Dunkin Donutssec 31-51 of the labor laws

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I worked for dunkin donuts for two years and then I was let go in june of 2008. Since then everytime I try to get a job the places I apply tell me they have nothing but bad things to say about me. I know this is against the law and I dont know what to do about it.


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    Cassie28 Feb 25, 2009

    i feel you on that i worked for Dunkin Donuts for a year and just got fired and when i worked there evey two weeks when pay day came up they would only tell some employees they had shortages in the reg and make you pay any where from $50.00 and up and if you did not pay they would not give you ur check i did in for almost a yr then my mgr said i owed money from dec and at this time it was the mid of jan and i refused they finaly fired me and a few days ago they called me in yesterday and tould me to pay and they will give me my check or they will give me my check and sign a complaint aganst me for robbery and ive never stole a thing from them so i left without my check and when to the police staion and told them they tould me to go to small claims i do have a claim going with the laber bored also. ive also been told by some people that go in there asking for me that they are now saying i was fired for steeling money just stay strong and fight it till the end
    from NJ

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    crystalbrunt91 Aug 01, 2010

    i have been workin at dunkin donuts for a year now and we used to have a ten minute break but now they are making us sign a paper stateing that we are not to have any more breaks at all no smoking no eatin nothing. when we renavated we had mold on our walls health board said to remove it so they covered it up with wallpaper. we get real busy and i have to stay sometimes for an extra 20 minutes then they dont pay you.two indian girls there get overtime while the rest of us have 20 to 30 hours...but as our manager says its beacause hours were cut. i mean if you look all the complaints from the customers but what nobody relizes is what is actually going on in the store. 4 workers and so busy you cant keep up. no break i dont even get to use the bathroom without being paged back to drivethru on that headset. unfair rules, and the owner a dick

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