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I have been dealing with DriveTime since 8/06 and until this past Oct. 09, things were fine. Due to Tucson City Court "auditing" their records June 08 and finding supposedly "outstanding" tickets for 1994/95/98, I had my vehicle impounded by Police and DT Corp retrieved it and took my vehicle to Phx for storage. I told Corporate that I wouldn't be able to get my suspended license back til Jan 2010. They said they want to "help" me but it has been a pain in the #*s for last 4 months. The non-communication between coporate and dealership in Tucson is appalling, not to mention fustrating. Corporate kept insisting on me "Just find a friend to be put on your loan w/valid license", all my family is back east or NW and to ask a friend to be put on your car note is just rude. Out of pocket and in full $458 had to be promptly paid in Nov 09 (they deferred truck note for single month) and resume note in Dec. This month I spent entire S.S. check reinstating license, paying fines and truck note meanwhile doing ALL the footwork for corporate and dealership. I asked dealer if they could bring truck back to Tucson since I got impounded there, they stated..."Thats not our responsibility"-WTF!?! How the heck am I supposed to go get my truck in Phx if you have the vehicle? again, Just find a friend to take you is all they were willing to say or do. Recently DT Corp tells me they will not go on and on with this matter and if I'm not able to pick up truck by Jan. 15th, the 16th they will put up for auction-WTF! As of this very moment I have fullfilled my end as far as jumping thru hoop after hoop and they still have not released the vehicle because of a fax that DT Corp says has not gotten-I have coversheet that says successfully delivered to them 1/14/10. The auction place holding truck is only open 9-11am today and it is 2hr drive from Tucson and can't cal Corp til 8am and dealer opens at 10am so what now? I have hustled up a ride from neighbor, got valid license and another friend on loan so I can register truck (due to hold on registration by Court). There is a whole lot more bulls*&%t I have not mentioned that DriveTime needs to be accountable for and resolve...pls contact me @ [protected] ASAP, yes I'd like to join lawsuit. Thanx Elena


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    Listen2Experience Jan 21, 2010

    This is so very sad and I'm sorry you have experienced this headache. Drive Time is a HORRIBLE, DECEPTIVE, LYING, MANIPULATIVE, UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY in my opinion.

    PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS COMPLAINT AND STAY AWAY FROM DRIVE TIME!! They are only out for themselves and not the consumer. They will call and harass you, your family and friends constantly even if you are ONE day late. They are like finance company MAFIA!

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  • sgfsfsdf Jul 11, 2010
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    "HORRIBLE, DECEPTIVE, LYING, MANIPULATIVE, AND UNPROFESSIONAL" all describe the types of customers that finance vehicles with DriveTime. The words of "Listen2Experience" perfectly represent the customers, not the company.

    DriveTime caters to people with [censor] credit. People that rent furniture, pay bills at Wal-Mart, cash checks at the liquor store, religiously play the lottery, etc... These statements aren't race exclusive.

    Grow up, pay your bills, and shop at reputable dealerships.

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