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DiGi Telecommunications Complaints & Reviews

Digi Telecommunications / my digi line has been barred even after payment has been made

Jun 17, 2019

Hi DIGI. I have paid my digi bill through online, and my line is still barred. I called Customer service and send email, yet no response was received.Attached is the screenshot of my payment for your information.Kindly unbar my line immediately for some urgent cases. This case has been...

Digi Telecommunications / digi line and internet connection

Jun 15, 2019

15.06.2019, Melaka. Since yesterday i am facing issues with Digi line and internet connection. No call in and out can be made and there is no internet connection at all. Not only me, my friend isalso facing the same issue. I have already tried to call digihelpline, but cant get through...

[Resolved] Digi Telecommunications / serious trouble in switching plan to other network

Jun 13, 2019

Digi is adding another level of difficulty when it comes to changing plan to other network. At first, you will receive a call about feedback. After that your application will get rejected due to unreasonable contract obligation even thought your plan has nothing to do with all of that...

Digi Telecommunications / internet slow

Jun 13, 2019

Line is more worst then Celcom line, already feedback but the answer received is this area no problem with internet problem. 4G full bar but line slow even can't play a mobile game. last time is using digi line to hotspot other phone, now is using celcom line to hotspot other phone. Digi internet...

Digi Telecommunications / port out process

Jun 03, 2019

I received call from your telemarketing and now they blocking me from port out from digi. I have made 2 request and until now no respond from the request and this is wasting my time. The telemarketing person did not telling that she will block me from port out from digi. Then I already...

Digi Telecommunications / bad coverage no signal internet

Jun 02, 2019

Hi digi, Im use for digi line postpaid 1 year. But the signal is very low and very bad and everyday automatically oflfline. Just only 20kb/s to 100kb/s.. My digi plan is high-speed plan & 4G?? This kind problem is 4G!!! Please upgrade your signal for many users in my area, Jalan Sungai...

Digi Telecommunications / digi coverage

May 29, 2019

the place where i am living, the way from hutam melintang to sabak.bernam (unitata berhad), i can't get 4G service, not even a stable feels like there is no strong coverage here. I CAN'T play youtube, i CAN'T play any games without lagging. i CAN'T even call someone even have to walk...

Digi Telecommunications / 4g so slow like 2g

May 21, 2019

I use digi for about 4 years. For about last two years I'm having problem with the Internet connection. Your Internet which is so called 4g and something... Is like rubbish. When I play game or watching YouTube the 4g signal immediately turns into 3g. How stupid is it. Google chrome...

Digi Telecommunications / plan with devices

May 20, 2019

Hello Digi, im your regular customer and i just got change my plan from rm148 plan with devices to rm190 plan with devices and i contract plan with p30 huawei phone... Badly i had see some news online, paper and link about Huawei company have an issue with U.S...and so worst the US company...

Digi Telecommunications / bad coverage dan internet

May 13, 2019

I am currently now in Kota Tampan area, Lenggong. For these recent 4 years, I have experienced bad Digi coverage in my living area in Kampung Kota Tampan with internet signal showing E sign. Only certain parts of Kota Tampan has 3G line. I could not have stable connection all the time. For your...

Digi Telecommunications / bad coverage.

May 06, 2019

Please come and make a check about coverage at my area because it very bad. I cannot streaming video or play a game because only get h+ at 2 bar or below. Also cannot communicate with video call or something like that. Not only me. Because all my family cannot get the best coverage. I hope...

Digi Telecommunications / digi additional charger for data roaming

May 04, 2019

To whom it may concern I have purchase my data roaming to korea on 14-16/4/2019 with the price RM25 for 3 days. I got my bill recently and found out that there is a charges of international data roaming of RM147! Can i know why? I make sure i off my data roaming when i arrive in Malaysia on...

Digi Telecommunications / internet package

May 01, 2019

I used to subscribe to monthly package that provide 5gb of internet and free social media with just rm30. And suddenly digi removed the monthly package and only provide with bigbonus 30 package that provide 5gb of internet but with free 1gb of internet from 1pm until 7pm. It is obviously...

Digi Telecommunications / tac request?

Apr 22, 2019

I just receive 3 sms that asking me about tac request. Pls refer to the screenshots below and explain why am I receiving this tac request. Fyi, I did not apply/register/whatsoever that I require for the tac request. Any security about this? Futhermore, this sms is onmy broadband sim, I cannot sm...

