper appraisal done in less than a half an hour. When I asked to see the appraisal, she just sent me an email saying she was going to file for a refund through paypal, I said do what you have to because I have all my paperwork, (which I did indeed have). After looking into her feedback,yes this buyer had a good start but for no large price items, at the time nothing over 20.00. She is even buying 5.00 coupons for all you can eat buffets. She emailed me again threatening me, I told her do what you have to, (as a seller and selling jewelry it is hard for us small seller to accept returns because you dont know if the jewelry has been tampered with, not everyone is honest.
    So she did file then sent me an email telling me that if it doesnt go in her favor that is ok because god will punish me for it, I have a rotten soul, and I will go burn in H*** for what I have done. It took a month in a half for paypal to come to a decision. After they tried to get proof from her that the ring was properly appraised, and that it was indeed fake as she states, she never provided them with any!

    So all the funds in my paypal were frozen, I couldnt use paypal to buy either, or sell at the risk of losing money that I properly sold an item for. Now how is that fair?! To get rid of unfounded negative feedback or negative feedback given due to a decision not in the buyers favor they want me to pay $35.00 per feedback.
    What it comes down to is yes people do occasionally get screwed, but it is on both ends. I have had a hacker get into my account once and try to sell items under my name, but eBay caught it and dealt with it before I even knew it happened causing me no harm.

    Most of the other complaints are common sense which eBay does warn buyers on, and not everyone doesnt pay attention. I have never been duped, but I also use common sense. For example:
    1)I dont buy from anyone requesting money gram! PERIOD!RED FLAG!eBay also warns against this.
    2)I dont buy from anyone keeping thier feedback private!I want to know what others have said, and what the sellers replied if they did.
    3)I dont buy internationally!I dont have anything against international sellers there are some good ones, but cant easily go after the overseas crooks if you get one.
    4)I take the time to read feedbacks!
    5)Dont send personal checks!Personal info is on there, get money order!
    6)If sending money order or certified check, spend the extra few cents send it with signature required, confirmation or both that way you know someone got it and you have proof (This is also a good one for buyers to use to avoid the I didnt get item)!It will help avoid someone not sending something to you by saying they didnt get payment.

    7)If buying a high priced item, ask seller if they do escrow or only deal with a seller that does escrow.
    8)Always keep records of everything, make sure there is a paper trail from start to finish no matter what end you are on.

    What it comes down to is eBay has its good points and its bad points. Ebay cannot control everyone,no one can other wise there would be no such thing as crooks, fraud and etc. No place is perfect, no one is perfect. There are crooks just about anywhere you go, but just remember not all sellers or buyers are bad. As far as I am concerned I get screwed by my utility company, phone company, and etc, more than I do on eBay. Since those are necessities there is nothing you can do about that! Well that is my little bit of advice and my 3 cents! Play it safe online, have a great day!

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  • Ca
    CARLOS BALL May 11, 2008

    e bay member bigpray 3772 owns AREA LINK and tells people he sells items on internet but really sells them on e bay and charges 30 % and ebay fees his fees e bay listing fees his listing fees pay pal fees ihe sold item for me for 300.00 i got 80.00 and ebay refuses to do anything i am member 330 mrleon i am a new member but sorry i ever got mixed up with e bay they are not honest and refuse to help when seller steals from you

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  • Ca
    CARLOS BALL May 11, 2008

    member bigpray 3772 will steal you blind sells under company name AREA LINK does not pay for items he sells out side of ebay and ebay refuses to help

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  • Im
    imacook2010 Sep 16, 2010

    i bought a sink from a seller in texas on aug 25. its is sept 15 still no sink. he shipped it to the wrong address. fed ex delivered it to the wrong address. ebay told me to go check with the neighbors where he delivered it. ha. i ve gotten 12 other packages from other sellers on ebay. nobody else sent the stuff to the wrong address! i still have no sink and ebay refuses to give my money back. fed ex said they would overnight me another sink and pay the seller for the one he lost and the new one plus his shipping fee. but he would not do it. ive spent almost $ 1000 this month buying stuff from honest sellers. but one crooked person caused me to stop shopping on e bay. ebay had the stupidity to tell me to go to another neighborhood and check with the neighbors looking for the sink but they refused to give my money back.even tho fed ex admitted they lost it. broke me ! i wont use e bay any more i just hope i get the rest of the stuff i bought.

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  • Ge
    Genx1965 Aug 15, 2018

    epotnik-nyc (37) Selling fake PS3 controls on eBay Kris Reagan
    269 W Old Country Rd,
    Hicksville, NY, 11801 is seller same serial number on. both look oem cheap knockoff be aware

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  • He
    Hebron fellowship Aug 20, 2018

    Am sreekanth komera. I have booked OPPO CHARGER : OPPO CHARGER with an amount of Rs - 345/- on 9th april'2018 with a transaction id 29076228
    through payzapp wallet and amount got deducted but still now I haven't received any order confirmation. Even I tried to calling to customer.

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  • Ye
    yemi adeneye Aug 20, 2018

    Purchase a 2016 Honda HR. Vehicle was deliver, but the documents aren, t legitimate, therefore could not register the vehicle in my State. Have tried last several months to resolve issue with sellers to no avail.

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  • An
    Andre Miodezky Sep 10, 2018

    My daughter paid 450$ ich your Item ID # (232464167033) but she never received the goods in Israel. Nobody resolving the problem. That's a lot of money for her.
    I am going to initiate a claim against eBay in Israel and see how get a lot of exposure.
    Please take action and fast.
    My mail : [email protected]

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  • Eb
    Ebay customer Sep 10, 2018

    I purchased a product on October 10, 2017 under a government grant. The product was never shipped and the seller never responded to five email requests for delivery status. When I reported the issue to Ebay, the company colluded with the fraudulent seller by deleting the transaction so that no further action could be taken to recoup losses.

