EA Gamesnhl forum moderators (ea_roger the mighty)

Ive had it with EA. From their India out-sourced customer service who you can barely understand, reading from a script that does not fix your problems, to their horrible forum moderators.

I was ganged up on by EA_Roger and Socair, who doctored my posts. Claiming they removed profanity, when they also removed opinions about the game, as well as negative adverbs to make me sound like I was saying good things about the product, when I was pointing out problems and stating the obvious.

They have itchy trigger fingers when it comes to bans without so much as a warning, and poorly represent EA and NHL. As someone who has spent too much money on EA products, I, and my friends, will be boycotting them for the rest of time. Even if they only run servers for someone else's game.

Judging by the comments I'm seeing on other forums, there is clearly an abuse of power going on at EA.

Maybe if they behaved like professionals, the NHL game series wouldn't be losing so much interest and respect.

Oct 16, 2019

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