Dunkin Donutsdogs allowed?

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My boyfriend and I decided to go to Dunkin Donuts on 1101 North Colony Road, Wallingford CT. on 2/26/11. to get something to drink. Well we walk in and see several elderly men and woman sitting on one side of the restaurant. And to our right there was a man standing there with his small daughter (she was around 4) and she had a small dog with her …. INSIDE!

The dog was on a lead but it honestly didn’t matter. Once I saw the dog I was disgusted enough. Then (to add insult to injury) the dog starts to defecate IN THE RESTURANT! I wanted to throw up right then and there.
The man just picked up the mess and threw it away in the garbage inside! Instead of going outside and throwing it away in the bin out doors.

The woman behinds the counter thought all this was “cute”. Oh of course because this was her family. The child was her daughter. (the little girl was calling out “mommy! Mommy!”) I proceeded to walk to the counter. I was so disgusted that I said “so… apparently it’s ok to have animals in here huh?” the woman looked at me blankly.

This WAS NOT a seeing eye dog. It was a small dog that was clearly not trained. The weather was perfectly fine to keep it in the car for several minutes without a worry. The people working there saw it ok to allow an animal in a location were people are eating food and drinking coffee/tea.
The dogs hair could easily have gone in the food/drinks. I am allergic to dogs and had a slight reaction to it. My boyfriend and I both lost our appetite after witnessing such a disgusting act in front of us.

Note: Picture attached is NOT the dog crapping. It's just the best way I can explain the service.


  • Mo
    molliewollie Feb 28, 2011

    That's a public health issue, call your local public health office and report them.

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  • rzyrdj382 Feb 28, 2011

    @Brenda it was a small little mix dog that was wearing booties and a sweater. The dog belonged to the child. Clearly her new "momentary" toy. That's not a service dog. The point is that NO ANIMALS are allowed in a location were food is being served. Dogs carry diseses in there waste. I'm not sure if you knew that or not. Also the man threw away the waste IN THE GARBAGE can were the straws, napkin, cup holders etc were also located. So when I went to put the straw in my drink I was greeted with the disgusting smell of dog crap. Would YOU eat in a place that gross? by the sound of it, you would *barf*

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  • Ki
    Kirstin Underscoremakeke Jan 21, 2018

    @rzyrdj382 You should look into emotion support and other reasons people get service dogs like PTSD and other mental illnesses and injuries/deficiencies other than blindness.

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  • Ki
    Kirstin Underscoremakeke Jan 21, 2018

    @Kirstin Underscoremakeke @rzyrdj382 emotional* but other than that, that was on the customer not the dunkin's or the fact they let dogs in.

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  • rzyrdj382 Feb 28, 2011

    @Stealth. I did call the health department. I got a recording that stated their business hours are 8:30am-5pm MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY! And if you take a look at a calender for the month of February in 2011, the 26th of February is a SATURDAY. So clearly there wasn't much I could do right then and there instead of (as you so put it) "harass her". It's not "harassing" if I'm pointing something out. If I was pointing something totally unrelated then I agree, that would be harassing. Also, I did not come on here cursing. I came here to report my dissatisfaction and disgust with a location that animals are not allowed in. You really need to grow up and present yourself like an adult. Curse words and slander are unnecessary. I hope whatever aggression you are feeling today drift away.
    Have a great day :)

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  • Ra
    ratpoopeater Feb 28, 2011


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  • Fr
    fripclaksi Dec 22, 2012

    I get the pooping inside the store is not pleasant but I can guarantee you accidentally ingest a lot more dirtier stuff. So with that said I think you're totally over reacting and in need of some excitement in life so you decide to vent anger. I hope one day you will chill out.

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