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Driver Whiz Complaints & Reviews

DriverWhiz / rubbish product

Apr 05, 2019

A rubbish product, malware, and absolute SCAM. Do not go near this company or their products. If you buy Driverwhiz it's nigh on impossible to activate so you have to ring up. Then they scan your PC and tell you it needs hundreds spending on it when there is nothing wrong with it...

Driver Whiz / driver whiz

Oct 14, 2018

No me ha sido posible efectuar la instalación, desde el dia 4 del corriente mes, correctamente. Les ruego que de conformidad a los estipulado por uds. para la devolución, procedan a efectuar el retorno del importe de 49.88 euros adeudado en mi banco CaixaBank Les adjunto archivo gráfico en...

Driver Whiz / driver whiz get no connection to database

Jul 17, 2017

Driver whiz get no connection to database File description: driver whiz Type: application File version: Product name: driver whiz Product version: 1.0 Copyright: copyright © 2013 383 media. Inc. Size: 5.30 mb Ordering information: 2017-10-10 15:51:11 Order: #571655 Language: english (united...

Driver Whiz / sofware did not work

Nov 18, 2014

I needed a Driver for my old HP Printer. This works fine under Windows XP. But I installed Windows 7 and hours of effort to get a Driver failed. So I turned to Google. This led me on to the Program Driver Whiz from Driver Support dot com. I was certain this was going to be a Free...

Driver Whiz / ripped me off

Jul 05, 2011

In March of this year I was having some issues with my computer so I looked online for help. I came across this company that installed missing drivers to your computer. I was missing a couple of drivers so I purchased it. I installed it and none of the drivers that I needed would download...

Driver Whiz / refund

Apr 21, 2011

Suffered from a major malfunction after using the Driver Whiz software. PC was left severly unstable as a result. No or unsatisfactory customer support provided, despite numerous emails to Driver Update Support Team <[email protected]> Requested for a refund and received no...

Driver Whiz / doesn't work

Feb 08, 2011

Downloaded driver whiz to scan my computer to see why my printer was not functioning. driver whiz did not work. When I checked my credit card account, found out that They had checked off that I wanted an extended service. The extended service was in smaller letters, not like the big Ad...

Driver Whiz / took my money and I got nothing in return


I was online looking for invidia to update my video card drivers, driver wiz popped up as a choice. My first mistake. they scanned my computer and showed several drivers out of date. I om nly had a problem with video everything else was ok. paid them 39.90 download attempted numerous times. would...

Driver Whiz / refusal to re-supply registration key lost in computer upgrade.


I bought the program earlier this year to update my drivers, and I have my Banking records to prove it. I had to re-install my operating system, and failed to save the registration key so I could continue using the program. I emailed Driver Whiz, explained the problem, and asked them to...

Driver Whiz / beware of refund offer


This software does nothing more than Dell Support offers for free to any Dell computer owner. A couple of the drivers I did install using the program messed up my computer. I've sent several emails over the last few days asking for a refund. The information on the website makes it...