Domino's Pizza2 large 2 topping carry out

I called in my order and had to repeat my order 3 times the employee had to ask someone else . " this guy say we have special" ?
After I was still doubtful I waited the 35 min wait time.
When I arrived at Dominos there was 1 customer car in the parking lot. As soon as I got out of my vehicle I could hear music coming from the store. I walked in and the mexican music was so loud I almost turned around and left. There was a lady trying to place her order at the register both her and the cashier had to lean into each other when they spoke. I then said "excuse me" in a loud voice and then the music was turned off. The lady trying to give her order turned to me and said thank you. To have a business and to disrespect customers with blasting music and then trying to talk over the music . And what happened to hair nets is that not in the company policy somewhere . That was the most irritating, frustrating, disrespectful time I had ever experienced. Pizza Hut just got a new carryout customer. Thank you Dominos.

Aug 18, 2019

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