Digi Telecommunications / network

Apr 16, 2019

im digi customer cant call or receive from this digi number 0175711251 & 0163101892 already make complaint few times at helpline i went digi centre but cant help. u can call me or email me regarding this. hope can settle this problem soon bcoz im using maxis network with the same mobile to...

Digi Telecommunications / business internet broadband not received

Apr 05, 2019

On the 11th of march, I contacted chan chee loong about buying a business broadband plan for a production company that I am working in. As my employers agreed to take the plan, I follow through with the process of payment and wait for the deliveries of the sim card and broadband. By the 18th...

Digi Telecommunications / different information

Apr 04, 2019

I call Digi cust service on 03/04/2019, spoke with miss elaina enq on port in to Digi. She claims i can walk in to any digi store (center or any dealer). On 04/04/19 i walk in to dealer Digi at The store sungai buloh around 4.30pm, but staff at there claims i need walk in to center SS2...

Digi Telecommunications / customer service at digi store

Mar 08, 2019

I went to digi store Lot PT 3937, Jalan Sulaiman, 20000 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu I was entertained by a young guy. I asked about the phone plan but he just showing the plan without any further details and showing his attitudes towards me like i'm not invited. He is not supposed to...

Digi Telecommunications / digi mobile data

Feb 25, 2019

For a few months digi got a no service and I cant make a call (0179880700). Especially when I at home, really this your service? I dont wanna pay that service that I cannot used. I also screenshot that line at my home. And if you customer service think my home at rural area you're mistaken...

Digi Telecommunications / my prepaid credit being auto deduct without approval

Feb 24, 2019

My prepaid credit being auto deduct through this website: in a amount of RM4.00 looking forward of u can transfer it back to...

Digi Telecommunications / serious trouble in switching digi prepaid number to celcom postpaid.

Feb 15, 2019

I am having difficulty in switching my SIM number (0108871957) into celcom. Although several times the application was made online but was rejected by the digi with various unreasonable reasons. For example the reason for the contract (eventhough there is no contract for prepaid), the name...

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd / service

Feb 13, 2019

On 2nd Dec 2018, the owner of 016 9627758 registered the phone number at Sunway Pyramid Digi service centre. The said owner was served by a very rude staff at the Sunway Pyramid Digi service centre! Digi staff has attitude problem. Owner is very unhappy and unsatisfied with the staff'...

DiGi / bad coverage for digi postpaid

Feb 05, 2019

The coverage for the internet is totally bad! Whenever at Jalan Tun Razak area, or desa petaling area or even damansara area. I feel that the services provided is not worth the price we paid to Digi. No matter how we complaint to Digi, I feel that the complaint is not taken care by them...

Digi Telecommunications / phone (apple iphone xs max)

Jan 29, 2019

Yesterday (29/01/2019) I signed up a new phone plan (Digi 365) with monthly payment of RM120 and RM220 for phone. I collected the phone around 11am. Few hours later I realised there is an issue with the back lens (black dot on left side of the picture) I walk in back to the same centre...

Digi Telecommunications / bad service from staff and ask customer to settle issue by herself

Jan 29, 2019

I am a > 10 years digi user (prepaid), but the SIM that I am using was registered under a Malay name. I asked for help by changing the name to mine because I understood that prepaid number is recycled once the number is terminated from the ex user. However, the staff told me that the ex...

DiGi / website always down; cannot pay bill online using digi website

Jan 28, 2019

I'm a customer to DIGI more than 17 years and always facing problems pay the bill online using their website. Numerous times the same scenarios happen and it's ongoing time to time after report to DIGI. Do I report to DIGI each time when the website is down? Although there are...

Digi Telecommunications / chart yang tak betul., dng staft kesalahan offer

Jan 26, 2019

Saya nak refound wang bagi saya untuk replacement card rm 5 dan, buat salah promotion kena caj I tinggi... Total rm40.. Sub total rm45... I tunggul u contact me 0173666828... Bagi saya jawapan. Saya sub line dua buat rm38 ada internet.. Bukan rm 58... Kenapa semua digi chart replacement...

Digi Telecommunications / langganan add-on data tidak masuk dan kredit sudah dipotong.

