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Diamond wireless recurring charge

For the last few years I have been trying to cancel the phone insurance plan that I had purchased along with a cell phone at a Verizon retailer in Nevada in about the year 2009. It is a monthly recurring charge for $7.99 that is no longer relevant because the phone that it was purchased for is no longer owned. I've tried calling Verizon directly, but was informed that since it is a plan from a licensed retailer I would need to call the company that started the diamond wireless insurance plan as it is not through Verizon, but the retailer. I have never received any call backs or emails regarding this issue.

Paying a bill its not showing I paid in danger of being shut off

Made apayment at a verizon/vistra store on june 11 at 423. 66.00 Reciept # WI017IN7170 tracking # [protected]...

customer service

Buyer Beware!! I went in on 9/15/19 to upgrade my phone & switch my old phone over to my nephew. We were...


I went to the Victra/Verizon on September the 6th to buy a new phone. I was told there was a promotion and...

I am trying to cancel my cell insurance

I tried calling Diamond Wireless to cancel my cell insurance but the only phone number I can find is no longer in service. I need the insurance cancelled since I no longer have the Samsung S4 phone so I need that 7.99 monthly payment stopped now. My name is Ellen Sylvanie, my phone number is [protected].
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Ellen Sylvanie

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product trade in for rebate

I was told when I bought my phone back in October and I trade it in a device I will get a $300 credit for my new phone it's been since 7 months and I still have not received any money or any word on whether or not this is going to be resolved.I have spoken to several customer service Representatives at the retail store and at their corporate office.


verizon wireless needs to hire ACTUAL men who are somewhat committed to their jobs, rather than girly ditze...

iphone 7

please answere me
Your costumer
Nador Stahl

---------- Forwarded message ---------

Dir Seller
I have bought and paid this iPhone on Februar through eBay. It was defected and after communicating with you I have sent it back to you . Unforrunately it was detained in the CBC on entering the USA . By now you should hae received it or at least received infromation about where it is . By now I do not have an iPhone and the money is in your hands .

ransaction date: 10 February 2018
Transaction amount: ‪-$349.95 USD‬
Your transaction ID: 9AV40061YC0056135
Item number: [protected]
Item name: Apple iPhone 7 - 32GB 128GB 256GB GSM "Factory Unlocked" Smartphone All
Colors* [32GB, Jet Blac

please answere me
Your costumer
Nador Stahl

canceling recurring payment

Nobody will answer the phone. Well someone did answer and then hung up on me. Usually when you call it ring...

iphone 6s-[protected]

Hello! My phone has not been charging properly for the last few weeks and out of necessity I got another...

unauthorized charges and upsell

After being Verizon customers for years, in December 2017 we went to the Verizon Retailer Store in Alameda...

I have canceled my plan 3 times now and still can't

On 10/13/17, I called and canceled my plan. Again in November i called to cancel my plan In December i called...

I bought a kyocera hydro elite smartphone for a christmas gift for my husband on dec. 1, 2017

well he dropped and broke his other phone this past Friday so i gave him this new one he went and had it activated and the phone will not stay on keeps going off and on. I would like a refund for this phone been trying to reach you since Monday but noone will answer the phone and sent an e-mail and no answer so i would like my money put back on my card...i don't won't to open a case with paypal because i know there can always be something wrong with a phone that just slips by with no fault on your part ...but i had to go buy my husband a new phone yesterday so i would just like my money order no. is 40315 [648795]

total protection insurance

I canceled this two months ago in the store. I tried to cancel through phone months ago, and thought it was canceled, but then was still be charged, which is why I finally went into the store. I haven't had this phone for two months now, and I don't even remember signing up for this!! Why would I sign up for 2 different insurances on the same phone!!?? Cancel this, I am disputing the charges through my credit card company, I am reporting this to the BBB and I want my money back for the past two months at least!!


This insurance is like a cancer that won't go away. I have tried to cancel it and it keeps coming back! Every month I get charged 7.99 and 9.99 for two phones that I have canceled months ago with Verizon. I have contacted the 1-800 numbers, submitted complaints and even have email correspondence that the insurance will be cancelled and my money refunded...but the charges keep coming back!! I would highly discourage anyone from using the company EVER. You will never get rid of these insurance charges. I am thinking that I will have to completely close my credit card down and get a new one for these charges to stop.

  • Ki
    kisxena Dec 09, 2017

    Can you please provide me their number? I can't find information for Diamond Wireless anywhere other than being redirected to Victra. Which is the store I purchased my new phone from and they told me they couldn't cancel the insurance on my dead phone even though Victra bought out Diamond Wireless.

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  • Ja
    Jacqueline Blevins Dec 11, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I tried to cancel it also, but it took pure determination!! Call DWP Claims & Billing at 877-370-0610 and hit number 2 for updating your credit card. This is the only way that I was able to speak to a person. I informed them that it is ridiculous that the cancellation number will not answer, and none of their email addresses work. I also let them know that I am just as sneaky as they are, that's why I hit the number 2 to update credit card info. I told Ethan from DWP that I want it cancelled today and to provide a confirmation number. It was finally handled and removed.

    I hope this helps anyone in this position also!!!

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  • He
    Heidi Riddle Jul 16, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Jacqueline Blevins Thank you! I called them and was told that they will be deleting my card number so there won't be further charges. Here's hoping it works!

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the verizon diamond wireless insurance is a complete scam

Been paying for insurance to them at 10.00 bucks a month since oct of 2014 . put in a claim to them July of 2017 and pretty much got the blow off and they found a away out of it . I explaind that i am handycaped and have no way or can i jump through the hoops that they are asking of me to do . All I get is the same, sorry charlie . Even if they did decide to do the right thing and cover it its a $ 200 dollar duductable . By the time you add it all up it is cheaper just to do your 24 months and up grade . Please dont fall for there BS and waste your money with . even thou there is the verizon name verizon says they are independent for they and wont lift a finger to help you .

deceptive and fraudulent practices

After my experience at my rating would be lower than your "stars" allow. My wife and I - both long time...

broken iphone and refused to replace it

Terrible service and two horrible experiences at University Mall (Orem, Utah) store! My daughter's iPhone wa...


Purchased insurance for Droid phone with credit card that had auto renewal annually and had no idea they...

protection program

I strongly urge anyone considering purchasing the insurance program to reconsider. Unless you have the most recent version of a phone, which is usually only a few months, they will send you a refurbished phone. The screen on my Samsung Galaxy 4S went out after 11 months of use. I paid the $100 deductible and got the "new" phone, which immediately had lots of problems with the screen and I learned it was actually a used, refurbished phone. After calling to complain, they sent me another phone that was obviously refurbished. It had about half the battery life it should and seemed to have a defective antenna. It dropped calls and often people couldn't hear me but I could hear them. After 3 weeks, it now won't make or receive phone calls. It works well as a handheld computer for texting and managing my schedule but is worthless as a phone. I then said I would go through the process again if they would promise to send me a new phone and was told that was not possible unless I had the newest model. In the year since I bought this phone, 3 new models have come out. The details of the insurance agreement state that "replacements are often new but may be reconditioned". However, I'm told that in my case it is extremely unlikely that I would get a new phone. I pursued a refund of my deductible since they didn't provide what was promised but was rejected because it was more than 14 days since the claim. My original complaint was in September and my client phone number is [protected]. I believe the resolution should be that this program should either follow through on their claim that "replacements are often new" (because surely "often" would mean at least 1 out of 3 would be new) or they should refund the $100 deductible I paid in order to receive defective replacement phones.