DUcancelling the data bundle is impossible.

S Jan 14, 2020

Applied for the data bundle and tried to cancel it. Real nightmare.
First call: I must wait until the activation and will be able to cancel it in store without charge. Got the sms at 11pm in the night.
Store visit: it was wrong I can't cancel it, complaint raised.
Second call: The agent in the store should have cancelled it, or I should have visited the store on the same day (even if I only get a sms at 11pm.)
Anyways, it is cancelled and I will be partly charged.
Got the sms it is deactivated.
Bill arrived: full amt charged.
Another call: the bundle was never cancelled. Although I was charged for cancellation fee and got the sms confirming it is deactivated.

Everyone is horribly under trained and has no authority to solve the problem, and promise one thing and fail to deliver it. I have done everything, call, visit the store, call again, raised the complaints, used the chat, and nothing ever worked. I was misled from the first place after a one full month, talking over the phone with at least 5 people, I am still sitting with the problem that is not my mistake. Everybody talks different things. Really, this is way too much and only reason you guys are surviving is because you have a monopoly in the market and general level of service is low in this market.


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