Domino's Pizzatook me out of job 'cause they find out I am pregnant

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Hello there,
My name is Milissa Noble Dean. I have been working for Domino's Pizza for nearly three years now. Working in Leighton Buzzard branch since from October 2006 till October 2008 then moved to Coventry and joined back Dominos here in Jubilee crescent branch. What happened is there is an Assistant manager named Matt who is now store manager sent me P46 as if i have resigned or something which i didn't he didn't have spoke to me at all, in fact when i tried to call him he didn't respond at all. i remember the last time I worked there he treated me as if i am his slave or anything when i asked him that i am having back ache can i rest for 5 minutes because i am pregnant he didn't allow me. I kept on working and then next week after i received P46. I have a very hardworking reputation in Domino's and was quite happy working for them. For further enquiry about my past work for Domino's please contact Leighton Buzzard branch store manager Damian Corrigan or even the Area manager Robin knows how my work is. This is such an inappropriate act what Matt done to me, or is this that I am pregnant. He can’t just sack anyone like this.
Please take some action against this issue.
Hope to hear from you soon
Many Thanks
Milissa Noble Dean
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Dated: 13 Aug. 09


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      Aug 13, 2009

    Sounds like you have a law suite if you can prove it was because you were pregnant that he let you go, or better yet prove there is no other possible reason he let you go. That is discrimination and it is illegal I would conact an attorney. Worse case sinario you can get unemployment and have an income until you get your self back on your feet.
    Good luck!
    Knoxville, TN

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