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T Nov 22, 2017 Review updated:

My complaint is that I work nights and I like to enjoy a coffee coolatta from Dunkin Donuts late at night. I am in Jacksonville, FL. We have two stores that are open 24 hours near my office. The first store is at 3270 Emerson St. Jacksonville, FL 32207. The second is at 741 Cassat Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32205. The problem that I have is that both store's late night employees say that the Coffee Coolatta is not available late night. It is only available during the daytime. I would like to know why this is? I did have one employee at the Emerson store tell me that he did not know how to make it on one visit at 2 am. If he is the only person working the night shift, shouldn't he know how to make the items that are listed on the menu? I have been a long time customer of Dunkin Donuts, but if this keeps happening I will be a new customer of Krispy Kreme Donuts.


  • DD is the worse ever!!! They produce soooo much trash that its disgusting. The coffee grinds could help gardens but the manager says you can't put them in a trash can by themselves for people to use, it must be thrown in the trash with all the wasted paper, plastic cups and YES they still use Styrofoam !!! They Earth belongs to our grandkids what will they think when here in Pompano Beach, Florida we have a MOUNTAIN yes its trash soon it will be two mountains. The water is poisoned from this. They never require workers to wash their hands EVER, not when they arrive or throughout their shift!!! Oh nooooo breaks are allowed they say here in Florida they don't follow the federal law. The management allows employees to yell and curse across the store!! They have no control at all!! Oh the window for drive thru is BROKEN and it can't be locked. Its very large a person could fit thru it!!! They have been robbed and they leave only ONE worker to work all night!!! They keep all the cash in the register. How dangerous. They throw soo much food away when there is a homeless shelter less then 2 miles away. The district manager"Angel" is unprofessional, rude, nasty and needs training to be in management. There is only one manager no supervisor at the store on Sample and Power line. When asked about employees calling coworkers [censor] and saying they will have someone jump you and she belongs to a "gang" the Manager says she doesn't mean that. Ohhh and the tips are allowed to be stolen and the manager must be scared of this "tattoo" covered thief. I wish WAWA across the street much success, they pay over $2.00 more an hour. They require employees take breaks. They have leaders that know how to lead and treat employees with respect!! Think about it aren't the employees happy and helpful? They don't argue with customers about their orders. I've seen workers get lemons with their hands and workers drink out of customers cups !!! Yes DD stands for dump doughnuts! That is all Ohhh wait employees were required to stay at work while they were sick throwing up in the bathrooms oh and then a flu/cold illness was had by employees and they got everyone sick as they weren't allowed to leave. Ohhh how do you conduct a health inspection when you are given the day the inspectors are coming????? Oh and equipment is brought to other locations to help that location pass!!! EeeWWWWWW!!!

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