DUinternet home services

G Oct 10, 2019

This is a copy of my complaint to du.

First off, your IVR is a JOKE!!! It does NOT WORK!!! I receive the sms, select HOME SERVICES and get put through to the mobile team. EVERY SINGLE TIME, 7 TIMES IN A ROW!!! Then I get told that I will be put through to home services and I need to select 2 and 1. After pressing two, I get disconnected, EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! And I am calling from a du number 055 xxx xxxx. WHAT A JOKE!!!

So I cannot even speak to a person about my REAL PROBLEM. I have a home internet connection for vast amounts of money with supposedly 600MB bandwidth. I AM LUCKY IF I GET 5MB!!! And please look through my service history, I keep having to contact you for some technician to do some resets after it works for a few days and then degrades again. Pathetic!!! And it is NOT on my side, I run four separate routers in different parts of the house, so it is NOT router related. PLUS I actually was better off before two months ago on an 80MB service which worked fine. And it is also not device related because I can run speedtests on any of the dozen or so devices and get the same pathetic results. I even have WIRED computers straight into the router and only get 5MB. PLUS without ANY CHANCES ON MY SIDE I DO GET THE SPEED when you guys reset. And then it goes down again. What a sad state of affairs, and linked with the fact that it is near impossible to speak to anyone, it is a big fat joke!!!
Sort it out and call me back. I am paying you for a service, make sure I actually get it consistently.

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