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My granddaughter took a job at the Dunkin Donuts located on Manchester Street in Concord, NH. The manager should not be in the position she is in. She yells at her workers constantly. She doesn't care how many people are in the shop, you can hear her yelling and then the worker has to come out to work knowing that everything was just heard by all customers. She has no consideration for anyone.

My granddaughter had to call in on Monday because the alternator in my car died. The manager told my granddaughter that if she didn't come in, she was fired. Needless to say, she no longer has a job. I am writing in hopes that this matter is looked into so no one else will have to suffer the wrath of this manager.

Thank you.


  • St
    steve Jan 30, 2009

    d and d on cowesett in west warwick the women who waited on me her name was jeanie in drive thru was drunk and almost spilt my hot coffee on me she was sluring i was going to complain but her manager alice told me their was nothing she could do i was on my way to work and did not have time to argue with these people i go there every morning and will now go to honey dew it is out of my way but i refuse to be waited on by a drunk they need to ship up or do something about it

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  • Do
    Down with DD! Sep 26, 2009

    They do seem to have a trend for terminating employees for an unfair reason. I was an assistant manager for a small store in a hospital. I had worked an illegal shift. 10am-1am without a break and then had to come back the next morning at 4:30am till noon. The next day I had off. I came in the day after my day off and the district manager came in and terminated me for cashing in tips. But here is the real cliffhanger... The store manager hadn't done a coin order for 3 days so I had no coin in my drawer. So I got fired for making sure the drawer had correct change in it. Hmmmmm. So now they are trying to make it so I cannot collect Unemployment insurance either. I have to take them to court for unfairly terminating me. It is a really crooked shady company to work for and the only reason I took the job in the first place is I could schedule it around my partner's chemo appointments. I should have never applied to work there. They overwork you and underpay you and if you are a manager they take tips away from you which eliminates any reason for wanting to work there in the first place.

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  • Dj
    D.J. Weinkauf Jan 11, 2010

    After Don Pablo's closed down in Mishwaka, IN. I got a job at Dunkin Donuts in Valparaiso, IN.
    I was only working there for one week. They [censor]ed at me for every little thing.
    My second week working there after having 2 days off I had just clocked into work.
    And they fired me bcz they tell me I was violating "No Call/ No Show Policy" during my
    probation period. And the manager wrote down my schedule and he didn't tell me anything about my schedule being changed. They obviously didn't like me at Dunkin Donuts.
    I hope Dunkin Donuts closes down everywhere in the world. They don't deserve to be in business
    if they are going to treat their employees like this.

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  • Tn
    tnieves706 Dec 28, 2016

    @D.J. Weinkauf How do i place a complaint against them? I was fired and have not recieved a separation notice as to why. Please help

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  • Ja
    Jasmine Kraemer Apr 23, 2018

    @tnieves706 I was fired with not being told a reason on why. I complained about a shift leader screaming at me, using profanity at me and treating me like a door mat. She also kept touching donuts with no gloves. Then she proceeded to touch the glaze in the glaze machine with bare hands.

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  • Un
    unfairtreatment Apr 02, 2010

    Dunkin Donuts in Milford Mass 01757,
    talk about treating the emplyees like they are crap. these Franchise owners Sardinhas - they put people in positions as managers that have no experience. they date the owners sons so that makes them qualified to be a manager. You should send them school to learn 101 human resources and employees private information is supposed to stay private. these managers should be held accountable for there actions the public knows of the internal personal being fired before the person does.

    80% of the employees are school kids and they are treated like the are ### I know I have witness it as a customer.

    the manager at the main st DD the one with drive thru should be repremanded for her actions she yelling at these kids in front of the customers talk about being humiulated. I used to lover going in there on Saturday morning and Sunday's for coffee and breakfast but ever since this women Brittany took over you can defiently cut the tention with a knife and not to mention that alot of the kids have quit due to they way they are treated.

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  • Ko
    Korivus Apr 20, 2010

    You know what you gotta do to get rid of the ppl now a days, You not only have to record them on camera and see the treatment of employees and customers and then show it to a news company to investigate them. That tends to help, in my case I need to get one, if not I would seriously record her when she is doing the harrasing and the threats.