Jan 20, 2019

Hi digi.saya mau komplen.Kenapa quota add-on yang saya langgan hari ini tidak masuk dalam system sedangkan kredit dan mesej sudah saya dapat.Kredit sudah dipotong tetapi quota add-on tidak masuk lagi.untuk pengetahuan selepas saya melanggan.Telefon saya blank/shutoff..saya turn on telefon...

DiGi / nonsense message

Jan 19, 2019

The day before yesterday, I had changed my digi to maxis Bcz of the cellular in my area. And today got a message from digi that, they asked me whether I'm gonna leave Digi, and I said yes. But turns out after five hours, they send me a message again and this time they said that I have...

Digi Telecommunications / credit deduction

Jan 13, 2019

Please follow up my complaint regarding my credit balance deduction without any prior notice..i always top up and suddenly when i check my balance always missing with low credit balance..may i know what am i being charged for??and whatever it is please get back to me and may i know the...

Digi Telecommunications / freedom 365

Jan 09, 2019

I have called to customer service to ask about freedom 365 today at 8.02 am. One of a agent working in customer service name muhammad faizul (kindly recheck in system) answered the call and assist me in this enquiry. when I asked him am I eligible to take 365 plan and he told me yes I am...

Digi Telecommunications / pengutip hutang bill digi tersangat kurang hajar

Jan 06, 2019

Untuk pengutip hutang bill digi, tak perlu nak kurang hajar sangat sebab aku tak pakai duit kau 1sen pun untuk bayar bill sebelum ni. Untuk pengetahuan kau (chinese guy), aku dah setahun lebih tak pakai line digi ni. Mase aku convert to celcom pun bill aku clear. Korang yang memandai...

Digi Telecommunications / sim card broken cannot change plan

Jan 04, 2019

Hi all Digi users, I am writing this to share a "uncommon" policy by Digi. I am Digi customer and I do not sign any plan with Digi. I called Digi Helpline on 3rd January 2019 time 10 a.m. I intend to change my plan to Digi PhoneFreedom 365. The operator gave me a very shocking answer. I...

Digi Telecommunications / port-out request denied

Dec 24, 2018

ID CAS - 10866671-W7F5 ID CAS - 10872241-Z3C8 I requested to port-out from Digi to U-Mobile, then they told me that the request denied because i have contract obligation, but my postpaid plan got no contract. Later on, i found out that suddenly Digi activated Exclusive Deals without my...

Digi Telecommunications / bad internet/network coverage

Dec 08, 2018

I'm staying in Taman Klang Utama, postcode: 42100. Most of the time signal bar fluctuating at 2-3 bars recently and with internet signal showing 4G LTE. But at all time all day long the internet is so bad, worse than 3G, sometimes even simple loading google also could no t complete the...

Digi Telecommunications / customer service matter

Dec 08, 2018

Im using digi prepaid.On 6/12/18, I had requested to transfer to Celcom, but on another day, they rejected my request due to NON fulfilment of contract obligation, then I call for the customer service, and they gave me a reason of the registered owner name at Celcom are not same with digi...

Digi Telecommunications / I got a call from digi when this morning

Dec 07, 2018

This morning I got one call from digi, the person say he is from digi centre of sibu. He told me the digi centre will be sue my father in 48 hours. I ask him about what's the problem of my father. The guy say there is a number 016- 3355894 that under my father name, and it got a postpaid...

Digi Telecommunications / line coverage

Dec 05, 2018

Hi bloody Digi team, i'm eyan currently staying at Jalan Bintang Utama 4, Senai, poscode 81400, Johor, regarding my signal very poor and no service in fact . I'm working at skudai area which phone line no problem at all. But the problem is when i'm going back to my house!!! I have called...

Digi Telecommunications / unable to resolve a simple issue

Nov 28, 2018

Dear DiGi, I'm writing this in regards to my case ID CAS-10395195-B7G5. Here is a brief flow of the issue. 14th November 2018: I reloaded RM100 to my prepaid as the credit was insufficient to deduct RM20 for the mobile data. As RM100 is entitled for 120 days, I checked the validity is until...

Digi Telecommunications / really bad signal and unstable internet line!

Nov 13, 2018

I've been loyal to digi for almost 10 years. your coverage and everything is really frustrated. i don't know why I've been this patient for all this time. I can't even play mobile legend in peace and some area don't even have your signal. This is 2018 for god sake. Please upgrade. I'm a disappointed loyal customer. I'M GONNA CHANGE FOR GOOD! GOOD BYE! ADIOS!