DUmisguided to sign wrong contract

I met a du salesman in sonapur on Oct 2016 who told me about a certain subscription for internet and international calls. He made me sign a contract that stated that I was to receive the date bundles and international calls and at the end of the month I pay 50 aed. He later changed the figure to 150AED, per month. He later changed the amount I was to pay to 150 aed per month; The contract was to, last 24 months. When he told me that I was to pay that 150AED per month I told him to to unsubscribe me from it since I could not be able to pay that amount. My salary is only 1125 AED per month. But he didn't do that. My line was subsequently blocked and rendered unserviceable in Feb 2017 due to non-payment of bills, I went to du headquarters to report the issue and was told that my line was blocked due to non-payment of bills.
I explained how I signed up to this contract without being told of the consequences of failing to pay for the bill and other terms. Later they told me that that issue had been canceled and I did not need to pay them any money because I was made to sign the contract without being given proper information about it and I thought the issue was over
Recently in June 2019 I tried to buy a du line only to be told that I couldn't. This made me to go again at the customer service in airport terminal 1 and I was told to go to headquarters to find out. At the headquarters I was told to go to TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority)
In TRA I was given a copy of the signed contract and a copy of my emirates Id and a fake copy of my pays lip showing that my salary is 2500AED per month which this guy submitted to TRA.
The reason I am writing to you is to seek for help. I am being asked to pay a total of 1800 AED which to me is so unfair. I only used this offer for 2 months and I am being asked to pay all that money for the whole contract period of 24 months or so. I do not understand it very well. Please

This guys name is called KASHIF.

Disputed account code 1:[protected]

Oct 04, 2019

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