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  • Jo
    john stubbs May 17, 2010

    Well i been working at dunkin donuts for 4 months going on 5 and my boss and manger has been acting funny to me. On my job resume i put down for cashier or crew member.first they had me wraping bagels and making breakfeast sandwiches and then all of a sudden i dont want to sound racial but ever since they started hiring there own kind of people they lowered my hours for the job they treat each other well with respect but if ur not there kind out the window u go.I went from 30 hours a week to 6 hours a week they make me feel unwanted at my job they always talk a different language when there talking looking at me scrub this scrub that i work for 21 dollars a day and only get 2 days of work out the week .if something can be done about this can some one help me or give me advice i need to work i got two kids and cant even keep the dam phone bill on this is killing me really

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  • Ko
    Korivus May 18, 2010

    [email protected], can you please stop. I know a lot of ppl who go through that situation, to the point, and this is for JohnStubbs, if you get TERMINATED from dd, guess what!? your not getting unemployment!!! because once you are terminated from them, NOT fired, they delete you off their system and cause you NOT to get unemployment because unemployment will state that you never worked for them, EVEN if you have paystubs from the [censor], unemployment can't help you after that, just like they did to a former employee I know and still talk to who got TERMINATED. He has two children to provide for and he couldn't get unemployment. I told him to get a lawyer that handles those cases and NOT one has even bother to get in touch with him. Now he has nothing to provide for both his kids and his wife.

    Ppl who work their [censor] off get less hours in DD when they are getting paid more. THEY DO NOT WANT TO GIVE PPL OVER THE WAGE PAY. And that is a KNOWN FACT. They lessen your hours cuz you get paid more by the hour. The longer you stay there, the more they have to pay, so to keep paying less out of their accounts, they prefer to give you less hours.

    But hey, if you call DD hotline and save up or get a loan of 150K (lol) plus 200 dollars for the water installations, you can own your own DD and put them out of business haha

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  • Notice Irish, this is the grandmother writing not the grandaughter.
    Brenda, vote counts don't mean a thing. Basically if someone who is a regular on tis site agrees with a poster they give a positive vote, if someone disagrees or dislikes the person they give a negative vote.
    Post counts don't count either, sure Irish has over 1000 posts, but it is quality verses quantity.

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  • Ko
    Korivus May 19, 2010

    I place Irish as to what warcraft players like to call "the forum troll" lol, just gonna keep trolling these post just make some counts lol. Oh well, all in all there are cases where the "JUST BECAUSE" turns up.

    "I fired him/her just because I didnt like them" or "I terminated the person Just because they spoke back to me after I yelled at them"...etc

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  • I gave my self the negative, just to show how some people on here really look into the votes. It was not Brenda, nor Irish.

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  • Ko
    Korivus May 20, 2010

    @qpdahl its a online MMORPG, its a lot better than dungeons and dragons lol. http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/ look it up haha, I be doing recruit a friend all the time and my friends love it.

    votes? why vote? is there really a point to it? lol

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  • Tx
    TxAgent May 21, 2010

    Is Irish even old enough to work? Much less old enough to understand employee obligations. That will come with life experience, Irish. One day you'll douche-down and grow up! I know, it's hard to think about because it's so far away for you.

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  • Tx
    TxAgent May 21, 2010

    So is that a "no" to my original question?

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  • Tx
    TxAgent May 21, 2010

    I'm sure your grandparents are ashamed of you as well, especially if they saw your persona here. If you have ever worked a day in your life on payroll you'd know that people will fire you over anything.

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  • Tx
    TxAgent May 22, 2010

    It was at that moment that Brenda counted her lucky toes and went on with life content she had no shoes.

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  • Gh
    ghbj Jul 18, 2011

    I bet they were Indians ..did you know that DD only hires Indians? ###ing ###ed Indians who speak no English?! Wanted to work but they put me in training for 15 days and I was not paid?! I quit there cause they never wanted to hire me...### DD. By the way, I had learnt everything in four days!

