Dunkin' Brandsa employee disrespected me and was being rude for no reason what so ever.

T Aug 03, 2019

In 8/1/2019 I often come to this store in the morning, I saw this incident happen at other times but today that same employee cursed at me instantly after hearing that I would report her behavior to the store supervisor since the manager just ignored my complaint. Here's what happened, I went to the store to buy a hot coffee and it was about room temperature when I received it, I asked why it was so cold and was this made already some time before I even ordered, but she rolled her eyes at me and looking at me and saying that my complaint means s* etc.. I was surprised that she raised her voice like that and especially that the manager did not care to the slightest about my complaint, I don't know what's up with these two and why the manager just didn't care about her behavior but this is unacceptable, I like the store but I'm not coming here ever, I'm just trying to buy something here and this employee acted like she and the manager owns Dunkin this isn't right.

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