Dunkin Donutsforcing to buy before using the restroom


I was a customer who bought a breakfast combo at Dunkin Donuts at 8th Ave between 23 and 24th Street in front of NYSportsClub. I was about to use the restroom but the restroom is locked. The guy in front of me thought that someone is inside. So I asked the cashier if the restroom is available. The guy from the cashier even asked me if I bought something already which somehow makes me feel a little bit insulted. Although I said "Yes, and you haven't even give me any receipt on what I bought..." So the guy asks the key to his manager and the manager is about to open the restroom when he asked the guy whose waiting first before me if he is a customer and bought something already. The guy was pissed off and said "I'm about to buy something if you let me use the bathroom first and wash my hands..." The manager said "you can't use the restroom unless you buy something first..." Is this justifiable for a fastfood that is so busy and yet force someone to buy something first before using the restroom? The restroom doesn't even have a note saying "Restrooms are for customers only!" Or I haven't seen any policy written in the store that if you are about to use the restroom, you should buy something first. Which is more important, worry the customers who'se about to buy something in the store or worry about someone who would like to use the restroom if he or she bought something already? There are only 2 staffs and one manager on that store and people are waiting in line to buy something yet, the manager is wasting his time to force the guy to buy something first before using the restroom. So, if you want to use the restroom very badly and the line is very long before you can buy something does the manager's polciy is justifiable for a patron of this food chain?


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    Cherry Patel Dec 31, 2009

    Ya I am cent percent sure, cuz I've seen such issues.

    Woofus, if I am not wrong, that Manager must be an indian or that Dunkin Donuts franchisee must be owned by an Indian.

    cuz they do that.

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