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  • Ke
    kelly adar Sep 15, 2015

    The Dunkin Donuts located at 1200 hyde park ave is a Disturbing!! The managers scream at the employees and the customers in the very open! There is a woman that"s been there forever she will demand a tip and embarrass you & god for bid if you don't have one.. I avoid this store & readville no customer service or decent treatment for their employees!!!

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  • Ji
    Jikfl Oct 21, 2016

    Dunkin donuts in raytown is terrible. We've had 3 manager changes who don't know a damn thing on how to run anything. Our new manager is a "close friend" of the district boss and that's the only reason she's been hired.

    2 people quit as soon as new manager took over. 3 are about to just give up. They mistreat employees..employees who have been working there for week get raises, but for those who have been there longer don't get squat. Constant yelling and if you're a high school student they don't care, cut hours, no one else clean, and next shift forced to clean EVERYTHING. The manager, shift lead or boss don't reply for any kind of call for help.

    They verbally abuse and makes you feel like sh*t. The store is always filthy. It has failed health inspection. Perverted boss, he's married and has his mistresses would come by and demand food and not pay.

    After being yelled at..some kind customers would try to help and makes us feel human again. They shouldn't be in business . That perverted boss thinks he's untouchable. There have been so many close calls and they said we're insured? No one gave us any info on that.

    There still so many complaints. (Some would park in the parking lot to have sex or drug deals) Dunkin boss would just bats an eye or ignore. I used to love going to Dunkin, but now it's crap. No matter how many complaints there are, voices their reason.. no one can do anything.

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  • Ga
    Gayton Oct 28, 2016

    I work at dunkin its sucks i been there 17 years we can't eat or drink unless we take a break when i try to take a break they tell me no were to busy buy the time we are not busy its time for me to go home its bull crap patricia

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  • Ge
    Get2theChopper Jan 17, 2017

    @Gayton Dunkin Donuts is a bad place to work.

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  • Ge
    Get2theChopper Jan 17, 2017

    I got hired as a part time employee during a probation period which lasts about a few months. Dunkin Donuts has a policy of at will employment which means they can fire you no reason needed at any time during this period. I had gone through the orientation class and completed all the videos, following this I started my floor work. I work a shift for 3 hours on New Year's Eve and another 3 hour shift during a snowstorm the following weekend. I live in a small town and my shift was from 3:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. which already meant their would be less costumers not to mention the holiday and storm caused less business. Now I worked at max with only two other people ( who were employees), I did what they assigned me to do and whatever I could do to be useful. Now granted that I was new I did make mistakes like by accident hitting a button on the machine which pours the milk and cream and having to clean up the mess following that or at one point being confused about the tea string, which I will admit was silly but it shouldn't be a mistake that cost me my job. I remember working my third Saturday only my third three hour shift. I noted my name wasn't on the schedule. I took action two days later on Monday to see if I could get on the schedule, when I called them they told me they were busy. So, I had to call a second time and this time right over the phone, not in person, without provided reason or warning I was fired. So to the people who apply at Dunkin Donuts know you have no job security what so ever beside non- discrimination which can be hard to enforce unless your manager is flat out racist. So, in case a manager reads this and has the idea to fire a new hire, its your money your wasting you #### . An employee should have at least a month to improve while in probation or be verbally warned that their performance is not up to the expected standards. No employee or trainee should be fired over the phone, without reason, and be forced to find another job. Its hard to find jobs and the market is competitive but try to maintain business when you have fired anyone who just happens to make the smallest mistakes while learning.

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  • Po
    Powers VanPoder Jan 17, 2017

    Dunkin's franchises by and large are owned by people from Middle East or Near East. Culturally, they are incapable of conducting themselves according the the Universal Standards of Conduct found in the Judeo-Christian Ethic.

