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product key

I have purchased your driver update and the product key is invalid I would like to have Date...

[Resolved] rubbish product

A rubbish product, malware, and absolute SCAM. Do not go near this company or their products. If you buy...

driver whiz

No me ha sido posible efectuar la instalación, desde el dia 4 del corriente mes, correctamente.
Les ruego que de conformidad a los estipulado por uds. para la devolución, procedan a efectuar el retorno del importe de 49.88 euros adeudado en mi banco CaixaBank
Les adjunto archivo gráfico en el que se puede ver que he procedido a la "instalación" del programa
Lo siento mucho pero no me es útil.
Puede ser defecto de mi PC (es bastante antiguo y lento) o bien de la conexión a Internet, ya que la fibra óptica de Vodafone no tiene la calidad y és muy lenta y con descargas discontinuas.
Por lo que les ruego, una vez más a que procedan a efectuar una transferencia de 49, 88 euros a mi cuenta ES71 [protected]

driver whiz

driver whiz get no connection to database

Driver whiz get no connection to database

File description: driver whiz
Type: application
File version:
Product name: driver whiz
Product version: 1.0
Copyright: copyright © 2013 383 media. Inc.
Size: 5.30 mb
Ordering information: [protected]:51:11
Order: #571655
Language: english (united states)
Legitimate brands: copyright © 2013 383 media. Inc.
Original file name: driverwhizsetup. Exe
Website: http://driverwhiz.com/?lang=nl

Driver whiz
Driver whiz is currently unable to connect to the database.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Please retry again later.
Click ok
And, …
Driver whiz is gone!

Driver whiz
Driver whiz is currently unable to connect to the database.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Please retry again later.
Click ok
And, …
Driver whiz is gone!

And so on, and so on, … till when?

How long must I and many others wait until this shall be resolved?

This problem was from when I had downloaded
Driver whiz and set the registration working,
Set by order #5716955 on 2017- july -10.

On hp laptop-lp15r01v 64-bits processor
Computer set windows 10 home.

Driver whiz contact:
By email: [protected]@383media.com
By telephone: [protected]. (business hours: m-f
9am-5pm pacific standard time) international: +[protected]
(check your local telephone company for estimated charges)

By mail: attn. Privacy officer 383 media inc. 7600 dublin
Boulevard, suite 210 dublin, ca, 94568

  • Updated by Neirynck Henri · Jul 17, 2017

    Driver Whiz get no connection to database

    Driver Whiz
    Driver Whiz is currently unable to connect to the database.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    Please retry again later.
    Click OK
    And, …
    Driver Whiz is gone !

sofware did not work

I needed a Driver for my old HP Printer. This works fine under Windows XP. But I installed Windows 7 and...

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ripped me off

In March of this year I was having some issues with my computer so I looked online for help. I came across this company that installed missing drivers to your computer. I was missing a couple of drivers so I purchased it. I installed it and none of the drivers that I needed would download into my computer. The nest day I contacted them via email stating it didn't work on my computer and I received no response. Still to this day I am trying to get in touch with someone and they will not give me any reponse to my issue. They ripped me off and will not return my money even though they state a 30 day money back guarentee!!


Suffered from a major malfunction after using the Driver Whiz software. PC was left severly unstable as a...

doesn't work

Downloaded driver whiz to scan my computer to see why my printer was not functioning. driver whiz did not work. When I checked my credit card account, found out that They had checked off that I wanted an extended service. The extended service was in smaller letters, not like the big Ad that said special offer $29.00. A REAL SCAM. Asked for a refund but just got the run around. I did not see they alredy had the extra service block ticked which cost $45.00. I thought that was illegal.Will try other venues to get money back.

  • Mo
    Monroe Jun 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Driver whiz came up as a FREE software application when a camcorder I was trying to download into my computer wouldn't load: so I naively went through the DriverWhiz steps. It found problems it could fix at a cost of $39.00. Cheaper than a VCR/DVD to transfer annalog to digital. Stupidly I paid - got stuck when asked for a p.w. never asked for during purchasing. I was unable to access "software" - e-mails not helpful - same directions to same page. Scared to put in the pw they finally sent two days late now that I know they are unresponsive to problems and read other complaints about how their system messes up computers. Paypal doesn't refund for software - so I am out $40 like a lot of other suckers out there - not worth it.

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took my money and I got nothing in return

I was online looking for invidia to update my video card drivers, driver wiz popped up as a choice. My first mistake. they scanned my computer and showed several drivers out of date. I om

nly had a problem with video everything else was ok. paid them 39.90 download attempted numerous times. would not work. i gave up kept looking for and found nvidia site . downloaded free update. went back to driver wiz rescan showed my video driver still out of date even though it is now working normally. contacted driver wiz. they keep sending me same form letter response and will not refund money. SCAM!!! do not use driver wiz.

  • Gi
    gillianw Jul 13, 2011

    they took my money keep replying with same email and i got no license key rip off what to do about this do not buy from them

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refusal to re-supply registration key lost in computer upgrade.

I bought the program earlier this year to update my drivers, and I have my Banking records to prove it. I had...

beware of refund offer

This software does nothing more than Dell Support offers for free to any Dell computer owner. A couple of the drivers I did install using the program messed up my computer. I've sent several emails over the last few days asking for a refund. The information on the website makes it sound like a refund will be made if you are not pleased with the program. All I keep getting back is a template telling me how to install the register key. I had no problem doing that. I feel this company is a scam and other reviews I've read seem to agree.

  • Ja
    JarMan May 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You Think!

    Any program that offers to fix Drivers or your registry is nothing but a scam.

    Keep your money and get that kid next door to fix it for you.

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  • Ba
    Baz1944 Dec 09, 2010

    Has anyone ever got a refund from Driver Whiz ?

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  • Wi
    William Holden Feb 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How to contact driver whiz I got took also

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  • Va
    Val Rush Jul 25, 2012

    SafeCart Receipt I D: DRDW-G180712-39QFY
    On 18/7/12 I purchased & downloaded Driver Whiz Manager software at a cost of £35.94.
    It corrupted the operation of my computer-so I uninstalled it. I informed Driver Whiz who gave me instructions for a replacement download. I was unable to download this item and informed Driver Whiz.
    They have not replied to a further 2 e-mails requesting that the problem be resolved.

    I have asked them to reimburse me but have had no reply. Val Rush

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  • Ar
    Arby' Jun 03, 2014

    Down loaded drivers now my computer is messed up had to call geek squad to fix it

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