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  • Li
    Lisa Frank Oct 15, 2018

    hit or miss tbh got a moldy product i ended up in hospital i was so sick from it and nothing was done

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  • Li
    Linda Oct 22, 2018

    ME SELLER - on the phone with a global CS support, she kept putting me on hold for 10 minutes asking someone else and giving incorrect information and did not know about domestic shipping; helping with shipping section on my selller page. the most inept person. it was like speaking to a child!

    the outsourcing is not working!!

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  • Ed
    Eduardo Gálvez Oct 27, 2018

    Mi nombre es Eduardo Gálvez mi número de teléfono es el 786-659-2983 he sido estafado mediante una persona que uso a eBay donde supuestamente me estaban vendiendo un auto marca Dodge Charger del 2008 auto que nunca resibi en dicha transacción perdí $ 3500 dl. Tengo los email que prueban que se uso a eBay como intermediario de la estafa

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  • Mi
    Michellerandall Nov 12, 2018

    I didn't receive my Bluetooth headphones they was go to resent but they didn't resend them

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  • Ro
    Rono16 Nov 12, 2018

    I bought an iPhone from EBay (Ashly Owen) paid with EBay cars and have heard nothing since. I've been trying to contact her with no luck. Please help. Thanks

    Refund please

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  • Ur
    URSULA Spears Dec 11, 2018

    ebay, i s charging me for free shipping on my exhaust system I ordered from them .😣

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  • Ad
    Adam Hemmling Jan 05, 2019

    Fuck you dicks im out items because you wanna let items end while people sleep its fucked make it all end during the bussiness hours its not bloody hard

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  • Be
    Becky Swiger Apr 21, 2019

    Gift cards, coupons, eBay Bucks

    This code can't be used with the payment option you selected.

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  • Bi
    billirvap May 18, 2019

    Your company phone representatives are talking heads with no authority what-so-ever to solve even the simplest problems. This is business model that was abandoned by most companies in the 19th century. I spent almost one hour on ethe phone today to get no answer, and at least four different people who all talk in circles.

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  • Fl
    Flávio May 25, 2019

    I put some itens for sale, for my surprise they dont appear on the search on any device i tryed, i ask people to find and they cant, ebay charge the fee but the ad dont appear, i contacted the support but is uselles.

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  • Ar
    Art Gonzalez Jun 02, 2019

    I order 2 remote's for a 2001 ford mustang and i need the self-programming instructions so i can get this remote's working. I have brought many item's from ebay and everthing i have brought has been right so i hope this a good deal too. please let me know asap cause i have that mustang without a remote. thank you so much

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  • Ve
    vernon aguirre Jun 04, 2019

    EBAY promised delivery on May 23. Vacuum belts have not been received nor has EBAY responded to request for delivery of vacuum belts purchased. My next action will be to complaint to the California Consumer Affairs Department. Item should have been mailed to vernon aguirre at 9085 Judicial Dr., Apartment 2436, San Diego, Ca. 92122.

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  • Ta
    Tarvell Jun 16, 2019

    Hello there when i entered this site i got a malware Trojan warning for a chuantu.biz trojan.
    Sincerely James

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  • An
    Anonymous11112222 Aug 20, 2019

    You are hiring fraud employees in your compliance department. Mrs. Nair from Austin, Texas office who handles the Indian account is not a trust worthy person.

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  • Ni
    Nira1234 Sep 03, 2019

    I am order that was Rs. 538 order I'd# 66063 not delivery

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  • Wi
    Wichitastate Nov 03, 2019

    I ordered a set of P90X extreme home fitness beach body CDs. I ordered 9/25/2019. I have never received these. The order number 130391858625. The seller was 2hotshots. I would like my money back if I am not going to receive them. Item number 372739734490. I was supposed to receive them by October 7. Nothing has been shipped

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  • He
    Henrik Groth Nov 17, 2019

    this amount i can't recognize, i have no orders on my ebay account nor PayPal that corresponds to that.
    I want a refund and an explanation of which store / seller that has done this fraud !
    Henrik Groth

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  • Ca
    Callumbryne Nov 26, 2019

    The return policy of ebay is not up to the mark, it provides an edge to the sellers over buyers.

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  • Gr
    Gregg Edgerle Nov 27, 2019

    bravemice (1883) seller wont let me buy boots has a request to not let me into the sight.

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  • Ch
    Charles Klein Jan 11, 2020

    This is the first time that I have sold on eBay. My funds have been placed on temporary hold. I have shipped the item and let the buyer know when the item will arrive, and the tracking number of the package. Ebay still will not release my money. I WQILL NEVER USE EBAY AGAIN!!!

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  • Jo
    Joe3798 Jan 12, 2020

    I sold an item on eBay. Ok got the payment. eBay put a 21 day hold on it. Even though I shipped thru them! No interest paid on nothing! I will never use them again! I only sold once on eBay!

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  • Wh
    Whit? Feb 01, 2020

    Appears to have disappeared.
    Crawford Semple
    [email protected]
    ...why 350? I used to be a customer Bye

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  • Gh
    ghazala batheja Mar 12, 2020

    I never sold my painting it was listed but ebay started bid I tried to change it, refuse to tsake offers then guy person offered bid but I refused he sent monies to paypal then im trying to cancel payment.

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  • Pa
    Papaw2007 Apr 19, 2020

    I didn't figure I would see EBAY let sellers price gouge the customer life they are doing. The price is sometimes triple the price before corona virus. One seller has Bountu paper towels for $69 the $69 shipping. That is ridiculous. Thank you
    Blake Bentley

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  • Ow
    Owen12234 May 13, 2020

    You took £15 out of my account when I didn't register for anything I want a full refund please

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