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George Boulos sells philatelic covers signed by US Astronauts on eBay under the name George9785. He buys under the name 55seconds. He has a Post Office Box Address in Blaine Washington, but he does not live in the United States. He lives in British Columbia. George Boulos is originally from Lebonon . I purchased a cover from him on eBay. Almost immediately, George9785 began sending harrassing and threatening emails to me demanding feedback 'or else" . He apparently "Googled" me, because he knew the names and ages of my children. When the cover arrived (yest he did send it to me) it was accompanied by a considerable amount of "ANTI-AMERICAN LITERATURE". I found the contents to be quite disturbing.


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    georgeboulostheconman Dec 22, 2015

    Vintage "Apollo 11 Lunar Team" Snoopy Astronaut Sticker/Decal + stamp NASA
    He never mailed me my item. I ordered a Snoopy Decal off eBay..eBay item number:252079693392
    Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.CROOK!!! ITEM NEVER RECEIVED, THEN HE ACCUSES ME OF MAKING A FALSE CLAIM!!! Asked several times for tracking information and he emailed me sarcasm

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    avoidscams Jul 09, 2019

    Never again! Grifter who has been running an illegal racket from BC, banned on several sites !! Do not buy or respond to any messages or solicitations from him he will latch on and berate you for not letting him peddle his lies and wares to you

    Another beauty this one, avoid at all costs, threatens and harasses to boost his false rating on ebay !

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