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  • So
    Soraia Valentim Apr 29, 2017

    My husband working in Dunkin' Donuts more the 10 years and where his working all customers like him, but the last job he had bad experience with his manager, he has bad attitude with the employees, because his drink a lot and he goes to work changed by drink, so his name is false because he is illegal and he has to use another name. Also he says that as manager everyone has to do what he wants because otherwise they will be fired. He lives threatening the employees and everyone works in fear. He fired my husband because he complained about his attitude. Despite being undocumented, he persecutes those who are citizens. His fake name is Ricardo, but the real name is Renato, that's what he says. The store location is 338 Squire Rd, Revere, MA 02151. No employees is happy this manager, even customer do not like him, Just search . Thank you

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  • Mi
    Mike Robinson Sr. Oct 12, 2017

    I personally believe you need to check the davenport dunkin donuts for employees being abused along with your customer service and cleanliness of all five stores this man operating them has had several complaints operates when there is no water restrooms are completely awful sends employees into clean them then sends back to hand out food and drinks. this place in davenport dunkin donuts should be closed sorry to think dunkin donuts would allow such services in there dunkin world I love dunkin donuts and believe that with the correct way to handle things your franchise store could be an awesome store if you neglect to at least look in to this matter the health and human services will be called I had to leave my job along with my wife do to ubuse at the work place I would love to talk with someone who really cares about dunkin donuts. my phone is 2074166273 I do have photos I can share but only if your really interested in them. don't let these people destroy what america runs on.

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  • Th
    TheeGman50 Oct 19, 2017

    My wife worked for this joke of a business for three weeks. She had to learn EVERYTHING on her own because the " managers" were to busy playing on the computers or didn't show up. She even heard one manager talking to another after getting off the phone to treat the employees like [censor]. And that is no lie. What kind of management would do that!!! I was mad at my wife for quitting that job, but after all the B.S. they put her through and seeing and hearing all the negative comments, I don't blame her or the several managers from the other stores around us for getting the h*ll out of there. One more thing is you wouldn't believe all the food they toss in the dumpster every night! Bags and bags that could help the homeless or food pantries for the needy! Never eat their again!

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  • Bl
    blue bell Jan 28, 2018

    my son works in the bridgton maine dunkin, i have been going there for years, i am so dis satisfyed with there service i am done going there, they have recently cut his hours down to 15hs and made him clock out 3 hrs early yesterday, i went to the manager he said there hrs are not set in stone, i use to be an assistant manager and my employees were always getting there hours as sceduled, i feel the people who are working in there are rude, a waste peoples time, and he ignores what others say about those employees that are rude, some should be fired on there attitudes alone, when is someone going to actually listen and weed out the people who are just there to get a pay check, and keep the ones who actually want to work?
    shannon centofanti

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  • So
    Someoneelse63089 Mar 22, 2018

    I was fired from there after having worked a week .I was told that I was not a good fit for the store yet I was complimented on my customer service skills .Probation period for
    new employees is 90 days.Not to mention I wasn’t being properly trained. I did everything I was told to do.On my termination status form it says is employee eligible for rehire ?Manager stated yes maybe at a later time . Tell me how I get penalized for something that isn’t my fault ?I made the drinks and waited on people as asked .What is the point of hiring someone only to fire them a week later ?Said I seemed stressed I was calm and handled the fast pace just fine .She pulled up numbers and said I wasn’t fast enough .I am new and made sure customers had their orders rang correctly and in a timely manner .Never again will I give DD my business .I worked in retail ms fast food for over 15 years and never once was I treated this way by an employer.

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  • Je
    [email protected] May 21, 2018

    I have a complaint against a manager named Jen who works at the Dunkin Donuts on Navy Blvd in Pensacola, Florida. She is telling employees that there drawer is coming up short on a continuous basis. She then threatens to call the police if they don't pay it back. She collects the money by not taking it out of their check but telling them to give her the money. On one occasion she went to the employees house to get the money. Something isn't right here. Also she isn't having the employees witness their drawer being counted down at the end of their shift. In my opinion, I think that this manager is intimidating the employees and pocketing the money herself. She isn't providing any documentation to the employee that they even gave her the money and for what. Again, I say something isn't right here. Not only is she stealing from Dunkin Donuts, but she is stealing from the employees as well. Everyone's drawer can't be coming up short, and to actually go to the employee's house, on their day off, and get the money. This needs to be investigated and charges filed against her and Dunkin Donuts, who she is representing, so that the employees can get their money.

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