DUdu representative sold connection with wrong information

Dear sir,
I am very think full to you that you sent me mail for bill payment and you did not appoint a good staff in your team because in your team du representative staff is selling sim post paid connection on after lying to the people and selling their connection, I took one connection september and they send me august bill also and second and important thing, they offer me 8 gb data in month when I finish 4 gb data then my net was stop and again I ask to the du representative that sir my data connection has been stop after 4 gb used they told me you need to go metro station or mall for using this further 4 gb data, what is this why did not explianed me before giving the connection, and my last complain to you they also told on sale time that you can stop your package any time without any charge now when I ask now want to stop, they told you should be pay 125 derham also for disconnection the package, is this bussinesss management or bussiness development??? I am waiting for your reply that what is your justic???

Muhammad rashid

Oct 06, 2019

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