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I attempted to order online but server was down. I called and was on hold for 10-15 mins I arrived at the location before he answered again. Then arrived and asked for my points, he said I cant. I asked how can I use when i travel TO Orlando, but not in north Miami beach. His answer was "this is North Miami not NMB" When i replied "i want a manager where ever the f* I am" he refused and said I would not be served and must leave. A pizza maker came over and placed my order and helped me. He was rude and when I asked for his name he said "please call, you dont scare me". I do apologize for using foul language, but after trying to order my pizza for over 30 minutes by this point I was very frustrated and clearly hungry. I just wanted my points and he wouldn't try to find out how to get it. I ended up looking online how to get the point after the fact instead. He could have just told me to sign in to

12670 w Dixie hwy
Joshua Acciuj
June 11, 2019
About 7pm

Domino's Pizza

Jun 11, 2019

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